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Score over 50,000 points in the Campaign meta-game on the seventh mission.  

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Comment #1 by Cpt Deluxable
Saturday, August 13, 2011 @ 02:29:32 PM

Hardest one missed by 2000 points time is everything

Comment #2 by Clubby85
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 @ 03:51:57 AM


Looking to do these achievements along with co-op legendary.

Message me if interested... GT = Clubby85.


Comment #3 by DougTheJoker
Tuesday, October 04, 2011 @ 03:45:14 AM

Pretty easy. Do on co-op have the person who want's the achievement's to have a long range weapon such as a battle rifle etc.. And the other stay's back to basically be a spawn point.

Comment #4 by Xfalling DeathX
Monday, April 09, 2012 @ 11:53:37 AM

This is the only offline chivo I need.

Comment #5 by redfiendfyre
Monday, April 16, 2012 @ 02:36:57 PM

i will help anyone with these ones gtredfiendfyre

Comment #6 by BSTYLES
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 @ 03:19:26 PM

I got this on my first try. Kill everything at the beach front, and then before getting in the Warthog, trade your Spartan Lasor with a marine. Have that marine sit in the passenger seat while you go on and let him to his thing. Eventually you'll come upon some Ghosts; these are quite easy to kill. Be weary of the Wraith, though. Three or four Spartan Laser shots from the marine should take it out. Just be careful to dodge the plasma shots it fires. Kill the prowlers and everything else in the area. Before going into the door, go up to the ledge that's above the door. (Giant metal thing sticking out from the building) At the top are a few Beam Rifles you can pick up. Use it to take out the Brute holding the Gravity Hammer. When you're in the Hornet, kill every Wraith and Phanto

Comment #7 by broomica
Thursday, June 21, 2012 @ 03:26:20 PM

not that bad just have skulls like fog and tough luck on and make sure you do it solo

Comment #8 by Dourden3366
Sunday, March 10, 2013 @ 08:50:11 PM

OMG this one sucked, i had to put on 5 skulls and it took me 2 hours. on normal. 3rd times the charm i guess. too many helpers along stealing my kills.

Comment #9 by Gilbert Prime
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 @ 07:21:44 AM

Similar to the Ranger achievement, I just did this on Normal with Catch, Famine, Fog, and Tough Luck on. I hurried through but didn't go nuts trying for a speed record. As is the case with Ranger, you'll definitely get more points through kills and medals than a quick finish. It took me 71 minutes (I suck at Scarab killing) and ended with about 67,000 points and a 1.0 (or no) multiplier.

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US September 25, 2007
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