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Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Achievement Guide

Guide By: eastx
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
- Offline: 12/12 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 10+ hours (depends on grinding method)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Jeremy McGrath's Offroad is the first Xbox Live Arcade game from 2XL Games, who primarily produce mobile racing games. It's a fun and easy offroad racer featuring five types of cars and trucks (not 40 different vehicles as the 2XL website claims) and six unique tracks.

Achievement-wise, you can get 11 out of 12 in about two hours. The last Achievement, Drive 1000 Miles, will unfortunately require about 8 hours of grinding. It doesn't seem like online multiplayer contributes toward miles driven, but I'm checking with the developer and will update if they respond. I'm hoping 2XL at least releases some DLC with new events and tracks to make the grind a little more interesting.

Step 1: Career
Career Mode consists of 23 events divided up by vehicle type. Each event you complete unlocks the next event type. You don't even need to come in first place in more than 3 events, though you'll get much more experience (to spend on upgrades) for doing so. If you play on the easiest difficulty, you shouldn't ever come in under first anyway. In just over two hours, you'll finish Career and have only two Achievements left to go.

Step 2: Time Trial
Head to Arcade Mode and play Time Trial on any track. Just complete six laps and you'll get the Time Trials Achievement.

Step 3: Grinding toward Drive 1000 Miles
Now for the long haul. You should have driven about 175 miles so far, which leaves just 825 to go for the Drive 1000 Miles Achievement! Put in the time and you'll unlock it eventually.

I wish 2XL hadn't stuck in the grinding Achievement, because it's the only non-enjoyable part of the Jeremy McGrath's Offroad. Still, anyone can get all 200 if they play long enough. Good luck!

[x360a would like to thank eastx for this roadmap]

2XL Gold Award20
2XL Gold Award 

This is the Trophy Truck Career, consisting of 6 events.

See Sportsman Career Complete achievement description.

Drive 1000 Miles20
Drive 1000 Miles (6) 

This is the most time-consuming Achievement in the game. It takes about an hour per 100 miles, so you're looking at a minimum of 10 hours or so before you hit 1000.

To check your progress, go to Leaderboards and press  for Local stats, and then hit  until you reach the Miscellaneous screen. You can only view distance driven by individual tracks, so you'll need to check each track and add their miles up for the full amount. Note that I completed an online game and my miles didn't increase, so you'll want to stick to offline games to be safe.

The best way to grind for miles is by playing Time Trials in Arcade mode. Just pick a track, the Trophy Truck Type, make sure you've put maxed out the vehicle's Top Speed and Acceleration, turn off Road Hazards, and then drive for as many laps as you'd like. Pause and exit to the main menu when done.

I've also had success taping down the and letting the truck drive itself. On the Chippewa track, it usually completes a lap (5.18 miles) in 6-7 minutes. However, you can't leave the game completely unattended as the truck gets stuck on objects sometimes. When that happens, just tap  and it'll get back on track. The taping method is best used while you're doing something else but can still hear the engine and crashing sounds, and thus attend to the game as necessary.

Alternatively, you can not only tape the  in place but also tape the  to either the left or right so that the truck does donuts constantly. This brings in 30-40 miles per hour, so it's the slowest method of gaining miles, but at least it doesn't require any attention from the player.

Complete 10 Events20
Complete 10 Events 

You'll get this while working through the Pro Buggy Career.

Drive 100 Miles5
Drive 100 Miles 

You'll probably get this around the time you get Play 1 Hour.

See Drive 1000 Miles achievement description for more details.

Rally Class Career Complete20
Rally Class Career Complete 

Career consists of 5 events.

See Sportsman Career Complete achievement description.

Pro Buggy Career Complete20
Pro Buggy Career Complete 

Career consists of 5 events.

See Sportsman Career Complete achievement description.

Win 3 Races20
Win 3 Races 

Nothing to it. You should get this upon completing the Sportsman Career, unless you somehow come in under first during a race.

Play 1 Hour5
Play 1 Hour 

Simple time-based Achievement. I got this near the beginning of the Rally Car Career.

Time Trials20
Time Trials 

Choose Arcade mode, choose your track and vehicle, and then select Time Trial as the race type. After completing one lap, your ghost will start racing along with you during each subsequent lap. It doesn't matter whether or not you beat the ghost. After completing the sixth lap, the Achievement will pop.

Win First Race10
Win First Race 

Just come in first during a race. This will likely be your first Achievement.

ProLite Career Complete20
ProLite Career Complete 

Career consists of 4 events.

See Sportsman Career Complete achievement description.

Sportsman Career Complete20
Sportsman Career Complete 

Each 'Career' consists of 3-6 events associated with a particular vehicle. Simply complete each event in a career for its Achievement and to unlock the next event.

This is the Sportsman Truck career, just 3 events long.

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2XL Games


US June 27, 2012

HDD Space Required : 747.25 MB
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