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Hellboy: The Science of Evil Achievement Guide

Guide By: NumberUno, The Pants Party
There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Complete Chapter 1 in Single Player    (1) 
Please see "Exterminator" Achievement
Complete Chapter 2 in Single Player    
Please see "Exterminator" Achievement
Complete Chapter 3 in Single Player    
Please see "Exterminator" Achievement
Complete Chapter 4 in Single Player    
Please see "Exterminator" Achievement
Complete Chapter 5 in Single Player    
Please see "Exterminator" Achievement
Complete Chapter 6 in Single Player    
These achievements are all story related and must be done in Single Player, and will come at the end of each of the 6 Chapters, so no real work other then beating the game are required for these.
I sense... Co-op50
Complete any Multiplayer Chapter as Abe on Xbox LIVE   
To be able to play as Abe you MUST NOT be the host of the multiplayer session, since being the host will only allow you to choose Hellboy as your character. So use the and to select Abe and begin through a Chapter from start to finish to get this.
Some like it hot50
Complete any Multiplayer Chapter as Liz on Xbox LIVE   
To be able to play as Liz you MUST NOT be the host of the multiplayer session, since being the host will only allow you to choose Hellboy as your character. So use the and to select Liz and begin through a Chapter from start to finish to get this.
It takes two100
Complete all Chapters in Multiplayer on Xbox LIVE   (25) 
Beginning as host on a Multiplayer session will able you to save the levels you have played, not playing as host will not so I recommed you play as host unless you have a trutworthy friend that will help you from start to finish through the entire Co-Op.

So simply just begin to work on the game until you have beaten it online with a Co-Op buddy, you may quit at any point and resume your last saved checkpoint as long as you were hosting. If you were not hosting have your friend begin the session from the last checkpoint and continue forward until both of you have defeated the final boss.

NOTE: this only unlocks the "It takes Two" achievement for the invitee and not the host.

Have someone you know that has beaten the entire game IN CO-OP. He will already have this achievement the legit way, but hopefully you have a friend or nice member here who will help you. Again, the host must have completed the entire game in co-op and they will not really get anything in return for helping you do this glitch, but the members here are pretty awesome and should help some people if they can. Right, guys?!

Have him invite you into a room set up on the last part of Chapter 1 which is called "KING'S BARROW" and play until the end of the Chapter. You will get the "It Takes Two" achievement and either "I sense... Co-Op" or "Some Like It Hot" achievements, depending on who you choose as a character. You will also receive any achievement the host got while playing co-op, so you may have a few weapon achievements and artifact achievements done for you. It will make your card look a bit weird with a bunch of things unlocking at the same minute, but this glitch is in plain sight so everyone will know why.
Heads you win...10
Defeat 25 enemies with Bambini Heads   
To get a Bambini head, you need a bit of blue power (from defeating enemies), then grab one of the smallest enemies with and rip their head off with . Now just charge and it will auto-aim at a new enemy and let it fly. Try to get a group together to take a few down. Should get this fairly quickly during the first level if you're trying for it.
Defeat 25 enemies with Oni Clubs   
During the second level, you will come across the enemies holding the large Oni Clubs, they are not the creatures who mask floats around but they are the larger type, who sometimes will explode out of statues. Get one of them down to low health (flashing grey) and then grab him with and press to steal his Oni Club then defeat as many enemies you can with it. The clubs will break so you will have to repeat this a few times to get the 25 kills required. A great checkpoint to use to gain kills is on the second level, and its called "Crimson Snow" so load that up a few times and work towards your 25 kills.
Angry Plumber10
Defeat 25 enemies with Drain Pipes   
During the third level, there will be pipes on the sides/corners of most buildings which you can grab with and then pull off with . Once you have one, swing away at the smaller Bambini enemies. It will break after 4-5 hits so try to aim for the ones closest to death first.
Defeat 25 enemies with Frog Eggs   
During the fourth level, in the second room where you have to throw frog enemies into the pits to light the torches, there is an egg sac in the back right corner of the room. Keep hitting it to knock eggs loose, then pick them up and throw them at the frogmen using .
Armed and Dangerous10
Defeat 25 enemies with Krieger Guns   
The easiest way to get this is to load up the scene called "The Fallen" on Chapter five. After you load that up, find some crystal ammo and head to the blue tentacles first while avoiding all other enemies, then shoot at the tentacles with the crystal ammo. Doing that turns all the creatures into a flashing grey state which means low health. Then go and find a guy with one of the Krieger guns (the grenade launcher, not the one with the wheel on it) then tap so Hellboy pins him down (don't hold , they just break free) and press to steal the gun. Then use your attack to kill four guys with each gun before it breaks. Repeat this checkpoint until you have it.
Defeat 25 enemies with the Ape Spine   (1) 
To get this, load up the scene called "Von Klempt's Kitchen" and make your way to the point you see the white ape smashing through the wall, you will notice an ape spine laying on the ground in this circular room and two regular enemies. So grab the spine, avoid the ape, and kill the two regular enemies. You should be able to kill both enemies with the spine as long as the ape doesn't interfere. After the spine breaks jump off the edge and kill yourself. You will respawn just before this part so keep with this method until you get your 25 kills.
Debt Collector20
Find all the Artefacts    
Aside from the secret artifacts below, there are a number of other ones scattered through each level. This walkthrough will guide you to getting all of them, as well as helping progress through the game in general.
Eye on the Prize10
Find the hidden Artefact in Chapter 1    
This one can not be done until you have finished level three and got access to the grenade ammo. Make sure you still have at least one shot available, then exit your game and reload the scene "Double Trouble" and you will come to a large fight against a bunch of enemies and ultimately six wolves. Kill them all off to be safe (so you don't target one of them when trying to use your grenade ammo) then head up the steps to the left side of this area. Aim at the catacomb door and shoot it with the grenade ammo, opening the way. Head inside and grab the Eye of Krom.
Finders Keepers10
Find the hidden Artefact in Chapter 2    
When you are heading up the river toward the end of the level, stay to the right when it branches around the house. Toward the back of the house of the right side, near a tree, you will find the Ancient Coin.
Watching the Missing10
Find the hidden Artefact in Chapter 3    
When Hellboy first takes note of the symbol written on the house, head around the back of this house and there will be another symbol just like it. Grab the wall and break it open to find the Watchmen's Journal.
I See You10
Find the hidden Artefact in Chapter 4    
This one can not be done until you have finished level four and got access to the ignite ammo. Make sure you have at least one shot available, then exit your game and load up the scene "The Catacombs" and move through the level until the mini-scene where Hellboy checks out the giant pulsing thing on the ceiling. Directly to the right of this are a few red roots that you can shoot with the ignite ammo. Head behind them and grab the Pilot's Goggles.
Artefact Appreciation10
Find the hidden Artefact in Chapter 5    
In the section with all the dead nazis and tents, barrels, etc. head inside the cave to the right side (where you need to find the orange crystals) and head to the end, then turn right to find the Alien Artifact toward the end of the tunnel.
Dear Diary10
Find the hidden Artefact in Chapter 6    
Inside Von Klempt's room, destroy his desk to find Von Klempt's Diary.
Fall off cliffs 20 times   
A nice spot for this is just after ringing the bell and fighting the big sword-carrying dude in level two. After he is dead a stone bridge will form. Walk across that and you'll hit a checkpoint. Now feel free to jump off the bridge and respawn back on top of it. Repeat for a few minutes and you're good to go.
Going Down10
Defeat 50 enemies by throwing them off cliffs   
You will get quite a few of these during level four against the frogmen. You don't actually have to "throw" them off the cliff, so just position them between you and the edge, then use normal attacks to try and send them off.
Prickly Personality10
Defeat 50 enemies by throwing them onto spikes   
In level four there will be two rooms where you have to throw frogmen into pits to light a torch. Around these rooms are bigger red roots with larger thorns. Simply line an enemy up in front of it, then use normal or strong attacks to knock them toward the roots and they will automatically be impaled against it.
I Feel Lucky10
Defeat 50 enemies with the Samaritan   
You will receive the ability to use this very early in the game. Simply press at any time (so long as you have ammo) to fire a shot. It will kill the smaller Bambini enemies in two shots, so fill up on ammo whenever you can and just fire away until you've got it.
Kick 50 Bambini Heads   
During the witch fight at the end of level one, she will throw these heads down at you which you are supposed to pick up and throw back to hurt her. Instead, simply walk up to them until a prompt appears and then hit to kick them. Try to stand at the far back so when you kick them, they just hit the wall and stay put, letting you kick the same one a few times. Shouldn't take too long to get 50.
Secret Achievements
Taste the Lobster's Claw50
Completed Chapter 7 in Single Player  (10) 
Self Service50
Completed Chapter 8 in Single Player  
Pulp Faction50
Completed a Multiplayer Chapter as Lobster on Xbox LIVE  
Killer Kitsch10
Defeated 25 enemies with the Flamingo  

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US June 24, 2008

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