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Hard Corps: Uprising Achievement Guide

Guide By: Taiyz
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
-Offline: 11 (175 )
-Online: 1 (25 )
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 20 hours minimum.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 10+ (depends on skill and grinding efficiency.)
-Number of missable achievements: None.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: Rising Mode upgrades and continuing do not affect achievements.
-Does difficulty affect achievements: Achievement descriptions state the only mode that they may be unlocked in.
-Glitchy achievements: 1 technically; to unlock World Peace you have to survive the helicopter jump after the final boss. If you have 0 lives left, you must not miss the jump. If the other player survives, they will still unlock it.
-Unobtainable achievements: None.
-Extra equipment needed: None.

Hard Corps: Uprising is a side-scrolling action game in the style of classics like Contra, Mega Man and Metal Slug. It's very difficult if you didn't grow up on games like these, but there's always time to learn, right? Every button on the control pad does something useful, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the controls and see what each function does. This guide should help you learn both the basic and more complex moves that the game has to offer.

Step 1: Practice
Although it is the first option on the main menu, Arcade Mode is not intended for newcomers. It limits your health, lives and ability set to create a consistent experience for all players, making it more difficult than Rising Mode, but also the de-facto game mode for fans who want to prove themselves on the leaderboards on an even playing field.

Rising Mode is what you should start with. Not only does it feature level selection to repeat levels for practice and complete certain achievements, but it allows you to amass Corps Points to spend on upgrades in the Shop & Customize menu. Corps Points, upgrades, level rankings and completed levels are recorded separately between the game's characters. If you want to complete the game's achievements swiftly, focus on Bahamut and Krystal as "You can never play too much." requires you to purchase all of their upgrades which means a lot of grinding that shouldn't be wasted on the downloadable characters.

Step 2: Persistence
As you keep playing Rising Mode, you'll eventually learn the level layouts, how abilities work and what the game's sub-systems are. The achievements that are exclusive to Rising Mode require you to beat the game, collect the Star Chip from each level, S-rank each stage and purchase all upgrades for Bahamut and Krystal.

Use this guide to find all those pesky Star Chips, which you can collect with any character and they'll be saved across the board (see the General Saving Note below for more info.) With some fast footwork, Star Chips will also lead to a massive Level Bonus that will help you S-rank each stage! Beating a level with the fastest time will literally make up 75% of the S-rank requirement instead of 25% or less, so focus on speed over score. Finally, a grind will be necessary to fully upgrade the default characters, but Corp Points are directly equal to your Score in Rising Mode, so focus on multipliers to make this go by quickly. Remember to avoid exiting the game from the pause menu so that you keep your hard-earned currency!

Step 3: Perfection
You know the levels and you know the moves; now it's time to try your hand at Arcade Mode. Apart from being rewarded for killing your first 10 Privates, completing the first level and having 20 lives at once, all of Arcade Mode's achievements are tied to beating the game.

You will have to complete the game at least once in any way, once with a friend in co-op, once without picking up a single weapon item, once without killing more than 50 Privates, and finally, once without dying a single time. With a massive number of continues, most of these achievements are easy to brute force your way through, but are entirely doable with a moderate level of skill. Use this guide to help you find the game's many hidden 1-Ups to improve your survivability just that extra bit.

For the easy way out, you can play co-op and get a Game Over right away, then let the remaining player beat the game by themselves. Before they finish, hit to take a life from them and re-enter the fray. Credit towards achievements is not shared, so you won't have any Private kills or weapon pick-ups.
Because this method requires you to kill yourself, you cannot use it to unlock "I'll make them pay..." These are what we call "bragging rights." Even with Sayuri, who many consider to be the game's "easy mode," it's an ordeal. It'll likely be your final challenge, so get ready for some pain, heartbreak, and a whole lotta Hard Corps: Uprising!

The game is called Hard Corps for a reason. You'll need skill and dedication to finish this game's achievement list, so arm yourself with the three guides in the Hard Corps: Uprising subforum on x360a. There's the Achievement Guide that you've come to expect, a Collectibles Guide for the locations of the Star Chips and 1-Ups, and a Gameplay Guide to make up for the game's complete lack of an explanation for Abilities. Good luck, and stay Hard Corps!

General Achievement Note: All achievements (excluding "You can never play too much.") can be earned with any character without issue, including DLC characters.

Also, there are no strings attached to continuing/using credits to Retry a level. Every time you restart a "campaign" all of your credits are replenished, and no achievements (other than "I'll make them pay...") are disabled. However, whenever you continue, your score is reset to 0 which means that almost any chance you had of S-ranking a level will go up in smoke.

General Saving Note: Exiting a level during play does not save anything (Corps Points, Star Chips) except for your current leaderboard score (which, to be accurate, updates and saves in real-time during play.) Saving only occurs at the end of a level or after getting a Game Over. What you choose to do at the Game Over screen doesn't matter.
[We would like to thank Taiyz for this roadmap]

Decorated Soldier10
[RISING MODE] Obtain all Star Chips    (2) 

Star Chips are a breed of collectible (they are entirely golden and look like the figure in the achievement's icon) with one hidden inside each of the game's eight levels. You will find them inside of a treasure chest or flying item carrier; be aware that some chests or carriers (golden ones) do not appear unless you stand in a specific point first!

Once you collect one, get a Game Over or finish the level and it will be saved; don't Exit the level from the pause menu, because it will not be saved (thanks mugginyouoff!) You can collect Star Chips with any character and it will be registered across all characters. You can see if you have collected a level's Star Chip from the stage select menu, at the bottom-left corner of the picture of the stage.

Star Chips also reward you with a 250,000 point Special Bonus at the end of a stage, so if you're trying to snag that elusive S rank, try your best to pick up the Star Chip along the way!

The locations of all the Star Chips can be found here.

Burning Spirit10
[RISING MODE] Achieve the highest rating on all stages    (2) 

As you can see from the achievement's icon, S rank is the highest rating you can achieve for any level in the game! There are specific point requirements for each rank, which you can find in the companion thread, but specifically for S rank, you need to get 4 million points in a level.

The factors that contribute to the amount of points you achieve by a level's end are your base points accumulated during the level, a clear bonus just for beating the level (which increases, per level, for every level you beat in a single run,) a time bonus based on how fast you completed the level and a special bonus that is granted to you for achieving certain goals such as finding the level's Star Chip or beating the level without taking any damage.

Some notes about points and maintaining your combos:

  • Your points are not affected by taking damage or dying, however either will cause your combo to end.
  • Your position on the leaderboard is updated in real-time. If you ever beat your current high score, every point you earn from then on will update it! Much like achievements, continuing doesn't affect this at all, but doing so does reset your session's score to 0 (thanks to CrazyStairs!) I would still suggest Exiting to the title screen before turning off your console in all situations though.
  • The bugs in stage 2 and 3 that prevent you from jumping until you shake them off do no damage, so they don't end your combo, take away your currently equipped weapon, and strangely enough, being poisoned in stage 2 doesn't either (but the damage done by poison does count against the 5 million point bonus, thanks cra and Todaysforgotten!)
  • Bugs *can* damage you when falling however, either from tree branches in stage 2 or from breakable ceilings and the two falling sections (including the raft ride) in stage 3.
  • Despite all that, bugs will never kill you. They can fall on your head until your life bar is empty, but you won't die; the same goes for poison.
  • Piranhas will also damage you flat-out instead of nibbling on you if they don't hit you face-first, but both attacks will end your combo and take away your weapon.
  • Exploding trains in level 6 do not hurt you, but the train that falls off of the upper tracks onto the middle car of the remaining train will hurt if it hits you.
  • In level 7 and 8, the rockets that you have to ride will not hurt you with their explosions.

This achievement must be done in Rising Mode. Why? Because it's the only mode where you can actually check your rating! (Arcade Mode has no level select feature!) On the stage select screen, check out the bottom-right corner of the picture of the stage to see what your best rank on the level is.

Also check out the companion thread for the number of points each bonus (clear, time, special) awards you per level, and the requirements for each.

Note that even if you want to look badass and unlock this achievement simultaneously with "All Clear," this one unlocks after it regardless, so you may as well take your time and be patient with the final level (I tested this one myself!)

You can never play too much.10
[RISING MODE] Purchase all obtainable items at the Shop   (5) 

This requires you to purchase every upgrade for Bahamut and Krystal (thanks to cra for confirming that DLC characters are not applicable) from the Shop & Customize menu. You earn Corps Points to spend in the store by doing virtually anything that earns you points in Rising Mode, but not in Arcade Mode!

You'll find the full list of store contents for each character and the cost of each upgrade in the companion thread.

I should also mention the two popular locations for boosting Corps Points:
-In stage 2, after dealing with either of the boss fights excluding the wall cannon, just keep killing the crocodiles that respawn on either side of the island.
-In stage 5, find a spot with a crane spawning overhead and no other enemies spawning onscreen (the best spot is as high as you can go above the Score Item in the regular treasure chest; the screen stops scrolling back to the left once you reach this conveyor belt,) then just aim up and keep destroying those cranes.

Let's do this thing right!5
[ARCADE MODE] Defeat 10 or more Privates   (4) 

As it says, after the tenth Private you kill in an Arcade Mode session, you are awarded this achievement. Check out the achievement "Innate Guerilla Warfare" to learn more about Privates.

Stage Clear5
[ARCADE MODE] Clear Stage 1    (1) 

As soon as you complete the first level of Arcade Mode, this achievement is yours! Only 7 more left...HA! Haha...Ha...

All Clear10
[RISING MODE] Clear all missions    (1) 

Complete the game in Rising Mode to unlock this beauty. There are 8 levels total, but because of this mode's level select feature, you can take your time and beat it bit-by-bit! Just finish level eight and you're done.

World Peace25
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions with friends from around the world    (7) 

Can you beat Arcade Mode? Well, can you beat Arcade Mode with lag and a guy who thinks it's funny to shoot the crocs out from under your feet? Well, if you can finish the game Online, this achievement's as good as yours.

Here are three tips for co-op play, online or off:

A dead player with no lives can press A at any time (except after screwing up a helicopter jump if the other player has already made it) to take one of the remaining player's lives and rejoin the fight! (Thanks braindead200[1]!)

This achievement will stack with any other "Clear all missions" achievement (thank EpicPandemic for confirming,) and there are *no* conflicts between players' statistics (your buddy's collected weapons, deaths and Private kills do not count as yours.) This makes co-op a great way of getting some of the more difficult achievements...Just make your friend do all the work!
Bonus: Jebus Fist's got a boosting tip for those of you with an extra controller.
I really shouldn't need to say this by now, but this method will work for any "Clear all missions" achievement and can be done in online co-op as well, just with your friend taking the controller's place. Obviously, playing offline with a second controller will not get you "World Peace."

Important: Note that in co-op, to get any "Clear all missions" achievements, you have to *survive* the final boss, which also requires you to make one last leap onto the helicopter's legs. As long as your character's hanging off it with at least x0 lives, you've made it, so try and beat the boss with x1 remaining. Thanks for this one, ManBurning!

The definition of a warrior!25
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without picking up any weapon items    (2) 

You'd better get used to that peashooter, because it's all you'll be using for the entirety of the game! This achievement isn't too hard if you avoid shooting the flying item carriers; Power-Up Capsules only appear from those!

If you're having a hard time with the default weapon, either use a turbo controller (I hate myself for even considering recommending such a thing, but hey, if you want the achievement that much...) or download Sayuri from the Marketplace! Her sword slashes are much faster and more powerful than the other characters' basic attack and you don't have to worry about losing your weapon when hit. Sayuri has some issues with reaching some bosses' weakpoints, but her charging slash attack more than makes up for that; it's like the Heated Plasma weapon, plus it goes through walls! (This makes level four's boss a total joke.)

I'll make them pay...30
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without dying    (7) 

Beat Arcade Mode without dying a single time; a character's base health is practically what decides who you should use. Basically, unless you need her agility, there's no return for using Krystal over any other character, so her health is a detriment for no reason. If you've purchased Harley Daniels, there's little reason to use Bahamut over him, but Sayuri can make the game much easier for some players. I guess it's kinda nice that you have to pay to get an edge over the competition; it's not like Metal Slug XX where everybody just used Ralph because he could take two hits.

There are several attacks in the game that do more than one point of damage, so watch out for them!

  • Remember Mega Man X where uncharged X Buster shots did double damage if you shot them while dashing? Yeah well it's the opposite here; you take double damage while dashing (thank CrazyStairs for this one!)
  • Big red bombs from the bomber enemies do 2 units of damage, which is instant death for Krystal!
  • Snipers deal 4 points of damage, which will kill every character in Arcade Mode instantly.
  • Being eaten by a crocodile is...Obviously an instakill.
  • Spikes on the ceiling and floors (but not walls) in the latter half of level 3 are also instakills.
  • Pits, any gap in terrain where the screen doesn't scroll downwards, are instant kills. Watch for crocodiles diving after eating Privates! There is one main "pit" that tricks you up in the game, and that's below the two rotating spikes that you can climb over in level 3. There is a missile turret down there, however.
  • Falling onto the electrified tracks of the railway, or the turbines of the battleship is an instant kill.
  • If you are ever carried outside the top of the screen, you will die. The flying insect-like enemies that appear in levels 4 and 5 will do this, as well as the cranes in level 5. The flying insects die in one hit, but the cranes can take a bit of punishment. Aim directly up and fire for your dear life!
  • Watch out for knockback. Certain attacks, and any attack in mid-air will knock you down and at an angle. If there is a a pit behind you, make sure to not get hit! Also, certain attacks will knock you across the screen, for example in level 3, the ape at the top of the shaft you wall-climb up can knock you back down there if you're not careful. The final phase of the Vitis Engine in level 8 uses this as its only attack; also stay within the blue "broken lines" on either side of the screen to avoid falling to your death.

Super Tip: Vitis Engine got you down? Well Deejayc knows how to cheer you right up!

The Strongest Warrior20
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions    (1) 

Beat the game in Arcade Mode. There isn't much more to this than that, but here's what we call "going the extra mile:"

For this achievement, and any other that requires playing through Arcade Mode (again, excluding "I'll make them pay...") since you gradually get more Credits the more you play the game (and eventually "unlimited,") they eventually become easier and easier. Just take your time, have fun in Rising Mode, make some high scores...When it's time to get down to business, you'll have more than enough chances to finish the game. As long as you can beat every section with 3 lives, you're golden.

Innate Guerilla Warfare25
[ARCADE MODE] Clear all missions without defeating more than 50 Privates.    (3) 

Oh joy. One of these achievements. There's no two ways about it; complete Arcade Mode without killing more than 50 Privates! What are Privates, exactly? Well...

Yet again the achievement's icon is the giveaway here. Privates are the grunts of the Commonwealth and are one of the more common enemies of the game. They have a few different behaviours or appearances:

  • In some levels you will find them just standing in place on a platform taking shots at you as you go by.
  • In some levels they will run at you from either side of the screen; from the right side as a scripted spawn, or from the left side, coming up behind you if you're moving through a level too slowly.
  • In levels 1, 2, 7 and 8, a few spawn with paper umbrella contraptions and float down from the top of the screen before dropping down to run at you.
  • They also appear as security guards in the fifth level, but thankfully you're meant to Solid Snake your way past most of them.
  • You'll occasionally see Privates dying from environmental hazards such as sinking in quicksand or being swallowed by cyber-gators, but these don't count against you.
  • Similarly, in the lobby of level seven, they crash through the windows on motorcycles and drive from the left, ramp over a crashed police car and presumably explode somewhere off-screen. Just jump over them and let nature take its course.
  • Personally, I'd avoid killing the 3D turrets that, if you look closely, are controlled by a Private, but I doubt that those actually count.

The biggest choke-point I can think of is when they appear several times on the trains in level six. Unless they fall off or get killed by exploding train cars, you'll have to use some of your "buffer" on them.
Also, thanks to cra for confirming that you *have* to kill the 4 Privates guarding the motorcycle in stage 1.

Disposable Warrior25
[ARCADE MODE] Stock up 20 or more extra lives    (5) 

You will receive this achievement when your life counter reads x20 just like the achievement's icon. It has to be done in Arcade Mode (presumably so all players start with two lives) and your only source of 1-Ups are pick-ups dropped (like all items) from very specific treasure chests or flying item carriers.

Look below for the locations of every 1-Up in the game; thanks to ManBurning for getting this party started!

Why list all of them? Well it's quite simple. What if you get 17 1-Ups by level 5, but then you die 5 times? You're gonna need to get those lives back and the final one! You're gonna need to know the location of every 1-Up in those last 4 levels if you want a snowball's chance in hell of getting this elusive achievement!

The locations of all the 1-Ups found by the community can be found here.

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