Infernal: Hell's Vengeance

Infernal: Hell's Vengeance Achievement Guide

Guide By: Marcus issavage
There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

The Easy Way100
Complete game in easy difficulty 
Complete the game on easy, story related.

Achievements do not stack.
The Normal Way150
Complete game in medium difficulty 
Complete the game on medium, story related.

Achievements do not stack.
The Infernal Way200
Complete game in hard difficulty (3) 
Complete the game on hard, story related.

Achievements do not stack. Unlike most games this isn't that hard but it's not that easy.

It's a good idea to save every couple minutes or so, and get energy from the enemies you kill as often as possible.
Infernal Power10
Obtain Infernal power 
You will get this on the first Mission, after the prologue. Hold both , and to charge it, and then release to fire the Infernal power.
Obtain Teleportation power 
You will get this on the first mission close to the end. This is kind of tricky to use. You first press which puts a timer in front of you. You then press to get into Teleportation mode.
Multiple Teleportation10
Obtain multiple Teleportation power 
You will get this at the beginning of the third mission. See "Teleportation" for instructions on how to use this ability.
Mana Booster30
Find 3 mana boosters to increase your mana (2) 
You will find these dotted around the levels, press to be able to see them. There currently isn't a guide for their locations keep your eyes on the sky and check every new location you enter.
Health Booster30
Find 3 health boosters to increase your health (1) 
These are found in the same was as "mana Booster" press to make them visible. There currently isn't a guide for their locations either. Check every new location you enter by pressing .
Complete Prologue 
This is a story related achievement.
The Dark Angel20
Join the Abyss (1) 
This is a story related achievement.
The Cloister20
Get inside the cloister 
This is a story related achievement.
Cable Ride20
Get to the upper cloister 
This is story related, you will unlock this once you beat the mini-boss. To beat the boss you need to destroy the 3 lights which give the boss it's shield. Once you have taken out his shield use your infernal power to finish him off.
The Acolytes20
Survive the upper cloister 
This will unlock once you beat the second mini-boss following the "Cable Ride" achievement. This boss will send a wave of 2-3 enemies at you, kill the enemies and start attacking the boss once you have killed all the "Acolytes". The boss will take around 5-7 infernal attacks before you defeat him.
Walls of Pain20
Complete mission 1 
This is story related, this will unlock once you complete mission one. At the end of the mission you will need to defeat two guys on turrets and a few guards. You need to get inside the building and use your infernal power on a box of explosives to destroy the building.
The Chase20
Find Elena 
This is story related, You will find the rocket launcher and lava gun on this level also. This part can be annoying as there are so many people to kill.
Defeat Elena 
This is story related, you will encounter her after "The Chase", Just progress though and the achievement will unlock once you kill "Elena".
Going Down20
Find Wolf's lab 
This is story related, just progress through the level like you have done for all the previous achievements. This will unlock once you get to the appropriate part.
Heaven's Triumph20
Complete mission 2 
Story related, this part will happen right after you get the "Going Down" achievement. You will need to fight a boss which can be a little tricky and may take you a few attempts.

Once you start the battle the boss will spawn zombies which are easy enough to kill with a single headshot from any weapon. Take them out and start shooting at the big orange cylinders on his machine. Use your infernal power by pressing to fully destroy the cylinders. You will be able to collect mana from the zombies. After the cut scene use your levitation to pull the balls out of orbit. After the second cut scene you need to teleport around the boss to get behind him. Shoot the canisters on his back until he dies.
Enter the Steelworks 
Story related, this is first part of Mission 3. There are no boss battles, just go through the level and kill the enemies. You will get a sniper rifle during this part, which will come in handy later on in the mission.
Running Man20
Complete mission 3 
Story related, there is a little mini boss fight where you have to kill a crane looking thing with a weird mini-gun. Closer to the end you will have to exit the steel mill which is timed.
Wings of Steel20
Find the plane 
Story related, again nothing big here, just more running around killing enemies.
Find the device in the plane 
No big bosses on this part, the airplane can be tricky so make sure you use the infernal vision by pressing a lot to see the gas traps on the floor.
The Resurrection20
Find Barbara 
Story related, you will encounter a mini-boss, It is a giant Mech-thing. You will have to fight 3 in total. Just shoot the red barrels that are scattered around during the fight. You also loose your powers at one point during this level, but you will get them back by the end.
Complete mission 4 
Story related, nothing too hard during the mission, but at the end you will have to fight the Commander in a helicopter. You should be able to find an RPG, and there is plenty of ammo scattered around the battlefield.
The Island20
Find the Observatory 
You will be with Barbara on parts of the mission. You will also encounter a new kind of enemy, they carry a Heavy Beam Gun. The enemies are not much harder to kill but they float down so it can be a little difficult.
The Saint20
Complete Mission 5 
Story related, this is relatively short but really annoying since there are so many enemies that you have to deal with. There are also two boss battles at the end.

The first boss is Carlos, he is easier than the second boss Black. To defeat Carlos you have to destroy the generators surrounding the battle field using your infernal power.

Shoot him until he's on his knees, then activate the yellow terminal. After that run up the ramp you came down on, opposite the door is a newly opened door that takes you onto a catwalk going towards the center of the arena to a machine. Run up to it and activate the panel, do this three times. Each time,the machine rises higher and higher. Once you're done Lucius will die.
The Cowboy Way20
Find Dual Pistol 
Can be easily missed. On the second mission close to the beginning, After killing the guys on the mini-gun, go up the stairs and kill who ever is left. Head across the Bridge upon which the two enemies you killed earlier were and go downstairs. open the wall locker and you will get the dual pistols. You can also get it on the third and fourth mission.
Fire Away20
Fire rocket launcher 20 times (1) 
You will find the rocket launcher on the second level. Once you have it make a save then kill enemies until you run out of ammo. Once you run out reload your save and repeat this process.
The Dark Force20
Use infernal powers 100 times (1) 
You will get this power on the first mission. Hold both and to charge up, and then release to use it. Do it 100 times. On enemies or Items.
Don't activate the gas traps in the plane 
Once you get to the plane use your infernal vision to spot square traps on the floor by pressing . You need to stay away from the blue squares as they are the traps. Roll over them to avoid them, there are only two rooms like this. If you activate the gas traps you must re-load a save, you cannot click try again.
The Collector20
Retrieve energy from 100 enemies (1) 
Again you will get this power on the first mission. Go over to a dead body and hold to pick up health along with their weapons. Ammo and health are fairly scarce in the game so picking up the enemies weapons and health can save your life. This achievement is obtainable but glitchy.

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US July 01, 2009
Europe August 28, 2009

ESRB: Mature
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