GripShift Achievement Guide

Guide By: Aphlix
There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Checkered Flag5
Finish in first place in 10 Single Player Single Races.    

If you come second or third, you won’t get this achievement. Just drive in 10 Races and beat your opponents. By using your shield a lot, you will greatly increase your chances of coming in first place.

Collect all the stars and the GS token on a single run.    

Beware of time if you’re driving around looking for all the Stars, and then you get stumped on the GS Token. Watch the fly-cam once or twice at the start of a challenge and look out for where everything is. Score whore? Best thing is to place a Beginner Challenge on your Telly-Box and I assure you, you will gain an extra 5 to you GamerScore. Most of the time you’ll have enough time to get the Stars then go back for the GS Token but beware! Some tracks don’t allow you to go back to certain places on the course.

Win all the goals in 10 different Challenge Levels.    

In one ‘Challenge Level’ there are 3 goals, and for these 3 goals it normally takes about 2 or 3 runs of the course to beat all the Goals. I personally sat on my chair, looked at my screen and got the stars on my first run. On my second run, I went for my gold run since I learned the map while collecting the stars the first time through. Once you've completed the gold time, you will now want to collect your GS token on your third and final run. You should understand the map well now and should easily spot the GS token by the fly-cam since you saw it twice before.  

Mister Trigger10
Score 200 frags in Deathmatch play.   

Kill 200 people online in deathmatch with TNT or missiles. Pretty simple and shouldn’t take too long.

Collect all the stars in 50 levels (Challenge or Race mode).    

Best doing this in Challenge as there are more Achievements for Challenge mode, and there are a set of stars and a GS token on every Challenge Level. The route from start to finish is normally laid down by pretty little stars that you must collect. So, if you can make it to the end you may just get all the stars. Sometimes the stars are spread out strangely, but because your car can technically fly when it’s in the air, you should be okay.

Finish 50 levels (Challenge or Race Mode) in the Gold Time or better.    

Same as ‘Galileo’ but a different challenge, Gold Time. Use boost quite a bit, pick the Boost Bottles up as much as you can and simply just look around for shortcuts.

Shortcut Possibilities:

  • Gaining air and boosting towards the End Zone
  • Dropping down from ledge to ledge
  • Look for the barriers on the side of the track and if they’re gone, drive on through
Barrel Roll20
Do a full Barrel Roll and then land safely on the track.     

Find a loop and drive up it to the highest point, stop and your car will fall. Spin your car best as you can (turning before you fall) or even when in the air and just try and place your car on the track below or else you wont get this. Personally, I got this glitched. I jumped, messed up my landing and it gave it to me. I don’t encourage you to land jumps stupidly now as my Xbox may love me more than you.

Big Air20
Leave the track and fly for 10 seconds, then land safely on the track.    

Just find a fan, drive onto it slowly, and count to ten.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 --- Now drive off.

If you’re having trouble finding a Fan, look for the level in the Beginner challenges called ‘Fans and Ramps’.

Indy 5020
Win 50 Multiplayer races.   

Go online and play 50 Races. If you don’t come first, it won't count as a win.


If you pick up a shield, USE IT straight away. This not only gives you more room for other pick-ups, but also protects you from being hit or driving into some horrible nasty bad killing thing.

Scared of the guy behind you? Wonder if somehow he’ll get in front? Let him! If you have a rocket, allow him to get in front and fire away. He should be about 3/4 seconds behind now. Online matches are actually pretty scarce, so ask in the forums or add me, (Aphix) If I have the game, I will help you on it.

GS King25
Find and collect the GS token in every Challenge level in the game.    (1) 

Time consuming and can seem a bit tricky at times.

There are 20 Challenges in each difficulty and 6 difficulties.

6*20 = 120

Watch the fly-by at the start of each level. The GS token will be bigger in the fly-by than in actually gameplay so it should be easier to see. Once you spot it, find a way to reach it.

In a Deathmatch, use a DeathRay on a player who's using a Flaming Shield.   

DeathRay is the laser that comes out of the front of your car. So, to hit something that you’re firing in front of you, you must be…? BEHIND THEM! So, once they’re in front, Flaming Shield activated…BLAST THEM! It's quiet easy to tell the ones with flaming shield on. If you get a DeathRay and you see no one using a Flaming Shield, either use it, or wait for 25 gamerscore.

Temple Master25
Complete the Temple of Doom Challenge Level without a single death/restart.   

Here are two ways of doing it (make sure you watch it all):

DLC: Turbo Boost Expansion Pack
Price: $4.38 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Penguin Ace15
Get a perfect score (150) in Penguin Bowling.   (1) 
Snaker: collect 100 stars.   
Can't Touch Me15
Win 10 games of Reverse Tag.   

Game Info


US December 31, 2007

HDD Space Required : 147.78 MB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $9.99USD
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