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Seasoned Ace

Complete all campaigns on Ace difficulty.    
Complete the Campaign on Ace difficulty to unlock. Ace difficulty is very hard, and is the exact reason why this game scores a difficulty rating of 9/10. Things to keep in mind while playing Ace:

  • Chose a plane or two and stick with them. Get to know your planes, how easily it turns, how best to use it. Try to keep using the same planes each time. Remember, if you did the Bonus Objectives in Pilot Difficulty you should have a nice collection of planes to choose from. Some more popular planes included the P-61 Black Widow. The Black Widow has a Back Gunner, which is what makes it so great; however, this comes at a cost. Some missions, like the Battle of the Bulge, do not allow you to use the Widow. If you are to use to the Widow on Ace difficulty, and NEED it to get through a mission, you’re screwed! It is for this reason why I advise only using the Widow sometimes. For those of you that want to know, playing ‘The Black Heart’ mission on Pilot should unlock the Widow for you.
  • Never stay still! German Pilots in World War 2 were trained not to be flying straight for more than 3 seconds at a time. Do the same. Planes that are not marked on your radar are always behind you; thus, go in the same direction for a period of about 3 -4 seconds will most likely get you shot. Always keep moving and turning for your own safety.
  • Learn to love Checkpoints! When you get a checkpoint, and your health bar is below 50%, simply press and restart from your last checkpoint. Whenever you do this, your health bar will go back to a minimum on 50%.
  • Ace Kills! Yes, I know the enemy is always moving, and Yes, I know I just told you not to fly straight for any serious amount of time. But if you can Ace kill, the do so. It makes those ME109’s and those big bombers easy to take out.
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US September 15, 2009
Europe September 18, 2009

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