How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7
There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 47 (1000)

-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 21-25 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: 5 (Unstoppable, In Great Shape, Valiant, Brave, and Invulnerable)
-Glitched achievements: No
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does Difficulty Affect Achievements?: Just 1 (Commander)


This game is going to be one of the longest movie-tie in kid’s games you’ve played. It’s mixed elements of the fighting genre, mini games, and RPG will require a bit of time and effort. The good news is that is has very few tough achievements which even then are easy using the right method. 

Step 1: Story Mode 

You have the option of picking between two characters in story mode. I highly recommend you pick Astrid as your starting character first. The dragon she comes with (Deadly Nadder) is absolutely the best dragon in the game, at least for how you will be going about playing. At the end of the roadmap I will lay out how to use it. So read that now or later if you want. During this mode you will be earning the majority of the achievements. This playthrough should take you around 15-20 hours depending on how good you get at the mini games, trainings, and if you gather more than you need in items. There are 5 missable achievements, but if you do happen to miss them you still have a second playthrough you need to do. Use multiple saves if you’d like (the limit is 4 save slots). To make things really easy, I have laid the guide out in the order I obtained each achievement. One thing you should know, is that you can only get to level 22 by the last tournament. After the tournament, you must get all the legendary dragons in the Wild Area fights. After those battles, you can then challenge the Viking more to gain a ton of experience to finish leveling your dragons. 

Step 2: Story Mode 2nd Playthrough

Now that you have all story related achievements (except for finishing with alternate character), you must now finish the full story mode one more time to get your 15 points. This will feel more like a speed run, as you will know exactly what to do and will not be worried about getting any of the other achievements. You should only focus on one dragon if you’re fairly good at the game, two if not. Do not waste time training other dragons, as the main one should be able to take out everything. If you have gotten comfortable using Deadly Nadder, this will be a breeze! Hiccup can pick Deadly Nadder after the first tournament. 

Step 3: Arcade Mode

Arcade mode is very easy and shouldn’t really take much time. Read the achievement descriptions for the best methods to use. You will be using Deadly Nadder tactics. Being able to do most of these on easy should make this mode go by quickly. You should get all of the arcade mode achievements by at least 150 matches played.


The game is fairly lengthy and a few achievments may cause a few struggles, which is why I gave it a 4 out of 10 in difficulty. Otherwise, it's a really easy completition if you put the time in. I would also like to note, that you must get all of the story related achievements on one save file. None of them spread through mulitple saves or stories.

Deadly Nadder Tactic:

This tactic is very easy and you will be using it constantly. All you have to do is keep your distance from the opposing dragon, and hit the  button. The first thing you want to upgrade in story is Deadly Nadders first attribute which has 20 available slots. It will make every blow a severe one. The Y attack is extremely powerful and will take huge chunks of life away from your opponent as well as keeping your distance. It has the longest range out of pretty much every other attack. Once you train the dragon more, be careful not to press  too fast, or else you’ll be thrown into the  combo which is a slow attack that puts you as an easy target. You will be beating every tournament only using Deadly Nadder, as long as you do all trainings and challenges for it when available. Refer to the video I made in the “Perfect” achievement description, as it shows what the attack should look like and how easy it makes this game. It is the last achievement listed in the guide.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for the Road Map] 

First Step5
Win a fight in either Story mode or 1 Player Arcade mode.   

This should be your first achievement. I highly recommended that you pick Astrid as your starting character to get Deadly Nadder. You will gain this after beating the first dragon in the first tournament. You can mix up combos if you want, but to make things extremely easy just keep pressing the Y button as the Deadly Nadder Dragon while at a safe distance.

Glory to Hiccup15
Finish the Story mode with Hiccup.     

See “Glory to Astrid”. This is for completing the game with Hiccup.

Glory to Astrid15
Finish the Story mode with Astrid.     

Depending on who you picked as your character, you will get an achievement for beating the game with them. After your last tournament is complete, this will unlock and you will be able to continue doing everything else that you need to do. This is for completing the game with Astrid.

Great Speaker15
Talk to every person on the island in Story mode.   (2) 

As you run around, speak to everyone you see. Very easy to find them all, except one which is not available until later after the second tournament when your dragons escape. They are now in the custody of a Viking in The Wild. He is hard to notice at first. Coming out of the challenge cave, go up the hill to your left. The camera angle hides it until you veer off onto it. If by this point you don’t have it, just go make sure you talk to everyone again.

In Feathers15
Catch 200 chickens.   (1) 

Every time you pass the chickens during story mode you should be catching them. If not you can always farm them, as they respawn fairly quickly by moving your camera to different areas. You can check your stats in the den, and it will show how many you have.

More Wild Meat15
Catch 200 sheep or boars.   (1) 

This can also be tracked in the den, and it’s a combination of both animals found in town and in the wild area. You should be getting a lot of these during your story mode anyways, as they help with healing dragons and are easy to obtain.

New Champion10
Win against the leader of the first Tournament.    

After beating the last dragon in the first tournament you will gain this. This should be a very easy tournament.

Win against the leader of the second Tournament.    

Story related. Win against the last opponent in the 2nd tournament.

Win against the leader of the third Tournament.    

This is given after you complete the third tournament.

Win against the leader of the fourth Tournament.    

All of these matches will be a 4v4. You should have all your dragons trained up fully, as you will have to regardless anyways. It doesn't take too long to complete.

Win the first Tournament without being defeated.     

You should get this with no real issue on your first tournament, after beating the final dragon there. If for some reason you lost, just load up the last save and try again, or worry about it in your second playthrough.

In Great Shape15
Win the second Tournament without taking care of your dragons during it.    (1) 

At this point, you probably didn't even know you could do this. The option is yours to exit the tournament to heal your dragon but in reality you never need to do this if you had them at full health in the first place. Just win the tournament without exiting it. Your dragons refill on health anyways after each opponent you beat.

Win the third Tournament always fighting the lowest rated opponent.    

This achievement can be missed easily if you don't pay attention. In the third tournament, every opponent you face must be the exact one above you, as the ones you beat get greyed out. Sometimes it will be annoying and someone will show up again to face, but just keep at it. With an upgraded dragon, you should be able to beat every opponent without losing a single match. Keep an extra save file before this tournament just in case.

Win the fourth Tournament always fighting the highest rated opponent.    

Fight every opponent closest to the top that is available. It doesn't matter if you are defeated, you can keep trying. This is missable so make sure you have a save beforehand.

Win the final Championship with none of your dragons being KO.    (4) 

This is probably the hardest achievement in the game! The battles are now way more intense and you have to beat 4 dragons in a row without having one KO against you. At first I was having problems with this, but then I figured out how to be extremely cheap and make everything really easy. Use Deadly Nadder as a dragon (hopefully you picked this one up like suggested). Make sure it’s a level 22 (the highest you can be doing all the trainings and challenges). Use the method you've probably been using this whole time anyways described in the roadmap, or refer to the "Perfect" achievement which shows a video on the tactic. This will prove difficult otherwise, unless you are very good at the game. Save after every win!

Weapon Master15
Make a dragon finish all trainings.  

Another achievement to get after the third tournament, you must finish every training in melee and fire with one of the dragons. You do not have to do any of the tutorials.

Win a wild fight.   

After talking to the Viking after chapter 2 outside of the challenge cave, looking for your dragons, you will need to duel his dragon. Easy to win.

Legendary Fighter30
Win all wild fights.   

Do all of the battles against the Viking by the challenges on the beach. They start costing up to 1500 gold so be prepared to be spending a lot of money. Luckily the challenges are right next to you, so you can gain money by getting medals, which you’ll need to do anyways to get all dragons to 25.

Shopping Master30
Spend 10,000 gold at the shop.   

Go ahead and save before the final tournament and go spend your money at the store. Once all of the items are bought, run back to your house and exit. All of the items will be available again. Once you have gotten the achievement, reload your game to get your money back, which I suggest. You will be needing money to spend for the wild battles against the Viking.

Cooking Master15
Buy all recipes from the shop.   

You should have saved up the 10,000 gold and gotten the “Viking Gold” achievement. Now go spend it on all the recipes which should now all be available at the shop. You’ll still have plenty of money left over, but see Shopping Master for details on what to do with the remaining amount.

Rich Harvest15
Gather 1,000 common ingredients.   

As you run around you’ll be picking up all kinds of common ingredients. You have to get them to feed your dragons to keep them healthy. You should get this through normal play. The challenges will be giving you a lot as well, so no need to go out of your way for this.

Gather 100 rare ingredients.   

Doing all of the challenges should be giving you a lot of rare items. There’s no real easy way to track your rare items, but this should unlock naturally through challenge progression.

Dragon Doctor15
Have 4 dragons in a great shape in Story mode.   

After the third tournament you can go get your final dragon. Afterwards go to your den and get every dragon you own into blue health status. They don’t have to have 100% full bars in every category, just need to be in great shape (aka blue health bar).

Final Evolution30
Have a level 25 dragon.   

To get to level 25 you must have completed all trainings and gold medals on all challenge difficulties, as well as fought every battle available against the Viking in the wild area. It takes a while, but really isn’t that hard at all. Just remember, the highest level you can get to is 22 in the storyline. You cannot get to 25 until you have beaten all the tournaments, as the Viking by the challenge area will stop talking to you until you have completed the story.

All Stars90
Have 4 level 25 dragons.   (1) 

The only thing you should have left to do now is get all the gold medals for every difficulty in the challenges and possibly finishing up the rest of the trainings. You can check what challenges/medals are complete with each dragon by selecting the dragon for each challenge. It will show what medals you have earned. You should be good at all the challenges by now, and it shouldn’t prove very difficult. You have to have all 4 on this one save file.

Belong to the Legend30
Unlock all legendary dragons.   

After you’re done completing the game, you will be able to now obtain all of the legendary dragons. The Viking next to the challenges in the wild area has the rest of the ones you need. You must pay him to fight them and once complete, you will earn them. They are very easy battles, but there are several of them.

Have a dragon with 20 points in a characteristic in Story mode.   

Go to the den and click on any dragon, then hit RB to move to “Characteristics”. Each dragon has one bar that goes 20 points. Fill up any of the bars on any of the dragons to the full 20. Notable, you can subtract those points whenever you want to at any point in the game to redistribute them. You can get this very early in the game before the 2nd tournament.

Ultimate Customization15
Unlock all customizations of a dragon family.   

After your first tournament, you should train your dragon as far as it can go, then go to challenges. Upon your first gold medal this should unlock at the same time as Young Competitor, as you will have gained them all for Deadly Nadder.

Win 50 fights without being injured in 1 Player Arcade mode.   (9) 

This achievement seems really hard, and as you try for it you'll get hit at least once almost every time. You might be lucky to get 1 perfect every 10 battles. Using the Deadly Nadder tactic, with practice, you should be getting perfect 9 out of 10 times. I have made a video of me getting 3 in a row to show you how easy it is! I found going against the Nightshade dragon was easiest. Default dragon editor edition of course, while you use your overpowered Deadly Nadder from the story. I have tried all of the legendary versions, and their points are not distributed well! You cannot be hit even once. It doesn't matter if you're life refills, you will not get a perfect if you're hit.

Win 100 fights in either 1 Player or 2 Players Arcade mode.    

You will be obtaining this as you complete all of the other arcade achievements, and most likely will get this before you obtain the "Perfection" achievement. For some reason the game does not track your Arcade stats, but with rematch and ease, you can do this all in one sitting within an hour or two.

Win 10 fights in a row in 1 Player Arcade mode on Hard difficulty.    

This achievement is quite easy. In arcade mode, go to dragon editor and throw in a default dragon without spending any points in attributes. Now go to arcade (has to be single player). Pick your best dragon (Deadly Nadder) and ready up. Now pick the AI dragon as one of the default “no attribute” ones. You can easily win 10 times in a row without even losing your first health bar on hard. If you really are still having trouble with this (you won’t but just in case), you can make it 4vs1, an unfair fight in your advantage. To make things go really fast, just keep hitting rematch.

All for One15
Win a fight with each default and Legendary dragons in 1 Player Arcade mode.   

If you want while going for all other arcade achievements, throw in the various legendary dragons into your party of 4. You don't have to win battles while fighting with them, just have taken them into a battle, win or lose. You can go 4 at a time, or mix them while going for other arcade achievements. Can only do this after you have completed all of the wild fights in story mode to unlock them.

They Are Alive!15
Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of dragons created with the Dragon Editor.   (2) 

Make some dragons in dragon editor. They can be vs any dragons you want, including ones also from the editor. You only have to fight with one in your party, as I was doing 1v1 to get this. Make sure in dragon editor you spend all of the skill points as well as combo points.

Exceptional Tamer15
Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of custom dragons from the Story mode.   (1) 

You will only have to fight 10 technically because you should have done the Commander achievement with your personal dragon from the story. Though this time you will be playing on easy and ripping through it in no time!

Game Over!30
Win all the medals for all difficulty levels in each challenge.    

This will take a little time. You will be doing this around 4 times at least anyways, as you have to do this for experience to get all of your dragons up to level 25. Just read the tips in the above achievements for help.

Young Competitor5
Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Novice difficulty.    

After you are done with your tournament and found all of the tools required to fix the bridge (by talking to various people in the town), you may cross it and do the challenges. Get one gold medal on any of them that are currently unlocked.

Outstanding Competitor10
Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Normal difficulty.    

You should be used to all the challenges from novice, and they change slightly but you should still be able to get easy gold medals now on normal.

Extreme Competitor15
Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Expert difficulty.    

You should be used to all the challenges from novice, and they change slightly but you should still be able to get easy & normal gold medals now on expert.

To Hit the Bull's Eyes30
Clear 5 checkpoint rings in a row in the Looping Race challenge on Expert difficulty.    

May take you a few attempts, but just go through the rings hitting when prompted on every one of them. You will notice rings that have a black fancy ring in the middle, these are where you get your points. You will have to press two buttons at the same time while passing, but they give plenty of time to do so. Within a few tries, you should have this one mastered. Missing one ring will require you to retry.

What an Artist!30
Sculpt 10 ice blocks in a row in the Ice Sculpting challenge on Expert difficulty.    

This one seems like it would be very hard on expert. It only takes a few good attempts and some luck. There are exactly 10 ice blocks to burn through before you go to the bonus round. I failed twice, and on my third try I was able to get 16 in a row. This may prove very difficult for some people, but just keep attempting it.

Shepherd Dragon30
Bring back 5 brown sheep in a row in the Flying Shepherd challenge on Expert difficulty.   

Get all of the brown sheep that you can find, and then you’ll have to grab a black one and drag it in the water and hope that it’s brown. Though, I do think everything is a little bit random. After that is complete you have to get gold medals on this. It is the most time consuming and hard challenge because of how random it is. You may run out of time bringing your last one in, or could even have 40 seconds over all depending on where the sheep are. First off, hit  at a good rate so that you are always going fast but not fatiuged. Always get the white sheep last, as they only give you 5 seconds added. When you encounter a black sheep, do not wash it, as it gives you 10 seconds (as well as the brown). If you wash it and it's white, you'll only get 5 seconds. Just by saving all sheep you will get a gold medal.

Perform 6 sequences in a row in the Memory Torch challenge on Expert difficulty.    

To get a gold medal on Memory Torch, you must complete 5 sequences. You must remember to complete 6 in a row to get the related achievement. Memory Touch is still very easy, even on expert. If it helps, say the button sequences out loud . Saying them out loud helps when the mini game changes the buttons around which will be confusing if you are focusing on button layout. As a last resort you can have a paper and a pen or a computer and write them down to get perfection. Just pay attention to the time of using this method.

Recreate 3 dragons in a row without mistakes in the Puzzle Dragon challenge on Expert difficulty.    (2) 

The dragon matching game is a bit harder now, as it makes you also choose the color for the dragon. This can be very annoying, as the colors for certain dragons are extremely hard to figure out. Deadly Nadder is pretty easy as practically it's whole body is one color. You must get 3 dragons in a row right, and because of the difficulty you may only have 30 seconds max left over after a third. One mistake will cost you here. It's best to skip the intro, and only look at the dragon for a body part or two at a time.

Earn a gold medal in each challenge.   

After completing the 2nd tournament, all of the challenges will be unlocked. Go ahead and finish the rest up and this will unlock after completing the last one. *Only novice difficulty is unlocked for now in challenges which they are all easy to obtain gold in.

Viking Gold30
Have 10,000 gold in Story mode.    

This is not accumulative. You must have all 10,000 at one time. Just don’t spend any money until you get the achievement. You will have a huge spike in gold once you start doing the expert challenges, so don’t worry too much if you’ve been spending any.

Viking Inhabitant30
Play more than 20 hours in Story or Arcade mode (primary profile only).   (2) 

This will come along as you're playing. Make sure you save whenever you're done with arcade mode. This can only be done with one save file, it will not spread across other playthroughs. There's no real need to leave your Xbox on, unless you are in a rush to get it and not planning to get all 1000 in the game. The time you spend is listed on the save file if you're wondering how far along you are.

Ally or Enemy?10
Import at least one dragon in Arcade mode.   

Load up your save file from the main menu, but instead of going to story go to arcade. Go to export and hit yes. Don’t worry the only saving it’s doing is the info it’s gathering. It will not erase your story dragons. Go to play a battle and it should unlock at some point at dragon selection. Your dragons will be in the leftmost bubbles.

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