Tom Clancy's HAWX 2

Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Wolfie99
There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Crash test5
Complete the first story mission on any difficulty.    

See Till the End for more information.

Eye in the sky15
Complete "The Prisoner" on any difficulty.    

See Till the End for more information.

Ground support15
Complete "The Rescue" on any difficulty.    

See Till the End for more information.

Complete "Thieves in the Night" on any difficulty.    

See Till the End for more information.

Red is not dead40
Complete "Stand-Off" on expert difficulty.    (3) 

Complete the final mission on expert. Do this after completing the game on easy. Just watch for those satellites. 

Till the end50
Complete all story missions on any difficulty.    

Complete the entire campaign on solo or coop mode. There are 19 missions to fight through, none of which are greatly challenging. Listen to the voice-overs and pay attention to the missions briefs both before and during a mission, and you should be fine.

If you are struggling with enemies who use a lot of flares, either use a rocket-pod or get in close with the cannon. Use slow speed turns, avoiding stalling, mix it up with some afterburner and you should get behind him soon enough.

Some missions allow you to land on an airfield to re-arm; make the most of this to replenish ammo and/or armor.

Team play30
Complete any story mission in coop.   (1) 

Just complete any story mission in coop online. This can be found in Player Matches. Note that this can only be earned by playing on the co-op story mode, NOT co-op mission mode.

No restrictions40
In story mode, fly for 60 minutes in Assistance OFF.   (4) 

See Peripheral Vision for more information.

Peripheral vision40
Fly faster than mach 2 for 60 minutes in story mode.   (5) 

This is a real pain, mostly because it IS glitched, along with No Restrictions. This requires you to travel at Mach 2 (2500 km/h) for a total time of sixty minutes. This does not have to be done in one session. I would recommend that whilst doing this, also put the plane in Assistance OFF mode to get No Restrictions at the same time. See the Road Map for a link to a forum topic that contains the best method of getting it. This basically involves flying around a single map at top speed for an hour.

Perform a carrier landing without using the Assisted Approach.   

This can be done on Mission #8 in an F-35 at night. At the end of the mission, you have to land back on the carrier that you took off from. As you approach the carrier, level out and get down low enough, slow down to the speed required and put the wheels out. Touch the tarmac and that's it.

Going tough50
Inflict 4000 damage on enemy players in a single Team Battle game.   

This one can be tough. You need to hit as many enemies as you can, whether that be human controlled or AI controlled jets and ground units. Get into an eight-player game with a long timelimit so you have the maximum amount of targets, for the maximum amount of time. Spam as many missiles as you can throughout the game. Multi-AAs are your best bet since you can target the entire enemy team. Once fired, do a loop-de-loop, re-lock on and fire again. Do this until your multi's have run out. Then engage with whatever you have left, using missiles first. If you have gun-pods, make the most of them. If you are still alive, either re-arm at the green re-arming zones or crash to get a full ammo load and repeat.

Spoils of war15
Win a Team Battle game.   

Simply get more points in a game than any other player on both teams. Use the same tactic as Going Tough, or boost it with a friend.

Can I keep it?15
Fully master a plane.    

See Hard Work Pays Off for more information.

Hard work pays off50
Fully master 15 planes.    (2) 

From the main menu, go into the hanger and you can view your planes. Next to each plane will be a list of upgrades (5 or 6 upgrades, including new skins, weapon packs and upgrades) and an experience progression bar at the bottom. Simply complete the bar to fully master a single plane. Repeat for fifteen planes and you are done.

My best tip for this, is to use one plane on Caucasus Survival Mode and just get as many kills as you can. Be sure to use planes with multi-AAs in their weapon pack first for maximum damage. If you play this by yourself and complete all 10 waves, you will net ~3500 experience for approximately 15-20 minutes of work. With more players, you can finish the level quicker, but your experience gain will be lower (expect about 2000 experience).

The way I like it15
Create a custom weapon pack.   


Once a plane has been fully mastered, in most instances, the final unlock will allow you to create a custom weapon pack for your plane. View the plane in the hanger, press  and you can create a weapon pack. Add anything, hit the save button and the achievement is yours.


Swiss cheese40
Shoot down a player while using a plane equipped with 4 gun pods.   

This requires a custom weapon pack on a plane (most planes can equip the gun-pods, but not all i.e. the F-22). Go into a TDM match and shoot down an enemy with the gun pods. If you host a game and set the Player HP to "Realistic", this will be very very easy.

Score 3 kills in 15 seconds in Survival mode.   

Start a game of Survival Mode and choose any plane that carries Multi-AA missiles. Lock onto three or four enemy planes and then fire your salvo. Take out three of them and the achievement is yours.

Still alive50
Complete any of the Survival mode maps.   (1) 

This one can be difficult depending on what map you choose and how many players you have. 
There are only three maps - Middle East, Caucasus and Tokyo. On the final wave of Middle East the "killer satellites" are back from the campaign and will most likely kill your teammates often. Tokyo is just full of bad guys and requires you to take them all out very quickly. Caucasus has a ton of easier enemies, but also a LOT more time to kill them in, so this is your best bet. Remember to pack a ground-attack weapon for the ships and SAM sites in the later waves. The more players you have, the quicker and easier this will be. 

Remember to choose the Repair-Drones special ability when selecting a plane so that you and your team can heal often and not use up those precious lives.

Complete 5 waves in Survival mode without being shot down.   

Again, I would recommend Caucasus for this. The early waves contain low-rate fighters and the fifth wave is guns only against three heavy bombers. Remember the Repair-Drones and this should be easily attained.

I, Support30
Use 3 different team support abilities.   

In the lobby, after you have chose a plane and weapon load out, you can choose a support ability. Simply use a different one in three different games.

Repair 90 hp by using repair drones.   

This one is a little misleading - you need to repair a total of 90 HP with a single activation of this ability. The 90 HP is the total between your entire team, and each drone will repair 55 damage before it disappears. You will need to unlock this ability first, but once unlocked, choose it as your support ability and get into a TDM game with 8 players where Player HP is set to Normal. Above each of your team-mates plane is a percentage - this is their health. Once you see a few of your team-mates with low health, activate the ability.

Kill 100 opponents that use the same plane as you in Team Battle games.   

In the TDM lobby, check to see which planes are the most common in the game (usually these are F-22, F-15C, Eurofighter, SU-37). Use the same plane and hunt down your opponents that have only this plane. If you host the session, set the Player HP to "Realistic" for 1-shot kills with most missiles. This one can easily be boosted with three players. See Who Needs Them below for more information.

Participate in 100 Team Battle games.   (4) 

This one takes a bit of time. The best way is for you to host a session, set the time-limit to five minutes and keep repeating.

Dodge a total of 100 missiles without using flares in Team Battle games.   

This should come fairly quickly, since missiles are often fired, and will miss if fired from your sides. Failing that, do sharp turns and loop-de-loops to evade missiles.

Nice skill, captain!30
Using a Mig-23, shoot down a player flying an F-22.   (3) 

Host a session, set Player HP to "Realistic", get a friend to fly a F-22 and shoot him down whilst you are in the Mig-23.

Score 5 player kills in a Team Battle game without being shot down.   

Like most of the TDM achievements, setting the player HP to "Realistic" will greatly improve your chances of getting this one. Use a plane that has multi-AA missiles and follow the same tactic used for Going Tough, either legit or boosting.

Coup de grace30
Using only the gun, bring down 10 players that have been damaged by your team members.   

This can be tricky, because one missile in "Realistic" mode will kill an adversary. However, JSM (Joint Strike Missiles) require a 2-shot kill on planes with heavy armor (A10 , SU-25). So, have a friend damage the plane with a missile (or cannon) and then you finish off the kill. Repeat nine more times.

Bad luck30
Reach level 13.    

See Maxed for more information, although this should pop on your campaign play through.

Reach level 50.    

This requires 173000 experience, which is a combination of both single player and mutliplayer kills (both ranked and player matches count). This should come whilst going for Hard Work Pays Off. Acquiring PEC challenges on the way will help to give you an experience boost.

Getting there20
Purchase 5 different upgrades for all your planes.   

When you rank up, you get two experience tokens, they tokens are spent in the Hanger, and can be used to unlock new planes and/or upgrades. Simply purchase 5 different upgrades to unlock.

Still counting30
Purchase 5 different team support elements for your planes.   

When you rank up, you get two experience tokens. These tokens are spent in the Hanger, and can be used to unlock new planes and/or upgrades. Simply purchase five different team-support elements (EMP strike, Repair-Drones, etc) to unlock.

Who needs them?30
Win 10 Team Battle matches while your team is outnumbered.   


This is easily boosted with three people. Set-up a private TDM game for five minutes on the map "Brawlers" (its relatively small), invite two friends and have one person on the red team and two people on the blue team. Set player health to "Realistic" and let the red team kill the blue team jets. The blue team can bomb ground targets only to keep them occupied. Repeat for nine more matches. In addition, if each player uses the same jet (i.e. all use the Rafale-M), this can also help out greatly with the Copycat achievement.


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