Islands of Wakfu

Islands of Wakfu Achievements


30 enemies killed with exploding gel.  

It is possible to get this achievement in the third level. You have to kill 30 enemies with the Wakfu-Gel (the blue orbs). Wait until an enemy is near a blue orb then choose your dragon and push LT.

If you wanna boost the achievement go to level 7:
"There's a constant supply of crabs at the beach while searching for the 5 clamp-sisters. Just attract 4 or 5 crabs. Then hover as dragon over the water (the crabs can't follow and will not attack) and kill on until a blue orb drops and push in your lifeforce (LT). As the crabs line up just right to be killed, you'll easily get the 30 kills here." Thanks to Quidac.

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Comment #1 by TotalBlank
Wednesday, February 05, 2014 @ 08:49:13 AM

Easy to do during the Meteor Storm. Just kill one spider at a time until a blue gel drops then use your dragon form to blow up the remaining spiders which should drop another blue gel. Search the entire island all around until more spiders follow you and lead them to the blue gel and repeat. If by chance there are no more spiders, destroy one of the invading flowers 1 by 1 and repeat this process. This should easily give you at least 12 kills if not more if done correctly. Then once you reach the hedgehog boss at the end of the level, he will call reinforcements and several hedgehogs will come out at once, kill one at a time while in your dragon form (use stun to subdue them) and once a blue gel drops, blow it up one all the hedgehogs. Keep doing this every time hedgehogs are summoned and

Comment #2 by TotalBlank
Wednesday, February 05, 2014 @ 08:50:14 AM


Keep doing this every time hedgehogs are summoned and it will eventually pop for you after a few groups of them are gone.

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