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Guitar Hero 5 Achievement Guide

Guide By: litepink
There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 45
- Online: 4
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 16-18 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1-1.5
- Missable Achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: Yes, Sampler Plate.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: They don’t!
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Unless specified, no. However, you can’t complete challenges on Beginner.

Sampler plate is glitched and not described well. Click Here for suggestions/solutions. Although achievements involve all instrument types, you can play on Xbox Live to get them, even if you don’t have the instrument yourself. Use cheats to beat challenges easily.

Guitar Hero 5 achievements are vastly different from previous incarnations because they are so much easier. Some are quite enjoyable while others are boring and you need to just grind out. DLC and Import songs are allowed for gaining achievements and for various challenges. Your best friend will be the CHEAT CODES, and a fan. Make sure to also use the Achievement Guide, and the Diamond Challenges Guide.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

Step #1- Career
Each song has a possible 9 stars. Six stars for a FC and three for completing the Diamond challenge (or two for Platinum, or one for Gold). You can play Vocals on Beginner and place a fan in front of your mic/headset to achieve 100% FC every time. This will net you roughly 600 Stars for career. For the remaining stars, you will need to beat Challenges. Use the Diamond Challenges Guide to get 808 stars and 50 completed challenges. When you get to “Bring the Noise 20XX”, switch the difficulty to Expert but keep the fan. You will still get 100%, and several achievements.

Along the way, play a song as your avatar, play one with four created bandmates, beat the “Play That Funky Music” Gold Challenge, beat five Band Challenges on Gold or better, beat a sponsor gig on Diamond, and score 9,000 while in star power during the 85 songs. Switch up your instruments as you go or go back to them later to get some achievements, or invite some friends on Xbox Live to play songs/challenges for you. You (or a friend) must beat at least one challenge for each instrument. Make sure to play every song in career, but you likely were going to anyways.

Step #2- Multiplayer
If you have four of one instrument you can boost most of these offline. Also, having all four types helps too. Organize matches in the Achievement Trading Thread to get your achievements quicker. Achievements involving playing with four of the same instrument can be done even if you don’t own that particular type. As long as your bandmates/opponents do they count. Get these while playing your ten RockFest matches. The “Sampler Plate” achievement requires you to play a song in Career, Quickplay, and every Competitive mode type, so you knock some off their or in the 25 pro-face off matches. “Song 2” by Blur is the shortest song in the game so keep that in mind. Play a 4v4 match with everyone on the same instrument, and 4v4 with traditional bands (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums).

Step #3- Band Specific Achievements
You may have gotten some already, but there are a few achievements involving traditional (all 4 instrument types) and non-traditional (a combination of any type) bands. Get an x11 multiplier with a traditional band for two achievements, online or off. Do this during your 4v4 traditional band match if you haven’t already. Use a non-traditional band to beat four career challenges on Gold, and getting 3 million points for “Score Bigger” and “Score Biggest.” Again, "ScoreBgstGtarDrum" from GHTunes is the best bet for score. Rack up 20 Band Moments and that should wrap up the band achievements.

Step #4- Custom Songs and Quickplay
Create a custom song in the GHMix. Read five Tooltips, then make a song with one note. You can use customs songs to hammer out 14,100, and 300 songs in Quickplay. Also, make a setlist of at least an hour long, with the custom song being the last one. Skip every song EXCEPT the last one, and play that for “Play it to the Bone.” Now download a custom song from GHTunes filled with easy noted for “Score Big.” Try searching for "ScoreBgstGtarDrum", an easy song for drums, guitar, or both.

Step #5- Anything You Missed
Check the Achievement Guide to find any you may have missed, like checking out a New Feature in the Tutorials section or a 1001 note streak. Otherwise, following steps 1-4 should have covered the rest.

A relatively easy list with most of the difficulty involving organizing or finding certain multiplayer matches. 100% completion is very possible if you are willing to play a couple hundred songs.

[x360a would like to thank litepink for this roadmap]

Fest Quartet Quest20
Play 10 4-Player RockFest Mode games of any type (8) 
There is the RockFest and Team RockFest modes. Make sure you pick "RockFest." and play ten full matches, and you have to have 4 players. No more, no less. If you have four of the same instrument you can boost this by yourself.
The Grand Tour30
Unlock every venue in the world, and then some (2) 
Earn stars in career to unlock venues. You will get all but one of the venues by progressing through the career. Get the other one by getting Gold on the challenge for "Play that Funky Music". It is the first gig in the Sideshow venue and it will get you the the Wormhole venue for use in Quickplay. The challenge is very simple and can be achieved on Easy.
Going Gold20
Complete 50 of the challenges at Gold or better 
See "Going Diamond".
Going Platinum30
Complete 50 of the challenges at Platinum or better 
See "Going Diamond".
Going Diamond50
Complete 50 of the challenges at Diamond 
Each song has a specific challenge tied to it, with varying degrees of difficulty. Some challenges can be done on easy (keeping a 4x multiplier), while others will require playing on hard or expert (high score, phrase streaks). Also note that no challenges can be done on Beginner. You can do the band challenges over Xbox Live, and the score based ones are easier with four people. Also, if you have a friend on Live that can get a certain Diamond challenge, play in your career and have them do the challenge, but you all get the challenge and accompanying star(s). Turn on any/all cheats that would help you. Click Here for a guide to each challenge.
Iron Lungs20
Complete a 25-phrase streak as a Vocalist (2) 
Play the song "Bring the Noise 20XX" on Expert Vocals and put a fan up to your mic or headset. You will get the achievement about mid-way through.
Sampler Plate30
Play at least one song in Quickplay, Career and each Competitive game type (5) 
You need to play Career and Quickplay for other achievements anyways, so now just play all of the competitive modes: Band vs Band, Pro Face-off, Team Pro Face-off, Momentum, Team Momentum, Streakers, Team Streakers, Do or Die, Team Do or Die, Elimination, Team Elimination, Perfectionist, and Team Perfectionist. The achievement is glitchy, so try these tips:

A) Try playing through the modes by playing with friends or previous players, than in the lobby hit to select your gameplay types, instead of hitting the orange fret to search for players.

B) Sometimes after doing this, the achievement still won't unlock. Several users have reported re-doing the Band vs. Band mode a few times. Thanks to Rebmob for the tip.
Create a music studio song (1) 
Create any song with at least one note. Your short song may come in useful later.
The Fabricated Four10
Create a band of 4 created rockers and play a song with them 
Who needs the Fab Four? In the band lineup, select "Random Rocker" for your character. Then change the other three bandmates to "Random Rocker" as well. Play through one song on Quickplay, like your short custom song to unlock this.
Quadruple Threat30
Complete at least one challenge for every instrument at Gold level or better 
Turn on cheats to help you with challenges, such as Always Slide or Auto Kick. You can also play the career over Xbox Live, as everyone gets credit for doing the challenge even if only one person did it. Find songs with easy challenges HERE.
Make a standard 8 player Band v Band match online, win or lose (5) 
As their tends to be more guitarist or bassists, you should host the match as a vocalist or drummer if you can. If you can provide most or all 4 instruments for your band, the matchmaking will also be easier. You can also invite another person with all four instruments and complete a song.
Ménage à Huit20
Play an online match with 8 players, all on the same instrument (22) 
Select Team Pro Face Off with your guitar(s) and play on Expert. Provide as many of the guitars as you can and sign them in as guests for easier matchmaking. You will find better luck finding matches with Guitar as opposed to the other three instruments.
Complete 25 Pro Face Off matches online (Win or Lose) (8) 
You don't need to win, but make sure you actually go online to play, rather than boosting with another guitar by yourself. Also, play "Pro Face Off", not "Team Pro Face Off".
Play a song with 4 Vocalists (8) 
See "All Four Bass Are Belong To Us".
Play a song with 4 Drummers (20) 
See "All Four Bass Are Belong To Us".
String Quartet10
Play a song with 4 Lead Guitarists  
See "All Four Bass Are Belong To Us".
All Four Bass Are Belong to Us10
Play a song with 4 Bass Guitarists (1) 
GH5 is trying to emphasize how you can mix and match any number of instruments. Play a song with all four playing the same instrument for each one to unlock these. Can be done in various online modes but can also be boosted with friends or offline.
Explore the Studio Space10
Read 5 Tooltips in GHMix (1) 
GHMix is where you create your custom songs. Hold a fret button to read a tip about a function. Read 5 different ones for the achievement.
Play It To The Bone20
Make and complete a setlist which is at least 1 hour long (5) 
Create a setlist that totals over one hour, making your last song a short song, like a ten second custom song. Skip until the end, and finish your last song only, and you will be able to get this achievement without actually playing the whole hour. I played my custom song as the last one, which is just one note.
Challenge of the Supergroup20
Complete 5 band challenges at Gold or better  
The easiest challenges are ones where you need to maintain a 2x band multiplier. Those can be done with two people on Easy. A list of all the challenges are located HERE.
Crowd Pleaser5
Fill your Rock Meter all the way  
Will most likely pop on your first song. If you absolutely can't get this, play "Bring the Noise 20XX" on vocals, and place a fan in front of your microphone.
What's an LP?20
Complete 14 songs in Quickplay (3) 
See "Juke Box".
Young Star10
Collect 25 Stars in Career 
See "Juke Box".
Rising Star20
Collect 101 Stars in Career 
See "Juke Box".
Shooting Star30
Collect 303 Stars in Career 
See "Juke Box".
Senior Commander10
Earn 5 or more Stars on a song in Career or Quickplay 
Play "Bring the Noise 20XX" on Expert Vocals and place a fan in front of your mic. You will actually earn 6 stars.
Super Star50
Collect 505 Stars in Career 
See "Juke Box".
You Want More?10
Play 5 encore gigs 
Encore gigs are ones denoted with a lighter being lit, like in the achievement picture. Play through five of them to unlock.
Complete 20 Band Moments  
Band moments are similar to Star Power, but are denoted by note phrases that appear to be on fire, and the phrases are done at the same time by 2-4 bandmates. Play on Beginner to ensure everyone hits the phrase. By yourself, you can plug in a mic and use the fan trick while you play another instrument.
The Streak30
Complete a 1001 note streak (9) 
With your account signed in as the vocalist, sign in a guest or another account on guitar. Play "Bring the Noise 20XX" on Expert and use the fan trick for the vocals, and play on Expert with the guitar. You will never lose your streak, so you should get a streak of about 1500 even if you miss notes on guitar.
Crank It Up To 1120
Achieve a maxed out band multiplier as a standard band (1) 
To achieve a x11 mutipler you need four band members, and all four of you need to have a x4 mutipler going already. All four of you need to hit the band moment, upping the entire band's mutiplier by x3. Then all four band members need to activate Star Power, adding another x4. 4+4+3= x11 mutipler. Play on beginner if needed. As the picture shows, this must be a traditional band of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.
What's New?5
Complete any tutorial's lesson on a new feature 
Go into the tutorial section and find a lesson with {NEW} next to it. Hit the green fret to skip through sections of the lesson and it will unlock when your lesson is over.
No Mistakes Allowed20
Streak through the entirety of a song in Quickplay or Career (1) 
Play "Bring the Noise 20XX" on Expert Vocals with the fan in front of your mic. You will get 100% and 6 stars.
Above And Beyond10
Complete a song with an average individual multiplier above 4x 
Play "Bring the Noise 20XX" on Expert Vocals placing your mic in front of a fan. Activate Star Power as often as possible, which in this song is three times.
Score Big5
Earn 500,000 points in a single song as a solo act 
There are a few ways of going at this, but you can also go into GHMix and create and long and easy song. Many users have also made custom songs great for this. Try searching "Score Big", "Score Bigger", "Score Biggest", or "ScoreBgstGtarDrum"
Score Bigger10
Earn 1,000,000 points in a single song as a solo act or band 
See "Score Biggest".
Score Biggest30
Earn 3,000,000 points in a single song as a band (2) 
Custom songs work for this. Download "ScoreBgstGtarDrum" from GHTunes. It has just kicks for the drum track (turn on Auto Kick) and a simple guitar track. You can use any combination of instruments so it will come easy with this custom song. Otherwise, play Expert Team Pro Face Off online and play something long...or familiar.
Our Powers Combined10
As a 4 player standard band, all 4 players activate Star Power simultaneously 
Communicate with your band mates that you want this achievement, build up star power and unleash at the same time. Play on Beginner if you have troubles hitting the phrases. As the achievement picture denotes, must be done with a traditional band; Guitar, Drums, Bass and Vocals. If you are a hermit you can boost this by yourself. Pick a long song on Beginner, earn Star Power on each instrument then activate them simultaneously.
Box Set20
Complete 100 songs in Quickplay 
See "Juke Box".
Juke Box30
Complete 300 songs in Quickplay (9) 
As it reads, play 300 songs in Quickplay. Luckily, custom songs work, so you could make a setlist with only custom songs that are one note long. Repeat until you have done all 300.
5 Star 'Ex-Girlfriend', 'Send A Little Love Token' and 'Only Happy When It Rains' as a Vocalist (3) 
Play on Beginner and put your mic in front of a fan.
Star Cluster100
Collect 808 Stars in Career (3) 
There are 909 possible stars in career. You can knock off 600+ of them by playing on Beginner and earning a perfect 6 Stars for each gig. You can use the fan trick on vocals for this since it is on Beginner. Then, for the remaining 202, you must play the challenges to earn more stars. Turn on all the cheats you need to assist you for each challenge. Click Here, for a guide to the challenges to make your road to 808 easier.
Special Guest10
Complete a song with your Xbox 360 Avatar (1) 
When selecting your rocker, select your avatar and complete a song with him/her.
Complete a sponsor gig challenge at Diamond level 
In sponsor gigs, you can select any song from any previous venues you want (and any DLC). Try the gig 'Seymour Duncan Pickup Match Guitar Challenge', pick “Im My Place” by Coldplay and play on Hard or Expert. With No Fail and Always Slide on, concentrate strictly on whammying sustains to get Diamond on this sponsor gig.
Secret Achievements
Over 9000!5
Went super 
Must score 9,000 points during one Star Power Moment. It will probably happen as you go if you are playing on Medium or higher. If you need help getting this, play an easy or familiar song. Build up your Star Power completely full, and have a 4x streak going. Now unleash the Star Power, and possibly while you are using it, you will hit another phrase to keep that Star Power moment going even longer.
Open Minded50
Gave every one a chance (1) 
Play every single song on the disc, at least once, in Career or Quickplay. Might as well just play all the songs in career as you must anyways to get "Star Cluster".
Had a brush with celebrity (2) 
Play through the career to unlock all of the celebrity acts. They are Shirley Manson, Matt Bellamy, Johnny Cash, Carlos Santana, and Kurt Cobain. It will unlock after you get your 5th celebrity and finish the song with them. This will also unlock if you simply enter the "Unlock All Characters" cheat. Enter Blue,Blue,Green,Green,Red,Green,Red,Yellow in the cheats section. Complete any song in career then for it to unlock.
Did You Finish Like We Did?5
Came alive (2) 
The achievement will pop once you finish (or fail after 95%) of the song "Do You Feel Like We Do" by Peter Frampton. Can be done on any difficulty.
The Traditional50
Beat the game (3) 
Play through to the last venue and beat "Spirit of the Radio (Live)", on any instrument(s) or difficulty.

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US September 01, 2009
Europe September 11, 2009

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