Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax

Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Achievement Guide
Guide By: cra
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 11 (185 )
- Online: 1 (15 )
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 15-20 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1(several Quests need to be replayed for titles)
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes in Hero 300 hard mode
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

Welcome to Half-Minute-Hero Super Mega Neo Climax, a real fast paced RPG. This game is actually a re-release of a PSP title, but with polished graphics and some extra stages added in the end. You are on a quest to defeat Evil Lords who discovered a spell to end the world after 30 seconds has passed. Lucky for you have a greedy Goddess of Time as companion who turns back time for a fee.

Step 1 Hero 30, Evil Lord 30, Princess 30 and Knight 30
You will spent most of the time in Hero 30 as it is the main mode of the game. You have to acquire all pieces of equipment, earn 2 titles per quest by completing varying deeds and ally with several NPCs who help you in defeating the Evil Lords. Once you are done with Hero 30 you should have the following achievements:
- First Praying
- Warrior of the Goddess
- Kind Hero
- Charisma Hero
- Equipment Collector
- Title Master
- Multi Ending Master
- Hero 30

To unlock Hero 300 and Hero 3 you have to clear the small interlude quests with 3 other characters. These quests don't have equipment you need to buy nor titles to gain and are relatively short.

Step 2 Hero 300 normal and hard, Hero 3
Hero 300 is almost like Hero 30, but the quest is at a larger scale with 300 seconds and you can't turn back time. Once you've beaten that follow it up with hard mode which is exactly the same, but time doesn't stop in villages and other safe zones. Finally you get to Hero 3 with 3 seconds to defeat the Evil Lord, but you can turn back time and the map is tiny. Check the videos in the guide for help. Beating each mode nets you an achievement.

Step 3 Multiplayer
You have to win 30 Multiplayer matches, but these can be boosted in player match and shouldn't take longer than 1,5h for both to unlock the achievement.

#4 Mop up
If you are still missing an achievement, check the the correspondive section in the guide and should get the 200 without a problem.

Half-Minute Hero is a fun game if the gameplay works for you and offers a good amount of content to play through with not so hard achievements.


[x360a would like to thank cra for this road map]

Hard Hero15
Cleared Hero 300 in Hard Mode. (3) 

Switch to Hard mode and beat Hero 300 again to obtain this achievement. However this time the timer doesn't stop in towns and other safe spots. To safe time in the end, once you fight the first incarnation of the Overlord, try to finish her with lowest health possible to save time to be KO'ed. However here is a video showing how to pull this off with enough time.

Kind Hero10
Cleared "Cursed Hero" without defeating Sasha. (1) 

Sasha is a poor little girl in quest 30 in Hero 30 mode. If you want to let her "live" follow these steps:

1) Talk to her in the very first village you'll come across, she'll run away north.
2) In the swamp located up north, save her from the monsters attacking her.
3) Go back to the first village and talk to her.
4) Meet her up again at the bridge located south of the northern village.
5) Go to the Evil Lord castle and defeat him.
6) Head back to the northern village and celebrate your victory with Sasha.
7) Follow her to the stone monument located north of the map.
8) Meet her again in the forest clearing with the sword between the two villages.
9) Promise her you'll always be friends, no matter what (don't be a jerk )
10) Destroy the stone monument up north.
11) Then, in the southern village, you'll be attacked by zombies. Kill them all BUT the very last one, flee to avoid hitting her but stay in the fight screen. After a few seconds, youll have a touching scene, and the true power of the sword will awaken.
12) Go fight the Evil Lord(again), who shouldn't be much of a challenge now. Achievement will unlock at the result screen.

Charisma Hero10
Allied with all available NPCs. 

You can ally with 15 different NPCs in the game. To check which ally you missed you can check the progress on the world map for each quest. You actually have to ally with them only once for this achievement, so if you meet them again in other quests you aren't bound to ally with them again unless it is needed for a title. If you got the ally in the quest you see an "OK" and two schematic figures next to each other at the bottom of the table.

Here is a list with all NPCs and the quest you can find them:
Yohei : Quest 3 "Lord Hadears" : Get the diamond from the south cave, and give it the Yohei in the first town.
Cecilia : Quest 5 "Fire Starter" : Deafeat Larrie in the north cave, then go back to the forest village and recruit Cecilia.
Richard : Quest 6-N "Through The Forest". Recruit him in the first town for 300G.
Barbara : Quest 8-N "Infinite Desert". Recruit her in the second town, south of the map, for 250G.
Donovan : Quest 11 "Bandit Valley". He's in the cave north of the village, prove to him you're the strongest by defeating him and his bandits.
Elena : Quest 14-L "Nun and The Devil" : She's in the northern village, get the Dranium from the west of the village to recruit her. To get to the Dranium, answer "No, Yes, Yes" in the cave when asked for a path.
Hank : Quest 14-S "Battle OCean". He's in the southern village on the first island, agree to kill the monsters in the pirate's hideout and he'll join.
Dain : Quest 15-N "Mummy Desert". After the castle has appeared by praying at the eastern and south-western monuments, go back to the second village and recruit Dain.
Rex : Quest 15-S "Lizardman Nation". He's in one of the tents north of the map, save him from the lizardmen.
Natalie : Quest 16-N "Flower In The Dusk". Get the flower from the marsh at dusk (sparkling dot), then use it to woo Natalie in the first village.
Karen : Quest 17-S "To The Snowy Country". At the first branch in the path, head in the east cave and follow the way right to where Karen is kept prisoner. Defeat everyone to have her join you.
Sebastian : Quest 22-N 'Giant Evil Lord". Sebastian is waiting on the path between the second village and the Evil Lord's Castle, you can't miss him.
Slowpoke : Quest 24-S "Golem Valley". Retrieve the screw from the crater located on the north-western part of the map. Then go to the cave north of the village and use the screw on the pedestal. Slowpoke will activate.
Scorpio : Quest 25-S "Treasure Land". Scorpio is trapped in the middle-left cave in the desert, help him and he'll join.
Catherine : Quest 25-N "Swamp And Witch" : Go to the witch hut, located northwest, 1 step south and 5 steps west from the dead tree. She'll join instantly.

First Praying30
Prayed to the Goddess for the first time in single player mode. (1) 

You can unlock this after the first quest aka the tutorial level in which you make the pact with the Goddess of Time. Just earn 100 gold to spend, travel to the next town and go to her statue. Now press and you are done.

Warrior of the Goddess10
Offered a total of 3000G to the Goddess in a quest in single player mode. 

Basically, you could do this in more or less every quest, but I'd do it in the quest "Caves and Forests" if you are in a hurry for this achievement. Do 1 Battle, buy the Horse from the first town, kill more enemies while dashing, buy everything concerning equipment and don't forget to reset the time. Now clear the cave and then get the Bug Swatter from the Tent in the SW of the map. Farm enough gold for the goddess in the woods as you need 3600 in total since the last donation is 800gold. Once you offered her enough, you receive this pretty achievement.

Victory 3015
Became 30 times the True Hero in multiplayer mode. (6) 

Multiplayer is kind of cooperative and competitive in the end. Once the timer reaches 0 all Heroes die, so you have to help yourself and the others while going for better gear faster than the rest and kill the evil lord in the end. You can boost this with a friend, if you don't know anyone who would be willing to help look here for help. For a efficient boosting method created by Auburok look here.

Equipment Collector10
Got all available equipment in single player mode. 

You can buy equipment in quests, receive them through sidequests and after you've beaten a quest. To check whether you've bought everything in quest, go to the world map and look if the row below the two titles displays "OK" with a green shield and crossed Swords. And Here is a guide by Shiftie.

Multi Ending Master10
Reached every ending in Hero 30. (2) 

You can reach 6 different endings depending what actions you take during your epic journey. Here are the conditions for each of the endings.

1) Don't defeat Cully in the cave in Quest 9 "Change the Current"
2) Take the Land branch in Quest 12 "Road to Land and Sea" and proceed to Quest 18 "Grail and Evil Lord". There beat the Undead Queen without a grail and you will be thrown back to the menu, which countss as ending.
3) From quest 12 this time take the Ocean branch and proceed to Quest 16 "Treasure Island". Now find and take the pirate treasure. Then go to the Evil Lord and after the cutscene decide to keep the treasure.
4) From quest 12 again take the Land branch and proceed to quest 14 "Nun and Devil". Take the Devil branch and proceed to quest 17 "Ancient Riches". Start it and simply don't find enough treasure to pay the Goddess.
5) In quest 21 "Floodgate Panic" take the Beach branch to Quest 22 "The Have-Nots" and side with Mo.
6) Clear Hero 30 - Beat the final quest "Last Battle" and you get the default ending.

Title Master30
Received every title. (2) 

You need only the titles in Hero 30 for this achievement. There are two titles per quest and also for Hero 300 and Hero 3. However the once in Hero 300 are achievements itself and the second title in Hero 3 doesn't matter. Often the quests require more than one attempt to get them both. To check if you've got both titles per quest, go to the world map and if the titles are white coloured you've unlocked them. Otherwise they appear in grey.

Here is a guide by Shiftie.

Hero 3020
Cleared Hero 30. 

Hero 30 is the first difficulty and consists of X quests. Once you've beaten all of them you unlock Hero 300 and this achievement.

Hero 30020
Cleared Hero 300. 

Hero 300 is a mode in which you have to finish one large quest without beeing able to reset time. It is essentially to choose carefully what to buy and what not. In order to unlock it you have to finish Hero 30 followed by the small interludes of Evil Lord 30, Princess 30 and Knight 30. Once you've beaten it you unlock Hero 300 hard and this achievement.

Hero 320
Cleared Hero 3. (1) 

Hero 3 is like Hero 300, but you only have a very small map and a 3 second interval to save the world. Here is a video how you can beat this mode. You can find a step-by-step guide in description of the video itself.


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