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Guide By: Shelton
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 10 - 15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Greed Corp is a turn-based strategy game played on a hexagonal field of varying heights. You must strike a balance between harvesting the land or preserving it in order to win. Greed Corp contains a 24 level campaign, a tutorial, custom battle mode and online multiplayer. There are four factions: Freemen, Pirates, Cartels and the Empire. They each share the same units, albeit with different skins, but their motives for victory all vary.

Step One - Tutorial:
Whilst you can skip the tutorial, I strongly suggest that you do not. Upon completion, it gives you a title, which will help with the "Moving Through the Ranks" achievement. Also, you need to know how the units work within the game, before tackling the campaign. The tutorial is underwhelming, as it does not teach you any strategy. Therefore, I will provide some tips for the game:

  • The Level of the Land: This is crucial. To see what level any tile on the field is at, hover on top of it. You will see white dots. They signify how low or high it is, 1 being the lowest, 6 being the highest. Any units on a level 1 tile are in severe danger, so try to keep them up higher.
  • Harvesters: These can turn battles in an instant. Generally, harvesters are used to bolster your economy. However, there are more devious uses for them. Each turn a harvester will lower the land it is on and any surrounding land. You can use this to your advantage. Lets say the enemy has 3 connected tiles left, levels 3/2/2. If you land on the level 3 tile (using a carrier) and then build a harvester, you have essentially destroyed those 3 tiles. Even if your enemy takes over the harvester, it will continue to harvest and eventually send the enemy into the mist below.
  • Your Base: The setup of your base is important. Try to build your armories on high ground and your harvesters on low ground. Always keep some units beside your armory (which should have units too, preferably 16) as this deters the enemy from attacking.
  • Cannons: They are quite expensive, 45 gold for the initial shot, 20 thereafter. However, they can be useful. Every shot with a cannon will lower the land, thus, if you shoot at a level 1 tile it will disappear into the mist. If your enemy has walkers on a tile, each shot will kill 5 of them. To see the range of your cannon, press on the tile it is built on, or the tile you wish to build it on. The same can be done for enemy cannons, to see whether your units are in range of its fire.
  • The Army: Your army (and the enemies) is made up of units called walkers. They can only be built on tiles that have armories. Each armory can build 8 walkers per turn. There is a maximum of 16 walkers per tile. If you attack an enemy with the same amount of units, you will win the battle. Use your walkers to expand your base, defend it, reinforce captured positions and also to make attacking maneuvers.
  • Defeating an Enemy: When you defeat an enemy, you will receive their carriers, gold and territory (3-4 player match). Thus, if you see a chance to eliminate them, do it. The additional funds will come in handy and it is better to have them in your pocket, rather than another enemy's. To defeat an opponent, you must capture/destroy all their units and buildings.

Step Two - Campaign:
The campaign consists of 24 levels, split equally between the four factions. For example, the Freemen levels are 1-6, the Pirate levels are 7-12 etc. The campaign can be challenging at times, especially during the Empire missions, but with a little persistence anyone can beat it. There is an achievement tied to each faction within the campaign and also an achievement for completing all campaign levels. The levels can be replayed, though it is more efficient simply to gain the achievements as you play through for the first time.

During the Freemen campaign (levels 1-6) you are tasked with creating a chain reaction which destroys an enemy building or unit. This is the easiest achievement in the game. Either build a cannon or create a harvester near tiles which have a crack in them and enemy units on them. Shoot one of the cracked tiles to create a chain reaction. It will take all connected tiles down into the mist with it. The harvester can create a chain reaction by harvesting near level 1 tiles, or by self-destructing near level 1 tiles. To self-destruct, hover over your harvester and scroll to the top of the options on the right. Press .

During the Pirate campaign, you are tasked with destroying an enemy island, of at least 3 tiles, with a harvester. For a group of tiles to be considered an island, they must stand on their own. For example, 3 tiles connected to one another, but no other tiles connected to them. When there is an enemy island, use a carrier to transport your walkers to capture one of the tiles. Immediately place a harvester and the achievement will unlock.

During the Cartel campaign, you are tasked with capturing a loaded cannon and firing it at an enemy. First, you obviously need to wait until the enemy builds a cannon and buys a shell for it. When you see this, move your walkers to the tile. Ideally, you want to get 16 walkers on the tile, to protect it from being re-captured. After capturing it, you can fire it on the next turn. As soon as you fire at the enemy, the achievement will unlock.

During the Empire Campaign you are tasked with completing a mission, without using carriers. This means, you're going to need a cannon (or two) and a lot of shells. Allow the computer to fight amongst itself (a 4 player mission) and continue to load up on shells. If you can eliminate an enemy, do it. The extra funds will help. Try to maintain at least 3 tiles with 16 walkers on each, to deter the enemy from attacking. The achievement will unlock upon completing the mission.

Note: When playing through the Empire Campaign, do not lose any battles. Quit to the main menu if you see you're about to lose. You will gain a title if you do not lose any missions during the Empire campaign and an achievement for gaining 9 titles.

Step Three - Custom Battle:
The remaining achievements all need to be done in custom battles, against skilled or expert opponents. Unless you wish to make things a lot harder on yourself, choose skilled. These are the toughest achievements in the game and most will require several attempts. Refer to the achievement guide for detailed information and tips for each of the achievements.

Greed Corp is an interesting strategy game. The land collapsing mechanism makes the game stand out, however, the lack of units is a little disappointing. Achievement wise, it is a tough but doable list.

x360a would like to thank Shelton for this Road Map.

Lost in the Wave5
Destroy an enemy unit or building with a chain reaction (Freemen campaign)   

This must be done in the Freemen campaign, which takes place between levels 1-6.

A chain reaction can be caused by either using a cannon or harvester. You must destroy a tile which then causes the destruction of a connected tile. If you see an enemy building/unit on a level 1 tile, shoot a neighboring tile (with your cannon) until it is destroyed. This will take all connected level 1 tiles down into the mist with it.

Using a harvester is also an option. Each tile connected to the harvester will go down one level, each time the harvester harvests (once every turn). You can use the self-destruct function to take down connected tiles also. To use the self-destruct function, scroll to the top of the options on the right, then press . This will completely destroy the tile it is situated on and also bring down all connected tiles one level.

Note: A level 1 tile is denoted by one dot on your cursor and cracks in the land.


Island of Doom10
Destroy an enemy island of at least 3 tiles by strategically placing a harvester (Pirate campaign)   

This must be done during the Pirate campaign, which takes place between levels 7-12.

An island is a set of tiles which are connected to no other tiles. Destroy tiles that connect a potential island to the mainland with your cannon, to assist with the creation of an island. When an enemy island has been created, buy a carrier and transport walkers to the highest tile on the island. Capture it, place a harvester and the achievement will immediately unlock.

With Cannon, you can15
Fire a free shell from a free cannon at the enemy you captured it from (Cartel campaign)   

This must be done in the Cartel campaign, which takes place between levels 13-18.

First, allow the enemy to build a cannon and load it. You will know when it is loaded, as there will be a number on the tile next to the cannon, denoting how many shells it has. Move your walkers onto the tile to capture the cannon. You need to defend the tile, as you cannot fire the cannon until the next turn. Thus, I suggest you have a second group of walkers, ready to advance on the tile to protect it.

When the next turn comes around, select the cannon by pushing  on the tile it resides on. Aim at an enemy tile, then press  again to fire. Achievement unlocked.

Note: Whilst this can be done on any level, level 18 (Evander's Cliff) is probably the best to choose. The computer builds a cannon very early and usually leaves it relatively undefended.

Fear of Flying20
Win a match without using a carrier (Empire campaign)   

This must be done in the Empire campaign, which takes place between levels 19-24.

The fact that you're unable to use carriers, means you are going to need to build cannons. Build at least two, with a focus on buying shells each turn. There is an element of luck involved, as ideally, you want the enemy to focus on taking out the other enemies. To try and deter your opponents from attacking you, create two armories and buy walkers. You want 16 for each armory and 8 or more on a third tile. If you can eliminate an opponent, do it. The added funds and (possibly) a carrier will be a great help. You can own carriers, but are not allowed to use them. Owning carriers makes the computer reluctant to attack you.

Continue to buy shells and pick off any enemies when they're down to their last tiles. When it is just you and one other opponent, bombard them! The achievement will unlock upon winning the match.

Note: Level 19 (Morana Base) is the best map for this achievement.

Global Warfare25
Complete the entire campaign    

The campaign consists of 24 levels. Beat them all to be awarded this achievement. The requirements for beating a mission are always the same, eliminate all of your enemies.

Moving through the Ranks20
Earn 9 titles   

There are 25 titles within the game. Nine are dedicated to the campaign, whereas 14 are dedicated to the multiplayer. "Medalist" is obtained by gaining all the achievements, which makes it redundant when going for this achievement and "Veteran" is awarded for gaining all other titles, so it too is useless.

The easiest titles can be achieved by doing the following:

  • Completing the Tutorial
  • Completing the Freemen campaign
  • Completing the Pirate campaign
  • Completing the Cartel campaign
  • Completing the Empire campaign
  • Completing the Empire campaign without losing.

For the last one, just quit the match if you think you are about to lose. By doing everything listed above, you will unlock the achievement. For a full list of titles, select "Titles" on the main menu.

Daylight Saving5
Win a match without the time expiring in any turn (Skilled/Expert)    

Choose "Create Battle" on the main menu, add a computer player (skilled level) and select any map. You are given 45 seconds each turn, which is plenty. Win the match by eliminating (or capturing) all of your opponents units/buildings, without time expiring on your turn. To end your turn before time expires, press , then .

Got it Covered10
Build enough armed cannons to cover all remaining tiles in the map (Skilled/Expert)    

The description for this achievement is slightly confusing. What it is asking you to do, is to place cannons (loaded) so that their shooting range covers every remaining tile. You will need at least two loaded cannons, as a cannon cannot shoot any tiles adjacent to it, nor the tile it is on. To see the range of a cannon press  on it. Any tiles that have a red cross on them, are out of range.

Create a custom match against a single skilled opponent. Evander's Cliff is probably the best map for this, though it can be done on any. Use your harvesters to strategically take out tiles, to make it easier.

You can capture enemy cannons if needed. The achievement will pop as soon as your cannons can cover every tile.

Financially Independent20
Win a match before the supporting funds go up (Skilled/Expert)    

Create a custom match against one skilled opponent. Any of the maps will work, however, I like Pioneer's Peninsula. Whichever map you choose, you're going to want to go first. If the computer has the first turn, restart the match.

The supporting funds can be found in the top left corner. They begin at "10", so if you see them go above that, restart. They increase as more tiles are destroyed. Therefore, building more than one or two harvesters is not advised.

An infantry rush works well for this achievement. First turn, build an armory on the tile closest to the opponent. Advance your walkers towards the enemy's base. Each turn, build the maximum amount of walkers and continue to advance. Try to trap the enemy within their base. If they expand and start building harvesters, your chances of getting the achievement drop dramatically. Build a second armory when you're six tiles away from your initial armory and continue to buy walkers.

If you need some quick funds to make the final push into your opponents base, you can build a harvester. Build it on the lowest tile you own, to minimize the damage it does. If you win before the supporting funds increase, the achievement is yours.

Use it Wisely20
Earn a combination of credits, tiles and carriers as an elimination bonus (Skilled/Expert)    

Whilst this can be done against one opponent, I suggest you select three.

At the bottom of the screen during a match, you can see whether your opponents have any gold or carriers. If they have a carrier, you will see a propeller above their name. Build a cannon and shoot an enemy tile which has enemies on it (no buildings). The idea is to shoot it down to level one. The enemy units will usually move from the tile, as they do not want to go down with it. Once you have an enemy tile down to level one and vacant, attack their other tiles with walkers. If you try a harvester attack, make sure the level one tile is not connected to the tile the harvester is on.

When you eliminate the opponent by capturing/destroying all of their buildings and units, you will see a pop-up above their name. It will show what you received from them. You need to see at least a "1" next to every item to be awarded the achievement.

One at a Time20
Win by fighting all enemies 1 at a time (4P, Skilled/Expert)    

If you attack an enemy, you must eliminate that enemy before attacking any others. Create a custom battle with three skilled opponents, on Morana Bay. This map is a good choice, because you start with a cannon that can cover most of the opponents tiles. Build two harvesters, opposite your cannon, in the corner. You want to destroy (by harvesting) all but 4-5 of your tiles. Build a couple of armories, buy walkers to protect your tiles then load your cannon with three shells. Once you have this set-up, watch the computer. Allow them to fight one another and as soon as you see an opportunity to eliminate an enemy, do it (using your cannon). What the achievement description doesn't tell you, is that you must be directly responsible for the demise of the opponent you engage.

Hopefully after you eliminate the first computer opponent, the others will continue to fight each other. Start to build carriers. Keep an eye on your enemies, waiting for any opportunity to strike. Either use your cannon (if in range) or fly your walkers over to eliminate the second enemy. When it is one on one, go all out. Do not use a harvester as a means of attack, as this will result in suicide for the enemy. Instead, continue to attack with your walkers and cannons.

When you have defeated the last opponent, the achievement will unlock.

Manual Override30
Win while only losing harvesters through self-destruct, own 1 or more each turn (4P, Skilled/Expert)    

This is the toughest achievement in the game. Create a custom battle with three skilled opponents, on Pirates Cove. Keep restarting the match until two of your opponents build two harvesters on their first turn. They will become stranded on a level one tile. On your first turn, move two of your walkers to the left, one to the right. Build a harvester on the tile closest to the edge. After your first turn, you will notice that the harvester you built is on a level one tile. This means it is time to self-destruct (after moving your walkers again). Refer to "Lost in the Waves" for information on self-destructing. Since you already owned a harvester during the turn, you do not need to build another one until the next turn.

You must be diligent when attempting this achievement, as one false move will spell disaster for you. To be clear, this is what you can and cannot do:


  • Self-destruct harvesters.
  • End the turn without having a harvester in play, as long as you self-destructed one that turn.


  • Allow your harvesters to fall into the mist through natural player (no self-destruct)
  • Allow your harvester to be captured by the enemy
  • Use captured enemy harvesters as your only harvester (they do not count)

If a harvester is on a level one tile, self-destruct. Be wary of building harvesters on level two tiles that are within range of enemy cannons. If they shoot your harvester, when your turn comes around, it will disappear into the mist, voiding the achievement.

Generally, you want to build a cannon within range of one your opponents on a level one tile. As soon as they buy a carrier, destroy them. Use the carrier you gained to take out your other opponent (if they haven't already moved) or to find higher ground. Keep a carrier in reserve, in case you run out of land. As you need to keep building harvesters, you must act quickly to take out your final opponent(s). Buy plenty of walkers, fly them over and swiftly eliminate your enemies to unlock your hard earned achievement.

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