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Guide By: lucas1987
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

10+ Ball Streak5
Pot 10 or more balls in succession.    

Start up an Inferno Pool match and make sure you set the A.I. Players to 0 so you're playing by yourself. Set the shot helper to Novice and color to Blue (any color will work but some make it harder to see your balls and shots.) There are two different views of the table also, the top view and the first person view. For long shots use the top view and for short shots, use the first person view. changes the view. To make a shot, you just pull back on the and flick it forward. Make 10 balls in a row for the achievement. See also Last Over 5 Minutes.

Last Over 3 Minutes5
Last for 3 or more minutes in Inferno Pool endurance mode.   

See Last Over 5 Minutes.

Last Over 5 Minutes25
Last for 5 or more minutes in Inferno Pool endurance mode.   

This is the hardest achievement in the game. When you're playing Endurance Mode, balls will keep being added to the table until the limit of 24 balls is reached. You're goal is to clear them off faster than they're appearing. My biggest tip for this is to never miss a shot. Always flick the forward without pulling it back first. That way the cue ball stops quicker. If you don't miss a shot, your meter in the bottom right hand side will fill up with fire, letting you enter a mode called 'Inferno Mode.' This turns the screen dark and if you make a shot, it will clear off two balls, not just one. Try and make as many as you can quickly because that mode doesn't last long. Try and get two 'Inferno Modes' in a game, possibly 3 if you can.

The best method I found was switching from first person view to top view almost every shot. As soon as you shoot and make a ball, while in first person view you can set up your camera for your next shot while the cue ball is still moving. If its a long shot, switch right back out to top view and it'll almost be lined up for you. The other big tip is to use to line up your shots easier without over doing it.

Hint: If you're really good at making trick shots, then do that to fill up your Inferno meter. The more Inferno modes you enter, the better chance you have at this.

Inferno Pool Ranked Victory5
Win an online ranked match of Inferno Pool.   

Surprisingly, even the first day of playing this, there were only a couple people playing. You might have to grab a friend to help you. Just start up a ranked match of Inferno Pool and win.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find someone to get this achievement with.

Jump Shot15
Successfully pocket a ball after jumping over another ball.    

This is very tricky to get used to. First, you need a ball near a pocket, then you need another ball maybe 1 or 2 feet away from it. If you've got that set up, go ahead and scratch (put your cue ball in a pocket). Then you can click in the and place your cue ball anywhere you'd like. To make it so you can jump over the ball and hit the ball that is closest to the hole, place the ball 2 feet away from the ball that isn't right next to the hole. To jump, you need to hold and hold up on the . When you've put it all the way up, pull the back and then flick it forward. It will then jump off the table and land on the other side, hopefully hitting the ball into the pocket. Sometimes it might be easier to pull the back twice. Doing this twice will add power to your shot, letting your ball jump further.

Ultimate Combo Shot15
Score over 1000 from a single Combo Shot.    

A combo is achieved by hitting one ball into another ball, making that 2nd ball go in the pocket. If you see a combo, just scratch and put the cue ball where you think to help with this. To get 1000 points, you might have to add a little trick to it, maybe bouncing the cue ball off a rail first before hitting the ball or maybe bounce a ball off the rail, hitting another ball in.

Ultimate Bank Shot15
Score over 1000 from a single Bank Shot.    

To get a bank shot, you must hit a ball into a rail, and then that ball bounces off and goes into a pocket. The easiest way to get the 1000 is by hitting the bottom rail, causing the ball to go into one of the top two pockets or hitting the top rail, making it go into one of the bottom two pockets. The farther the ball travels, the more points you will get. See also Legendary Skill Shot.

Ultimate Kick Shot15
Score over 1000 from a single Kick Shot.    

A kick shot is very similar to the Bank Shot, but this time you must hit your cue ball (white ball) into the rail before you hit any of the balls. You must hit the rail, making it 'kick' back and hit a ball into a pocket. This is one of the harder shots to make in the game. Just make sure your Aiming Level is set to 'Novice'. Again, the farther you shoot it, the more points you will get. You could even kick your ball off two rails before you hit a ball, but that is not a very easy task.

Hint: The game is very touchy with this one. Sometimes you will make it and it will not say anything or sometimes it even says bank shot. Just keep trying till you hit it.

All Bases Covered15
All players complete every skill shot in a 3 minute, multiplayer Inferno Pool match.   

Another difficult achievement. You must be playing an online match for this one, and make sure you're only playing with one other person. Set up a player match with a 3 minute time limit. So for this, each player in the game must make at least one of each skill shot. There are 4 of them: Jump Shot, Combo, Bank Shot, and Kick Shot. The game will only recognize half of your shots which is why this is such a hard achievement.

Off the break, the first shot you should set up is the Jump Shot. As soon as you break, scratch your cue ball. This lets you place it anywhere you want to help with your jump shot. When you make it, scratch again so you can place it somewhere to hit your Combo Shot. After you get those 2, just try and find places to hit your Bank and Kick shots. This will take some time to get because both players have to get all 4 trick shots in the same game.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find someone to get this achievement with.

Group Effort25
In a 3 minute Inferno Pool match, each player must achieve a high skill shot rating of over 2000.   

Set up a 3 minute Inferno match and just keeping shooting trick shots. You can do any kind of trick shot you want to but the harder the shot, the more points you will get. My shot for this was a Jump shot into a Combo. Another really good shot is to have your cue ball bank off a couple rails and hitting a ball in. Just find a skill shot you're good at and try and add variety to it. If both of you score more than 2000 on a single shot, at the end of the game, you'll have your achievement.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find someone to get this achievement with.

Online Whitewash25
Clear your table in an online 3 minute Inferno Pool ranked match.   

You should get this at the same time as Inferno Pool Ranked Victory. Just have your opponent not make any shots so they won't add balls to your table. Keep making shots until there are no balls left. When you make the last ball, game over and achievement unlocked.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find someone to get this achievement with.

Legendary Skill Shot35
Score over 5000 from any single shot.    

Go for this one last because its possible that you might accidentally get this by normal play. I scored 8k from doing a jump shot, causing a bank shot to occur at the same time. Then I scored 15k from trying a bank shot but accidentally bounced it back and forth 4 times. When the ball went in the pocket, it gave me bank shot, and a lot of skill points. Just try for a crazy shot, and eventually you will get this.

Here's an example of a big trick shot:

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