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Complete Revolution 10 on any planet  

To unlock these achievements, you must complete all then Revolutions on one planet. A Revolution consists of 50 waves of enemies, meaning in total you must complete 500 waves of enemies to unlock Omega (50x10). Each Revolution's enemies are stronger than the last's. Just keep leveling your character and buying better guns and armor. It also does help if you can recruit a friend that has a similar level as you or even higher. In that case, you can tear through the levels without dying too much. If you find you have the best guns and armor, you may need to grind a few levels (which increases your overall health) and try again. The ladder Waves of each Revolution do become a bit challenge. When you get surrounded by too many enemies, use a Green Shield power-up (makes you invincible for a short time) to plow through one direction and escape unharmed.

The video below shows grind spots for each planet, credit to VV1pcr3am for find this video. These types of spots allow you to control the spawn of the enemies and survive longer. 

NOTE: Once you complete Wave 49 of Revolution X, you will be booted out of the game and be congratulated for completing the Revolution. However, to actually earn the achievement, you need to go back in and actually complete Wave 50. 

Gun Bros. Grind Spot for Each Planet and Legit Auto-Train! - YouTube


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Comment #1 by tnk
Monday, January 14, 2013 @ 12:05:12 AM

Save your coins to purchase a heavy weapon - Coronal Ejector - 81,000 coins and equip as the primary weapon.

Purchase some good armors. I use Chaos Helmet, Cybro Armor and Whiteout Pants.

Always purchase enough Power Ups. I always bring 30 Large med-kit (1480 coins), 50 Green Shield (550 coins) and 50 Temper Tantrum (190 coins); equip to two buttons for using in later waves (30-50) when you get surrounded. Green Shield helps you increase 100% defense in a short time and fight back without getting seriously hit. Temper Tantrum helps you increase 50% the overall Defense, Attack and Speed. I use Temper Tantrum to run away and fight back.

If you run out of stock for these items, you can always use the red button with the exclamation mark to open up the in-game store. I personally use

Comment #2 by tnk
Monday, January 14, 2013 @ 12:07:13 AM

If you run out of stock for these items, you can always use the red button with the exclamation mark to open up the in-game store. I personally use the 2 buttons for Green Shield and Temper Tantrum. These 2 power ups cannot be used together. If I need to use a health kit, I open the in-game store, click the large med-kit and consume from there.

Always move around in later waves (30-50), do not station in one position.

Comment #3 by tnk
Monday, January 14, 2013 @ 12:08:52 AM

To earn money and purchase the above power ups, go to the third planet Bokor with a Coronal Ejector, move up to the top left corner of the map, stand in front of the rock, and shoot upward. See here for illustration:

My best session ended with 51,262 kills, 15,895 best kill streak, 371,842 xplodium earned and 413,676 experience. I stopped playing after Horde 502 and the score could not pass 3,000,000,000 milestone no matter how far one could play.

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