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Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm Achievement Guide

Guide By: calzord
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200/1000: 5-10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm is based on the TV Show by Mondo Mini Clips, there might be a few frustrating levels so just have fun with it.

Start the game by selecting the tutorial, completing it will give you Beginner's Luck achievement. Try to get at least 1 bronze and 1 silver in seperate levels to unlock Sweet Smell of Copper and Hi Ho Silver achievements. You can get these by spending more time in a level rather than rushing. After getting those achievements, finish another level without spending too much time and killing your happy tree friends, doing so would unlock You're Golden achievement. Try to get at least 500,000 score in every level to unlock the Give Yourself A Hand when you finish all 30 levels. After you finish A Whopper of a Tail in the whale zone level, you would unlock Piece of Cake. After finishing all 3 levels in the Junkyard level, you should unlock Give Yourself A Hand (if you got 500,000 in every level), The Midas Touch (If you got gold in all 30 levels refer to the achievement guide in tips on getting gold) and That's A Wrap. Refer to the achievement guide on how to unlock The Last Drop and Just What the doctor ordered, try and get 550,000 or more in every level to unlock You Da Bomb.

Mop Up:
The last achievement remaining isPlaying with fire. In order to unlock this, you must burn your tree friends to death. The best place would be the 1st level of Ski Lodge in the 1st room or From the bottom of the cart in the mine zone, just keep pressing  and target your happy tree friend to burn them all it would take 30-45 minutes to finish and unlock the achievement.

There you have it, you would get 200/200 in a couple of hours, there might be a few frustrating levels, so just have fun.


[x360a would like to thank Density Jo for this Road Map]

Beginner's Luck5
Complete the tutorial   (1) 

You can get this achievement any time so if your not up for learning you can jump straight into the game. However I would say it is worth taking the few minutes to do this to get your head around which buttons do what and how they effect the game.

Just what the doctor ordered10
Finish a zone without harming any Happy Tree Friends   

For this achievement you must complete all the levels in a zone without your tree friends getting hurt. I would say that the easiest zones to do this on are candy factory of ski lodge, but I would recommend ski lodge, as it doesn’t have any crushers. While going for this achievement freeze all of your tree friends at the beginning and then scroll through the level clearing any obstacles. Then carefully let them walk through it freeze them and make them go one at a time where necessary.

Note: The levels do not have to be done in order.

Sweet Smell of Copper10
Achieve a Bronze Award   

Unless you're having major difficulty with a level you most likely will have to get this by going as slow as possible. It would also help to lose a tree friend so you don’t get a good score. I would say that the first level on candy factory is the easiest to get on.

The Midas Touch30
Achieve a Gold Award on each level   

To get gold’s on any level you just have to remember some key points.

1.Keep them running- use fire behind them to keep them running. Normally speed bonus out-weighs damage losses. They can’t get killed unless they take loads of damage so keep them running.

2.Scout ahead- If the tree friends are on a straight let them walk for a sec and scout ahead knowing what is coming up can save you, also keep any debris with nitro while you are looking.

3. Keep them together- make sure you don’t get any stragglers of friends that decide to flip around often they will die or cause you to lose focus, life is much easier if the pack stays close.

4. Freeze them- although speed is important some times it's necessary to freeze the tree friends so you don’t lose them.

5. Spam the button- holding down the action button on switches or pulleys can often be more effective then just pushing it.

With these tips in mind you should easily be able to get golds on every level.

Playing With Fire5
Burn 200 characters to death   

This achievement will most likely be your last as it is dull. You will find that on most levels if you try and burn your tree friends to death they can run away which means you have to chase five of them around the screen, you can resolve this problem by going to “from the bottom of my cart” in the “mine” zone. At the beginning the tree friends are trapped in a quite small corridor above a bridge, all you have to do is spam the tree friends with the fire command until they die. However watch out for the TNT or the bridge will drop and the tree friends will be safe.

How long will it take?
Each time you burn four tree friends, the fifth explodes automatically so you can get around 4 per 45 seconds when you get in the flow. Get a good album on in the background and turn the game sound to zero from the option, and then burn away, this shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes.

Piece of Cake20
Achieve at least a Bronze Award in 15 levels    

You get this achievement once you finish “a whopper of a tail” in the “whale” zone. Once you get past this you're half way to the end.

You Da Bomb25
Achieve a career score of at least 18,000,000   

If you complete the game with all 500,000+ on each level your career score should already be around 15,000,000-16,000,000 you now need to generate 3-2 more million to get this, this means getting around 600,000+ on all the levels. To get this you've got to be good, take all that you have learned and push for those points.

The Last Drop10
Finish a zone with all the characters under 25% health   

The way this achievement works is similar to “just what the doctor ordered” in the sense that you have to finish the zone by doing all three levels. I found this quite hard to get, as all tree friends must live (just about) to the end of each level. Go on the candy factory zone and at the start of each level burn your tree friends until their health turns blue, this is when you know that it is under 25%, while doing this I would recommend that you freeze each tree friend as they reach 25 % or you risk setting them alight again and having to start over. Then carefully guide your tree friends to the end, repeat on the three levels of the zone and you're done.

That’s a Wrap25
Unlock the 2nd part of the movie    

You will get this on completion of level 30 you will get the opportunity to watch the second part of the episode that started at the begging of the game. Look out for the three nicely added game references in the video.

Give Yourself A Hand25
Score at least 500,000 in every level   

Normally getting gold will ensure you a score of around 500,000 per level, this shouldn’t be to hard if you are going for the Midas touch achievement and will greatly contribute to getting “You Da Bomb”.

Hi Ho Silver15
Achieve a Silver Award   

To get this just go thought the level as you would if you get to the end of the level and you score (the alarm bell) is still in the gold freeze you tree friends and wait until it is bronze.

Note: The arrow on the Bell moves up 1/6 when your tree friends reach the goal.

You're Golden20
Achieve a Gold Award   

Just get Gold once, look at “The Midas Touch” for tips on getting gold.

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US June 25, 2008

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