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Complete the most wanted side missions from the police computer.  

After you complete "Crime and Punishment" you will have access to police computers. When you enter a police car, and are parked, press to open up the police's computer. Choose to view the most wanted criminals. Each island has 10 criminals that need to be dealt with. When you select your criminal of choice from the Most Wanted menu, a GPS beacon appears on your map and takes you right to them.

1. Maxwell Caughlin: As you approach, he will pull out of an alley. Try to approach on foot, and shoot a rocket at him before he pulls away. If not, you're in for a fun chase, aim for the tires and try to take him down.

2. Scott Guzowski: He and his deviants will be located on the high patio overlooking the city pool. Take cover and come up the stairs on the north side to pick them all off.

3. Antonio Rivette: He and his crew will be holed up in the entranceway to one of the above ground subway terminals. There is no quick and easy way through this one, keep in cover, and keep moving forward until all the red dots are gone.

4. Rodrigo Stavnes: This group will be outside of an apartment complex, and when they see you coming, they will all run to try to escape. Luckily, as they're running, it's rather easy to run them over or gun them down.

5. Fernando Tisdel: When you arrive on the scene the target and a group of his friends will all be loaded up in a car. One well aimed rocket will eliminate this problem for you.

6. Tyler Pickrel: He will be running around the water fountain all alone, either run him over or gun him down.

7. Preston Pecinovsky: You will find this offender and his friends near a group of cars. Shoot rockets at the cars to take them out, and hopefully take out all of the deviants as well. If you don't take out the cars first, when you start shooting, they will all get in cars to make a getaway, making the mission much more difficult.

8. Alonso Goralski: This group of fun seekers will be in a car in the airport. Come around the airport oval clockwise (against traffic). Then when their car spawns, they will drive right at you. As soon as it spawns, get out, and fire a rocket.

9. Bert Reker: This group of deviants will be holed up outside a car junkyard type house. Across the street is a little mini park with trees which is perfect for snipering them all off. Any remaining stragglers can be taken out by going up the right side and looking down on them over the wall.

10. Freddy Paparo: Another group in a car. This time they will be pulling out of a parking lot. Get out quickly and rocket them before it turns into a car chase.

1. Shon Kikuchi: When you approach, he will speed away in a very fast car. Try to approach on foot with a rocket launcher in hand to end the chase before it begins. If that fails, you're in for a fun chase.

2. Jimmy Kand: You will find him on a higher floor in an apartment building. As you work your way up the building you will pass all of his friends. Provided you do not engage them, they will leave you alone. When you find Jimmy, he will be asleep, knife him to take him out without alerting his friends.

3. Simon Nashly: He and his friends will be in and around a multi-story complex. Hide and shoot until all are eliminated, there is no easy way around this one.

4. Tommy Francovic: As you approach he will take off on a bike. Try to approach on foot with a rocket launcher or sniper rifle to end the chase quickly. If that fails, chase him down and try to either shoot out his tires or just run into him to launch him off the bike.

5. Barry Lamora: Start at the western end of the target's apartment building and eliminate his security. He will take off running, so gun him down or get back in your car to give him chase.

6. Lino Friddell: The band of thugs will start in an alley and run towards their car to the north. There is a number of different ways to eliminate them. Though it would be safest to destroy the SUV first, and then go after the individuals, because if any make it past you, you're in for a high speed chase that you don't want to do.

7. Juan Haimo: A group of bikers will drive out of an alley and away from you. Try to approach on foot and launch a rocket at them to end the chase before it begins, otherwise you're in for a fun chase.

8. Darren Covey: When you enter the target's area, you will notice him and his friends near some cars. Again, pull out the rocket launcher to end this mission quickly, then pick off the stragglers using whatever method makes you the happiest.

9. Leo Brodell: Enter the apartment door off the north side of the alley and work your way up to the roof to eliminate Leo and his band of friends.

10. Christov Mahonic: Start out by thinning his goon's ranks by sending a few rockets into his building. When you've cleared a few out, work your way in, being sure to duck and cover to avoid unneccesary injuries.

1. Marty Boldenow: Work your way into the compound and fire a rocket at the parked car to eliminate some of the guards. Hide and peg off the remaining enemies.

2. Noel Katsuda: You will see your group of targets in an open lot. Rocket the parked car to eliminate their escape route, as well as damaging anyone nearby. use the wall by the sidewalk for cover as you take out the remaining resistance.

3. Rodney Mceniry: Enter the alley carefully to take out your targets. Use a combination of grenades and weapon fire to finish off your targets.

4. Glenn Lushbaugh: As you approach, a vehicle with Glenn and his gunman will drive away, so try to approach on foot and shoot a rocket at the escaping car. If that does not eliminate them, prepare for a fun chase. The driver will drop grenades at you and the passenger will shoot at you. Try to take out the tires to get a good shot at the passenger, then go after the car/driver.

5. Phil Bacerra: As you approach the targets, two pickup trucks will take off. Shoot a rocket at each to end the chase before it begins. There will be 2 people in each truck. Your mission is to eliminate all 4 of them. If the rocket approach doesn't work, during the ensueing chase, once the trucks receive enough damage, the passengers will make a run for it, so you can eliminate them that way too.

6. Sergi Szerbin: This gentleman and his friends will be in an open area off of a road, surrounded by many explosive barrels. Shoot some rockets in there to ignite them and take out most of the group, then hide to take out the rest.

7. Danny Hatmaker: Your targets will be hiding amongst shipping containers. use cover to take out your enemies, and also try to avoid being blown up by the explosive containers that litter the area, instead use them to eliminate your enemies.

8. Mervin Eskuchen: As you approach your destination, two Patriots will come out. Take them both out with a rocket launcher to quickly end this mission, otherwise you're in for a chase.

9. Frederick Harrison: As you approach your target there will be a fair amount of enemies around the bridge that are ready to attack you. Take cover, and carefully work your way through eliminating them all.

10. Keenan Burdett: Your targets will be hiding in a parking garage. Make your way up using guns and rockets on the enemies and the cars around them to eliminate your enemies.

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