GRID: Autosport

GRID: Autosport Achievements

There are 54 achievements with a total of 1080 points.

Sign on the dotted line5
You accepted your first Team Offer; your Career starts here. (1) 
Just warming up10
You completed your first season of your Career. (1) 
First of Many10
You showed them how it's done by winning a race in your Career. 
Brand Awareness5
You pleased your sponsors by satisfying all 6 objectives in one season. 
Through the Hoops10
Impressive, you fulfilled both of your team's targets in one season. 
Top step20
You made a name for yourself by winning a driver's championship in your Career. 
Well rounded education10
You completed a season in all 5 racing disciplines. 
Extra curricular10
You proved that you can drive anything by winning a cup competition in your Career. 
Toured with the Best15
You raced for Ravenwest in a Touring Car championship. 
Endured with the Best15
You raced for Ravenwest in an Endurance Championship. 
Raced with the Best15
You raced for Ravenwest in an Open Wheel Championship. 
Flowed with the Best15
You raced for Ravenwest in a Tuner Competition. 
Battled with the Best15
You raced for Ravenwest in a Street Racing Championship. 
No longer the rookie10
You unlocked the "International Touring Car Championship". (1) 
Moving up in the world10
You unlocked the "International Endurance Championship". (1) 
A good track record10
You unlocked the "International GP Championship". 
Making your mark10
You unlocked the "Pro-Tuned World Masters". 
Been around the block10
You unlocked the "Pro GT World Masters". (1) 
One for the cabinet20
You stood on the podium of the "Ultimate Touring Car Championship". 
It's been a long road20
You stood on the podium of the "Ultimate Endurance Championship". 
Pop the cork20
You stood on the podium of the "GP World Championship". 
I make this look good20
You stood on the podium of the "Super Modified World Masters". 
King of the Streets20
You stood on the podium of the "Supercar World Masters". 
Done the Tour25
You mastered the Touring Car discipline. 
No longer afraid of the dark25
You mastered the Endurance discipline. 
Mr Consistent25
You mastered the Open Wheel discipline. 
Need some new tyres25
You mastered the Tuner Competition discipline. 
Street Cred25
You mastered the Street Racing discipline. 
I've got what Rick Scott's got75
You won the most prestigious driver's championship, in every discipline, for Ravenwest. 
Everyone's a winner100
Well done! You survived the "GRID Legends Series". 
A True Legend30
Congratulations! You won the "GRID Legends Series". 
Here are the keys5
You splashed the cash and bought your first car in Online. (3) 
Member of the Pack10
You reached level 10 in Touring Car Online. (1) 
You reached level 10 in Endurance Online. 
Downforce to be reckoned with10
You reached level 10 in Open Wheel Online. 
Tuned In10
You reached level 10 in Tuner Competition Online. 
You reached level 10 in Street Racing Online. 
You created a monster by fully upgrading a car in Online. 
An icon in the pit lane40
One of your cars reached level 99 in Online. (2) 
You left everyone in the dust and won 100 Online races. (13) 
I've stopped counting100
Your total Online discipline levels reached 250. (2) 
Just the way I like it5
You completed your first offline Custom Cup. (1) 
Long-Haul Legend20
You went the distance and won a 5 event Custom Cup offline. (1) 
Leading them off10
You qualified for the front row of the grid. (1) 
Tweak to Peak5
You tinkered and went on to win a race with a custom tuning set-up. 
Jack of all Trades15
You sampled all of the race types. 
Badge of Honour15
You joined the elite by earning a platinum medal in RaceNet Challenge. (2) 
The Journeyman10
You raced one season with each of the 10 teams in the career. 
Sofa, so good5
You completed a race in splitscreen. (1) 
You won a 5 event Splitscreen competition. (1) 
DLC: Sprint Pack
Cost: $5.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 80
Riviera Runaway20
You completed Cote d'Azur - Route d'Azur in under 3 minutes. 
Golden Coast20
You completed California - Big Sur in under 2 minutes & 55 seconds. 
King of the Hill20
You completed Okutama Sprint - Mizu Mountain in under 3 minutes & 15 seconds. 
Pearl of the Orient20
You completed Hong Kong - Peak Road Descent in under 2 minutes & 50 seconds. 

Game Info
Namco Bandai


US June 24, 2014
Europe June 27, 2014

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