Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Achievement Guide

Guide By: Yunder
There are 12 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 400 12/12
Online: 0 0/12
Approximate time: 10 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
Missable achievements: None.
Does difficulty affect Achievements: No.
Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: No
Is there DLC?: None Currently.

Welcome to Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. Not much to say about this game other than the fact that it's all about vengeance. You play as Ash, the Prince of Hell. Ash is a normal rabbit, doing normal rabbit things. However, things take a turn after he is photographed nude in the bathtub. So, he sets off to kill the 100 people who have already viewed the image. This game has no missable achievements, as the world opens up after the story is completed. You can return and complete previous zones afterwards. There are no online achievements, as well as no glitched/unobtainable achievements.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
There are a total of 10 zones in the game. All of which are unlocked when the story is completed, so you don't need to worry about extra miscellaneous achievements while playing the story. There are two story-related achievements in the game. Armed and Dangerous! has you entering and buying an item in the store for the first time and Superior Completion Skillz! is for completing the game. Be sure to try and attempt Groundhog day lover! as soon as possible, if you aren't a fan of playing for long periods of time. This will need to be done in one sitting, so getting it out of the way first will help in the long run. You might end up getting Quick Rabbit! too, if you're dying quick enough. When you've defeated your 10th monster, you will be notified of The Island. In here, monsters can work to unlock gifts for you. Bring a gift over to the game from the Island and you'll unlock Island Master!

Now is the time to go back and unlock anything you missed while completing the story. You will have had made serious progress with the Bug Tracker achievement, so head back into earlier zones to handle that. Since all zones are available, now is the time to return to previous zones and complete all secondary missions. There are a total of 30 missions, but only need to complete 10 for Not a Chicken! There are While inside Zone 4, you will have your opportunity to attempt the Slot machines. Here, the jackpot is $10,000 as well as the JACKPOT!! achievement. This is the only achievement in the game that's bothersome as its entirely luck-based. However, it is wise to do this early in the game, rather than later because you can use the money to unlock Fashion Victim! and Pimp that Wheel! You can use the money to work your way to unlock Weapon Collector, too. They aren't all available at the start, but having extra cash helps. If you haven't found a gift randomly while playing the game, finding one will unlock Good Santa!.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit isn't a hard game, and in fact, its a very enjoyable game. Because nothing is missable, you can enjoy the game at your own pace. JACKPOT!! will be the only achievement that will require a certain amount of time, considering its luck based. Other than that, its a simple 400.


[x360a would like to thank Yunder for this road map]

Good Santa!20
You are gifted, sir! 

This achievement is for finding one secret gift within a Zone.

The first opportunity to find a secret gift is immediately after fighting the first boss, Fuegogo. Upon leaving the Boss area, you'll see an area to the right. Before heading downward, drill upwards and move into the small area above. In here is your first hidden gift, the Miner helmet.

Superior Completion Skillz!60
Congratulations! Thanks for your hard work! (1) 

This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
Over the course of the game, you'll need to kill 100 monsters across 10 zones. You will earn this achievement after you have defeated the final boss. If you happen to have any trouble with any monsters or bosses, check out this link for a guide on all monsters. Cheers to onestonedjuggalo on ps3t for the guide.

Bug tracker!40
Thanks for your help! 

This is for killing 500 bugs while playing through the game.
You'll notice two different types of bugs throughout the game; Little purple worms or flying purple one-eyed flies. They aren't hard to kill. In fact, you will probably kill them without even realizing it. Killing 500 of these will come with natural progression. If you don't have 500 kills by the end of the game, you can return to previous zones to kill bugs.

Not a chicken!40
You mission freak! 

This achievement is for completing 10 secondary missions.
There are a total of 30 secondary missions within the game, but only 10 are needed for the achievement. You can play missions after zone 4, where you first meet Future Ash 2.0. He will give you a set of missions to complete. After completing 10 of these (across all zones) the achievement will unlock.

Island master!40
When you're the Boss, you have 365 birthdays. 

This achievement is for receiving a gift from the Island.
After you kill your 10 monster, you will receive a notification about the Island. The island is a place where you send all previously killed monsters to acquire different types of items for you. There are 4 different locations on the island;

  • The Manor (Health)
  • The Mine (Money)
  • The Lab (Items)
  • The Harbour (Surprises!)

You can send however many monsters you wish to whatever section on the island. After a predetermined amount of time, you will see an exclamation mark above a section. This means that there is an item available to you at that section. Head into that section, and you will be prompted to send it to Ash in the game. You can do this by pressing .

When you enter the game, the present should appear automatically and you unlock the achievement.

Pimp that wheel!20
You can ride for hours! 

This achievement is for acquiring 5 different Wheel customizations.
While visiting the store, you will notice some of the items available to buy will show the image next to the price. You will be able to tell the difference between wheel customizations and face customizations. There are a total of 9 different skins to buy in the store for your Wheel. They range in price from $100 to $500. After purchasing your 5th one, the achievement will unlock.

Fashion victim!30
Wow! All these fancy things! 

This achievement is for purchasing 9 different face customizations.
There are a total of 54 face customizations in the game. You can purchase 9 of them from the store very easily. They range in price from $100-$500. Attaining these after winning the Jackpot from the slot machine is the easiest solution.

Weapon Collector 30
You got a full armoury! 

This achievement is for collecting 8 total Weapons.
Weapons can be purchased via the store throughout the game. There are 11 of them in total, but only 8 of them are needed for the achievement. The following is the weapons that are available to purchase and for what price.

  • Machine Gun - Story related
  • Rockets - Story related
  • Laser - Story related
  • Missiles - $100
  • Shotgun - $4000
  • Revolver - $5000,
  • Flame Thrower - $6000
  • Holy Water Thrower - $7000
  • Grenades - $1000
  • Super Grenades - $1500
  • Mega Grenades - $2000
You won the Grand Prize! (10) 

This achievement is for earning the jackpot on the slot machine.
You first encounter the slot machines in Zone 4. After defeating 29 monsters, a door will open up with an area filled with Slot machines. You can start up one of the slot machines with the button. The jackpot is for hitting 3 sevens. This will earn you $10,000. There is no real strategy here, as this achievement is entirely luck-based. You might unlock this achievement on your 4 try or your 400th try. Going for this achievement earlier rather than later is a better plan, as you'll have more cash to spend on weapon upgrades and miscellaneous costumes.

Armed and dangerous!20
Now's the time to strike back! 

This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
You'll reach the Store or the first time within the first area. When entering the store, you can purchase the missiles for $100. The achievement will unlock after you purchase them.

Secret Achievements
Groundhog day lover!40
You did it on purpose? (2) 

This achievement is for dying 100 times in one run.
You will need to die 100 times in one sitting, as exiting the game in any way will reset the death counter. You can use your spot for Quick Rabbit to unlock this quicker, or play the game naturally for a certain amount of time until it unlocks.

Quick rabbit!20
Ooooh! Poor thing! Want a cookie? (1) 

This achievement is for dying 5 seconds after respawning.
The trick for this achievement is making sure you are aware of where you spawn. Every time Ash dies, he is set back to a previous "checkpoint." From here, you'll need to find a place that can cause instant (or almost) death, dying as quick as possible. This can be achieved anywhere in the game, as there are plenty of places to choose from. If you manage to kill yourself quick enough, the achievement will unlock at the Retry screen.

Game Info
Arkedo Studio


US September 26, 2012

HDD Space Required : 688.93 MB
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