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Dare Devil

Complete 100% of the unique stunt jumps.   

Feel free to check out this very well done interactive flash guide done by one of our members, Kracker Kwon Do which includes a map, with the corresponding screen shots. It is helpful to look at the mini-map in the screen shots to give yourself a better idea of exactly where the jump is and which direction to look in.


Also, if it would help you more to watch videos, here is a video walkthrough of all 50 jumps, plus maps to show you which ones are being shown:

As well, here are the in-depth text details:


1. Head southwest down Lompac Ave and go up the blue ramp at a left to right angle to jump, clear the river, and land on the other side in the intersection without face planting a building.

2. Head up the incomplete Northern Expressway Bridge, and hit the sheet of metal to land on the next section of the bridge, which contains the #3 jump.

3. Follow #2 to land on the middle section, and then jump the next ramp and clear the water to land on the ground or the rooftop. If you're careful, you can do both in a single run.

4. By Rocket St. head northeast up the incomplete overpass and hit the jump to clear the Bohan Garage and land on Guantanamo Ave.


5. Hit the wooden ramp going west to clear the construction site. To get enough speed, start back in the alley by the funeral home.

6. Head north up Concord Ave and use the dumpster to jump over the construction building.

7. Head west down Morris St and hit the ramp, you need to at least make it to the city pool. If you land in the pool, or keep going into the river, you will complete the jump, but try to land on the road between the two.

8. Head east down Brandon Ave, and hit the ramp (which has a pigeon under it) to clear the boulders and land on the road below.

9. Start at the intersection of Hooper and Concord and head northeast up the sloped driveway, jump and land in the street.

10. By Mohanet Ave, head west to hit the wooden ramp. You must clear the shipping container for the jump to be successful.

11. Head west along the highway until you get to where the bridge splits into the 2 sides with the gap down the middle. At the beginning of the gap there will be a small ramp. Head west into the ramp, and land in the gap and therefore below the bridge. It helps to line the jump up if you come west up the southern lane (cars coming at you).

12. Head south down San Jacinto Ave and use the wooden jump to get on the rooftop, so that you can keep going and do jump #13.

13. Get up on the rooftops using stunt jump #12 and use the ramp to clear the train tracks.

14. Head north up Tutelo St and hit the ramp to completely clear the highway to land in the little park on the opposite side by the billboards. Back up as far as you can, because this jump will take a lot of speed to clear.

15. Going south down Lynch St, jump off the wooden planks and land either on or beyond the billboard.

16. Heading west down Tudor St, on the north side of the street you will see a fallen street sign laying across a rock. Drive up the street sign and land on the highway.

17. Heading south down Tudor St, use the dumpster to jump over the fence and land on the highway.


18. Head southeast down Grummer Rd and hit the metal ramp to land in the tunnel.

19. Next to the staircase between the two apartment buildings there is a concrete ramp. Start on Exeter Ave and head east, hit the jump, and land in the next parking lot.

20. Head east down Vespucci Circus to hit the dirt ramp in between the Northwood Heights Bridge and the tracks. You need to either land on the freeway, on the tracks, or in the water.

21. Head east up the wooden ramp between the apartment buildings to land on Walnut Way below.

22. Head south through the parking lot between the apartment buildings to hit the wooden ramp. To hit the jump, you need to land on the curve of Union Drive West, flying over the warehouse.

23. Go down to Garnet Street and climb the stairs in order to get up to the abandoned railway. Head down the rails and hit the jump to land on Union Drive below.

24. Head south through the center of Star Junction and hit the dumpster ramp and land beyond the intersection.

25. Head east down Jade St. and hit the dumpster to clear the next intersection.

26. Hit the east side traffic barrier, fly through the tunnel, and land past the west side barrier.

27. Head east right in front of the building, hit the jump fast to land past the freeway and land on the opposite side.

28. Head north up the alley to hit the metal ramp to clear the fence and land on the next street.

29. Take a motorcycle and head up the stairs of the eastern building to get up on to the balcony. Head west across the balcony to get to the western building. Head north up the wooden ramp to land in the grass below, and enjoy the 4 star wanted level.

30. Head south down Union Drive between the highway medians to hit the wooden ramp. You need to land either below or beyond the pedestrian bridge.

31. This is the a boat jump. Head northwest up the wooden ramp.

32. This is a boat jump. Head north between the barges and hit the wooden ramp.


33. Hit the ramp to jump over the water and land on the helipad.

34. Head east up this wooden ramp to clear the river and land on the opposite side.

35. Head east up the dirt ramp behind the Sportswear Gallery and land near Rand Ave.

36. Head west and hit the dumpster jump to land beyond the hot dog stand.

37. Head south and hit the dirt ramp to land on the freeway below.

38. Hit the ramp on the top of the parking garage and fly far enough to clear the first set of telephone poles.

39. Head south down Beaverhead Ave and jump the steep driveway to clear the back fences.

40. Go north up the beach and hit the dirt ramp.

41. Head northwest through the parking lot behind the grocery store to hit the ramp and fly over onto Beaverhead Ave.

42. Head south and hit the dirt ramp to jump over the highway and land on the opposite side.

43. Head north up Koresh Sq. and jump the stairs to clear the stairs and at least land on the end of the alley.

44. Head south and hit the dumpster jump to clear the intersection and land on Koresh Sq.

45. Head north and use the dumpster jump to clear the highway, and at least land in the opposite lane of traffic.

46. Head north up the western side of the broken bridge to hit the end and jump over Tinderbox Ave.

47. Head south down the rail line and use the dirt jump to land in the street.

48. Head south and hit the wooden ramps to jump over the river and land on the other side.

49. Head east down the freeway and there is a section of the wall missing, which is replaced with a dirt ramp. Hit the ramp and jump through the wooden barricade and land in the street below.

50. Head west down the freeway and there is a section of the wall missing which is replaced with a dirt ramp. Hit the ramp and jump beyond the silos and past the first warehouse.

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Comment #1 by LoolemanX
Wednesday, June 01, 2011 @ 08:11:44 AM

Can you do this achievement on "Episodes of Liberty City"?

Comment #2 by RoFl BoSS
Sunday, May 05, 2013 @ 11:34:54 AM


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