Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us Achievement Guide

Guide By: bs000 & TheBiggD
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 
- Offline: 41/50 (910/1000)
- Online: 9/50 (90/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: ~75 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Story Mode, 43 Battles, 240 S.T.A.R. Lab Missions and 200+ Online Matches.
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Scond controller (optional) and Turbo controller recommended for "The Hero We Deserve."

NetherRealm Studios offers fighting genre fans and DC comic fans alike a fantastic one-on-one fighting game similar to their Mortal Kombat 9 title from 2011. There are a total of 24 characters within this game that are split between 12 heroes and 12 villains. Each character possesses unique character traits that enhance gameplay for a temporary amount of time and also have "Super Moves" which act similar to Mortal Kombat's X-Ray attacks. Lastly, Injustice: Gods Among Us offers multiple game modes for players to test out their skills. These modes consist of the enticing Story Mode, the new and entertaining Battle Mode (similar to Arcade Ladder), S.T.A.R. Lab Missions which offer great gameplay in the form of 240 challenges, and the Online Versus Mode. There are a total of 50 achievements that will have you trying out all the game modes and all the characters. Be prepared for a lengthy completion as you work towards leveling up, completing all the S.T.A.R. Lab Missions and performing every character's Super Move attack!

This guide will use the default control scheme. Any time left/right directional inputs are used, assume that your character is on the left side of the screen, and reverse them when you are on the right.

Default Controls:
Jump - 
Down - 
Move Backward (from left side) - 
Move Forward (from left side) - 
Dash Backward (from left side) - 
Dash Forward (from left side) - 
Light Hit - 
Medium Hit - 
Hard Hit - 
Character Trait - 
Interact with Environment - 
Grab & Throw - 
Flip Stance - 
Meter Burn - 
Supermove -  +  (hold simultaneously)

What to Expect: 
The majority of achievements will come fairly easily. Many can be done in the games practice mode, or in versus with a second controller. Online multiplayer achievements can be boosted and you only need to win a handful of matches. "World's Finest" and "The Hero We Deserve" are the two most time consuming achievements, and are what make this a 100+ hour game. These two achievements require you to reach 100% completion in S.T.A.R. lab missions, and reach level 100. They require a very significant amount of time compared to the rest of the game. 

Aside from that, "Ultimate Battler" and "World's Finest" will likely be the most difficult achievements to unlock. You'll have to complete Battle Mode for Ultimate Battler. "The Max" and "Impossible" battles are probably where you may have trouble due to inability to change difficulty or use continues. Some of the objectives in S.T.A.R lab missions for "World's Finest" can be tricky too. Don't sweat them too much though. There are some good discussions in the forums about some easier ways to tackle some of the harder objectives. In the end, I think it's simply a matter of persistence.

Step 1: Practice Mode, Tutorial, and Player Card - 55:
Begin the game by completing the Tutorial from Main Menu. This will unlock "Learning is Fun." Upon completion, enter Practice Mode both offline and online with a friend on your friend's list to obtain "Practice Makes Perfect" and "Buddy System." Lastly, you'll want to access your Hero Card from the Main Menu and edit the background, portrait, and icon in order to unlock "I Can Back It Up," "Looking Good," and "Iconic Representation." Don't forget to view your own Hero Card after customizing it so that you can get "Statistical Advantage" as well!

Step 2: Story Mode - 170:
Begin the Story Mode in order to acquaint yourself with all the characters and learn the Arenas. "Almost There" and "Justice for All" cannot be missed and as they will unlock for completing 50% and 100% of the story. During the story, you will encounter short button mashing mini-games for each character. By the time you complete the final mini-game, you will unlock "Mini Master." After each fight, you will gain XP and be rewarded Access Cards and Armory Keys. When you reach Level 10, you will unlock "Sidekick" and should have enough Cards and Keys to unlock plenty of items and costumes in the Archives. Purchasing your first costume will unlock "Cosplay." You should also take what you learned in the Tutorial about Super Moves, Clashes, and stage transitions to unlock "Unstoppable Force," "Wrecking Ball," and "FINISHED" before finishing the story.

Step 3: Battle Mode - 85:
Now that you are familiar with almost all of the characters, you can enter Battle Mode and complete your first Classic Battle with the character of your choosing. This will unlock "Rise to the Top." You must continue to work on Classic Battle with all other 23 characters for "Top Rung." Completing all 20 different battles in this mode will prove to be difficult and time consuming, but you will be rewarded in the end by unlocking "Ultimate Battler."

Step 4: S.T.A.R. Lab Missions - 155:
The majority of your time on this game will be spent in this mode. Many of the Missions will be extremely difficult and luck-based but you can always come back to them if you need to take a break. "It Has Begun" and "Overachiever" task you with completing your first Mission and 3-Starring a single mission. This can easily be done on the first Mission available. If you manage to score 100 Stars total, you will unlock "All Star." Furthermore, once you complete all 240 Missions, regardless of Star ratings, you will unlock "I Conquered All." If you do manage to 3-Star every single Mission, you will unlock "World's Finest."

Step 5: Online Versus (Private Maches) - 70:
A majority of the online achievements can easily be done on your own with a second controller, or in a Private match (KoTH, Survivor, 1v1) with a friend. The achievements require little skill and little time. By completing your first online match of any game mode, you will unlock "Beginner's Luck." While playing King of the Hill, you must vote for who you think will win the match and defeat the King in order to obtain "I Voted!and "Overthrown." Likewise, in Survivor Mode, you must defeat a Survivor to obtain "Streak Ender." "Breaking Records" and "Over The Top" will unlock once you win 100 online matches and complete 200 online matches. Lastly, for "Only a Real Master," you must win an online match by making a comeback when you are below 10% health.

Step 6: Online Versus (Ranked Matches) - 20:
In order to unlock "Lucky Break" and "Holy Knockout Batman!," you will need to win a total of 10 Ranked Online Multiplayer matches. These achievements may be difficult, but the wins do not need to be consecutive.

Step 7: Miscellaneous - 175:
These achievements can be done privately with a friend, or in Solo Practice Mode. "Throwdown," "Groundbreaking," and "Go Sit in the Corner" can all be unlocked in one match by performing 8 throws, using all interactable objects in the Arena, and winning the match with a timeout. "Heavy Hitter" tasks you with performing a 10 hit combo with all 24 characters but can easily be in Practice Mode. "Around the World and Tourist" will unlock once you have performed all stage transitions in the game. "Superhuman!," "Metahuman," and "Feel the Burn!" require you to perform every characters Super Move, Special Move, and Meter Burn moves. After using every interactable object in the game, you will unlock "Around and Around We Go." Lastly, "True Marskmen," "Perfect Aim," "The Caped Crusader," and "Arkham City Lockdown" are all character specific achievements. They all require you to win the match; using Green Arrow's arrow moves only, never missing a shot with Deathstroke, performing all of Batman's Special Moves, and defeating all 12 villains with Batman.

Step 8: Milestone Achievements - 270:
These will be the last achievements you unlock due to the amount of time you must put into the game. Reaching Level 100 will net "The Hero We Deserve." Buying all 24 costumes in the Archives will unlock "Gonna Need More Closet Space," while "Hoarder" is obtainable after buying everything in the Archives. One of the easier milestone achievements is "Bull in a Chinashop" and will most likely unlock during the Story Mode or Battle Mode. For this achievement, you will need to cause maximum damage to the environment of every stage in all 15 Arenas. 

Overall, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a pleasant and entertaining fighting game that will keep you interested in its countless modes and great character roster for quite some time. Compared to other fighting games, Injustice offers simple controls and a great tutorial and Practice Mode to help the average player sharpen their skills as they attempt to tackle the Story Mode, compete among others online, and overcome countless waves of enemies and challenges in Battle Mode and in the S.T.A.R. Lab Missions. In order to fully obtain all the achievements, you will need to invest A LOT of time into this game. While none of the achievements are particularly difficult, they are extremely time. Once you complete the game, bask in glory of your 1000! You deserve it! Superman would be proud! Or would The Joker? I don't know!?!

[x360a would like to thank bs000 & The BiggD for this Roadmap]

Top Rung25
Complete Classic Battle with all characters   (12) 

Classic Battle is reminiscent of arcade fighting games where you simply fight through a series of characters and at the end, there's even separate arcade style endings for every character.

From the main menu select Single Player -> Battles and select Classic. Select a character and choose 'Very Easy' difficulty to make it fast and easy. There are 10 opponents which won't offer much resistance on the easiest difficulty. If you ever lose a match, you can hit retry and resume where you left off. 

Check which characters you've already completed this on by going to the Archives and viewing the Characters section. Characters you've completed this on will have their classic battle ending unlocked and viewable here.

You will also unlock "Rise to the Top" after completing Classic Battle for the first time.

Rise to the Top10
Complete Classic Battle with any character   (1) 

See "Top Rung" for more information.

Ultimate Battler50
Complete Battle Mode   (27) 

In Battle Mode, there are a total of 20 different battles that you must completed in order to obtain this achievement. When you first enter Battle Mode, only 5 of the battles will be available to play. You can unlock the remaining battles in the Archives with Access Cards. Each battle differs under specific restraints or requirements (see list below) and will seriously test your might. The first few opponents you face each battle will be easy, but as you advance towards the top of the ladder, the AI will become stronger, faster, and smarter. 

If you happen to lose track of your completed battles, you can press  to open the Leaderboards. You will have an overall Battle score on the chart if you have already completed the Battle. If you are stuck on a certain battle, do not hesitate to try another! Unlike Classic Battle, the other 19 Battles do not allow you to choose the difficulty level. 

The Battles are as follow:

  • Classic: Defeat a series of randomly chosen heroes and villains set at your desired difficulty level.
  • Heroes Only: Can you stand against the might of the world’s most powerful héroes?
  • Villains Only: Test your skills against the most dangerous villains the universe has ever know!
  • Poisoned: Poison courses through your veins, constantly draining your health!
  • Survivor: Your Heath Meter carries over from match to match! Perform feats of exceptional skill to obtain bonus health.
  • Mirror Match: Fight as your opponent in a series of mirror matches!
  • Mystery: Each match grants a mystery buff or debuff to your fighter!
  • Fully Charged: Both you and your opponent have unlimited Super Meter, but Super Moves are disabled!
  • Combo Heaven: You must perform a combo of the required number of hits and win the match! Transitions and Super Moves are Disabled.
  • Help From Above: Your opponent’s health will be restored to full every 30 seconds!
  • Injured: Begin each match with only one quarter of your maximun health!
  • Give And Take: You and your opponent gain health on each landed attack! You must defeat your opponent before time runs out!
  • Sidekick: Two opponents per match on a single arena will push your abilities to the max!
  • Speed Run: Can you defeat all of your opponents in under 2 minutes total?
  • Random Fighter: Fight each opponent with a randomly chosen hero or villain!
  • Countdown: You must defeat each of your opponents in under 30 seconds!
  • Unstoppable: Defeat all of your opponents without losing a single match!
  • The Max: You have one chance to defeat all of your opponents at maximun difficulty!
  • Full House: Try to defeat the entire cast of Injustice!
  • Impossible!: Attempt to defeat the entire cast of Injustice with a single Health Meter!

Ultimate Battler Guide (
Ultimate Battler Achievement Discussion

Perform 8 throws and win in a multiplayer match    (5) 

This can be done in a Private Online match with a friend in any game mode. You can choose any character for this achievement.

Throws are done by pressing the throw button () or Light+Hard attack at the same time (+) when you are next to the opponent. Do this 8 times during the match and then win the match to unlock this achievement.

Use every interactable and win in a multiplayer match    (3) 

Start a versus match in multiplayer with a second controller. If you don't have a second controller, start a private match with a friend.

Each arena contains environmental objects that can be interacted with. Press the interact button when you're near one to use it ( by default). Take note of the flashing  next to your life bar. When you see this, that means you're within range to activate an interactable object.

The easiest stage to do this on is Ferris Aircraft because there are no stage transitions to worry about. There are 7 objects you need to use.

  • Far Left: Hanging jet engine (Jump to reach it)
  • Mid-left: Big red toolbox
  • Middle: Hanging Missile (Jump to reach it)
  • Mid-right: 3 gas canisters (Be sure to use all 3)
  • Far right: Rocket button

Once you've used all the interactables, finish the match to unlock the achievement.


Go Sit in the Corner10
Win a multiplayer match with a timeout    (6) 

Each match is limited to 90 seconds, as indicated by the timer between the two opponents life-bars. Each second in Injustice is equal to about 2 real seconds.

Have more health than your opponent when the timer reaches 0 to unlock this achievement. If either of you is knocked out before the timer reaches 0, the match ends and you'll have to try again.

The easiest way to do this is in a local multiplayer match with a second controller. Start the match, hit your opponent a few times and let the timer run out. If you don't have a second controller, this can also be done easily in a single battle on very easy difficulty, or against a friend online.

I Conquered All20
Beat All S.T.A.R. Lab Missions (Excluding DLC)   (6) 

All you have to do is complete all 240 Missions. It does not matter whether you obtain any stars for this achievement. 

See "World's Finest" for more information.

Win all story mode minigames   (5) 

As you play through Story Mode, you'll occasionally play what are essentially button matching quick-time-events. Win or lose, the story continues anyway. 

They don't have to be done perfectly to win, but if you happen to lose, hit , quit to menu, go back to story mode and continue to try again. If you've already completed the game, you can use chapter select to replay any of the minigames. Wait until the game auto-saves (icon in bottom corner) before quitting.

  • CHAPTER 01: BATMAN - VS Lex Luthor
  • CHAPTER 04: THE JOKER - VS Nightwing
  • CHAPTER 05: GREEN ARROW - VS Solomon Grundy
  • CHAPTER 08: BATMAN - VS Green Arrow
  • CHAPTER 12: SUPERMAN - VS Black Adam


Statistical Advantage10
View Your Hero Card   (2) 

From the Main Menu, go to Bonus Features and select Hero Card. Click "View" and the achievement should unlock right away.

Reach Level 10   

See "The Hero We Deserve."

The Hero We Deserve100
Reach Level 100   (25) 

This will be one of the most time consuming achievements in the game. After every battle, whether it is online, through Story Mode, or in Battle Mode, you will be awarded XP based off your performance in the match. You will get XP for winning the match, using certain moves, and interacting with the environment. Here is a list of some of the XP bonuses you will get naturally:

  • Win: +250 XP
  • Time Remaining: (multiply the time remaining by 2 for your XP bonus)
  • Health Remaining: +200 XP (With Perfect in Both Rounds)
  • Super Move: +200 XP x1 (Multiplies the use of Super Move x200)
  • Level Transition: +200 XP x1 (Multiplies the Transitions used x200)
  • Interactive Object: +50 XP x1 (Multiplies the Interactions used x50)
  • Environment Destruction: +250 XP OR +500 XP
  • Perfect Round/Match: +250 XP OR +500 XP
  • Challenge Completed: +1000 XP OR +5000 XP

Reaching level 50 will most likely come naturally as you work on the Story Mode, Battle Mode and online achievements, but the other 50 levels will take an incredible amount of time to grind out. You can grind out XP by boosting offline with a second controller, or by playing King of the Hill in a Private Lobby with one other friend. It's 50,796,671 XP to reach level 100. Level 90 is approximately the halfway point.

King of the Hill Method: 
During the Character Select screen, switch to Theater Mode and before the match begins, Challenges will be listed at the bottom of the screen accordingly to difficulty. Always choose the Hard Challenge(s). Fulfill the Challenge requirement and win the match FLAWLESSLY, and you will be rewarded with a generous amount of XP (5,000+). You can then switch and let your partner complete and win the next Challenge/match. Additionally, you can unlock and purchase Access Cards in the Archives to utilize their Bonus XP for a fixed amount of matches. You will need 84 Access Cards for Hoarder so use them wisely!

Offline Solo Method:
In the Main Menu, head to Gameplay Settings and turn Match Time to OFF. Set up a Local Versus match with a second controller. On your primary account, choose Batman and for the Arena, load up Atlantis. When the match begins, move Batman to the left side of the stage so he is positioned in front of the glass ball. Have your secondary controller move all the way to right so there is a maximum distance between the two characters. Now, you can simply tap  continuously to interact with the glass ball. Due to the distance between the two fighters, Batman will jump off the ball and land right in front of it, thus allowing you to repeatedly tap .

Keep in mind that you'll need to complete the match to save your progress. Match Boost XP cards can be bought to speed this up further, but it's best to limit the amount you buy because access cards are needed to earn unlockables in the Archives for the "Hoarder" achievement. You should have enough cards to buy everything by level 68, so after that you're free to buy as many XP boosts as you want. 

You can also get streak buffs from winning a couple matches in a row in online multiplayer. These will stack with XP boosts from the archives. For example, you can buy a 5x boost from the archives, then get a 2x boost from winning 3 games in a row, and earn 7x XP. The highest streak buff I've been able to unlock is 5x for winning 40 in a row, for a total of 10x XP. Streak buffs have a time limit, but you will still get the multiplier as long as the match starts before the timer ends.

Important note: You lose your XP boosts when you quit the game, so be sure to make the most of them before turning off your console.


Almost There20
Complete 50% of Story Mode    

Story related, cannot be missed. See "Justice for All."

Justice for All80
Complete 100% of Story Mode    (4) 

Story Mode is a fairly lengthy campaign, featuring all the games characters. You'll play a series of matches, with many cinematics telling the story of Injustice in between. All you have to do is play through and finish the game to unlock this achievement. 

Difficulty doesn't matter, so you can change the Story difficulty to 'Very Easy' in Gameplay Settings from the main menu and you can pretty much mash through the game. If you ever lose a fight, you can hit 'retry' and start from where you left off. Your current progress can be checked by viewing Chapter Select or your Hero Card.

You will also unlock "Almost There" at the halfway point of Story Mode.

Beginner's Luck!10
Win a single online match    (1) 

Game mode doesn't matter as long as it's online. Set up a private match with a friend if you need to, but quite a few other online achievements require you to win at least one match anyway.

Dethrone the King in an online match    (9) 

This is done in King of the Hill in online multiplayer. The winner of the match becomes King and gets to stay on to fight another opponent. Defeat the King in a match to earn this achievement. This can be boosted in a private match with a friend.

Find players in the Achievement Trading Thread and take turns being King.

I Voted!10
Vote Correctly in a KOTH match    (2) 

This can be done Privately as well but will require a total of 3 players. The person going for this achievement cannot be participating in the fight. They must be watching from the "crowd" in order to vote. 

Voting in KoTH in Injustice works differently from Mortal Kombat. Instead of voting after the match with a numbered card, you must vote during Character Selection based of the following choices:

  • King To Win The Match
  • King To Win The Match and Challenge
  • Rival To Win The Match
  • Rival To Win The Match and Challenge

Using these choices, you can select who you think will win the fight and who will complete the challenge first. The easiest way to get the achievement is to choose option one, "King To Win..." and communicate with your partners so that the King will quickly win the fight. When the fight is over, you will unlock the achievement for voting correctly. 

If you are looking for additional boosting partners, pay a visit to the Achievement Trading Thread.

Streak Ender10
Defeat a Survivor    (2) 

Survivor is an online multiplayer achievement. Survivor is winner-stays style with a twist: The winner of the match has their health at the end of a match carried over to the next match, instead of starting at full health. Completing certain challenges over the course of the match can give the Survivor a health bonus before the end of a match. Be the one to defeat the current survivor to unlock this achievement.

This achievement can be boosted in a private match. Find players in the Achievement Trading Thread.

Breaking Records10
Win 100 complete Online Matches    (17) 

See "Over The Top!"

Over The Top!10
Play 200 complete Online Matches    (36) 

If you can maintain a 50% win rate, you'll be able to unlock "Breaking Records" and "Over The Top!" at around the same time. These two achievements shouldn't be a problem if you plan on playing this game for a long time. 

If you just want the achievements with as little time and effort as possible, find a player in the Achievement Trading Thread to boost with in a private match. Take turns letting each other win over the course of 200 matches and you should be able to unlock both achievements at the same time.

When it says 'complete' matches, it appears that you do need to play through the entire match. Wins/matches from disconnects will not count towards the achievements. If you find you've reached the required number of matches and haven't unlocked the achievement, try jumping into a few more matches until it pops.

Lucky Break10
Win 1 complete Ranked match    (4) 

See "Holy Knockout Batman!"

Holy Knockout Batman!10
Win 10 complete Ranked matches    (8) 

This might be the most difficult online achievement so far, but the wins do not need to be consecutive like in Mortal Kombat, so have no fear. Also, boosting this achievement is not recommended because the chances you will find any of your boosting partners is extremely slim.

Your best bet is to work on this achievement once you are extremely comfortable with at least one character in the game. Once you have practiced with that character and can perform their moves and combos with skill, take that skill online and search for a Ranked match. Be sure to use the environment, stage transitions, clashes, and Super Moves to your advantage during the fight!

Some quick tips: Take note of what combos/moves hit low or overhead (there will be some floating text indicating what type of move is when you hit the training dummy). Low moves need to be blocked while ducking, and overheads need to be blocked standing. Many players will crouch block most of the time, and have difficulty blocking overheads. Use this to your advantage by using lots of overheads. When they catch on and start blocking high, mix it up with some low attacks to keep them guessing.

Once you think you're ready, select Multiplayer -> XBOX Live -> Ranked Match from the main menu.

The game uses TrueSkill ranking, so it will try to match you with players of similar skill. It's a good idea to get this achievement out of the way early in the games lifecycle because it's mostly going to be new players that don't know what they're doing yet. 

In Ranked matchmaking, you have no control over who you play with. You're locked into the match as soon as an opponent is found, so this may be difficult to boost. Just do your best, keep on plugging, and you'll be able to get it eventually, especially if you're also going for the 200 matches played achievement.

Buddy System10
Enter Online Practice with someone on your friends list    (63) 

To create a practice room, select Multiplayer -> XBOX Live -> Private Room -> Practice.

Invite a friend, or join a friend and start the game. Choose your characters and stage. Once the game has loaded, you should both unlock the achievement.

Find players in the Achievement Trading Thread.

Practice Makes Perfect10
Enter Practice Mode   (4) 

From the main menu, select Single Player -> Training -> Practice. Choose any character you'd like and when you enter the stage against the computer, the achievement will unlock.


Learning is Fun10
Complete Tutorial   (9) 

From the main menu, select Single Player -> Training -> Tutorial. This will start a series of tutorials that will teach you all the basic mechanics of the game. It's very straight-forward. Follow the on-screen instructions and button prompts and you should be able to unlock this in 10-15 minutes.

You can hit  and skip any tutorials you may be having trouble with and still unlock the achievement. I would recommend against this however, because the tutorial teaches you basic mechanics of the game that you should know in order to unlock many of the other achievements.

It Has Begun10
Complete 1 S.T.A.R. Lab Mission   (1) 

See "World's Finest."

Get 3 stars on 1 S.T.A.R. Lab Mission   (1) 

See "World's Finest."

All Star10
Get 100 Stars in S.T.A.R. Lab Mode   (3) 

See "World's Finest."

World's Finest100
Complete All S.T.A.R. Lab Missions with 3 Stars   (14) 

Prepare yourself for the most difficult achievement Injustice has to offer. These S.T.A.R. Lab Missions replace the infamous Challenge Tower from Mortal Kombat. The great thing about these Missions is that they include one on one fighting between the characters and ridiculously entertaining mini-games like dodging lasers and guard lights in a museum while playing as Catwoman's pet cat, Isis. The not so great that there are 240 Missions and you must complete them perfectly for this achievement. 

There as 10 Missions for each character in the game. Each Mission has three certain requirements that must be completed in order to obtain the stars for that Mission. In total, there are 720 stars that must be collected. 

The upside to this, is that the three stars do not need to be collected all at once. You can work on one star at a time if that makes it easier for you.

During the Mission, you can pause the game in order to see what your star requirements are. For example, in the first Mission while playing as Superman, the requirements are:

  • Strengthen your skills
  • Land a 5 Hits Combo
  • Execute a Combo greater than 30%

When you complete a requirement, you will obtain a star. While this first mission basically hands out the stars, the missions and their star requirements will get harder right from the start.

Unfortunately, you cannot pick and choose out of order which Mission you would like to play. The later Missions will only unlock once you have the required amount of stars needed for them.

If you need help understanding any useful tips and tactics for certain missions, you can check out the links below:

S.T.A.R. Lab Missions Guide - Videos
S.T.A.R. Lab Missions Discussion - Tips, Tricks, & Tactics

Heavy Hitter10
Perform a 10 hit combo with every character   (2) 

This achievement can be done in practice mode. 

Many of the games arenas have stage transitions that result in combos of 10 hits or more, allowing you to earn a 10 hit combo through just a single input.

Go to practice mode, choose a character and the Wayne's Manor stage. Push your opponent all the way to the right, and press + to do the level transition. Wait for the animation to end, and you'll see you've landed a 16 hit combo. This counts as landing a 10 hit combo for that character.

Now go back to character select and repeat these steps for all 24 characters. Work your way through each character in order so you can keep track easily. Once you've done this with every character, the achievement will unlock.

Other levels that can be used are:

  • Themyscira
  • Insurgency
  • Watchtower
  • Stryker's Island
  • Fortress of Solitude
  • Metropolis
  • Wayne's Manor



Unstoppable Force10
Win a Clash sequence with any character   (3) 

A clash sequence can be done once per match after you've lost your first bar of health and only have red health left. Start a clash by pressing Forward and the Meter Burn button at the same while you're stuck in a combo. (+ by default)

This starts a mini-game where you wager your super meter. Win the clash by betting more super meter than your opponent. If you both bet the same amount, it'll end in a tie. Bet the maximum amount you have to increase your chances of winning.

The AI will activate clashes often, so it's very likely you'll unlock this through normal gameplay during story or battle mode. Just remember to save your meter to make sure you have enough to win.

If for whatever reason you can't unlock it normally, there is an easy method using Practice Mode:

  1. Enter practice mode, choose any characters and any stage.
  2. Hit START, select PRACTICE OPTIONS, set CLASH to ON, and METER to FULL.
  3. Next, select AI OPTIONS, set the enemy type to RECORD and hit .
  4. Do chain combo and hit  on your controller and it'll playback your recording. (I used the combo with Joker. Make sure all 3 hits combo.)
  5. Now walk up to the recording and let it land the combo on you. Press + to interrupt the combo with a clash. Bet all your meter. You'll win and unlock the achievement.


Wrecking Ball10
Knock an opponent through a transition   (6) 

See "Around The World."

Around The World15
Knock opponent through all transitions across all levels   (4) 

This can be done through normal gameplay or much more easily in Practice Mode. Completing this achievement will also unlock "Wrecking Ball" and "Tourist."

A level transition is when you knock your opponent into another part of the stage, triggering a cutscene and causing additional damage. To perform a level transition, you first need to push your opponent into the corner of the stage. It can be the left or the right depending on which stage you're on. Once you have your opponent in the corner, press + which will then knock them into the next part of the stage if there is a level transition available in that corner.

Most of the stages have 2 transitions. Metropolis has 3. While 'Atlantis' and 'Ferris Aircraft' have none. Below is a list of the stages and which corner of the stages the level transitions are on.

Batcave: Right -> Left
Gotham City: Right -> Left
Themyscira: Left -> Right
Arkham Asylum: Right -> Right
Joker's Asylum: Right -> Right
Insurgency: Left -> Left
Watchtower: Left -> Right
Stryker's Island: Left -> Right
Hall of Justice: Right -> Right
Fortress of Solitude: Right -> Left
Metropolis: Right -> Right -> Left ("Tourist" Achievement)
Wayne Manor: Right -> Left
Wayne Manor Night: Right -> Left


Win a match with the super move of any character   (2) 

This will come naturally through the Story Mode, Battle Mode, or S.T.A.R. Lab Missions. Simply build up your meter fully and save your Super Move towards the end of the fight. When your opponent has around 20-30% low health left, activate the Super Move by pressing + in order to unleash a devastating attack which will kill them, end the match and unlock your achievement. This can also be done easily in a local match with a second controller. If you don't have a second controller, it can also be done fairly easily in a singles fight on very easy difficulty, or online with a friend.

Perform every character's supermove   (2) 

Supermoves are done by pressing + at the same time with a full super meter. This achievement can be unlocked using the games training mode. From the main menu select Singleplayer -> Training -> Practice.

  1. Select two characters, and any stage.
  2. As soon as it's loaded, hit START and navigate to PRACTICE OPTIONS. Find SUPER METER and change this option to FULL.
  3. Hit + to perform the characters supermove. Once the animation ends, go to PRACTICE OPTIONS again and change CONTROL PLAYER to 2 and do the supermove for the other character.
  4. After that, hit START and choose PLAYER SELECT. Repeat these steps for each of the games 24 characters and the achievement will unlock.



Perform every special move of every character   (16) 

Every character has about half a dozen "Special Moves" and a unique Character Traits that are tailored to their fighting style. In order to view the Special Moves and Character Traits during the fight, you can pause the game and check their Move List. You can "tag" up to six moves with the , which will display them towards the top of your screen during the fight as a reference so you do not need to keep pausing the game. The best way to get this achievement is in Practice Mode because the timer and Health Bars are infinite. Be sure to read the description for every move, as some moves can only be performed while jumping in the air, while other moves can only be done when your opponent is crouching or jumping.

Go to practice mode and choose a character. Work your way through each character in order, to help keep track.
Once in game, go to PRACTICE OPTIONS and set METER GAIN to REFILL. This will give you unlimited meter for performing Supermoves. Next, go to MOVES LIST and scroll over to SPECIAL MOVES to view all the special moves for the character. Up to 6 moves can be tagged using  so that they show up on screen for easy reference.

NOTE: Character Traits are required for this achievement and can easily be overlooked. Characters whose Trait is some sort of "Stance Change" - such as Hawkgirl, Nightwing, Raven, and Wonder Woman - open up additional Special Moves when they change stances. The Joker and Killer Frost can only perform their "parry" Trait if their opponent is attacking them. Lastly, Harley Quinn's Trait is only complete when you pull out ALL THREE items from her box.

Metahuman, Feel The Burn, and Superhuman Checklist & Video Guide

Feel the Burn!10
Perform every Meter Burn special move of every character   

The only difference with Meter Burn Special Moves is you must press  at the end of the Special Move in order to perform the "Meter Burn" variation of the attack. Follow the same setup as "Metahuman" by entering Practice Mode and tagging the Special Moves you need to work on. 

Remember to pause the match and go to Practice Options so that you can turn the Burn Meter to Full. The achievement will unlock once you exit Practice Mode, so if it doesn't unlock right away when you perform the last move, don't worry.

Metahuman, Feel The Burn, and Superhuman Checklist & Video Guide

True Marksman10
Win a match with Green Arrow using only arrows   (9) 

This can be done more easily in a local match with a second controller. Start a match and select Green Arrow. Green Arrow has a number of moves that shoot arrows, but for the sake of simplicity and avoiding accidental inputs, we're only going to use  for this fight.

Press + to summon 3 fire arrows. Press  to fire the arrows. Once all 3 arrows have been used, input + for 3 more. Repeat until you've won the match.

The Caped Crusader10
Win with Batman using every special move and his Supermove   (10) 

This can also be done Locally with a second controller or in a Private match with a friend. In the Character Select Menu, choose Batman. Any stage will do. When the match begins, open the Move List to view Batman's Special Moves. Land all 7 on your opponent and be mindful of the ones that require you or your opponent to be in the air. The Special Moves are:

  • Straight Grapple ()
  • Sky Grapple ( - opponent must be in the air)
  • Batarang ()
  • Up Batarang ( - opponent must be in the air, unless facing large opponent like Lex Luthor)
  • Slide Kick ()
  • Scatter Bombs ( - must be performed in the air)
  • Cape Parry ( - blocking attack)
  • Supermove - The Dark Knight (+ - Meter Burn must be completely full)

Once all 7 moves and the Super Moves have been performed, finish the match by any means and when you win, the achievement will unlock.


Around and Around We Go20
Perform every level interaction once   (15) 

While playing the game, you'll sometimes notice  flashing in the corner of the screen. This means there's a interactive environmental object nearby, and pressing  will let you perform it. Each stage and stage transition will have a multitude of objects to use. You need to use every one at least once to unlock this achievement. However, it is suggested to go through every map twice; once with a Gadget User (Flash, Batman, Killer Frost) and another time with a Power User (Superman, Green Lantern, Bane). Certain objects and items such as monitors and turbines are too large and cannot be thrown with the Gadget Users, while some items such as walls and boxes cannot be "jumped off" of with Power Users.

This can be done in practice mode, with the exception of Batcave and Metropolis. These two stages have interactables that require enviromental destruction, which can't be done in practice mode so use versus with a second controller instead. In practice mode, you can go to the practice settings menu and change the INTERACTION ZONES setting to SHOW to see where all the interactables are.

Listed below is every interactable, separated by stage and starting area. The interactables are listed starting from the left corner of the stage, to the right corner.


  • Crime Lab: Grenades (DAMAGE NEEDED), Batcomputer, Batmobile Button
  • Lagoon: Elevator (Gadget type), Generator (Jump), Boxes (Destroy with wall bounce +), Barrels

Gotham City

  • Rooftop: Bat Signal, Air Conditioner, Helicopter, Water Tower
  • Alley: Chemical Truck, Dumpster, Fire Hydrant, Neon Sign (Jump)


  • Temple: Bowl of Fire, Fire Chain (Gadget type), Lion Head (Jump, Power type), Statue, Lion Head (Jump, Power type), Fire Chain (Gadget type), Tree
  • Port: Cannon, Net with Barrels (Jump), Rope (Gadget type), Barrels (USE ALL FIVE)

Arkham Asylum

  • Cell Block: Restraining Table, Poison Ivy Plant (Jump), Television (Jump), Television (Jump), Frozen Pipe (Jump)
  • Mess Hall: Deep Fryer, Pig, Statue (Jump), Chandelier (Jump), Statue (Jump)

Joker's Asylum

  • Cell Block: Restraining Table, Poison Ivy Plant (Jump), Television (Jump), Television (Jump), Frozen Pipe (Jump)
  • Mess Hall: Deep Fryer, Pig, Statue (Jump), Chandelier (Jump), Statue (Jump)


  • Command Center: Pipe (Jump), Monitors (Jump), Monitors (Jump), Electric Turbine
  • Luthor's Lab: Armor Suit, Giant Laser (Jump), Lights (Jump), Lights (Jump), Brain Jar Button


  • Bridge: Red Button Space Ship, Hologram, Floating Robot (Jump), Floating, Sphere, Console
  • Reactor: Exhaust Pipe, Computer Console, Floating Robot (Jump), Laser Beam

Stryker's Island

  • Cell Block: Robot Sentry, Turret (Jump), Metallo, Container
  • Yard: Weights, Gorilla Grodd, Explosive Barrells (USE ALL THREE), Machine

Hall of Justice

  • Plaza: Star Girl Statue, Bust of Orion Statue, Mini-Vehicle, Fountain, Robot
  • Great Hall: Statue, Solar System (Jump), Spaceship Machine (Jump), Teleporter


  • Throne Room: Aquarium, Glass Ball, Throne, Water Pipe (Gadget type, Jump), Stone Tablet, Aquarium

Ferris Aircraft

  • Hangar: Turbine (Jump), Red Tool Box, Missle (Jump), Gas Canisters (USE ALL THREE), Missle Button

Fortress of Solitude

  • Laboratory: Spaceship, Doomsday, Crystal Spike (Jump), Portal to Phantom Zone (Requires you to knock your opponent into the air)
  • Menagerie: Crystal Container (Jump), Glass Ball, Teleporter


  • Street: Yellow Car, APC (Requires you to knock your opponent into the air), Flying Car (Jump)
  • Rooftop: Air Conditioner (Gadget only), Electrical Wires (Power only), Floating Robot (Jump)
  • Museum: RPG (DAMAGE NEEDED), Gas Canister (DAMAGE NEEDED), Airplane (Jump), Car (Jump)

Wayne Manor

  • Entrance: Red Car, Fountain, Motorcycle, Gargoyle (Jump)
  • Great Room: Knight Armor, Chair, Tables, Chandelier, Piano, Samurai Armor

Wayne Manor Night

  • Entrance: Red Car, Fountain, Motorcycle, Gargoyle (Jump)
  • Great Room: Knight Armor, Chair, Tables, Chandelier, Piano, Samurai Armor

Arkham City Lockdown10
Defeat every Villain With Batman   (6) 

Heroes and Villains are separated in character select. The 12 characters on the right side of character select are the villains you need to defeat. Choose Batman as your character and win a match against each of the 12 villains to unlock this achievement. 

After completing Story Mode, you'll have already defeated Deathstroke, Bane, Lex Luthor, The Joker, and Catwoman. That leave's Ares, Sinestro, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, Black Adam, Solomon Grundy, and Doomsday.

Another easy way to complete this is to fight the AI in "Single Fight" on VERY EASY under the Single Player Menu. Choose Batman for every match, and cycle between the 12 villains as your opponent. The villains are all located on the right side of the Character Select Menu.

Only a Real Master10
Make a comeback when at low health (10% or less)   (8) 

This can be easily done Locally with a second controller or in a Private match with a friend. The best way to ensure you drop down to below 10% health is to have your opponent choose Aquaman. It does not matter who you choose to play as. 

Have your partner perform a grab on you using the . Allow them to keep grabbing you and when you get to your second Health Bar, keep letting them grab you. You will notice that Aquaman's grab does just the right amount of damage because the very last grab he performs should leave you with about 2% Health. Once you're that weak, proceed to defeat your opponent by any means and when you win the match, the achievement will unlock.

Perfect Aim10
Win a match as Deathstroke without missing a shot (minimum 12 shots)   (7) 

Like the other character specific achievements, this can be done locally with a second controller or in a Private match. Choose Deathstroke as your character and when the match begins, put some distance between you and your opponent. Now all you have to do is spam one os Deathstroke's gun-related moves, such as   

Continue to use this move and make sure you opponent does not duck or dodge any of the incoming fire. You can use this move the entire match to quickly defeat your opponent as it does a significant amount of damage. The achievement will unlock once you have won the fight.

Send an opponent through all three Metropolis transitions in one fight   (6) 

This can be done in any mode, but will be quick if done in solo Practice Mode. The stage Metropolis is the only stage that has 3 transitions points. They are:

  • Rooftop: Transition point: Right
  • Museum: Transition point: Left
  • Street: Transition point: Right

All 3 transitions must be done within the same fight. In Practice Mode, there is no timer and Health is unlimited, so it will not be a problem.

Unlock a costume in the Archives   (1) 

See "Gonna Need More Closet Space."

Gonna Need More Closet Space20
Unlock all costumes in the Archives   (4) 

The Archives are located under Bonus Features in the main menu. Navigate to the Costumes section using  and . Costumes are unlocked with Armory Keys which are earned by getting XP and leveling up. 

There is one costume for each character for a total of 24 costumes, so it'll require 24 Armory Keys to unlock this achievement. Your 24th card is unlocked at level 49, which means you can have this achievement unlocked by then. See "The Hero We Deserve" for more info on leveling, and see "Hoarder" for more info on the Archives.

Unlock everything in Archives   (11) 

Select Bonus Features -> Archives from the main menu. Here, you can use Access Cards, and Armory Keys that you've earned through leveling up to unlock extra content in the game. 

What you'll need to unlock everything:

  • Extras - 21 Access Cards
  • Concept Art - 37 Access Cards
  • Music - 26 Access Cards
  • Costumes - 24 Armory Cards

How to get cards:

  • Level 1-50 - 1 Access Card per level
  • Level 51-75 - 2 Access Cards per level
  • Level 75+ - 3 Access Cards per level
  • Armory Keys - One every two levels

In total, you will need 84 Access Cards and 24 Armory Keyes to unlock everything in the Archives. After Level 50, every time you unlock an Access Card, you will be given two. Furthermore, after Level 75, you will be given 3 Access Cards per level. If you don't use any Cards on Bonus XP, you will have enough Cards by Level 68.

I Can Back it Up5
Equip a new Background Image   (1) 

As you level up in the game and complete fights, you will unlock multiple background images that be used to edit your Player Card. In the Main Menu, go to the Bonus Features and select "Hero Card." From here, you can customize the background of your Player card with any new ones you have unlocked. Once you back out to save your Card, the achievement will unlock.

Iconic Representation5
Equip a new Icon   (1) 

As you level up in the game and complete fights, you will unlock multiple icon images that be used to edit your Player Card. In the Main Menu, go to the Bonus Features and select "Hero Card." From here, you can customize the icon of your Player Card with any new ones you have unlocked. Once you back out to save your Card, the achievement will unlock.

Looking Good!5
Equip a new Character Portrait  (4) 

Character portraits, icons, and background images are unlocked through normal gameplay. For example, playing a certain number of matches, leveling up, and using certain characters in game modes. 

The fastest way to get all 3 of these achievements is to start a game on Practice Mode. This will unlock a character portrait, and an Icon. There are 4 extra background images unlocked from the start of the game. 

Quit to main menu, select Bonus Features -> Hero Card -> Customize. Select a character portrait aside from the default, do the same with your icon and background image. Press  to back out, save your changes, and the achievements will unlock.

Bull in a China Shop100
Cause maximum damage in all Arenas (does not include Practice mode)   (28) 

While this achievement may seem intimidating in it's description and value, it is incredibly easy and will most likely unlock at some point during the Story Mode or Battle Mode. While there are only 15 Arenas, each Arena is broken down into one, two, or even three stages, such as the Batcave's upper lab stage, and lower lake stage. You need to play in all 29 stages and cause maximum damage to earn the achievement.

While fighting in each stage, you will notice the background scenery and environmental objects getting destroyed. Every attack, Special Move, Super Move, interactable object thrown, and stage transition will cause overall damage to the background scenery and environmental objects of the stage you are in.

Try to use every interactable object and all transitions during your fights to maximize the damage dealt within the stage. At the end of the match, you will earn the Environment Destruction bonus which will indicate you caused damage to that stage. Take note that bonuses only show in Battle Mode and Online matches. During the Story Mode, you will not be able to see if you obtained the bonus, but it will still count if you reached maximum damage. 

If you do not have this achievements by the time you finish all 24 Classic Battles and have completed the Story Mode, you can enter the Archives and go to the "Backgrounds" section to get a glimpse of what maximum destruction will look like on every Arena/Stage (tap  to cycle through the destruction of each Stage).

Below, you can see a detailed breakdown of what will be damaged in each stage. Remember to land as many attacks as possible and use interactable objects to quicken the overall damage within the stage. The scenery objects are listed from LEFT to RIGHT:


  • Stage 1: Throne Room - Background Stairs, Background Statues, Stone Book

Arkham Asylum

  • Stage 1: Cell Block - Background Window, Monitor (Left), Background Statue, Monitor (Right)
  • Stage 2: Mess Hall - Kitchen, Hanging Meat, Pillar Statue (Air), Lamp (Air), Pillar Statue (Air)


  • Stage 1: Crime Lab - Background Capsules, Console, Bat-Mobile
  • Stage 2: Lake - Water Ship (Middle), Console & Background Barrels (Right)

Ferris Aircraft

  • Stage 1: Hanger - Big Rocket (Middle), Gas Cylinders, Rockets (Right)

Fortress of Solitude

  • Stage 1: Lab - Background Ice Monster
  • Stage 2: Showroom - Crystal Bubble

Gotham City

  • Stage 1: Rooftop - Batman Signal, Air Conditioning Unit, Helicopter
  • Stage 2: Alley - Background Vehicle and Lin Kitty Balcony

Hall of Justice

  • Stage 1: Plaza - Woman's Statue (Right) and Background Fountain
  • Stage 2: Hall of Justice - Background Statue and Background Wall


  • Stage 1: Command Center - Both Monitors (Middle - Air)
  • Stage 2: Luthor's Lab - Background Capsule, Background Chair, Background Capsule

Joker's Asylum

  • Stage 1: Cell Block - Background Window, Monitor (Air), Background Statue, Monitor (Air)
  • Stage 2: Mess Hall - Wall Structure (Left - Air), Lamp (Air), Wall Structure (Right - Air)


  • Stage 1: Street - Flying Car (Air)
  • Stage 2: Rooftop - Flying Turret (Air) and Background Planet
  • Stage 3: Museum - Airplane (Air - Left) and Car (Air)

Stryker's Island

  • Stage 1: Cell Block - Robot's Gun (Left) and Shotgun (Left - Air)
  • Stage 2: Yard - Wall (Left)


  • Stage 1: Temple - Fire Chain, Background Statue, Fire Chain, Background Statue
  • Stage 2: Harbor - Background Ship and Background Barrels


  • Stage 1: Bridge - Background Console (Middle) and Stone Planet
  • Stage 2: Reactor Room - Background Console

Wayne Manor

  • Stage 1: Entrance - Background Fountain
  • Stage 2: Dining Hall - Armor Statue, Chair, Lamp (Air), Background Table, Armor Statue, Wall (Right)

Wayne Manor Night

  • Stage 1: Entrance - Background Fountain
  • Stage 2: Dining Hall - Armor Statue, Chair, Lamp (Air), Background Table, Armor Statue, Wall (Right)

Game Info


US April 16, 2013
Europe April 19, 2013

HDD Space Required : 7.80 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $19.99USD
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