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Guide By: SetsunaFSeiei
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1055 points.

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  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
  • Offline: 565
  • Online: 490
  • Approximate amount of time to 1055: 30+ hours (If your lucky)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (It could be 1 but that most likely wont be the case)
  • Number of missable achievements: None
  • Glitched achievements: None
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements? None
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?  Yes, for "Campaign Legend".

This game is a pretty difficult game to come out with 100% Completion, however, it is possible with practice and hard work.

This is the first Arc System works game made up in 3D graphics. If you were a fan of the 2D fight games Arc System has released ... this game might disappoint you unless you like Dynasty Warriors Type games.

The Minimum amount of playthroughs IS one, however going straight through the game on Hard and achieving an S rank on all of them during your first run is difficult.

Step#1: Hard Playthrough
During this playthrough you'll first play through it normally so you know how each mission is played out and so you can develop a tactic in each of those missions. As you go through your first playthrough, keep note on all the bonuses given after each mission. This playthrough might be a bit difficulty but bare through it, once you've understood the game its not that hard.

In this playthrough you can also look for the Chimaki treasure chests as well. You can open the chest and then exit the game.

Step#2: S ranking playthrough
If you took note during the hard playthrough on the bonuses given in each mission, you can now go through normal and playthrough the missions you didnt get S ranking on. If you got mission 1 S ranked on Hard you dont have to have it S ranked in normal, as long as you got S ranks in all missions with normal and/or hard difficulty. This could take a while, but keep trying, look through each stage hard for treasure chest if thats a bonus.

Step#3: Free Mission Mode

This could by far be the most difficult task in the game. Play each free mission with each character, however save the survivals for last, those will be the hardest of the free missions. Practice different things with each character during survival ... and good luck. For more help on free missions look under "Not Bad as a Fighter"

Step#4: Xbox Live
Now this is pretty much impossible legit with the low amount of players. and even if you were to get into a legit match .. theres always lag cause its some player overseas. So for this having a good boosting partner is essential. Search at the same time and you'll most likely run into each other, if you somehow see a different person, get out and try again. Trade wins back and forth with one another until you both have 100 ranked wins. This wont be hard with a dedicated boosting partner.

This game can be a real handful with the Free Missions and S ranking but with practice and dedication it is a very rewarding 100% completion.
[x360a would like to thank SetsunaFSeiei for this road map]

Hello World!!10
Finished Chapter "Gritty"    (1) 
This Is Mission #0 "Noise". Just Follow Sin's Tutorial for the game play. This is good if you're just getting introduced to the game.
Rule Master10
Finished Chapter "Screaming Alarm"    
This is Mission #2 "The Alarm Always Rings Unexpectedly". Once again, this is another Tutorial, this time given by Izuna. Here you'll Learn about your Masterghost, Servants, etc.
Campaign Master30
Finished Campaign    (1) 
There are a total of 19 Missions, three of which are Events only, so 16 missions you must fight through to finish Campaign. This can easily be done on Easy.
Campaign Legend50
Finished Campaign (Hard Mode)     
You can take care of both your Campaign Master and Campaign Legend achievements in one play through by playing it through Hard, which isn't has difficult as it seems. Just remember that the enemy Servants and Masters have much more resistance and deal more damage. Make good use of your Items and Servants and conquer as many Ghosts as you can to assure victory
Not bad as a Fighter20
Finish all default Free Missions   
For the strategies for each mission check here
DEX guy10
Finish a default Free Mission by all Masters   
Go through Free Mission Tutorial 1 with all the Masters. It is quick and won't take much time at all.
Picky one20
Finish half of the default Free Missions using all Masters   
If you're going for the "Full Course" achievement, you will get this one on your way to it.
Full course.40
Finish all of the default Free Missions using all Masters   
See"Not as Bad as a Fighter".
Finish all of the default Free Missions using SOL   
See"Not as Bad as a Fighter".
Master of adjectives15
Finish all of the default Free Missions using SIN   
See"Not as Bad as a Fighter".
romping IZUNA15
Finish all of the default Free Missions using IZUNA   
See"Not as Bad as a Fighter".
Dr.PRADIGM's compliments15
Finish all of the default Free Missions using Dr.PARADIGM   
See"Not as Bad as a Fighter".
VALENTINE may praise you…?15
Finish all of the default Free Missions using VALENTINE   
See"Not as Bad as a Fighter".
Player Match Debut25
participate in player match and complete the game   
See "Tag Match Debut".
Rank Match Debut25
participate in rank match and complete the game   
See "Tag Match Debut".
Tag Match Debut25
participate in 2 vs 2 battle and complete the game    (1) 
Simply enter into the match type and finish it through. At the end of the match, you'll receive your achievement. There's a small group of players that still play regularly, so see if you can get into one of their games. Just search every once in a while until you get a match. Alternatively, you can get your boosting partner and play a quick Tag Match. In place of the two empty slots you need so you can play, you can instead use CPU's to play. Playing on Tag Match should also count toward "Player Match Debut".
Immoral Flame40
(rank match only) Use SOL and win 10 times   
See "Lets Rock".
Prince Lightning40
(rank match only) Use SIN and win 10 times   
See "Lets Rock".
Fox trot40
(rank match only) Use IZUNA and win 10 times   
See "Lets Rock".
Get a Super PhD40
(rank match only) Use Dr. and win 10 times   
See "Lets Rock".
The Sweet Revelation40
(rank match only) Use VALENTINE and win 10 times   
See "Lets Rock".
Heaven Or Hell30
Win 50 times in Rank Match   
See "Lets Rock".
Let's Rock50
Win 100 times in Rank Match   
For all your ranked matches, it is recommended that you have a boosting partner. The servers are pretty empty, so you and your boosting partner will easily get a match together. Then just exchange wins with all the characters.
Secret Achievements
Immortal Slayer10
Finished Chapter "The Gaze of the Chronicle"    
Just beat Mission #5 "Gaze of the Chronicle". You face off against Raven. Just avoid close combat until you see him throw out a needle in front of him, destroy it and keep hold of "Ravens Needle". When your tensions full, stun him with it and and go up and unleash Tyrant Rave and Sol's Special. Repeat until you've won. Keep out of range of his needles and waves. The birds he summons aren't hard to beat, so just be patient.
SIN Trainer10
Finished Chapter "Howling compass"    
Just Beat Mission #15 "Roaring Compass". Playing on Easy wont take long, but on Hard he starts off using Phantom Barrel. Just run around the area to dodge it. When he has a red glow around him, it most likely means he has a guard up that will stun you if you try to attack, so just wait for it to wear off and keep repeating. He'll run back into the center and use a charge version of Phantom Barrel, so watch out for it. As you get closer to killing him, he'll unleash R.T.L, his special. Quickly dash around the area to dodge, then finish him off
Shooting Star15
Finished Chapter "Arch Enemy"    
Finish Mission #17 Demon. You're fighting That Man as a demon version of Sol. Just use Gun Flame. Your Tension won't decrease, so you can keep pouring it on until one of his two guardians are destroyed. Then, just unleash on him.
Finished Chapter "Birthday"    (1) 
Finish Mission #18 "Birth of a Girl". You face Valentine in her ugly form. You don't really have to worry about shielding yourself unless you feel you'll get hit. Dispeal whenever you see anything run at you. Besides that, run straight to Valentine and slash constantly until she's defeated.
King Ky Takes His Sword20
Unlocked Ky Kiske    
Finish the campaign to unlock Ky. In the last mission, destroy Valentine's Arms to stun her and damage her core as much as possible. Jump over her hand swings and jump away when she tries to bash you with both arms are strike at you. When your sent into another dimension, just run around outside the clones of Valentine until you return. Watch out for surprise attacks when you return. At the end of it all, you have to fight Valentine in her dimension, but this time its only her. Attack cautiously if you're on Hard and you'll win.
first Chimaki10
Opened a Hidden treasure chest    
See "Chimaki Master".
Chimaki Mania20
Opened half of the Hidden treasure chest    
See "Chimaki Master".
Chimaki Master30
Opened all of the Hidden Treasure chests    
The video shows all the locations. You can run in the stages get the Chimaki and return to menu. It will still be saved.
Wow! thanks a lot60
Get a S rank in all of the stages of Campaign mode (in Normal or higher)    
This is easier to do on Normal. Go through all of Campaign on Hard first and look at the end results for each missions - Servants Killed, Time, Chests Opened, etc. After you finish your first Campaign, go back onto Normal, do it again, and try to meet the requirements in each mission. Go for all S-ranks for each as they're all averaged out.
Ky's applaud15
Finish all of the default Free Missions using KY   
See "Not as Bad as a Fighter".
Servant Slayer20
Kill 20 enemy Servants by your Master in one match.(vs Player Match Only)   
Have your second controller summon Servants toward you and kill them off.
Capture Slayer20
Kill 100 Captures by your Master in one match.(vs Player Match Only)   
Easier done if you let the second controller take most of the Ghost. Run around into all the capture units you see. Once you feel you made 100, finish the match.
Fall by a Banana.(vs Player Match Only)   (1) 
The v.s player match part of the description is a lie. Apparently, it can be obtained in Free Mission 3 when you have to go through the Time Trial. The first turn you actually have to drift, there will be a banana on the left near the wall. Just run into it.
Treasure Hunter10
Open 5 treasure chests in one match.(vs Player Match Only)   
Run around the first map with only eight Ghosts until you hit five chests. It'll take a while since they seem to appear only at the end.
Use any type of item 30 times in one match.(vs Player Match Only)   
In your Organ Menu, go to items and buy Stun Grenades. They can be used four times per Slot. Keep throwing them off until you think you've hit 30 and finish the round

Note : These two achievements above can be done in Exhibition mode. You can get them using a second controller to make these objectives a lot easier.
Lord Lightning40
(rank match only) Use KY and win 10 times  
See "Lets Rock".
Kings Gambit35
(rank match only) Destroy enemy Master Ghost on the first round   
While exchanging wins trying to get "Lets Rock", summon six Servants and hold them in your item slots. Run toward your enemy's Master Ghost, summon all your servants, and kill off his Master Ghost.
Eternal Challenger20
Lose 30 times in Rank Match   
You'll get this if you're boosting for "Lets Rock".
DLC: New Master "Raven"
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 2 Points: 55
Secret Achievements
Raven's Pleasure15
Finish all of the default Free Missions using Raven   (1) 
See "Not as Bad As a Fighter".
Undying Disease40
Win 10 times with Raven in Ranked Match   
See "Lets Rock".

Game Info
ARC System Works
Aksys Games


Europe September 04, 2009

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