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There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 24 (1000 )
-Online: 0 (0 )
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 15-20 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4
-Number of missable achievements: 2 - Notorious and High Roller
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitched achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements? None
-Extra equipment needed? None

Welcome to Hitman: Blood Money, the fourth game in the Hitman series, considered by some to be the pinnacle of the Hitman games. In it, you play as Agent 47, a professional assassin who travels the world, killing people for money. There are many ways to complete every mission, and varying levels of reward for being stealthy or loud, precise or sloppy. Though the game can be difficult, there are many excellent walkthroughs to consult. Unfortunately, the difficulty achievements do not stack, so four playthroughs are required to obtain every achievement.

Step 1: Rookie Playthrough
Play on Rookie first, to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and missions. During this step you'll automatically obtain First Mission Complete, Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt, Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt, Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt, and Rookie Mode Complete. Don't spend any of your money on upgrades (which are generally unnecessary regardless), and sometime before the end you should have accrued over $5 million for High Roller. Once you've unlocked that achievement, feel free to spend your money upgrading whichever weapon you want, though you'll want to max out a weapon before starting on the next one. Playing this way will make the various "Fully Customized" achievements very easy to unlock over several playthroughs, or you can exploit saves to get them all in the same level (which takes longer). This playthrough will also be the easiest one in which to obtain all the weapons for the All Firearms Collected achievement. Refer to the guide for locations and strategies for collecting all the guns, and remember to make use of mission select.

Step 2: Normal Playthrough
Now that you're familiar with the game, it's time to work on obtaining better ratings. You can save mid-level, so use that to your advantage. You'll need to earn the very best rating, Silent Assassin, on at least five different missions to obtain 5 Normal Silent Assassins (obviously, along the way you'll also obtain Silent Assassin, if you didn't get that in your Rookie playthrough). During this playthrough, on the missions in which you're not trying to earn Silent Assassin, try to be as sloppy and violent as possible to raise your notoriety for Notorious.

Step 3: Expert Playthrough
Play through the game on Expert for your third playthrough. Obviously this difficulty is harder, but you should be fairly familiar with the game by this point, so hopefully it will go more quickly. Once again, you will need to earn five Silent Assassins for  5 Expert Silent Assassins, which will most likely be easiest to repeat on the missions in which you earned the rating in your previous playthrough. Note that the criteria for earning a Silent Assassin rating are slightly stricter with harder difficulties, though it shouldn't be a big difference. On Expert you also have far fewer saves to use in a mission, and enemies do more damage to you.

Step 4: Professional Playthrough
Play through the game for the last time on Professional. People get suspicious more quickly, 47 takes heavy damage from enemies, and you can only save between missions. Success is largely determined by your memorization of each mission at this point. Once more, you must earn the Silent Assassin rating on five different missions for 5 Professional Silent Assassins.

Step 5: Mopping Up
If you have followed the road map up to this point, you will have every non-secret achievement, and the odds are good that you will have earned a fair few of the secret achievements through the course of playing. For the rest, you can reset the difficulty to Rookie to make it easy on yourself, check the guide below and use mission select to quickly knock them out. None are truly difficult, but they may require you playing in a way you haven't tried yet.

Hitman: Blood Money is a great stealth game, that rewards exploration and creative thinking. It shines when you discover new ways to reach every target, and that's good, because getting every achievement will require you to beat the entire game four times. There are no truly missable achievements, since you can select any level again once you've beaten it. If you get stuck at any point, there's a lively Hitman community that constantly puts out new walkthroughs and speed runs that can be extremely helpful. Often times the solution for a tricky assassination is much simpler than you think, and there may be a strategy right in front of you that you didn't see.

[XBA would like to thank Jack_x2yz and Fragarach Luin for this Road Map]

1st mission complete25
"Death of a Show man" completed on any difficulty. (4) 

Simply complete the tutorial mission on any difficulty. This will be the first achievement you earn and you'll never have to play the tutorial again after that. On subsequent playthroughs you no longer have to complete this mission to complete the game, though it will appear in the mission list. Just follow the instructions and finish the level. Don't bother collecting weapons or being stealthy as nothing will carry over to the rest of the playthrough.

Rookie mode complete25
Completed Rookie difficulty (3) 

On Rookie difficulty, you may save as many times as you like between missions, notoriety is not in effect and Agent 47 is an unstoppable juggernaut in firefights. Use this difficulty to become familiar with the gameplay and missions. Because this difficulty is so forgiving of mistakes, it is recommended that you also use this playthrough to knock out some of the achievements that may require non-stealthy gameplay. Simply complete every mission on Rookie difficulty, and the achievement will unlock immediately upon completion of the mission "Amendment XXV."

Normal mode complete50
Completed Normal difficulty 

On Normal difficulty, you may only save seven times per mission, though this is hardly likely to be an annoyance. Agent 47 still has a high amount of health, but notoriety is now in effect. Simply complete every mission on Normal difficulty, and the achievement will unlock immediately upon completion of the mission "Amendment XXV."

Expert mode complete75
Completed Expert difficulty (4) 

On Expert difficulty, you may only save three times per mission. Agent 47 has substantially lower health than on Normal difficulty, and evidence now affects your mission ratings (i. e., leaving custom weapons behind, or being recorded by a camera). Simply complete every mission on Expert difficulty, and the achievement will unlock immediately upon completion of the mission "Amendment XXV."

Professional mode complete150
Completed Professional difficulty (10) 

On Professional difficulty, no saves are permitted except between missions. Agent 47 has very low health (in many cases a single gunshot will kill you), and once more, evidence will affect your rating. Furthermore, NPCs can now hear silenced gunshots from a non-upgraded weapon if they are nearby, and your map will only show the position of your target(s), VIPs, and you. If you are struggling, there are numerous guides available on the internet, a couple of which are linked below. Simply complete every mission on Professional difficulty, and this achievement will unlock immediately upon completion of the mission "Amendment XXV."
-Video Walkthrough
-Text Walkthrough

Gameplay Video Walkthroughs for all levels for use on completing the game - All credit to Elil of Hitman Forums

A Vintage Year - Youtube link

Curtains Down - Youtube link

Flatline - Youtube link

A New Life - Putfile link

The Murder of Crows - Youtube link

You Better Watch Out... - Youtube link

Death On The Mississippi - Putfile link

Till Death Do Us Part - Youtube link

A House of Cards - Putfile link

A Dance With The Devil -
Part 1 - Youtube link
Part 2 - Youtube link

Amendment XXV - Youtube link

Requiem - Youtube link

Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt5
Tier 2 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked (1) 

Story related, can't be missed. This achievement will unlock upon completion of the mission "A New Life."

Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt15
Tier 3 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked (2) 

Story related, can't be missed. This achievement will unlock upon completion of the mission "You Better Watch Out."

Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt20
Tier 4 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked (2) 

Story related, can't be missed. This achievement will unlock upon completion of the mission "Till Death Do Us Part..."

Fully Customised M425
All custom M4 components purchased (4) 

To unlock this achievement, you must purchase every possible upgrade for the M4 (assault rifle). You begin the game with this weapon, but may not purchase the final upgrades until after mission 8, "Till Death Do Us Part." The total cost of all the upgrades for this weapon is $1,550,000.

After you have purchased the upgrades (you don't need to apply all of them), you must complete an entire mission, and the achievement will unlock at the mission rating screen. You do not have to save the game at that point, and so you could conceivably quit out, upgrade a different weapon and replay the mission. In this manner you could earn the upgrade achievement for every weapon in a single playthrough, but that would require replaying the same level many times, and it's of questionable usefulness as a strategy, since you'll have to replay the entire game four times regardless.

Fully customised Silverballers25
All custom Silverballer components purchased 

To unlock this achievement, you must purchase every possible upgrade for the Silverballers (pistols). You begin the game with this weapon, but may not purchase the final upgrades until after mission 8, "Till Death Do Us Part." The total cost of all the upgrades for this weapon is $1,325,000.

Fully Customised SMG Tactical25
All custom SMG Tactical components purchased 

To unlock this achievement, you must purchase every possible upgrade for the SMG Tactical (sub-machine gun). You begin the game with this weapon, but may not purchase the final upgrades until after mission 8, "Till Death Do Us Part." The total cost of all the upgrades for this weapon is $1,325,000.

Fully Customised SP12 Shotgun25
All custom Shotgun components purchased. 

To unlock this achievement, you must purchase every possible upgrade for the SP12 Shotgun (shotgun). You begin the game with this weapon, but may not purchase the final upgrades until after mission 8, "Till Death Do Us Part." The total cost of all the upgrades for this weapon is $1,250,000.

Fully Customised W2000 Sniper25
All custom W2000 components purchased 

To unlock this achievement, you must purchase every possible upgrade for the W2000 (sniper rifle). You begin the game with this weapon, but may not purchase the final upgrades until after mission 8, "Till Death Do Us Part." The total cost of all the upgrades for this weapon is $1,375,000.

All firearms collected100
All firearms collected and displayed in Hideout (9) 

To collect a firearm, you must finish a mission while it is in your inventory, or in an ICA box (there is at least one of these in every mission; it will appear on your map). Not every weapon is required, so check the list below before agonizing over a weapon that you don't need. The list is organized according to how soon you are able to retrieve the weapons, and the missions in which each weapon may be found are noted. Agent 47 can carry an infinite number of small weapons, such as pistols, concealed on his person, but unfortunately can only carry one large weapon at a time, such as a sniper rifle, and it cannot be concealed without a glitch.

The weapons required for this achievement are:
SAF SMG - "A Vintage Year"
Snub nose - "A Vintage Year"; "Death on the Mississippi"
TMP - "A Vintage Year"; "Flatline"; "You Better Watch Out..."; "A House of Cards"
Shotgun - "A Vintage Year"; "Death on the Mississippi"; "Till Death Do Us Part"
MP5 - "Curtains Down"; "A Dance with the Devil"; "Amendment XXV"
SLP .40 - Every mission EXCEPT "A Vintage Year", "Death on the Mississippi", and "Till Death Do Us Part"
Bull .480 - "A New Life"; "Death on the Mississippi"
MP7 - "A New Life"; "A Dance with the Devil"; "Requiem"
Air Rifle - "A New Life"
SLP .40.S - "The Murder of Crows"; "A House of Cards"
Desert Eagle - "The Murder of Crows"; "Death on the Mississippi"; "A Dance with the Devil"; "Amendment XXV"
MP9 - "The Murder of Crows"
Kazo TRG - "The Murder of Crows"
SG552 - "The Murder of Crows"
FN2000 - "Death on the Mississippi"; "A Dance with the Devil"
Six Shooter - "Till Death Do Us Part"
Elephant Rifle - "Till Death Do Us Part"
Dragunov - "A Dance with the Devil"
M14 - "Amendment XXV"

You may replay a mission multiple times to retrieve weapons, only be sure to save afterward so the retrieved weapon stays in your hideout. Be aware that the collected weapons do not carry over between playthroughs; they must all be collected in a single playthrough (though you may still use mission select to keep collecting if you've finished the playthrough). Also note that you cannot retrieve weapons from the tutorial mission. Even if you end the mission with weapons in your possession, they will not be retained in the hideout and won't count toward this achievement. To check which weapons you've already collected, select any mission and you'll arrive at a menu to choose which weapons to take with you. Scroll down that list past your custom weapons and the ones you have successfully retrieved will appear. Be mindful that while wearing some disguises Agent 47 can openly carry weapons without arousing suspicion. If all else fails and you are desperate, there is a useful glitch: If you are holding a large weapon (shotgun, sniper rifle, etc.) in your left hand, and your detonator in your right hand, NPCs will not react with alarm or suspicion to the plainly visible weapon, and you may take it where you wish.

For a detailed guide on where exactly to find all the various weapons, click HERE to navigate to a thread on describing every weapon in the game. Note that this thread contains information as well on weapons that aren't required for the achievement, so once again, use discretion before putting forth a lot of effort.

Silent Assassin25
A Silent Assassin rating has been awarded (7) 

See 5 Professional Silent Assassins.

5 Normal Silent Assassins25
5 Silent Assassin ratings awarded on the Normal difficulty (2) 

See 5 Professional Silent Assassins.

5 Expert Silent Assassins50
5 Silent Assassin ratings awarded on the Expert difficulty (1) 

See 5 Professional Silent Assassins.

5 Professional Silent Assassins100
5 Silent Assassin ratings awarded on the Professional difficulty (25) 

At the end of every mission your performance is judged according to very specific criteria and given a specific rating. A "Silent Assassin" rating is the very best, and requires strict adherence to the following conditions:

-No non-accidental deaths other than targets ("Accidental" here meaning that the target was killed in such a way as to look like an accident, i. e. drowning, falling down stairs, crushed by chandelier, etc.)
-No non-target NPCs were wounded while alive.
-No bodies found.
-No covers blown.
-No witnesses left alive.
-You were not caught on camera.
-No weapons were found on you during any searches.
-You exited the mission with all custom weapons with which you started the mission (by either carrying them with you or storing them in an ICA crate).

Please note that these are the conditions for achieving a Silent Assassin rating on Professional difficulty. The conditions are more lenient for easier difficulties, but only slightly.

Secret Achievements
Accidents do happen...20
A successful accident kill has been performed. (6) 

Whether or not the game classifies a kill as "accidental" is a bit subjective, but this achievement is by no means difficult. It's extremely likely that it will be earned in the course of normal gameplay without special effort. Still, if by some chance you don't earn it, then all you need do is kill someone in a way that could conceivably happen by accident. This includes pushing them down stairs or off heights, dropping heavy things on them, sabotaging equipment so that they incinerate or otherwise harm themselves using it, or even something as contrived as sedating a person and putting them in water so they drown. Set off a bomb so that a chandelier or lighting rig falls on someone? Yes, it must have been an accident.

47 kills in a mission20
A mission has been completed with precisely 47 kills. (7) 

This achievement can be annoying, but it is very doable if you're purposeful about earning it. It is recommended that you play the entire game once at least, because that will give you a good idea of the layout of every mission. Then use mission select on Rookie difficulty, and bring plenty of weaponry, because NPCs can take a surprising amount of gunfire to kill. Note that the missions "A New Life" and "Requiem", do not contain enough NPCs to obtain this achievement. Enter the mission and begin killing, doing your best to keep count. It may help to write down your progress, or to drag the bodies into piles of 5 or so. "Curtains Down" is probably the most frequently recommended mission to try this on, though on Rookie difficulty it shouldn't be too difficult on any of the others. Once you think you've got enough or slightly less, save the game and finish the mission. The mission rating page will tell you your kill total. If the count is too low, press to replay the mission, and you can reload your last save.

47 is the world's most wanted. (9) 

Raise your notoriety to 100/100 (note this cannot be done in Rookie mode as notoriety is not in effect on this difficulty). Notoriety is accrued by actions that the game considers "noisy." This doesn't refer to literal noise; if you fire a hundred un-silenced shots, it won't affect your "noise" in the slightest if no one's around. But if a body's found, if you're spotted by a camera, if a witness sees you dragging a corpse or committing a violent action, or if you wound someone without killing them, then the "noise" level of that mission will increase, and so will your notoriety. Note that you cannot replay a mission to gain more notoriety, so this achievement is technically missable, in that if you beat the game with low notoriety, you will need to start a new playthrough in order to gain this achievement. However, it isn't a difficult achievement, and it's very possible to gain enough notoriety in only two missions to fulfill the requirement. You can spend money to reduce the notoriety afterward. Note also that notoriety does not accrue on Rookie difficulty.

You can't keep a good man down. (11) 

To obtain this achievement you must complete the secret epilogue mission "Requiem." This mission is considered post-game, and therefore it isn't necessary to complete it for any of the "**** mode complete" achievements. It is a fairly difficult mission, so it is recommended that you complete it on Rookie difficulty (difficulty doesn't affect the achievement). The mission starts at the credits screen, but you will find that if you move the up and down rapidly, Agent 47 will revive and immediately engage in a firefight with the enemies around him. In order to complete the mission, you just need to kill everyone, including the civilian and the wheelchair-bound villain. If you struggle with dying immediately, it might be worth waiting to revive until the priest comes to the side of the bier. Then, when you revive, Agent 47 will automatically grab the priest and use him as a human shield, which may buy you enough time to get to cover. Either way, beat this mission to unlock the true ending of Hitman: Blood Money.

High Roller50
$5,000,000 have been accumulated. (6) 

This is by no means a difficult achievement, but can be missed if not intentionally pursued. It may be best to simply get it out of the way on the first playthrough by not spending any money until you have unlocked it. By playing through the game, completing all the optional objectives, and earning all Silent Assassins, you will earn $6,845,000, a number which doesn't factor in the difficulty bonus that may also be earned. So there's a fairly large margin for error, as well as four opportunities to try over the course of completing every difficulty.

Special Rating20
A Special Rating has been awarded. (24) 

A Special Rating can be frustratingly hard to obtain, generally because it's still not fully understood how to consistently earn one. There's a forum linked HERE which attempts to classify each one and its method of attainment, but it's far from complete. The most specific and current list of Special Ratings attainable on the Xbox 360 version is:
-Evil Eye Gouger: Kill lots of people with the Screwdriver.
-Frenzied Firefighter: Kill everyone with a fire extinguisher.
-Insane Florist: Kill lots of people with the Hedge Cutters.
-King of the Jungle: Kill most people with a Bowie Knife.
-Pianoman: Kill many people with the Fibre Wire.
-Russian Hare: Use a sniper rifle, must be high police-to-civilian ratio killed.
-Slugger: In "A New Life" kill everyone with the Baseball Bat and kill the dog.
-Sushi Chef: Only use the Kitchen Knife.

As I said before, obtaining one of these elusive rankings isn't an exact science. The one most commonly received is probably Russian Hare, and usually it's recommended to try that one on "A New Life," because there's an excellent sniper spot in the treehouse, and a high police-to-civilian ratio, provided the guards become alerted and call for reinforcements. Go immediately to the tree house. Pick off the FBI one by one until every guard is dead on the map, using on the sniper rifle (the guards will keep coming to the shot agents so you just have to be patiant in the tree house) Kill Vinnie with the sniper rifle, sedate or seduce the wife, and steal the microfilm, leave the map.

* All FBI on the map must die (including the backup limos containing agents), all must be killed with sniper rifle (note: you can definately poison the FBI in the van with the donuts. Poison, not sedate).
* Vinnie must die, he must die by your sniper rifle.
* No civilians or innocents can die (includes his wife)
* Normal level completion requirements.

Rating given will be - Russian Hare, and the achievement unlocked. If this strategy doesn't work for you, then try again; it can be maddeningly inconsistent. People have reported playing the mission up to 10 times in a row in precisely the same way, with identical stats and often extremely close times, getting different rankings every time. So be patient; this one is tricky.

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Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i
Players: 1
Online Players : 0
ESRB: Mature
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