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Heavy Weapon Achievement Guide
Guide By: TheMollywhopper
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 11 (190)
-Online: 1 (10)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 20 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Although the story is not hard, it is rather long and repetitive. Completing the story should be no problem but Boss Blitz mode and Survival mode may be a little frustrating.

Welcome to Heavy Weapon, a fun but repetitive game that only requires the mastering of the , and , since they are the only ones you use while playing. The game has 12 achievements for a total of 200. Of those achievements, 6 or 7 can be obtained by completing the campaign (If you read this before actually playing). The remaining achievements are obtained by meeting certain time requirements in Survival mode, completing Boss Blitz mode and by playing the multiplayer, both locally and on LIVE.

Step 1: Campaign
In this step we will cover all story-related achievements, including the annoying Cannon Happy, which requires us to complete 11 missions without firing a single nuke or dying. Unless its absolutely impossible for you to hold the urge to fire a nuke and receive an awesome 10, then by all means fire one off in the 1st mission then quit and start again (I couldn’t help myself either… it is rather tempting no?). If you die during your run for Cannon Happy, don’t panic, just allow yourself to be killed two more times and select continue which you are allowed to do and continue on. Knock this one out on the first eleven missions since they get harder and longer as you progress in the game. You will be required go through each level twice and the final boss battle for a total of 19 missions. Keep in mind that the 2nd time you go to a country (Example: Mission 10=Mission 1) there will be more enemies and the bosses will be stronger. The Stockpile achievement will come naturally so don’t worry about not having enough points. After this you will have unlocked the following:

Big Red Button, Supaweapon!, World Tour, Stockpile, Cannon Happy, Ultimate Tanker and (if you went for it) Massive destruction. For a total of 115.

Step 2: Survival mode
For the two Survival mode achievements all you have to do is hold out until the 12 minute mark, netting you the Cockroach of Freedom (8 min.) and the Champion of Freedom (12 min.) achievements for a total of 40. If you did not get the Massive Destruction achievement during the campaign this is where you will most likely be getting it. Little troublesome, but doable.

Step 3: Boss Blitz mode
Most likely the hardest achievement in the game. Patience and memorizing the enemies attack patterns is key here. Make use of the strategy guide located here if you need any additional help. Thanks to Xdaamno for writing and to Mulsiphix for posting it! Beat it and obtain a sweet 25.

NOTE: It is advised that you save your three nukes for the final boss, since his beginning lasers can destroy you with one hit

Step 4: Multiplayer
For Joint Command, simply use a second controller and kill at least one enemy with it and finish any of the campaign missions. Be sure to use the Achievement Trading Thread here for the ComSat Uplink achievement, which requires 4 players (including yourself) and 1 minute of LIVE gameplay. Net these two achievements for your remaining 20.

By now you should have your 200. If you are missing any, please make use of the guide below and the Achievement Guide Discussion thread. Other than that it just takes practice and patience.

[x360a would to thank CienPR for this Road Map]

Big Red Button10
Go Ballistic... Use your first Nuke!  
It's as easy as it sounds... Use a nuke that you have collected from your support aircraft by pulling the right trigger. This achievement can be unlocked in any mode.
Collect components to complete a Megalaser. 
For this achievement you need to catch 4 Supaweapon parts as they are dropped by your support aircraft. If a part hits the ground it will break and you will not be able to pick it up. When your Supaweapon is complete it will automatically be available for use, and you will not be able to use any other weapons until it runs out (either due to use or time). This achievement can be unlocked in any mode.
Joint Command10
Stand together with another player to complete one mission. 
This achievment requires you to have 2 controllers. As soon as you start a single-player mission level press start on the second controller. You must kill at least one enemy with the second tank and finish the mission for the achievement to unlock.
ComSat Uplink10
Play over Xbox Live with 3 other players for at least 1 minute. (9) 
For this achievement you must play for one full minute with 3 other players in any online game mode. As soon as 1 minute has passed the achievement will unlock.
World Tour15
Take a tour of each Red Star country and trash the place! Complete the first 9 missions. 
To get this achievement you need to complete the first 9 levels of the single-player campaign. You have unlimited continues and can save between levels. This can be done same-box cooperatively, but keep in mind that the amount of enemies increase with the number of players.
Amass 5,000,000 points.  
This achievement pertains to the single-player campaign. You will eventually reach this milestone through normal play. Depending on an individual's efficiency, this score will likely be achieved sometime during missions 9, 10 or 11.
Cockroach of Freedom15
Withstand 8 minutes of the Red Star onslaught in any Survival game. 
See "Champion of Freedom"
Cannon Happy20
Complete 11 missions without Nukes or reinforcements. (4) 
This achievement is difficult, but not as much so as it may seem. You must complete any 11 levels of the single-player campaign (in a single playthrough) without dying or using a nuke. You are however allowed continues. If you die during a mission, allow yourself to be killed 2 more times quickly and start the mission over. It is advised that you do this on the first 11 missions, as each mission is harder than the last.
Ultimate Tanker25
Dispel the enemies of liberty. Finish Mission mode. 
For this achievement you must complete all 19 levels of the single-player campaign. This can be done same-box cooperatively, but keep in mind that the amount of enemies increase with the number of players.
Freedom’s Last Stand25
Defeat all 19 Red Star champions in Boss Blitz mode. (1) 
After completing the campaign, you will have access to all 19 of the game's bosses in Boss Blitz. For the achievement you must run the gauntlet and destroy all 19 of them. You have only one life and will only receive aid from your support aircraft between missions, although thankfully it provides upgrades each time.
Champion of Freedom25
Survive 12 minutes of the enemy's attack in any Survival game. (3) 
This achievement can be obtained either online or offline in one of the survival modes. It is easiest if played with 4 players. Recommendations are to create Supaweapons as frequently as possible and use them sparingly to clear the screen. Save your nukes for last-ditch efforts. If only one person is alive there is often so much chaos that they are unaware all of their teammates are on respawn, so if you aren't the last person alive make certain to yell at that person to use a nuke and keep the game going! As soon as the indicated time is met, the achievement unlocks.
Massive Destruction20
Destroy 12 enemies with a single Nuke. (2) 
For this achievement you must destroy 12 enemies simultaneously. Ordnance does not count as enemies for this purpose. This can be done in any game mode, but is easiest in the last 5 levels of the campaign, or at around 8 minutes into a survival round.

Game Info
PopCap Games
PopCap Games


US January 17, 2007
Europe January 17, 2007
Japan January 17, 2007

Resolution: 720p
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 2-4
ESRB: Everyone 10
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