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Hulk Hogan's Main Event Achievement Guide

Guide By: Foxxy kyle
There are 23 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 23/23 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 10005+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? Kinect Sensor

Welcome to Hulk Hogans main event, this game is obviously based off of the American Professional Wrestler Hulk Hogan. The game has a small comic book story that doesn't really have too much importance. You control a wrestler as he moves up the ladder in his wrestling career with Hulk Hogan cheering you on as you make your way up to the final battle against your rival. The game is pretty fun and the kinect reads pretty well as I did not have any major issues with it. Some parts of the game may cause you some problems and hardcore mode can be challenging. Overall it isn't the hardest game to complete, but it isnt the easiest either.

Create your Wrestler
First create your wrestler to do this select the option to create your own wrestler on the main menu, do that and then back out to the main menu again and you will unlock the achievement Become Someone for 25.

First Playthrough
Since the difficulty achievements dont stack your going to need to do two playthroughs. So start your first playthrough on "Average Joe" difficulty and just play through the game. Try and get as many of the stunt achievements as you can during this playthrough. This should be extremely easy and you shouldn't have any problems defeating any of your opponents. This should take about 2-3 hours to complete and you should have fun absolutely destroying all of your opponents.

Other Gamemodes
Once you are done with your first playthrough you will have unlocked other gamemodes, and rings to play on. You are going to need to play one exhibition match on Average Joe difficulty, two Head to Head matches, one for each difficulty, and one Quick play mode on Average Joe difficulty. This will give you at least 225.

Second Playthrough
To finish off the game do one last final push to beat the career on Hardcore. This is the only reason the difficulty is a 4/10 instead of 2/10, which is what I was originally going to put. This may cause a lot of issues and can be tough. Once you beat this you will unlock the achievement I Am Hardcore for 175. This should take you around 2-4 hours. 

Mopping up
If you have any achievements missing you can go to the appropriate area to get them. Remember that in Quick Play mode you can choose to do any stunt as many times as you wish so there's no need to go through career to get a stunt achievement since that will be more than likely what you will be missing.

If you follow this guide and roadmap then you should have the full 1000 for the game. The game is not a bad game but I wouldn't buy it because of the repetitiveness of the game. It is a good rent and will keep you entertained for a short while. I personally had a lot of fun and recommend this to not only people wanting a fairly easy 1000 but also for people looking for a good kinect game to entertain them for a while.

[x360a would like to thank Foxxy kyle for this roadmap]

Become Someone25
Create any wrestler in Create A Wrestler mode.    

From the main menu, select the "Create a Wrestler" option. Customize your character as you please or select random. When you back out of this with your new wrestler, the achievement would pop.

Get in the Ring25
Complete any stunt in Quick Play Mode on Average Joe Difficulty.     

During the very first fight against Jim Bob you will be taught how to Pin, just successfully perform the pin. When you win by using the pin, the achievement will unlock.

Just the Two of Us50
Complete an entire Head To Head match on Average Joe Difficulty.     

This should be unlocked by just playing through the story, you will have to fight a cowboy wrestler named Big Win, once you get to a point where you are trapped in a corner, you will evade his attacks and use his own attacks against him. Once you beat him using the stun,t the achievement will unlock.

Champ of the Ring50
Complete an entire Exhibition Mode match on Average Joe Difficulty.     

All you need to do is from the main menu, look at the gamemodes and choose Exhibition Mode, any ring is fine and play on Average Joe difficulty. The achievement will unlock once you beat your opponent. You may need to complete the career mode first before unlocking Exhibition mode.

Just the Two of Us, 2X100
Complete an entire Head To Head match on Hardcore Difficulty.     

From the main menu under gamemodes select Head To Head match, none of the setup matters except make sure the difficulty is on Hardcore. When you start to play it will say Player 1 and Player 2, don't worry you can play as both players without needing a second profile or anything. Have both players defeat your opponent and the achievement will unlock.

Just the Beginning125
Complete the Career Mode on Average Joe Difficulty.     

Start up career mode on Average Joe difficulty via the main menu. Play through the entire story, it should take you about 2-3 hours to complete and it is extremely easy. The achievement will unlock after fighting against The Ripper for the third time.

I am Hardcore175
Complete the Career Mode on Hardcore Difficulty.     (2) 

This is obviously the hardest achievement in the game, start up a new career mode via the main menu and play through it on hardcore difficulty. This can be challenging for some so practice at it.

Roger, Dodger50
Complete the Entrance without getting hit by any object.     

At the beginning of every match you will be walking out into the ring showing off. Two or three times during that sequence the fans for your opponent will throw trash at you, dont get hit by any of the trash and the achievement is yours. It helps a lot to look at which way you need to go before hand, which it will show you at the bottom of the screen before the trash comes at you during a paused screen.

Profit, Prophet50
Earn over 100,000 points in a single stunt.    

This shouldn't be a problem, you will more than likely not need to try for this one and get it just by playing through the game. You should be able to do this on most stunts if you do them perfectly. During each stunt you will get points based on how well you do them. It will be at the top of the screen in the middle during each stunt. If any of those go above 100,000 the achievement will unlock once your match ends.

Can't Touch This!25
Complete the Irish Whip Stunt without getting hit by your opponent.    

The Irish Whip stunt is where your opponent repeatedly runs at you and you need to either close line him, trip him, punch him, or kick him depending on the difficulty and the way he charges at you. Don't get hit by any of his attacks on you when it's your turn to charge at him and the achievement is yours. You can do this in Quick Play for faster results. If you play on Average Joe difficulty it is much easier since the kick option is void when not in hardcore mode.

Complete the Ladder Bash Stunt without getting hit by your opponent.    

The Ladder Bash Stunt is where you have a ladder and you hit your opponent with it, don't get hit by your opponent throughout the entire stunt and the achievement is yours. If you are struggling with this one you can practice this in the Quick Play section from the main menu.

Perfect Punch25
Finish your opponent off with a punch in Trade Blows.    

You will more than likely get this by just through playing the game and not trying. Trade Blows is the stunt where you can punch, kick and headbutt your opponent. Just when his health is to the point where if you hit him one more time he's done, just make sure you punch him instead of using the other attacks.

Be Super, Man25
Perform a high flying splash in Aerial Assault.    (1) 

During the Aerial assault stunt just jump with your arms in the air and your wrestler will dive on your opponent. Make sure you are lined up correctly with him and make sure he doesn't block it. This is much easier to do in Quick Play mode which you can get to via the main menu.

Chiropractor Disaster25
Perform a piledriver in the Body Slam stunt.    

Sometimes during your match you will come across a sequence where your opponent is stunned the whole time and all you do is pick him up and slam him back down. While you have him picked up sometimes it will tell you to jump while he is in the air, once you do that you will throw your opponent head first into the ground. It will hurt his neck and the achievement will unlock.

Flippin' Perfect25
Flip your opponent 3 times in the Grapple stunt without ever being flipped.    

When you and your opponent are fighting in a sequence that allows you to pick him up and flip him, do it. Do it three times in a row without your opponent picking you up.

Pin and Win25
Successfully pin your opponent for a 3 count in the Pin To Win stunt.    

During the very first fight against Jim Bob you will be taught how to Pin, just successfully perform the pin, once you win by using the pin the achievement will unlock.

Failure to Fail25
Fight your way out of the corner and knock your opponent out of the ring in the On The Ropes stunt.    

This should be unlocked by just playing through the story, you will have to fight a cowboy wrestler named Big Win, once you get to a point where you are trapped in a corner, you will evade his attacks and use his own attacks against him. Once you beat him using the stunt, the achievement will unlock.

Getting a Sandwich, BRB0
Player leaves sensor area in middle of any stunt.    (5) 

All you need to do is walk away while your wrestler is preforming a stunt, I got this when walking away, the listen pose at the very beginning of the career although any pose or stunt will work.

Bad Altitude25
Successfully throw your opponent out of the ring via a Choke Slam.    

This will unlock during the story. You will eventually have to fight a cowboy named Big Win, you will learn a move to pick him up while he's charging, you will need to keep dodging his attacks and once you're on the other side of the ring you will throw him outside of it. Once you throw him outside the ring the achievement is yours.

Hulkstering Up50
Win a match in Trade Blows via Hulkstering Up.    

You will get this while fighting against The Ripper for the third time, you will start to fight him and not be able to hit him at all. Your health will go down to almost K.O. and you will "Hulkster Up" and beat him

If the Boot Fits25
Successfully perform a Hulk Hogan "Boot" attack in The Irish Whip stunt.    

This is only on hardcore mode so during your hardcore playthrough you will get this during one of the Irish Whip stunts, to get this faster you could just play the stunt on hardcore difficulty on Quick Play mode via the main menu.

Listen Like the Great One25
Perform the Hulk Hogan Listen pose to the crowd in the Entrance stunt.    (3) 

This achievement should unlock when showing off in front of your very first crowd, your character will get onto a truck and you will need to preform the action at the bottom of the screen. Once you do the listen pose the achievement will unlock. If that doesn't happen don't worry, you cannot miss this achievement and you will get it later on in your career. You could walk away in the middle of your wrestler doing the pose to unlock the achievement Getting a Sandwich, BRB

Secret Achievements
Armed and Dangerous25
Grab a chair in air, in the Chair Hit stunt.    (1) 

The Kinect Sensor didn't work well going for this one.

During the Chair hit sequence the chair will fly into the air, use your hands to reach up in the air and grab it. It took me a few tries but I got it eventually. You will encounter many of these sequences throughout the game, I got it during the first match against The Ripper. You could always do this faster by using the Quick Play option via the main menu.

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US October 11, 2011

Kinect: Required
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