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Ice Age Village Achievement Guide

Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Estimated time for 200: 15+ hours playtime and 6+ months actual time (unless using time glitch or spending real money)
-Minimum playthroughs: 1
-Offline: 20/20 (200)
-Online: 0/20 (0)
-Missable Achievements: 0
-Unobtainable Achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty
-Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
-Glitchy achievements: 0
-Extra equipment needed: Windows Phone 8 ONLY

Ice Age Village is a freemium city-building game which finds the world's Ice Age coming to an end and many animals looking for a new home as their landscape changes around them. Luckily, you are there to help them. You will build homes for the animals and breed them to expand your village. There is a rather brief but acceptable storyline. If you are a fan of the Ice Age series, you will enjoy this game even more. This guide is based on the premise that you do not spend any money at all on the game. If you break down and pay the outrageous prices for acorns, your path may be a little quicker and easier. Currently the game is FREE in the Windows Phone Store.

Step 0: Decide whether to use the time glitch or not
Before starting the game, you should decide whether you want to complete the game in about 15 hours total of your time or spread that same time out over 6 months or more. Pros of the time glitch include not having to worry about playing this game for 6 months and getting the game over with. Cons consist of the potential for some of the achievements to glitch and not unlock properly if you unlock one with a non-current date. Also, this can be considered cheap and illegitimate among the achievement hunting community. Make your choice now! If you decide for the former, please see the "Time Glitch Detailed" section below for more information.

Step 1: Get your Village Status to 5 Stars
The first thing to do is to attempt to get your village to 5 stars to unlock the "Most Famous" achievement. Do this BEFORE using the time glitch at all, because once you start using the time glitch, it will be harder to get your friends rating up at all. See "Most Famous" below in the guide for more information.

Step 2: Get to Level 50
Either use the time glitch or legitimately grind to Level 50. There is not much to say here. You just have to grind through the game. This involves building homes for animals and breeding them to get more coins, and using the coins to get more homes and animals to get even more coins, all the while leveling up. Just about all of the game's achievements should come along this path with a little attention.

Step 3: Keep playing until you get enough acorns to complete all collection achievements
In addition to coins, there is another currency, acorns, which are much harder to come by. Fortunately, the game does give you numerous ways to earn them, albeit at a very slow pace. These are the currency that the developers intend for people to purchase with real money. Essentially in this step you want to keep playing each day, collecting the free daily silver coin from the Kung Fu Scrat minigame, using those coins for a chance to earn the aforementioned cherished acorns. This is where the bulk of your acorns will be earned. After you win or lose at the minigame, a spinner will start and land randomly on acorns, coins, or a rare animal. In total you will need 1,680 acorns to complete all of the required animal collections to finish the game (making sure not to use any acorns elsewhere unless tied directly to an achievement). Step 3 might actually come during Step 2 if you are lucky, but I would not count on it.

Ice Age Village is not unlike Bug Village, the other freemium city-builder on Windows Phone. It will require a vast amount of time to complete if you do it without exploiting your device's time settings. It is not at all difficult, but will request a decent amount of dedication and patience. The best part is that the game is FREE and does not require real money to complete in any way.

TIME GLITCH DETAILED: The game allows you to exploit the time settings on your device to make the game easier and quicker to progress. Load up the game, then head back to the start screen, go to Settings>Date+Time and then turn off the automatic clock setting. Now you can set the date and time yourself. For the purposes of this glitch, it is easiest just to set your clock ahead one day at a time. After changing the clock ahead, hold down the back button and select the game again. It will take a few seconds to load back up, but when it does the game will have advanced those 24 hours. You can collect all the coins and blue stars, then repeat the process, advancing another day, then collecting the rewards. This will allow you to gather coins and XP to level up and not have to wait through the real-world time.

The most important thing during this process is to not unlock any achievements when you are altering the time. If you do, it is almost a certainty they will not stick to your profile and a complete reinstall may be required to obtain them. Make note of all of the achievements and be certain not the unlock them. Personally, I waited until I had the miscellaneous achievements out of the way, and only had the leveling and collection achievements left before beginning the time glitch. With that said, be especially careful of the level 10,20,30,40 and 50 achievements. You can reach the level, but when the screen the pops up saying "Level 30" or whatever it may be, immediately head into your time settings from that screen and change the clock to the current date and return it to automatic. Then load back into the game and proceed to the next screen. This will unlock the achievement as normal.

Another important aspect of the time glitch is to make sure you have the Kung Fu Scrat mini-game deployed in your village and to collect the free silver coin each day you step forward. As mentioned below, these silver coins are key to completing the game, as you can use them to play the Kung Fu game to earn free acorns (by luck of the spin after the game).

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

For Beginners Only10
For Beginners Only  (1) 

Collections are groups of similar animals that consist of two to four species in total, which you must get four of in your village (i.e. two adults and two babies) to complete that family. Once you have gotten four of each animal in the collection, it is complete. Collections are like goals in the sense that when you complete them you are awarded coins, acorns, and XP. Some animals will not unlock until your reach a specific level, and therefore cannot be purchased until you progress further into the game. Most animals can be bought with coins, but many of them do require the ever-rare acorns for purchasing. In total, you will need 1,680 acorns to complete all of the collections, so start saving right from the start. See the "General Tips" section at the beginning of the guide for tips on earning acorns.

This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Sloth (Level 1) - 4,000 coins (1,000x4)
  2. Beaver (Level 2) - 8,000 coins (2,000x4)
  3. Beaky Birdie (Level 3) - 12,000 coins (3,000x4)
Om Nom Nom!10
Om Nom Nom!  (1) 

This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Beaver (Level 2) - 8,000 coins (2,000x4)
  2. Possum (Level 8) - 60,000 coins (15,000x4)
  3. Weasel (No level requirement) - 240 acorns (60x4)

See "For Beginners Only" for more information on collections.

Big Hearts10
Big Hearts  (1) 

This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Orange Bird (Level 5) - 20,000 coins (5,000x4)
  2. Ermine (Level 21) - 800,000 coins (200,000x4)
  3. Hedgehog (Level 15) - 440,000 coins (110,000x4)

See "For Beginners Only" for more information on collections.

Expert Slasher10
Expert Slasher  (1) 

Early on in the game, the tutorial will force you to build the Kung Fu scrat mini-game area. This is a location in your village that you can play a mini-game, which is not unlike Fruit Ninja. Piranhas will repeatedly jump out of the water towards Scrat. You must swipe the screen to help Scrat kill them before they reach the frightened squirrel. You must also avoid swiping the explosive puffer fish which often appear as well. Scrat has three lives until you lose the game. This is very simple to win at. Click on the game area, then play practice mode three times in a row WITHOUT exiting the game. After winning, hit "Continue" and then select and play practice mode. After your third win in a row, the achievement will unlock. Thanks to Grantbear for this information!


This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Armadillo (Level 7) - 44,000 coins (11,000x4)
  2. Bonycap (Level 27) - 1,200,000 coins (300,000x4)
  3. Sneaky (Level 11) - 200,000 coins (50,000x4)

See "For Beginners Only" for more information on collections.

The Bigger They Are10
The Bigger They Are  

This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Mammoth (Level 6) - 32,000 coins (8,000x4)
  2. Grizzly Bear (Level 30) - 1,440,000 coins (360,000x4)
  3. Gravelbeast (???) - 440 acorns (110x4)
  4. Hippophant (Level 14) - 380,000 coins (95,000x4)

See "For Beginners Only" for more information on collections.

Tweet Tweet!10
Tweet Tweet!  (1) 

This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Orange Bird (Level 5) - 20,000 coins (5,000x4)
  2. Diving Bird (Level 20) - 740,000 coins (185,000 x4)
  3. Beaky Birdie (Level 3) - 12,000 coins (3,000x4)

See "For Beginners Only" for more information on collections.

The Stars of the Show10
The Stars of the Show  (1) 

This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Sloth (Level 1) - 4,000 (1,000x4)
  2. Mammoth (Level 6) - 32,000 coins (8,000x4)
  3. Possum (Level 8) - 60,000 coins (15,000x4)

See "For Beginners Only" for more information on collections.

Most Famous10
Most Famous  

Your Village Status is shown in the top right corner of the screen as yellow stars and is a combination of four categories:

  1. Animal Families - A measure of how many complete families you have made.
  2. Fun Buildings - A measure of how many fun buildings you have in your village (anything found under Fun Stuff in the Shop)
  3. Friends - A measure of how many hearts you have obtained. Get hearts by clicking the heart button to like another player's village. This must be done for consecutive days to advance to the next star. 1 day for 1 star, 2 more days for 2 stars, 3 more days for 3 stars, 4 more days for 4 stars, 5 more days for 5 stars. If you miss a day, your progress towards the next star will be reset and must be redone.
  4. Village Size - A measure of how large your village is for your current level. Purchase more land expansions.

To unlock this achievement, you must get your village up to 5 stars overall (it starts at 1 star, but will quickly grow) by getting all categories to 5 stars. Just work towards the ones that you do not have 5 stars in. Most of them will be very simple and come quick. However, the friends category will take a long time, especially given the flakiness of the Gameloft servers. See THIS thread for other players looking to make friends. However, you do not need any friends as you can repeatedly like random villages.

NOTE FOR TIME GLITCHERS: Be careful when time glitch, as the online nature of this achievement makes it tricky to earn when exploiting the time. Be sure to follow the instructions below. This should be your main focus early in the game. See the advice below from StarsRPD.

"If you time skip you can avoid the 0 stars by going one day at a time (liking a random village not scrats) When you get 5 stars in everything except Fun buildings: auto clock and place a fun building for the 5 stars overall. If you get 0 stars delete the random village and make a new random village friend. Auto clock and start over at 0 stars then next day its 1 star etc.

Example of getting 0 stars: Current date: May 29 or above. Change to: May 1. (Don't do this lol)
Going from 0-5 or 1-5 stars: May: 29,30,31 June: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. If you mess up one day (and go one star down), continue a few more days."

Dashing Dashers10
Dashing Dashers  

This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Gazelle (Level 26) - 1,120,000 coins (280,000x4)
  2. Reindeer (Level 25) - 1,040,000 coins (260,000x4)
  3. Leopard (???) - 480 acorns (120x4)

See "For Beginners Only" for more information on collections.

Survival of the Fittest10
Survival of the Fittest  

This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Mammoth (Level 8) - 32,000 coins (8,000x4)
  2. Brown Mammoth (???) - 320 acorns (80x4)

See "For Beginners Only" for more information on collections.

Rule the Roost!10
Rule the Roost!  (1) 

Land expansions can be purchased by tapping open land that is adjacent to your village. Expansions can either be purchased with coins or acorns, but do not waste acorns on them. The prices of each subsequent expansion increase drastically. In total, this will cost around 800,000 coins. After you purchase your 7th expansion, the achievement will unlock.

Outta the Way!10
Outta the Way!  

This collection requires that you complete the families of:

  1. Rhino (???) - 200 acorns (50x4)
  2. Musk Ox (Level 28) - 1,280,000 coins (320,000x4)
  3. Mammoth (Level 6) - 32,000 coins (8,000x4)
  4. Hippophant (Level 14) - 380,000 coins (95,000x4)

See "For Beginners Only" for more information on collections.

I'm the Richest10
I'm the Richest  (1) 

Decorative items are those found under "Decoration" in the Shop. These items provide boosts to coin and XP payouts for the animals and structures they are near. You need to spend a cumulative total of 30,000 coins on decorative items in the game.

Caretaker  (1) 

See "The Bestest of the Best."

Community Organizer6
Community Organizer  (5) 

See "The Bestest of the Best."

The Mayor7
The Mayor  

See "The Bestest of the Best."

The Gov8
The Gov  

See "The Bestest of the Best."

The President12
The President  

See "The Bestest of the Best."

The Bestest of the Best!22
The Bestest of the Best!  

Leveling up is done by earning blue stars, which are essentially XP. Blue stars are awarded by doing three things:

  1. Feeding your animals - Animals in your village have a countdown timer that goes until the animals give you coins. After collecting coins, the animals will have an apple symbol above their head which means you need to feed them. After feeding them, a blue star will pop out and you can tap it to gather the XP.
  2. Completing goals - While playing through the game, the main character animals will have little bubbles above their head which means they have a new goal for you. Click the animal to activate the goal. Goals consist of such things as feeding a specific animal type a given number of times, saving a certain amount of coins, breeding a given number of animals, etc. Once you complete a goal, you are awarded the coins and XP tied to the goal, which is shown when you accept it. Your active goals can be shown by tapping the icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
  3. Finishing collections - Collections are groups of similar animals which you must house in your village and complete the family of. Completing a collection requires that you get four of each animal in your village (mom, dad, and two kids). You will earn the coin, XP, and acorn reward shown in the collection screen.

These achievements will come naturally as you progress through the game to level 50, as many of the other achievements require you reach a certain rank to unlock specific animals for your village.

NOTE: If using the time-changing glitch on your device, be certain to obtain these achievements while set to the correct date, or else you risk having them glitch and never stick to your profile. It is suggested you stop using the time glitch when you reach level 4,9,19,29,39, and 49 and level up to earn these achievements legit from that point.

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