Hydrophobia Achievement Guide

Guide By: conel33
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: 0
- Approximate time to 200: around 5 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 0 (Some medals may be missable but with the level select function no achievements are really 'missable')
- Glitched Achievements: none
- Do Cheat Codes disable achievements? No cheats

Hydrophobia is quite an easy game and has no difficulty achievements so the game can be played from start to finish on easy and still be 200G'd. Only one play through is required as long as you use your auto saves wisely. If any collectable or medal is missed you can start a new game or load the start of any chapter and you will still have all of the collectables and medals you had before.

Step One

This should be your first and only playthrough of the story. The game and all achievements are fairly easy on hard difficulty but as there are no achievements for difficulty just go ahead and start on easy if you want to get through the game quicker.

There are 55 documents, 17 objects and 47 medals, all which are needed for achievements. There is a great guide by StarsRPD on how to get them all here if you are having trouble with finding something then there are also achievement hunter videos on youtube of the entire game.

There are 5 misc medals which aren't found at certain parts of the story so you should take note of them before you start the game.

Supersonic: Complete the game using sonic rounds only

If you want to get every medal in one playthrough be sure to get any medal that needs you to use a different type of bullet and when you get the medal just kill yourself and your last checkpoint will be loaded. The game will still think you haven't fired a different type of shot but you will have the medal still.

Geek: Complete the game without failing a hack

Once you get the hang of hacking they are very easy. If you fail one just reload your last checkpoint and try again. (this may require going to the dashboard but probably not)

Mermaid: Spend 20 minutes under water

If you don't have it near the end just keep going underwater.

Poseidon's Daughter: Complete challenge room without firing your gun

Hydro Power: Complete the first 2 waves of the challenge room without firing your gun

These are both done in challenge room and have nothing to do with the story.

Step Two

Challenge Room
Once you complete the story you will unlock challenge room. In this mode you have to fight off 5 waves of 10 enemies but you gain the power of Poseidon, allowing you to manipulate water.

Just play through challenge room without firing a bullet to get two medals and the achievement Challenged . This is very easy to do, just find a good spot on the banister that you start on where you can't get shot much, press LB to wield your Poseidon power, then hold LT to manipulate water and click in the RS to throw anything in the water across the room.

Step Three

Mop Up
If there are any collectables or achievements you have missed just start the appropriate chapter to find them.

[x360a would like to thank conel33 for this Roadmap]

Complete the game.    (8) 

This achievement is unmissable and will unlock after completing the story.

Collect 50% of the medals.   

See 'Celebrated'

Private Eye35
Collect all documents and objects.    (5) 

See 'Celebrated'

Collect all the medals.   (1) 

Use this GUIDE to find all medals, objects and documents.
All can be found in one playthrough as long as you reload your checkpoint after using any bullets other than your energy rounds.

Complete the Challenge Room.   (1) 

Once you complete the story you will unlock the challenge room. In this mode you have to fight off 5 waves of 10 enemies but you gain the power of Poseidon, allowing you to manipulate water.

This is quite easy and will take about 20 minutes. Make sure to complete it without firing a bullet to gain the two medals: Poseidon's Daughter and Hydro Power

Complete a hack.    (1) 

Story related and cannot be missed.
Near the start of the game you will come to a hacking point, just match the signals and achievement unlocked.

Swept Off Their Feet15
Sweep 3 Malthusians off their feet with water.   (8) 

You must use water to knock over 3 enemies. If you don't have this by the end of the game load act 2 and shoot the glass walls to bring water out knocking over the enemies. This can be done to the first 3 enemies.

Kill 5 Mathusians with fire or electricity.   

This should come naturally as your progress through the game. Just shoot explosive barrels that you find on the floors and walls next to enemies or wires above them 5 times. Firing wires into the water that enemies are standing on will also electrocute them.

Chain Gang15
Kill 2 Malthusians within a timed chain attack.   

Just simply kill 2 enemies with one combo. Pretty easy and should come naturally. There are plenty of times throughout the game where there will be 2 enemies next to a barrel.

My Hero10
Save Chief Billingham.   (3) 

Near the end of act 1 you will have the chance to save the chief. When you use a control panel shortly after seeing the malthusians in person for the first time you will get a checkpoint and a timer will appear at the top of the screen. You must run back to where the police chief is, equip the Mavi whilst stood in front of the window and open the door behind him.

Davy Jones' Locker15
Neutralize 10 Malthusians in underwater combat.   (3) 

You should be able to get this near the end of act 3 if not sooner.
Just use your energy round to knock out the malthusians underwater and they will eventually drown. Just do this as much as you can by flooding corridors and rooms then going underwater and you should be able to get this achievement quite easily.

Drown a Malthusian.   

See 'Davy Jones' Locker'

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US September 29, 2010

HDD Space Required : 1.11 GB
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