Happy Feet Two: The Videogame

Happy Feet Two: The Videogame Achievement Guide

Guide By: MeonOner
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 45/45 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (If you start on Co-op, replaying levels will be required)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: Rapture & Let's Go Crazy (See more info below)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Extra Controller & Co-op partner

Happy Feet Two is a 3D musical adventure game for the entire family inspired by the whimsical Antarctic world of the animated film.

Step 1: Starting/Playing the game
I would suggest starting the game on co-op right away that way you can get the Take On Me achievement. And save yourself a second play through. If you don't have someone to play co-op with, just turn on your second controller before you finish a level, race or beat a boss by pressing . If you miss anything don't worry the game has a level select option. 

While going through the game collect as many music notes as you can and level up all songs to Level 7. After completing one song, buy the next one and do the same. Rinse and repeat for all 19 songs. Make sure if you are playing in co-op that you win every race and bonus levels, if not make a note somewhere and go back and redo the level. Also keep notes on what levels you have completed in co-op, since the game does not tell you. Because if you don't remember what levels your missing you will have to start the game on co-op from level one. (Hopefully you keep/kept on what levels you missed/didn't do in co-op) 

Co-op alone: If going for the co-op achievement alone, make sure you turn on your second controller before you exit a level, finish a Race level and before you do your last button mash for a Boss level; press  on the second controller to join.

Step 2: Clean Up (with Level Select)
If you did not finish a level, race or boss level in co-op no will be a god time to go and complete those levels. Also any achievement that has to do with completing a level with "full health","moving X amount of..." or "activating X amount of..." or "destroy X amount of...", you can do it during your clean up.

Step 3: Final Achievement (Grinding)
The Runway & Gold Digger achievements should be the last ones you need. You will have to do a bit of grinding for these. All you need to do is get enough music notes to level up a song and buy new songs. There are 19 songs total. Be sure to buy a new song after you level up a song. After you should have you full 1000

The achievement are all named after songs!

[x360a would like to thank MeonOner for this roadmap]

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough10
Win your first Race 

First time you come to a Race is Level 9. Just come in first.

Note: If playing in co-op, controller 1 needs to come in first.

Complete a level 

Story related and can not be missed. 
Unlocks after completing level 1.

Blaze Of Glory10
Collect 100 Black Music Notes 

See Satisfaction achievement description.

Close To You10
Assemble a group of 3 penguins 

See Convoy achievement description.

Beat It10
Stay on the beat for 20 beats 

This can be done in any level. Simply stay on beat for 20 beats. Look at the middle of your screen, there should be a bar with a flashing pink light around it. You will know when your staying in beat when you see a pink/blue swirl around your penguin. Just press  19 more times staying in beat, and the achievement is yours.

Rhinestone Cowboy10
Collect the most notes in a Bonus Level in co-op 

Your first Bonus level is Level 11. This can be done quick. Just push  so the second control is in. Collect as many notes as you can then go to the 'green zone' and do a co-op dance combo by holding down  to finish the level. You are timed on this so don't worry if you don't get all the notes.

Note: If playing co-op, controller 1 needs to collect the most notes.

You’ve Got A Friend10
Switch control between characters 

You can get this in the first level, and HAS to be done on solo. Just tap the , you will switch to the smaller penguin. Easy as that!

Wind Beneath My Wings10
Fill the boost bar in a Race 

This isn't to hard to acquire, just launch off a ramp, by pressing the , in 'Race mode', press the appropriate buttons that show up in the middle of the stunt hoop and land the trick clean. If done right, your boost bar should fill itself all the way. There are plenty of Races and stunt hoops so don't stress it if you don't get it your first time.

Complete three stunt hoops in a single Race 

You will have to hit three stunt hoops. Make sure to press the corresponding button that shows up in the stunt hoop. Start up a Race level 9 since its the easiest and has 5 stunt hoops. The higher you go in levels, the harder the stunt hoops get. There is really no tip in how to get this, just try your best and and take your time.

The Way We Were10
Revisit a previously played level 

From the 'Main Menu', choose chapter select and pick any level. Once you do so the achievement will unlock. You will need to revisit levels regardless to max out all 19 songs.

Jump off three stunt ramps in a Race 

First time you get a Race is level 9. Simply follow the path and jump off 3 ramps by pressing .

Let’s Go Crazy10
Perfectly perform a Dance Combo and a Stomp Combo in quick succession 

Press the  four times in a row to preform a Dance Combo, while staying on beat. Then press the  three times, then on your third jump press the  again (while in the air) to do a Stomp Combo. This achievement can be a little tricky to do. 

Smash five Stone Columns 

This will unlock through natural progression. Stone Columns can only be destroyed by using the Emperor Penguin. They are located through out the entire game, and so are the Stone Columns.

Note: If playing co-op, controller 1 needs to have the Emperor Penguin on their team.

I Feel The Earth Move10
Smash three Ice Boulders at the same time 

Best place to do this is Level 11, Bonus Level. Slide down either right/left slide. Get the Disco Fish in the middle and press  to do a Stomp. You can also get Drop It Like It's Hot here, if you missed it the first time.

Note: If playing in co-op, controller 1 need to smash three boulders on their own.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing10
Convert 3 Penguins at the same time (1) 

Level 19 is where you will get your chance at this. Once you climb up on the side of the ice slide on the left; you will just follow the path and eventually come across 3 penguins standing side by side. Tap  to dance and collect them.

Step By Step10
Beat a Boss without making a mistake in co-op 

First boss you come across is on Level 7. Make sure you and your partner hit each note without missing. If you do miss, restart level. You do not have to get Perfect on each hit.

Blinded By The Light10
Collect a Disco Fish 

Story related and can not be missed.

The first Disco Fish is found in Level 3. You will be introduced to it and be given a description of it. Its a disco ball looking fish.

Drop It Like It’s Hot10
Destroy 10 objects during Disco Fish mode (1) 

You can gain this achievement right after collecting your first Disco Fish. Jut move forward, and press  to Stomp and destroy the ice rocks in the way. You should get this without trying. If you miss this here don't worry you will get another chance in Level 11.

Ice Ice Baby10
Move five Ice Slide Blocks 

Easy enough, press  to push the Ice Slide Blocks. Do this 4 more times and the achievement is yours. This does not have to be done in one level.

Note: If playing co-op, controller 1 needs to push the Ice Slide Blocks.

Shake Ya Tailfeather10
Wake up five Sleepy Penguins 

Super easy. You will come across multiple Sleepy Penguins through your play through. To wake up a Sleepy Penguin you first have to have a certain number of penguins following you. Once you have the requested amount, press  to wake them up & then tap  to dance. Repeat this 4 more time during your play through.

Note: If playing in co-op, controller 1 needs to be the one waking up the Sleepy Penguins.

Out Of Touch20
Complete Level 28 without getting hurt 

Level 28 is a Bonus level. I found that playing this in co-op is mush easier. Stay as far away from the Skua birds and spike rocks. Have the second player move on forward and collect the Disco Fish. This will scare away the Skua birds and also destroy the rock spikes, making your path much more safer to complete.

Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now20
Complete a Race without hitting anything 

Easiest way I found to do this is hold down the  the whole way down. Avoid any jumps and music notes near spikes or rocks. Take it easy and don't rush. I personally got this on Race Level 16. If you do not get it on this specific level, don't worry. There are a few different Race levels that can work for you best. 

Never Gonna Give You Up20
Win every Race 

There are 6 Race levels spread out through the game. If you have won every single race so far, this will unlock after finishing Level & Race 48.

Joy Ride20
Activate 20 moving platforms 

This will come with natural progression. There are 2 different tyoes of moving platforms: The First one that require you to stand on top of of them and press  to make them go up or down & The Second one that require one penguin to jump on top of a pressure ice cube and the other penguin on the platform that will be raised or lowered.

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet20
Complete Emperor Land 

Story related and can not be missed.

Unlocks after level 16.

Ebony & Ivory20
Complete Adelie Land 

Story related and can not be missed.

Unlocks after Race 31.

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing20
Complete Elephant Seal Land 

Story related and can not be missed.

Unlocks after Boss level 47.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart20
Complete a level with full health 

This could be story related, not sure. But I got this on the very first level.

Assemble a group of 5 penguins 

For this you just have to recruit 5 penguins in a level. Probably wont get this until Level 4. Along with Close To You.

Scare 20 Skua Birds (1) 

To scare a Skua bird you will need either an Emperor Penguin or the Disco Fish power-up. A level that I found easy to do this in, is Level 35. Towards the end of Level 35, you will need to recruit the Emperor Penguin to finish the level. Before finishing the level, go to the single Skua bird, with the Emperor Penguin, and us the Stomp combo, (wait),  (wait),   (while in the air). Repeat this 19 more times and the achievement will unlock.

Collect 200 black notes in one level (1) 

This isn't as bad as it sounds. It doesn't sound bad at all. Earliest level you can get this is Level 8. Suggest playing solo that way you don't have to worry about getting your music notes stolen. Just go through the level destroying every ice block, ice rock, spikes you see and collect any music notes that are in the open. To get a bunch of music nites collect the Gold Snowflake, which will make it rain MUSIC NOTES!

Good Vibrations20
Activate all the Vibes in one Level (2) 

You will want to turn 'ON' your vibration option for this one. Easiest level I found was Level 8. At the start of the level to the right and your control should vibrate, hold  down until a ring of music notes pop.NOw go to the left side of the level and do the same. For the last Vide spot you will have to continue through the level and in the area where the Gold Snowflake is, you will fill your control vibrate. 

Don’t Worry, Be Happy20
Clap 108 times 

This was completely random and I didn't know it was an achievement until it pop. Simply tap or hold the  to make your penguin clap. It does not have to be 108 consistent claps, but if you want to get this out the way just spam your 

Rock With You20
Complete five levels with every penguin in the level 

This will unlock after Level 5. That is if you collected every penguin in the first 4 levels. To know you have collected all the penguins for a specific level, look at the bottom of your screen for each level. There will be a row of grayed out penguins. Every time to find a penguin, use the  to dance, this will collect the penguins. The grayed out penguins in the bottom will fill in. Do this for the first 5 levels and your achievement will pop.

Bridge Over Troubled Water20
Cross 50 Ice Rails 

This will come naturally as you progress through the game. Just cross every Ice Rail you see. I unlocked this during Level 26.

That’s What Friends Are For50
Complete the game 

Story related and can not be missed, see Take On Me.

Just complete the game.

Take On Me50
Complete an entire game in Co-Op (1) 

Like the achievement description says. Beat it in Co-Op. So grab your bother, sister, mom, dad or friend and play through the whole game together. This will also unlock the Take On Me achievement.

Co-op alone: If going for the co-op achievement, make sure you turn on your second controller before you exit a level (green glowing area), finish a Race level and before you do your last button mash for a Boss level; press on the second controller to join. 

Heart Of Gold50
Complete the last level of a Land with full health 

This is the end of Chapter 2, Level 16. Its a Race level, so just take it easy and use  to slow down and keep a good speed. You don't even have to win the race to unlock the achievement. 

We Built This City50
Bring 200 friends to the Doomberg 

This Doomberg is the last Boss Level 45, and should pop at the beginning of the level. Just get 200 penguins from collecting them in each level. You also get penguins from leveling up songs. There are more than 200 penguins to get, just collect as many penguins per level you can, and level up songs when you can. By the time you reach the end you will have enough.

Another One Bites The Dust50
Beat a Boss without making a mistake 

First Boss you go against is in Level 7. Just follow the red ball and press the according buttons once the red ball bounces over them. You DO NOT have to get 'PERFECT' each time, as long as you hit the correct button your fine.

Gold Digger50
Unlock all songs 

There is a total of 19 songs. You will need approximately 30,000+ black music notes to buy them all. If you don't have this buy the end of the game just replay some levels, mainly Bonus level 34. 

Level up all songs 

The maxed out level for every song is 7. Level up as many songs as you can during your normal play through. For the ones your still need leveling, replay Level 34, over & over. Its the quickest level to get notes in and finish. This will get very boring, really quick. 

Collect 2000 Black Notes 

This achievement will come with natural progression. There are a lot more than just 2000 Black Notes through the game. I personally unlocked this in Level 16, during the Race.

Eye Of The Tiger50
Defeat every Boss without making a mistake (1) 

You need to match all of the buttons at the same time as the bouncing ball hits them by pressing the correct button without making a mistake. After each section in the Boss battle, you will have to mash one of the letter buttons on your controller (whichever shows up). If you do make a mistake, just exit and restart the level. 

Co-op alone: For doing the boss levels to get the co-op achievement, make sure your second controller is turned on, wait till the last button mash and press  on the second controller to join. Then mash the button that is showing on both controllers. If you defeat every boss without making a mistake, the achievement should pop up after you defeat the last boss.

Hit every stunt hoop in a Race (4) 

This seems to be giving a lot of people a hard time. For this you have to hit every stunt hoop in one race. Do Level 9 as it only has 5 hoops and its easier than the other Race levels. Just take it slow and get used to the Level first. When you are getting near a ramp, tap the  to get some boost going, then press  to jump off the ramp, then either press the :ybuy:,  or  to do the correct trick. The buttons appear in random order and they change when you restart or fail. 

Note: Press the correct button before you go through the stunt hoop. Achievement unlocks once you go through the finally hoop, so you don't need to finish the race.

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