Kinect Fun Labs: Googly Eyes

Kinect Fun Labs: Googly Eyes Achievement Guide

Guide By: Blarghinator
There are 8 achievements with a total of 50 points.

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Achievement Difficulty: 1/10
Approximate Time to 50: 1-2 hour(s)
Glitched Achievements: None
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Extra Equipment Needed: Kinect

Welcome to the exciting world of Kinect Fun Labs. This is where you will download small gadgets and play them. Each gadget has 8 achievements and 50 gamerscore. The one gadget I will be giving a guide for today is Googly Eyes. In this gadget you create puppets and use them in skits. Let's begin!

Step 1
Creating and Sharing your first Puppet. When you first start the game create a puppet (unavoidable). Once created, you have to act out a skit. Once the skit is over, share the puppet to the friends feed and Kinect share online. In this step you will obtain the following achievements:

  • Making Eye Contact
  • I only have Eyes for you
  • Lights Camera Action
  • You lookin at me

Step 2
Grinding and Miscellaneous. This will be the grinding step and you'll will need to create 25 puppets. First find something easy to scan like a small pillow or a cushion off of a couch. Once you've scanned the front and back you have to do a skit for it to save, however, you do not have to save it. Now return to the main menu and repeat. While doing this you'll want to share at least ten skits for another achievement and you'll want to use all six eyes at least once on a puppet. Throughout grinding you will also need to get the only miscellaneous achievement in the gadget. 

All in all this gadget is extremely easy just like the majority of the gadgets in the Kinect Fun Labs. Very little effort is taken to complete just an hour or two to finish. Congratulations on adding a whopping 50 gamerscore to your total!

Staring is Caring10
Shared 10 times    

After doing a skit it will ask you to share, simply say yes. You can share the same skit ten times in a row to save time. 

Making Eye Contact5
Shared with a friend    (1) 

After making a skit you will be asked if you want to share click yes twice.

I Only Have Eyes for You5
Shared with    

See 'Making Eye Contact'.

Lights, Camera, Action!5
Acted out a scene    

After you create a puppet you will be asked to act out a skit. Do so to unlock.

Feelin' Queasy5
Bounced googly eyes for 20 seconds    (11) 

This is the only miscellaneous achievement in the gadget. After creating a puppet, before you create a skit you can move your puppet around by moving your body around. If you jump your puppet will jump. Simply jump for twenty seconds and the achievement will unlock. 

Sometimes a jump may not register so it may become frustrating. So to keep this from happening jump in a steady pace that is not to fast and not to slow, and be sure to jump fairly high to make sure the game registers.

You Lookin' at Me?5
Created a puppet    (1) 

Mandatory! You will be asked to do this as soon as you start the gadget.

Try every configuration of eyes    (6) 

There are six eyes in the game, use each eye on one puppet to unlock. You must do a skit to save the puppet and you CANNOT just rotate through the eyes. 

Googly Eyes Pro10
Create 25 puppets    (23) 

This achievement will take the longest and calls for some grinding for about and 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on how fast you can go through with scanning objects and saving the puppet.

Game Info


US June 06, 2011

HDD Space Required : 48 MB
Kinect: Required
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