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The Beast Within

Finish the game with all bonus points

*Missable*. Throughout the game there are also bonus points which are awarded for doing actions that are not directly related to a Puzzle Set. This includes talking to people, examining objects, performing physical actions etc. If you follow the walkthrough, you’ll get these en route to completing the story. Also, by doing this achievement you’ll pick up the A Small Act of Kindness and He Can be nice too achievements as they will gain you bonus points in the process of completing them. You can check your progress in each chapter to check if you’ve gotten all the bonus points possible.

The achievement is slightly misleading, as it will actually pop when you get the last bonus points to get the full total, therefore before completing the game’s story fully. If you follow the walkthrough you’ll get them all, but here’s a list of them broken down by chapter.

Chapter 1
1) Try to start the motorcycle (2 points), in the garage of the Dread Hill mansion
2) After talking with Mrs. Dalton, take out the photo of Mom and Dad from the backpack (3 points).
3) Inside Mephistopheles’ shop, examine the tall shelf beside the machine (4 points).
4) Talk with Mephistopheles after winning on the machine and reading the riddle (3 points).
5) Try to get inside the Windy Dog Pub on Queen Street after finding the beer coaster (2 points).

Chapter 2
1) Buy flowers from the florist beside Carfax Tower(3 points). *Part of A Small Act of Kindness achievement.
2) Put some of the in to the glass standing inside Sam’s room (beside her parents photo) (3 points). *Part of A Small Act of Kindness achievement.
3) Talk with Mrs. Dalton about the accident (3 points).
4) Put the rest of the flowers inside the vase (beside Styles’ wife photo) in the lab (3 points). *Part of A Small Act of Kindness achievement.
5) Talk with the guide in Christ Church College (8 points).

Chapter 3
1) Observe the filling cabinet in the main lab (2 points).
2) Examine the whiteboard about presence in Styles’ private lab (3 points).
3) Observe Laura’s wedding dress in the closet (2 points).
4) Check the 1st (2 points) and 2nd (2 points) dresser drawers in the closet.

Chapter 4
1) Examine the postcard rack in Alice’s shop on Queen Street (2 points).
2) Examine the history poster with Lewis Carroll’s biography in Alice’s shop on Queen Street (2 points).
3) Examine the Mad Hatter poster in Alice’s shop on Queen Street (2 points).
4) Talk with the librarian about Hogwarts (3 points).
5) Try to get to the Christ Church dining hall (3 points).
6) Examine the desk drawer In Charles’s room (2 points).
7) Examine the lock in the opened door of room 202 – after visiting room 204 (3 points).
8) Examine the film gear on the bottom shelf in Harvey’s room (2 points).
9) During Helena’s absence, examine the desk drawer in her room (2 points). – Do before looking under her bed.
10) Talk with Helena about her discoveries on Angela, Malik, Charles and Harvey (12 points). – Do this AFTER examining the other dorm rooms etc to get all the dirt on them.

Chapter 5
1) Observe Laura's dress bag in the closet (5 points).
2) Examine Experiment report #1 and #2 on the computer in the private lab (5 points).
3) In Timmons Park, examine and click in zoom the signs engraved in the two trees on both sides of the bench by the bridge (2x2 points and 2x3 points).

Chapter 6
1) Speak with Mrs. Dalton about the bike after Sam checks on it in the garage (3 points). *Do this for the “He can be nice too” achievement
2) Take flour from the kitchen (3 points).
3) Use the flour on the stain on the window in the Dead Hill tower (5 points).
4) Perform the "Cup and Ball Psychic” on the handyman on the third floor of St. Edmunds Hall (5 points). *Done correctly will get the “You should make money out of it” achievement
5) Note the certificate standing on the fireplace in Christ Church Dining Hall and read what’s written on it (5 points).
6) Inform Mephistopheles that Styles didn’t like his idea of changing the place and time of the experiment (3 points).

Chapter 7
1) Observe the "Frankenstein” book in Sam’s back pack (3 points).
2) Observe photo of Mom and Dad on the nightstand in Sam’s bedroom – only after talking with the case worker (3 points).

Chapter 8
1) Before reading the newspaper, talk with the bartender in the Daedalus Club about the events in Oxford (3 points).
2) Before reading the newspaper, talk with the two clients in the Daedalus Club about the events in Oxford (3 points).
3) Before reading the newspaper, talk with the Trickster in the Daedalus Club about the events in Oxford (3 points).
4) Find the hint hidden inside the iron maiden in the Queen of Spades room in the Daedalus Club’s cellar (2 points)
5) Get outside the club from the Queen of Diamonds room (3 points)
6) Talk with the Trickster about the cellar riddles before pressing the red button which will change the lightning in the Queen of Diamonds room (3 points). *Achievement will pop here if all other bonus points collected.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by nethalin
Saturday, March 19, 2011 @ 02:10:31 PM

you dont have to finish the game, it will unlock when the last bonuspoint is gained

Comment #2 by Razzazzika
Thursday, April 07, 2011 @ 12:06:47 PM

A reference to Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within, another Jane Jensen game.

Comment #3 by Aldrahn69
Friday, August 19, 2011 @ 01:24:25 AM

There is an excellent walkthough for this game here:

This will also help greatly with the "Fast Play" achievement (Finish the game under 5 hours).

Comment #4 by Rainleaf
Sunday, July 05, 2015 @ 12:23:54 AM

The gamepressure guide lacks in the chapter 8 on how to move Atlas... i was stuck there thinking what i had missed... but the guild failed to mention that you need to pass 1st through the door where you get the handcuffs .... then you can move Altas -.-''

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