ilomilo Achievement Guide
Guide By: DropDeadArtemus & Corrupt x360a
There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 4 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (1 for co-op)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: A second controller for local co-op.

- Is there DLC?: Yes

  • Autumn Tale

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10 with guide, 3/10 without
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 1-3 hours with guide, 3-6 without
- Glitched achievements: None

ilomilo is a fun little puzzle game that requires you to reunite ilo and milo. You control ilo and milo one character at a time. You will need to use ilo to assist milo and vice versa.

Step 1:
Start off by obtaining "The Musician" by following along with the song from the main menu. Once you complete that, press , , , to bring up ilomilo shuffle. Try to score 500 points to obtain "The Shuffler".

Step 2:
Most of the achievements will be obtained here. Completion related achievements will come with natural progression. Try to pick up all your safkas on this playthrough. They will unlock the bonus levels, which must be completed for "The Hunter". Collecting all the safkas in a single level will also net you "One Of Each". Complete the tutorial to acquire "The Student". Completing level 1 of the tutorial will also net you "Meet Up". Be sure to trap the Nabber during the first level of Chapter 3 for "You're In The Way". After completing all the levels, you will have gotten "Anyone For Tea?", "Halfway There", "Smelly Jelly" and "Finally Together".

Step 3:
Play through the levels in co-op to find the 10 floating eggs for "The Egg Hunters".

This is a very relaxing (if not stressful at times) arcade puzzler. Just take your time in figuring out how to get all the safkas, records, and photos. Enjoy!

DLC: Autumn Tale

Welcome to the guide and roadmap for the Autumn Tale DLC for ilomilo. This DLC contains 25 new levels (18 regular, 6 bonus and a finale) of strange-but-fun button pressing, block moving and general quirkiness. All achievements are pretty straightforward and shouldn't pose you too many problems if you already have the main game finished.

Step 1
Just play through them game, making sure you pick up all of the Safkas on the regular levels. Collecting these will unlock the bonus levels. Try to plan two or three steps ahead and you will have no problems. If you want to make this go quicker, there are a few guides including video guides available. Refer to the achievement guide for links. Upon completing your final bonus level you will receive "I want to hear more!", and upon completing the finale you will unlock "Together again".

Step 2

You will need a second controller to play the co-op mode. You will see a fly on the screen, this is controlled by the controller not currently in play. All you need to do is click on the hidden eggs with this fly. The eggs can be found on the following levels:

Episode 1: Leaf Pillow, Loving Trees
Episode 2: Forest Trail, New Beginning, Blowing Curtains

You have access to all levels in each chapter, but will need to complete any 6 levels in chapter 1 to unlock chapter 2. Once you have all 5 you will unlock "Master egg hunters".


Autumn Tale is a great DLC in terms of extra content, adding 50% more levels to the original game. The achievements are simple so nothing should give you any trouble. Although you probably still won't know what the story is all about!

x360a would like to thank DropDeadArtemus for this Road Map.

x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for the Autumn Tale DLC Addition.

Anyone For Tea?20
Get to chapter 2 

Refer to the Smelly Jelly achievement for more information.

Halfway There15
Get to chapter 3 

Refer to the Smelly Jelly achievement for more information.

Smelly Jelly15
Get to chapter 4 

In order to advance through the game, you must complete enough levels in the current chapter to unlock the next. Once you have completed enough levels, just move ilo and milo over the right arrow and press .

The achievement will unlock once you are at the level select for the new chapter.

Finally Together20
Complete the game 

ilomilo is composed of 4 chapters plus a tutorial chapter. Each chapter contains levels that must be completed by reuniting ilo and milo. Once you complete enough levels in one chapter, you can move on to the next. Just complete all 4 chapters.

Meet Up20
Completed a level 

In order to complete a level, you must reunite ilo and milo. You can control one at a time and switch between them with . Just work your way through the obstacles and use one character to help the other.

The achievement unlocks once ilo and milo are reunited.

The Student20
Complete the tutorial 

From the main menu, select single player and then first adventure. The tutorial is titled "Prologue" and contains four levels. Complete all 4 levels.

This achievement will unlock once you complete the 4th tutorial level.

The Hunter20
Complete all bonus levels 

There are 3 bonus levels in each chapter for a total of 12 bonus levels. The bonus levels are unlocked when you find all the safkas in each level in a given chapter. Each color safka unlocks a different bonus level. Just complete all bonus levels.

This achievement will unlock once you complete all 12 bonus levels.

One Of Each20
Collect one safka of each color (1) 

All you need to do is collect 3 different color safkas in one level. Safkas are tiny creatures that lay hidden in the levels. Simply walk over them to collect them.

This achievement will unlock once you collect 3 safka in one level and complete the level.

The Egg Hunters10
Help find all 10 floating eggs with the fly while playing cooperatively (5) 

The floating eggs can be found in local multiplayer. One player will control ilo and milo, while the other player is a fly on the screen. As the second player, move the fly over the egg shaped clouds and shoot them with . Here is a video with the egg locations:

The Musician20
Play the solo instrument to the music theme in the main menu (24) 

This is a rather quirky achievement. It requires you to play along with the song playing at the main menu. From the main menu, move your  down with the music. You will begin with the cursor over single player. You want to play along with what I'm guessing is some sort of string instrument. You can easily tell the difference between the background music and the notes you must play.

This video will show you what must be done.

The Shuffler10
Get a score of 500 points or more in the ilomilo shuffle minigame (13) 

This is the most difficult achievement in the game due to the fact that there is no "sure-fire" method of completing it. ilomilo shuffle is a minigame that puts you in control of ilo and milo simultaneously. You control them both using the  or D-Pad. The object is to keep ilo and milo on the screen without having them fall through the floor. You get points for collecting pick-ups along the way. Photographs are worth 1 point, Green safkas are woth 10 points, Dark Blue safkas are worth 30 points, and Light Blue safkas are worth 50 points. Maneuver ilo and milo around to collect the pick-ups and increase your score.

The following are some ideal tips to attain the achievement;

  • Let the green and blue puppet sit until you get a light blue puppet" is solid for sure.
  • Try to keep both Ilo and Milo together at all times. Try not to let them get separated ever. If they do, take it nice and slow and work on getting them back together. If separated, don't get tempted to run after a puppet, photos, etc. I almost always got screwed doing this. If separated, your only priority is getting them back together.
  • Having them side by side is better than having them stacked one on top of the other. It seems that the arrows go RIGHT, RIGHT or LEFT, LEFT more often than UP, UP or DOWN, DOWN.
  • Things speed up based on time. Not based on how many points you have. Try to do your best at the start. Run around like crazy eating up as many photos as you can so you can populate those puppets as quickly as possible.
  • Once the board starts moving pretty fast, the strategy of letting the green and blue puppet sit for your light blue no longer applies. Once the board speeds up, grab puppets as fast as you can. Color does not matter at this point.

This achievement will unlock as soon as you reach 500 points.

You’re In The Way10
Defeat a Nabber in the same move as you complete a level (2) 

The Nabber is a creature that will run away from you in a level. This is done easiest on the first level of Chapter 3. Instead of going into a lot of detail, here is a video of how to get this easily.

DLC: Autumn Tale
Cost: $2.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Together again10
Complete autumn tale (autumn tale)  

The DLC is just an extension of the main game. You will be using all the same blocks and plungers etc that you have been using, so just carry on playing as you were. You need to complete 6 levels on each chapter to unlock the finale.

Below is the first video in a youtube series walking through each level of the DLC, inlcuding all bonus levels. Each video contains three levels and will also show you how to get all Safkas to unlock the bonus levels.

I want to hear more!20
Complete all bonus levels (autumn tale) (3) 

See "Together Again"

Master egg hunters20
Point on all the 5 floating eggs with the fly while playing cooperatively (autumn tale) (3) 

You will need a second controller for this
You will see a fly on the screen, this is controlled by the controller not currently in play use this to click on the eggs. When clicked on, they will animate and make a strange noise. Once you have clicked on each egg, you can quit the level. You will know that you have it as a little egg logo will appear on top of the level icon in the level select screen.

Eggs can be found on:

Episode 1: Leaf Pillow, Loving Trees
Episode 2: Forest Trail, New Beginning, Blowing Curtains

You will need to complete any 6 levels on episode 1 to get to episode 2. Once you click on the fifth egg, this will unlock.

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