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Hydro Thunder Hurricane Achievement Guide

Guide By: littlejay
There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7.5/10
- Offline: 13/15 (220)
- Online: 2/15 (30)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Ring Master requires medal runs on all 3 difficulties
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: 4 controllers required + DLC

Hydro Thunder: Hurricane is a great sequel to the classic arcade cabinet/N64 title Hydro Thunder. The game features fearsome competitive boat racing on dangerous over the top tracks. Each boat is equipped with a boost power-up that can both launch your boat forward and skyward to obtain optimal speed and access shortcuts/hidden areas. To obtain the full gamerscore will require some patience and dedication to learning all of the tracks optimal routes and shortcuts.

The game has three difficulties to choose from (Novice, Pro, Expert) each offering its own class of racing machines and ai difficulty. The individual Races and Guantlets can be played on any difficulty to obtain a Gold medal in each of the 8 courses. The ring master tracks however, have unique routes for each class of boat and medals must be earned on each corresponding difficulty. The tournaments have class restrictions and offer a mixed bunch of events. Getting a gold medal on a novice track will prove much easier than obtaining one on expert level so practicing with each class of boat will be a must if you even hope to obtain bronze medals on the expert tournaments.

Extra Achievement Notes:
Simply playing through the events you will be able to net most of the single player achievements by following the posted guide. There are a few extra tips I would like to add that aren't included in the guide that should aid your achievement endeavors.

Special Delivery: I would recommend just doing these in single player races following the guide linked under the description. In single player races you must finish the event before the hidden packages will save. You can use restart and the packages will still be collected but if you quit to menu the packages will not count. Other than that you can freely explore the race without any worry of the ai finishing before you. The race doesn't end until you cross the finish line so no need to rush things.

Golden Delicious: A helpful tip for this would be the use of restart. You can use restart on individual events if you are having a rough attempt and you won't have to restart the entire tournament.

DLC Art Critic: If you are having a difficult time using the Thresher for this event I would recommend using the Razorback. The Thresher boat requires quite a precise run whereas the Razorback has enough speed to get to the final statue without needing a near flawless lap.

Most of the achievements will come easily enough but to get "Medal Master" and "Golden Delicious" will require a lot of patience and practice to obtain particularly on the Expert Ring Master and Tournament events. Happy racing!

Splish Splash35
Earn a bronze or better in any Single Player event.   

This will most likely be your first achievement. Just place at least 3rd in a single player event to get this achievement.

The events are much easier using Novice boats.

It's a Start20
Earn a bronze trophy or better on every track in Single Player Race Mode.    

Get at least third place on every single player race. If you do not meet the requirements then you may replay the race. Again, use novice boats.

Medal Master10
Earn a bronze trophy or better in every event in the Single Player game.     

See "Golden Delicious" for more information.

Special Delivery5
Collect 80 hidden packages.     (1) 

There are 10 packages in each of the 8 levels. Most are easy to find and acquire but one or two in each level may require quite a few tries to land on it just right. Play a private multiplayer match so you can look for the packages without the hassle of AI finishing the match before you have found everything.

Note: If you get these online in a private match, the packages become unavailable to all players if the host gets it first that round. This only happens in the match when the host picks up the package. So have the host wait near the package and let all other players get it first then it will be safe to get in that game. Anytime a game is played after the host has it, the package will not glitch.

If you can't remember which level you are missing packages on, go to the Boat Selection screen and see if there are any locked boat skins that require all packages in a certain level to unlock and that will be the level you are missing. Every level has a boat skin related to that level's hidden packages. 

View this video guide for all 8 levels.

Golden Delicious10
Earn a gold trophy in every event in the Single Player game.    (4) 

You must get all gold trophies in the single player game. Just keep practicing and use novice boats on races and gauntlet events to help you achieve your goal. Some events can only be done on Pro and Expert and will take most of your time and will take quite a bit of patience to complete and yes, lots of practicing. The difficulty spike from Novice to Expert is pretty big so keep at it until you make it.

There are 4 different kinds of events:
Races: These are pretty easy to get gold on. Just use the boat "Vector" and boost a lot and you should have few problems.

Ring Master: These are some of the hardest challenges in the game. The novice ones are easy but once you get to expert, you will have a heck of a time getting first place.

Here are some video guides to help with getting gold on the Expert Ring Master challenges.

Gauntlet: Get the best possible time and try not to hit any barrels because that will take off some precious time. Leave a little bit of boost so you can jump over any at the last second if you need too. Place these with a novice boat and you should have few problems.

Championship: The novice Championships should be easy like the normal races and other events but things will get tough when you get to the expert championships. Just keep practicing and remember where all the boost cans are at and you can get this. Do all other events before you attempt the expert championships because they are a mixture of the other 3 modes and the game can be pretty unforgiving in expert mode.
Also, in the championships, you do not need first place in every round. It will help tremendously but if you can only pull a 2nd place off in an expert event, keep going and if you get first in the others you should get first place overall in the end.

Taste My Wake10
Take first in 10 online Multiplayer events.   (2) 

Just win 10 online events. Invite someone to a private match and take turns winning. You will get a lot of easy credits while playing online which counts towards "People Person" and the other credit achievements.

People Person20
Earn 10,000 credits playing online or local Multiplayer events.   

Very easy to do. You can do this in private matches if online. Make sure at least one person is using an expert boat then the winner will get 2000 credits. Just take turns winning. You will get this while going for the "Taste My Wake" achievement.

Humans Gooood10
Play a 4 way local Multiplayer race in which all the humans beat all the AI.   (1) 

This can be one of the harder achievements in the game just because you need 4 people playing on the same console with 4 normal controllers. There is however, an easy way out. (See below for those steps) Have you and your friends (or people you paid) to practice one of the easier maps. When you are ready to go for the achievement, make sure all four of you beat the AI racers. There will be 4 other AI players making a total of 8 racers on the track.

Use novice boats so the race will be easy on everyone.

The Easy Way: There is an easy way to do this if you have 4 controllers and nobody to pilot said controllers. Start a split-screen match and make sure all the controllers are assigned the Rubber Duck boat before starting the match. With this little duck, the AI will not move unless you get close to them and they will stop moving when you drive past them. It sounds crazy, but it works. Just take each controller to the finish line and you should not have any problems with the AI getting anywhere close to the finish line. There is not a timer after the first person finishes so you can make the ducks cross the finish line one at a time until you are done. Once the race is over, you get your achievement!

NOTE: You may also use guitar controllers as well. The ducks will go forward by themselves though and it will take a while because you cannot steer them either. Just hit the Back Button to reset the Duck Boat and let it go down the right path whenever it gets stuck.

NOTE 2: This method has been patched but you can clear your cache and play the game offline for the method to work.

Ding Dong10
Hit one buoy at every checkpoint while racing Lake Powell and still take first.    (2) 

This is best done in a private multiplayer match because you do not play against the AI and your friend can just let you win. It is possible in single player just easier online. There are 4 checkpoint buoys and the finish line buoy which also counts. Once you hit all 5 and take first, the achievement will unlock.

It is still easy to unlock in Single Player using a novice boat.

Spare Change35
Earn 1,000 credits.    

See "Loco For Thunder Pops" for more information.

Cha Ching!25
Earn 5,000 credits.    

See "Loco For Thunder Pops" for more information.

Loco For Thunder Pops10
Earn 100,000 credits.   (2) 

You get credits for doing well in races and events. Playing online or local multiplayer will earn you credits as well. You get the following amount of credits for first, second, and third in every game mode.

All Novice Boats - 500-375-250
At least one Pro Boat - 1000-750-500
At least one Expert Boat - 2000-1500-1000

DLC: Tempest Pack
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Anchors Aweigh20
Jump through the hoop on top of the anchor monument in Bermuda Triangle.    

At the start of the map, go forward a bit and you will see some docks you can drive under. Boost through this area and at the end, you will see a ramp. When you go off the ramp you will ramp towards a giant anchor statue. You just jump through the hoop at the bottom of the anchor to get the achievement. It's at the beginning of the track, so if you miss the hoop, you can just retry until you get it.

Art Critic20
Smash 7 statues in the Atlantis Gauntlet before the timer reaches 50 seconds.    

You must hit all 7 statues in the Atlantis Gauntlet track before the timer reaches 50 seconds. The 7th statue will go back under water if you are too slow. It will take a few tries to find the statue locations and the best path to take.

Here is a video guide made by Capt_Strife to show the statue locations and best path to take:

Collect 110 hidden packages.     (1) 

You must first collect all 80 packages from the original game, then after downloading the Tempest pack, there will be 10 packages in each new map for a total of 110.

A video guide for the new track's packages can be found here:
Thanks to Capt_Strife.

Game Info
Vector Unit


US July 28, 2010

HDD Space Required : 459.23 MB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
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