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Halo Wars Achievement Guide

Guide By: WhineyRabbit, mmartynn, Spellruler
There are 58 achievements with a total of 1200 points.

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- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 7/10
- Offline Achievements: 43 (830 )
- Online Achievements: 7 (170 )
- Approximate Time for 950 : 30 - 40 Hours
- Approximate Time for 1000 : 100 + Hours
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed for Completion: 1
- Number of Missable Achievements: 15
- Glitched Achievements: None
- Do Cheat Codes Disable Achievements: No Cheats
- Does Difficulty Affect Achievements: Yes

  • Strategic Operations DLC
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 250: 3-5 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • Historical Battle DLC
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 250: 2+ Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Welcome to Halo Wars, the prequal to the Halo series which brings RTS to the series, exclusively on the Xbox 360.

This game has a rather easy set of 43 achievements and 7 which make you want to scream. It will take roughly 30-40 hours to get all the achievements apart from the "Running The Show" achievement which requires 3.2 million exp on xbox live. You get roughly 2000-3000 exp per 2 hour game, same this achievement will take many hours to unlock.

Step #1: Campaign
If you want to mop up the campaign in one play through you will need to play on the hardest difficulty, on co-op. Whilst you're playing through the campaign, every single mission requires you to get the following:

- A Skull
- A Black Box
- A Gold Medal
- Finish In Par Time
- An achievement worth 5 points

To get the skulls you will be given a secondary objective to kill a certain amount of a particular units, then it will show up. The black boxes are in set locations.

Gold Medals are very tough to get, they require you to finish the level with a specific score, doing all secondary objectives and killing plenty of units, using skulls, and doing so quickly will allow you to do this.

The par times are all set and are usually around 30 minutes, a full list can be found under the "Mr. Punctual" achievement.

Although the game can be completed in one playthrough I recommended that you take two playthroughs to get the single player achievements. The first one being on easy with a co-op partner, getting all skulls, black boxes and gold medals, and the second completing the game on legendary within par time.

Step #2: Skirmish Mode
There are 7 achievements that must be completed in Skirmish mode, they are:

- "Playin' The Field"
- "Gallivant Around The Galaxy"
- "Empire Builder"
- "Titan"
- "Big Al's Scooter"
- "Penny Pincher"
- "My Virtual Friends Love Me".

Start with "Empire Builder" by winning one Standard game and one Deathmatch game. Then win a game with each leader for "Playin' The Field", play each leader on a different map to work towards the "Gallivant Around The Galaxy" achievement, play against easy computers on the Deathmatch mode for faster wins.

Win a skirmish game with 20,000 or more points for the "Titan" achievement, then win a 3v3 game for the "My Virtual Friends Love Me" achievement. Finally unlock the "Big Al's Scooter" and "Penny Pincher" achievements in the same game against an AI set to the Heroic difficulty.

You can also unlock the "Walk-Off Winner" and "2 Bugs Are Better Than 1" achievements in skirmish mode, or on Xbox Live if you prefer.

Step #3: Xbox Live
There are 5 achievements that must be completed over Xbox Live, they are:

- "N00b N0 M0r3"
- "So Lonely At The Top"
- "Basically Naive"
- "Officer On Deck"
- "Running The Show"

First get the "N00b N0 M0r3" achievement by simply being in the winning team in a game, when you win your first game you will also get "Basically Naive" achievement.

Next win a game and be ranked first to get the "So Lonely At The Top" achievement. Get 800,000 exp online to become a Lieutenant and unlock the "Officer on Deck" achievement.

Finally unlock the "Running The Show" achievement by reaching 960,000 EXP. This will require many hours spent playing online matches.

Step #4: Mop Up
If you've found all of the black boxes, and skulls in the campaign, finished all missions within par times on Heroic, have gold medals on every missions, and all Skirmish achievements unlocked, you will unlock the "Ready For The Sequel" Achievement.

Now all that's left to do is reach 24 hours of playtime, only time spent in matches counts. Finally you should unlock the "Crushed Colors" and "Own Worst Enemy" achievements.

Strategic Operations

Step 1: Start on the three easy achievements.

You'll be working on getting the following achievements:

Pull Hard, Pull Deep
Freak on a Streak
Living Loving Bug

Use the guide on how to obtain these achievements. Remember that they can all be done on Easy difficulty. Also try and work on Freak on a Streak and Living Loving Bug in the same match. At the most it should take you 3 matches to get these.

Step 2: One and Done achievement.

This achievement can only be unlocked on Legendary difficulty. Don't worry, as long as you use the method listed in the guide you shouldn't have too much difficulty. Remember to be patient and keep at it. I got it on my third attempt. Sometimes the AI will react the way the guide describes they will and sometimes they wont. If the AI starts giving you trouble just quit out and restart your match.

Historical Battle

Step 1: Online boosting mode

All four of these achievements can be easily obtained online with a boosting partner. Just set up a private match and use the "online mode" description to unlock these achievements. Each achievement is tied to a specific map so make sure you use the map described in the achievement. Remember to look for a online boosting partner HERE.

Step 2: Offline mode
If you're unable to boost these online no worries. You can do every achievement offline vs the AI. All can be done on easy difficulty but it's recommended to do Killjoy on Normal. Stick to the methods described in the guide and you shouldn't have any problems.

If you've reached this point and have the full 1,000 then congratulations, you have a lot more patience with this game then most people. Beating it on Legendary and earning 3.2 million exp is no easy task.

If you are a completionist, be prepared for a lot of games. Other than a few achievements, the game is pretty easy and straight forward, but expect to spend a lot of time when going for the "Running The Show" achievement.

[We would like to thank WhineyRabbit for this Road Map]

[We would like to thank Spanish Assault for the DLC additions]

Adjudicate the Arbiter30
Complete the Campaign on Heroic Difficulty      (6) 

See the "Detour The Great Journey" achievement.

Detour the Great Journey50
Complete the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty     (119) 

To unlock this achievement you must complete all 15 campaign missions on the Legendary difficulty. If you find yourself outnumbered, just remember the 3 R's, Regroup, Retreat and Recruit.

Using skulls does not affect this achievement, so use all positive skulls to make the game easier. Unlocking this achievement will also unlock the "Adjudicate the Arbiter" achievement as they are stackable.

For a guide to completing the game on Legendary see this thread.

Momma's Boy5
Get a Gold Medal on any mission   (2) 

Best done on the first mission, you need a score of 27,000 points or more. It's quite easy, play the level on easy and rush through as quick as possible killing everything you see; if you complete all sub-objectives, and complete the mission in less than 8 minutes, this will unlock easily.

Crushed Colors10
Improve your Score in any Campaign Mission   (4) 

Complete a campaign mission getting a low medal like bronze, then replay the mission on the same difficulty and improve on it with a better medal.

An easy way to do this is to activate all positive skulls for your first playthrough of a mission to get a negative multiplier, then replay the mission with all negative skulls to get a positive multiplier.

Mr. Punctual15
Finish all missions under Par Time on Heroic difficulty    (29) 

For this achievement you must finish all of the campaign missions within the times listed below:

Mission 01: 5 - 12
Mission 02: 15 - 30
Mission 03: 8 - 18
Mission 04: 21 - 35
Mission 05: 21 - 35
Mission 06: 15 - 30
Mission 07: 12 - 24
Mission 08: 18 - 30
Mission 09: 18 - 30
Mission 10: 20 - 32
Mission 11: 20 - 30
Mission 12: 8 - 18
Mission 13: 20 - 60
Mission 14: 15 - 30
Mission 15: 20 - 33

This achievement can be unlocked on the Heroic or Legendary difficulties.

Own Worst Enemy20
Get a Gold Medal with all Debuff Skulls Active   (13) 

You need to activate the following skulls and complete a level:

- Fog
- Sickness
- Rebel Sympathizer
- Rebel Supporter
- Rebel Leader

Please note you must activate the skulls at the start of the level.

Wall of Recognition30
Get a Gold Medal on every Campaign Mission    (34) 

Here are the scores required for each Gold Medal:

Mission 01: 27,000
Mission 02: 70,000
Mission 03: 45,000
Mission 04: 50,000
Mission 05: 40,000
Mission 06: 45,000
Mission 07: 32,000
Mission 08: 30,000
Mission 09: 35,000
Mission 10: 55,000
Mission 11: 30,000
Mission 12: 32,000
Mission 13: 40,000
Mission 14: 30,000
Mission 15: 30,000

Note: If you play the levels in co-op both you and your partners scores are added together. The gold medals can be earned on any difficulty or any combination of difficulties. For example you could have gold medals on half the levels on Normal, then go back and get the rest on Easy, or get them all on Heroic.

Epic Grinder40
Obtain a Lifetime Campaign Score over 1,000,000   (15) 

If you get all Gold Medal scores you will earn 591,000 points. Do all gold medals on one difficulty then do them on another to get two Gold Medal scores for each level until you hit 1 million.

Everything's Better with Bacon5
Mission 1: Ram 50 Grunts with Warthogs   (27) 

This achievement can be tricky. Do the mission on Heroic, ram the units and retreat, let the ability recharge and repeat. You must kill the enemy before the AI do. When you get another Warthog, use that instead of Forge as it wont kill the enemy as easily and give you more grunts to ram.

Activating the following skulls will also help:

- Rebel Sympathizer
- Catch
- Sugar Cookies
- Emperor

Endless Fun5
Mission 2: Destroy every Methane Tank   (3) 

The refinery is on the west of the map, find all methane tanks and destroy them, some are hidden by shields, one is in your base and one is slightly south of the eastern warthog area.

Covenant "Hot Drop"5
Mission 3: Kill at least 5 Covenant Units with the Bridge   (3) 

After Professor Anders hacks the bridge terminal to switch it on, you will be able to turn the bridge on or off. Wait for 5 Covenant units to walk onto the bridge and then switch it off to kill them.

The Real Winner5
Mission 4: Save Adam   (10) 

In the south of the map near where you begin there are some skyscrapers slightly to the north. Click on the control panel near it to release Adam, protect him until he gets to Ship 2 and when he boards this achievement will unlock. The panel is near the Black Box.

He's Got The Jack5
Mission 5: Jack 6 Covenant Vehicles  (3) 

Spartan's have a special ability that allows them to capture enemy vehicles, to do this, select the Spartan unit and press the button over an enemy vehicle to capture the vehicle. Repeat this five times to unlock the achievement.

Rhino Hugger5
Mission 6: Successfully protect every Rhino   (8) 

If they get harmed, use healing powers. Construct a base and train 2 Wolverines and one Scorpion, base those next to the Rhinos you need to protect. Best done on Easy.

Micro Manager5
Mission 7: Do not destroy any Power Node   (19) 

Best way to do this is don't move your units, just keep Mach Blasting the Scarab until it falls, this method can only be done on easy.

Ramblin' Man5
Mission 8: Use Elephants to train 100 Infantry   (5) 

Do this on Legendary, set an Elephant's rally point to a heavily populated flood area and just keep spawning them until this unlocks. Your infantry will die leaving you more population to create more.

Sweet Naptime5
Mission 9: Put every Colony in Hibernation Mode at the same time   (3) 

Build 10 Hornets and go around the map and kill all the big infections. Once you kill one you will get a sub mission and a map directing you to all of them. You will be notified when you kill one and it will gray out on the map. When they are all dead make sure they all stay that way and proceed to the boss you have to kill. Shoot it a couple of time with your hornets and it will die. Easiest done on Easy difficulty.

The Procrastinator5
Mission 10: Disrupt all Tractor Beams   (3) 

There are four tractor beams on the map, one in each corner, clear the paths to and the areas around the tractor beams to make way for the vehicles you use to disrupt them. Make sure you only clear the top and bottom swarms so you can get to the final two before the mission ends.

Battened Down the Hatches5
Mission 11: Save all the Airlocks   (3) 

Do this on easy, build turrets around the airlocks, make plenty of flying units and destroy everything as quickly as possible, make sure they're still destroyed when the ring passes.

Handy with Tools5
Mission 12: Repair the Power Core in less than 4 minutes   (4) 

Firstly direct all the Cyclops's you have to the core. Then go to the right of the map and select the airlock and spawn as many Cyclops's as you can and as soon as they spawn direct them to the power core.

Its essential to use health on the power core as soon as it becomes available. Easiest done on Easy in co-op.

Use the skulls Bountiful Harvest and Pain Train, they will reduce training times by 50 and make resources come in 25% faster.

Beaming with Pride5
Mission 13: Destroy 25 units with the Scarab   (1) 

On the far east side of the map is an abandoned Scarab, simply kill the roots near it to free it and then jack it with your spartan, it becomes yours. Use it to kill 25 units.

Didn't Get To Second Base5
Mission 14: Don't claim an extra base   (4) 

This mission only requires one base, build lots of fully upgraded scorpions and storm the area, leave Elephant in first base to make sure it doesn't get damaged. Just don't build another base and finish the mission.

Thinkin' about My Doorbell5
Mission 15: Open the Doors in order   (5) 

Build a strong army preferably of Vultures and follow this guide:

Complete any Campaign Mission in Co-op Mode   (18) 

See the "OMG BFF FTW" achievement.

Complete entire Campaign in Co-op Mode   (282) 

Difficulty doesn't make a difference so easiest done in Easy mode. There is no split-screen option in Halo Wars so must be done over Live or system link. Simply complete all campaign missions in co-op on any difficulty.

Playin' the Field15
Win a Skirmish Game with every Leader    (10) 

There are six different leaders to play with, in the lobby before beginning, go on options to change between them. Simply be the winner or on the winning team with each leader.

Gallivant around the Galaxy25
Win a game on every Skirmish Map    (11) 

Again, easiest done on skirmish mode while going for "Playin' The Field" There are 14 different skirmish maps. 5 are 1v1, 6 are 2v2 and 3 are 3v3.

Empire Builder5
Win a game in every Skirmish Game Mode    (3) 

Complete one Skirmish game on the Standard mode, and one on Deathmatch.

Get 20,000 points in any Skirmish Game    (19) 

This video has the best solution:

Big Al's Scooter10
Win a Heroic Skirmish Game against the AI in under 10 minutes     (9) 

See the "Penny Pincher" achievement.

My Virtual Friends Love Me10
Win a 3v3 Skirmish game with 2 AI Allies    (2) 

Set up a 3v3 Skirmish Game set the difficulty to easy and win the match.

Walk-Off Winner30
Use one of the 6 Major Leader Powers to destroy an enemy's last unit    (4) 

Play the mission with the Scarab on easy and just Mac Blast it until it dies. Make sure the last shot is a Mac Blast too.

2 Bugs are Better Than 110
Win a Skirmish Game with Dual Scarabs    (4) 

This can be done over Xbox Live or on Skirmish mode. Play as the Covenant and have 2 Scarabs built, destroy their final units and the achievement will unlock if you have two alive.

Penny Pincher10
Get a winning High Score with 10 or less Squads against the Heroic AI    (20) 

To get this achievement set up a 1v1 Deathmatch skirmish against Forge, using Captain Cutter on the Chasms map, as soon as it starts, set your global rally point to the back of the enemy's base.

Queue up 9 Warthogs and send your current one to the rally point. By this point he should have one building in construction. Destroy it and when the other Warthogs come over, begin attacking the base and destroying any building he attempts to build.

N00b n0 M0r310
Win a Matchmade Skirmish Game on Xbox LIVE   (6) 

Go on Xbox Live, select Public Game and win a game. Remember, have a good strategy going online as there'll be a lot of experienced players out there. Remember the fundamentals of the game: rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock i.e. each unit will have their own strengths and weaknesses (both yours, and theirs), so play to your advantages and their disadvantages. If all else fails, rush the mofo from the off... you'll get lucky at least once. Oh, and choose your leader wisely.

So Lonely at the Top20
Win and have the Highest Score in a Matchmade Skirmish Game on Xbox LIVE   (16) 

Select Xbox Live, play a public game and win the game with the highest score. Upgrade everything, take over lots of bases and build maximum amount of units.

Basically Naive10
Obtain the Recruit Rank on Xbox LIVE   

See the "Running The Show" achievement.

Officer on Deck30
Obtain the Lieutenant Rank on Xbox LIVE  (12) 

See the "Running The Show" achievement.

Running the Show50
Obtain the General Rank on Xbox LIVE   (456) 

You rank up based on the points you score in a match. Upgrade everything, take over lots of bases and build maximum amount of units, this will help gain more points. The more units and buildings destroyed raises your score, and the less units you lose, more supplies gathered and technologies researched raises your multiplayer.

Points required:

Recruit: 500 Points.
Lieutenant: 80,000.
General: 960,000 Points.

Alas, Poor Andrew Thomas5
Collect your first Skull    (4) 

See the "Graverobber" achievement.

Collect all Skulls    (12) 

This guide by BTHR Zero X shows the location of all of the skulls (link).

Halo Academic15
Unlock 20 Timeline Events    (3) 
See the "Halo Historian" achievement.
Halo Historian40
Unlock All Timeline Events    (11) 

There are 41 locked events. To unlock them gather all black boxes, win on every skirmish map and win skirmish with every leader.

Black Box Locations:

Mission 1: There's a ramp leading under the bridge the the Covenant shield, it's under there.
Mission 2: Through the north west Covenant shield near the methane tanks.
Mission 3: At the start turn around and head down the ramp to the west, follow the path.
Mission 4: North of the west base location, next to the sky bridge.
Mission 5: Near the center capturable reactor, go down steps to reach it.
Mission 6: The island you have to place the third Rhino tank, underground entrance south west of the site, the box is in the entrance.
Mission 7: Go as far to the north east as possible, it's near some supply crates.
Mission 8: Eastern edge of map, in the middle of the plateau surrounded by trees.
Mission 9: In the corner near the bordering mountains to the west.
Mission 10: Near the middle set of units that you evacuate.
Mission 11: South west section of ship where it starts to get wider, on one side of the flood base, not accessible by ground units.
Mission 12: On the very west side of the ship near the gun turrets, not accessible by ground units.
Mission 13: Top of a cliff to the north east.
Mission 14: Near the first covenant base to the south west, can be accessed from the first elevation.
Mission 15: North edge of the central circle shield.

Ready for the Sequel75
100% Completion    (10) 

To unlock this achievement complete the campaign, obtain a gold medal on each mission, collect all skulls and black boxes and unlock the following achievements:

- "Titan"
- "Halo Historian"
- "Graverobber"
- "Wall of Recognition"
- "Epic Grinder"
- "Playin' The Field"
- "Gallivant Around The Galaxy"
- "Empire Builder"
- All 15 Mission Specific 5 Point Achievement

24 Hours of Quality20
Play Halo Wars for at least 24 Total Hours   (10) 

Only in-game time counts towards this achievement. This achievement will come naturally.

Secret Achievements
Meet Sergeant Forge10
Completed Mission 1 on any difficulty    (1) 

Exactly what it says on the tin. Complete the first mission, "Alpha Base" on any difficulty.

Ice Warriors40
Completed Act I on any difficulty    

Complete missions 1, 2 and 3.

Key to Pirth50
Completed Act II on any difficulty    

Complete missions 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Ugly is only Skin Deep70
Completed Act III on any difficulty    

Complete missions 8, 9, 10 and 11.

No Way Home?70
Completed Act IV on any difficulty    (2) 

Complete missions 12, 13, 14 and 15.

Check out a guide for completing the missions on Easy by Rabbit x360a (link).

DLC: Strategic Options
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 100
One and Done30
Score the winning point in a game of Keepaway against Legendary AIs.     (15) 

This is best done on the 1 vs 1 map Chasms. Use the Arbiter for this one. Set the AI to Legendary, of course, and have Captain Cutter be your opponent.

As soon as the game starts, build a temple and three supply pads. Scout with your Ghost for supplies, there are a lot near your base, and about 60 to 90 supplies in the center; collect those with your Ghost and move the Arbiter to the center of the map and wait. While you wait you can build a fourth supply pad, there is no need to upgrade to a Citadel.

By the time the Sentinel spawns (the flag), you can almost instantly grab it with Arby. Grab it and go camp at the back of your base, and wait. You will notice a timer running, that is how long it will actually take for capture the flag completely and have a point added to your score. You need three points to win.

Upgrade one of your supply pads every now and then, in case Arby needs to get into rage mode, but personally I never had to do this.

Now, when the timer has passed and you are rewarded a point, go back to the middle with Arby. Give him the upgrades ''Fiendish Return'' and '"Defiant Rage'' if needed, found at your Temple, and wait for the Sentinel and capture it, again camping at the back of your base. Repeat one more time.

Cutter will almost never send his units to you, he will be too busy building up his base. But if you really really want to be sure, listen to the AI about what kind of units Cutter makes, and build two turrets at the front to counter appropriately.

You will be rewarded the achievement after three Sentinel captures.

Pull Hard, Pull Deep20
Win and never trail in a Tug of War game.     (13) 

Again, play as the Arbiter, with your opponent being Cutter and the AI set to Easy. Choose the map Chasms, build a temple and two supply pads ASAP, and then have your Ghost attack the enemy base ASAP as well. Destroy the Warthog, so it cannot gather supplies. Follow it if needs be.

When the warthog is gone, have the Ghost attack the (probably only) building the enemy has, (make sure it's a reactor). By this time your Arbiter should be ready and on his way to help destroy Cutter's base. If Cutter starts to build supply pads, focus all your attention on that, do not give him a chance to get supplies. Make sure his supply pads do not complete their building cycle. If he starts building something, have Arbiter trash it up before it completes! If the enemy Warthog is destroyed, and the enemy base as well, you are victorious and are granted this achievement.

Freak on a Streak20
Gain at least 15 population from a single wave in a Reinforcement game.     (4) 

You will most likely get this the same time as ''Living Loving Bug'' as a Scarab takes up 20 population. If not, then just have a lot of supplies and population free and hope for the best. If you need to get rid of units, use the ''Prophet Cleansing Beam'' method described in the help for ''Living Loving Bug.

Living Loving Bug30
Get a Scarab during a Reinforcement game.     (13) 

Play as the Covenant, preferably The Prophet Of Regret, set your opponent to be Captain Cutter. Set the opponent AI to Easy to make it easier for you.

Build supply pads only, upgrading them, and a temple, and upgrade your ages (upgrade found at the Temple, Age of Doubt first and then the Age of Reclamation) so you get tech level (the lightning bolt in the top-left corner) to three - this will require two ''Age'' upgrades. Also, capturing a second base is almost mandatory and increasing your population (this upgrade can be found in the Temple as well) helps too.

Kill any unit you might get using the Prophet's Cleansing Beam if your population is over 20. Make sure you have enough population room and enough supply to ''Buy'' a Scarab. I know you can't buy units, but you need the supplies. So have 4,000 supplies in reserve and 20 population available.

Then just hope you get a Scarab instead of a lot of Wraiths or anything else. If you have too many units and they take up too much population, the Prophet's Cleansing Beam is your friend. Kill your own units with it if needed.

DLC: Historical Battle
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 100
Tour Coming Through30
Hot drop 50 squads to your Covenant Leader in a single game on Barrens.    (7) 

Offline Method:
Start a 1v1 on Barrens, standard. set the AI to Easy and the leader as Cutter. Set yourself as the Arbiter. Make your leader temple and a few supply pads and go take over another base. At this base, build turrets, shield generator and supply pads. Upgrade your arbiter, your supply pads, turrets and both ages. Buy the followers upgrade. Lock your base up and send your ghost to be destroyed. Now build 50 Suicide Grunts. When they all have finished building, send your Arbiter off somewhere and set your global rally point in the Gravity Lift, unlock your base and watch as the Grunts run for your achievement.

Note: Some people are saying that sending one unit through 50 times unlocks this achievement, when i tried this, it never worked and i had to use 50 separate units.

Online Method:
Start a 1v1 on Barrens, standard mode, both set yourself as the Arbiter. Go around taking the bases and building supply pads until you have enough resources to build both ages and followers upgrades. Then lock your base up and build 50 Suicide Grunts, send your Arbiter off somewhere. When all the grunts have finished building, unlock your base, hot drop them through the Gravity Lift to your leader and the achievement is yours.

Never Leave a Man Behind15
Finish with 5000 net resources tributed to your teammates on Memorial Basin except in Deathmatch.    (10) 

Offline Method:
Start a 2v2 on Memorial Basin, set the 3 AI to Easy and the leaders as Cutter. Set the game mode to standard and set yourself as Sergeant Forge as he starts off with heavy supply pads. Build nothing but supply pads, then do the fortress upgrade, and build 2 more supply pads. Wait till you have 5,000 resources, give them all to your teammate AI, then win or lose the game and this achievement is yours.

Online Method:
Start a 2v2 on Memorial Basin, all of you set yourselves as Sergeant Forge as he starts off with heavy supply pads. Build nothing but supply pads, then do the fortress upgrade, and then build 2 more supply pads. Wait till you have 5,000 resources. Give them all to your teammate then win or lose the game and this achievement is yours.

Drain Cleaner30
Kill 20 enemy squads with a continuous Covenant Leader Power on Memorial Basin.    (21) 

Offline Method:
Start a 1v1 on Memorial Basin, standard game mode, set the AI to Easy and their leader to Cutter. Set yourself as the Arbiter. Start by building your leader temple and supply pads. Go take all but his base on the map and build nothing but supply pads. Keep upgrading them and your Arbiter. When you have around 3,000 resources, head to the reactors and build locations, killing all the rebels whilst in Rage mode. Whilst still in Rage, head to the other places, this should get around 17 of the 20 kills needed, so head to the AI's base and kill his army until you get the achievement. Just remember to stay in Rage the entire time!

Online Method:
Start a 1v1 on Memorial Basin, standard game mode, both set as the Arbiter. Start by building your leader temple and supply pads. Go take the bases on the map and build nothing but supply pads. Keep upgrading them and your Arbiter. When you have around 3,000 resources ask your friend to send 20 Suicide Grunts, then kill them all whilst you're in Rage mode and the achievement is yours.

Disrupt 5 active Leader Powers in a single game on Blood River.    (48) 

Offline Method:
Start a 1v1 on Blood River, standard mode, Normal AI, set their AI leader as Arbiter and set yourself as Cutter. Build up your base and army as you normally would, wait for the AI voice to say they're going to attack your base. When they do, start killing his troops only. He will try to use his Rage on your base, army and grandmother. When he does, just drop a Disruption Bomb on him. If it doesn't work, kill him, let him come back for more and drop another Disruption Bomb on him. Rinse and repeat until you have the achievement.

Online Method:
Start a 1v1 on Blood River, standard mode, set yourself as Cutter and your friend as any Covenant leader. Meet each other in the middle of the map, get your friend to use his power and then you drop a Disruption Bomb on him. Rinse and repeat 4 more times and the achievement is yours.

Game Info
Ensemble Studios


US March 03, 2009
Europe February 27, 2009
Japan February 26, 2009

HDD Space Required : 5.66 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $19.99USD
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