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Complete all 10 Exotic Export orders.  

These are Brucie's side missions that are available through the internet at the Tw@ cafes. Log into your email, accept the car by replying to the e-mail, hail a cab and have them take you to the location on the map, retrieve the vehicles, and then return them to Brucie's garage.

Sometimes you will have to jack them off other people, steal them from in front of the cops or other fun tasks. The better the condition, the more money you get at the garage. You will have to lose your wanted level before the garage takes them however. Use Pay N' Sprays to repair the car if necessary.

The vehicles and the locations they appear in are completely random, though the locational situation will be the same, as well as the same 10 vehicles will be collected.

1. Shottler Alley: There will be drug dealers dealing out of the back of your target vehicle. Eliminate the dealers before going after the car. Once in, lose your wanted level, and return the vehicle to Brucie.

2. Beachwood City Carwash: The vehicle will be parked next to the carwash. There will be guys working on it, but they will not be agressive to you for taking their car.

3. BOABO Docks: You will notice several hooligans guarding your vehicle. Take them out however you deem necessary before approaching the vehicle. You will be very close to Brucie's garage, so you should be able to return it very quickly.

4. Meadow Hills Train Station: Your target vehicle will be parked outside of the train station. Break into the vehicle and do what you need to do to lose your 2-star wanted level before returning to Brucie.

5. Firefly Playground: There will be three thugs guarding your vehicle with bats. You have two main options, get in the unlock car and risk getting pulled out and beaten up, or take them out from a distance and risk a wanted level from your gunfire.

6. Outlook South Slopes: This vehicle will be being driven around town. Use any means to take down the vehicle that you feel most comfortable with, knowing that damaged it is worth less money, and may require a visit to the Pay n Spray. The method that will eliminate the driver is to follow the car around until it is waiting at a red light. Walk up behind the vehicle and sniper the driver through the rear window. If you have trouble getting the vehicle to stop at a red light, at a stop light intersection, drive ahead and block the path of the vehicle. It will try to get around you, but as soon as the red light pops up, the driver will obey the law and stop, leaving him an easy target.

7. Meadows Park: same situation as "Outlook South Slopes"

8. Chase Point Pimp: The driver of your target vehicle will be talking to one of his "employees." Stop a bit away and sniper him off through the windshield.

9. Outlook Park: The previous owner of your vehicle will be in the process of being arrested. That means that the police and owner will be temporarily distracted, allowing you to get in and drive off. They will soon be on your tail though, so do what you need to do to lose your 2-star wanted level before returning to Brucie.

10: Cerveza Heights Parking Garage: As you arrive at your target, the driver will pull out of the garage. One option will be to follow the driver and use the technique of "Outlook South Slopes." Another option would be to arrive at the location on foot and attempt to snipe the driver as he exits the garage.

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