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Jet Set Radio HD Achievement Guide

Guide By: Mechalon Drache & Matriculated
There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 (or 4/10 if you did everything on the Dreamcast)
- Offline: 30/30 (400)
- Online: 0/30 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 20+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1.66 
- Number of missable achievements: (Detached)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Complete the training. For veterans, is for the achievements. For those who never played JSR/JGR, it's a good place to learn the basics. And get achievements.

Playthrough 1
This playthrough is your main playthough. If you've played this game back on the Dreamcast, you most likely can get almost everything done in this playthrough. The main thing to focus on in the first playthrough is getting Jet rankings in all the story stages as well as unlocking the base 10 characters and switching your graffiti after each level to progress Number one artist as well as getting Detached. If you must choose between Jet rankings or Detached, go with Detached first.

Playthrough 2 and beyond
If you got all the story missions Jet ranked and have unlocked Love Shockers, Poison Jam, Noise Tanks and Goji, this playthrough only has to go to the beginning of Chapter 3 in order to unlock Pots. If you didn't get all the story missions Jet ranked, every playthough afterwords will be to get the Jet ranks. Once you have all of them, then you do your final necessary playthrough to unlock Pots.

Once you have Pots, the only thing remaining is to get Jet rank in the missions as well as unlocking and using every graffiti in the game at least once. As well, if you didn't get Detached, start a new game to get that.

[x360a would like to thank Mechalon Drache for this roadmap]

Back to the future10
Unlock all songs in the bonus menu (6) 

Every song and their unlock conditions:

  • The Concept of Love - Complete the Tutorial
  • Fly Like a Butterfly - Unlock Gum and Tab
  • Funky Dealer - Complete Chapter 1
  • Shape Da Future - Complete Chapter 2
  • Teknopathic - Complete Chapter 3
  • Oldies but Happies - Unlock all Characters
  • Like it Like This Like That - Complete all missions with any ranking.
Number one artist20
Use all graffiti in missions 

You have to get all the graffiti and use it at least once in a mission.

When selecting graffiti, the ones that you haven't used will be a dull orange, while ones you have used will be a bright orange. The end goal is to make them all that bright orange. While playing through the game, just go ahead and switch between them.

When you finish everything though, a quick way to get this done is select three pieces of graffiti and use them in a mission. After using one of each, you can quit and change them.

Note 1: The mission does not need to be completed for it to count, just used once. Repeat until all of them have been used.
Note 2: The bonus graffiti (the ones listed after the Golden Rhino's graffiti) does not need to be used in order to unlock this achievement.

A working senior20
Unlock Goji and use him as a player character 

To unlock Goji, you need to complete all of the Grind City story missions (Bantam Street/Tag or Die and Grind Square/Rock'N Roll Grind) with a Jet ranking and complete the story once. Once you do that, a barrel with the Rokkaku symbol will appear by Yo-yo.

Select it when selecting characters to unlock the achievement.

See When You're A Jet achievement video guide for help on achieveing Jet ranking.

Dog runs too!20
Unlock Pots and use him as a player character (5) 

To unlock Pots you first need to unlock Love Shockers, Poison Jam, Noise Tank and Goji (basically, get Jet in all the story missions). From here you need to go through the game and reach Chapter 1 again. Play the first mission (Shibuya GG) to unlock Love Trap, The Monster of Kogane and Benten Boogie. Make sure to do The Monster of Kogane before Benten Boogie (Love Trap is irrelevant to this). From here complete Chapter 1 and 2 as normal. At the start of Chapter 3 you'll be challenged by a Noise Tank. Complete his challenge and you'll unlock Pots. Just select Pots when selecting characters and you'll unlock the achievement.

See A working senior for info on how to unlock Goji.

Love rules10
Unlock Love Shockers and use her as a player character 

To unlock Love Shockers, you need to complete all of the Shibuya story missions (Shibuya GG, Love Trap, Love Attack and Explosion) with a Jet ranking. Once you do that, a Love Shockers symbol will appear on you wall. Select it when selecting characters to unlock the achievement.

See When You're A Jet achievement video guide for help on achieveing Jet ranking.

Noise music10
Unlock Noise Tank and use him as a player character 

To unlock Noise Tank, you need to complete all of the Benten story missions (Benten Boogie, Graffiti High, Noise Reduction, Benten Burning and Behind the Mask) with a Jet ranking. Once you do that, a Noise Tank symbol will appear on you wall. Select it when selecting characters to unlock the achievement.

See When You're A Jet achievement video guide for help on achieveing Jet ranking.

Behind the mask10
Unlock unmasked Poison Jam (3) 

Same requirements as unlocking the regular Poison Jam. However, when you're about to select Poison Jam, hold down the  button and then select Poison Jam.

This will unlock the achievement and allow you to use the unmasked Poison Jam.

Rise of Monsters10
Unlock Poison Jam and use him as a player character (1) 

To unlock Poison Jam, you need to complete all of the Kogane story missions (The Monster of Kogane, No. 540, Kogane Circus and Fight or Flight) with a Jet ranking. Once you do that, a Poison Jam symbol will appear on you wall. Select it when selecting characters to unlock the achievement.

See When You're A Jet achievement video guide for help on achieveing Jet ranking.

I need a parachute5
Fall more than 20 meters off a building 

There's a good chance you'll do this one completely on accident. If you're trying to get this one though, a good choice to get it early is the mission Love Trap. Just get up to the area above the playground with the crane and the XXL tag (that's two Extra Large tags that combine together) and jump into the sewer.

Look behind5
Perform a Turn Trick in game (3) 

See Training wheels for more details.

Unlock Garam10
Unlock Garam and use him as a player character 

As you play through you'll be challenged by several characters. Accept their challenges and complete them to unlock the character. Do this with Garam and use him in a level to unlock him. You don't need to complete the level, just start it. Garam in particular shows up after the mission Monsters Of Kogane.

Cop sucks10
Draw graffiti 5 times on Onishima's back 

When you see Onishima, you'll notice he has a green arrow. Run into him to knock him down, then tag his back. Do this five times to unlock the achievement. Must be done in Chapter 1, as Onishima doesn't appear in Chapter 2 or 3.

King of the street10
Complete all missions with any rating (1) 

See When you're a Jet.

Feel the beat5
Start game for the first time (2) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Tag you're it!10
Tag out at least one rival gang member within 30 seconds (3) 

This one is hard. You have to grab 10 spray cans and spray the back of one of the rival gang members 10 times within the first 30 seconds of the level. You only have four shots in a story run to pull this off, although if you fail you're free to return to the garage and try again.

I did this versus the Noise Tanks. Go left from the starting point and followed the curve to the next staircase. Hop onto the stair case to go up and grab a bunch of blue cans of spray paint. When you reach the end of the staircase go right and up that staircase. The Noise Tanks should still be waiting. Run up to them and start tagging. If you're lucky and were fast enough, you'll get it. If not, try again.

From Tremoctopus: "Personally I got "Tag you're it" against the Love Shockers. At the beginning you can pick up a blue spray can and go for the rightmost member. Follow her and she'll grind on a rail with more cans. You can take her out with time to spare. "

Found by MEMANIAsama:

Finish the game without anyone latching onto you with your first attempt (22) 

The other real pain in the rear achievement in this game. In order to get this, no one can jump and grab onto you on your first run through the story. If they do, you'll have to start a new game (however, this can be done on the same save, you just have to select "New Game" to try again. However, this is a little easier then it sounds. If someone does manage to jump onto you, just quit to the dashboard through the guide. Don't exist through the in game menus or it still counts. Exiting through the guide to the dashboard however will not count and allow you to get grabbed without penalty, other then having to restart the mission.

Other Tips and Methods:

First choose a character who can carry lots of cans like Tab (30).
As soon as you start a stage get full of sprays. You should concentrate on bigger graffitis first, the FASTEST way of painting those is to tap  and do the first movement (UP), tap again  to cancel it and repeat ( and UP). That way you avoid those long combos you have to make so it's easier to avoid any danger of being latched on.

Also another tip is to paint the graffitis on the floor first since those who can latch onto you can't climb buildings/structures.


The police and the Golden Rhinos will try to jump and hold on to you. If you see that you have someone grab onto you and as you move you've got people dragging behind you, you've been grabbed.

Rival skaters will never jump and grab you. As well, being hit by gun fire or whips or missiles or being kicked in the skull is also OK for the achievement. Not 100% sure about being set on fire by the guy in Explosion. It kind of looks like he grabs you to do it.

Public menace10
Make 100 civilians jump out of your way (1) 

Just keep running into the civilians. You'll unlock this one without even trying.

Scrapyard bully5
Shove the two civilians in No.540 level before the choppers show up (5) 

In the level No. 540, there are two civilians in the bottom area around the cars, one very near the cars on one side, and one about halfway from the wall and the center tower on the other. Just run into them both to unlock this one.

That's how we grind!10
Perform a 100+ trick combo (4) 

Just need to perform a 100+ trick combo. A combo is formed by going from grinding from rail to rail linking it with airs, jumps and wall rides. You can get this as early as the tutorial. If you're going for all Jet Ranks, you'll get this eventually. The main way to do so is learn where the infinite grinds spots are in every level.

No Eyes in the Sky10
Draw graffiti 5 times on Helicopters 

In the first two Kogane missions, "The Monster of Kogane" and " No. 540", Onishima goes a little crazy and calls helicopters that shoots missiles at you to bring you down. Each has a green target like Onishima. Spray paint them to bring them crashing down.

There are exactly 5 total in these two missions, so this is your earliest bet. If you don't get it here, your next shot at helicopters is in Grind Square. Just get 5 cumulative from any of these missions to unlock.

The gang's all here20
Unlock all characters 

You have to unlock all the characters. 10 of them will be gained through normal play and four will be gained by getting Jet on each of the story missions. As for Pots, see Dog runs too!

Remixes suck!5
Complete a level without collecting a Recovery Spray Can 

Finish a level without grabbing a red spray can. Can be done as early as Shibuya GG, just avoid grabbing the red spray can. Can be done in any level, however it's best to do so in the earlier missions where the cops are all idiots and not that lethal.

I got Soul50
Collect all Graffiti Souls (1) 

This achievement's description is a little misleading. What you need to actually do is get all the graffiti period. You do this by collecting all the Graffiti Souls as well as unlocking all the characters except Pots.

A suggestion for getting Graffiti souls. Try getting them in Jet Graffiti our Jet Technique. Love Shockers with the highest technique in the game as well as not having the police, military and Yakuza trying to kill you will make this a lot easier. Just be warned that if done in Jet Graffiti, you have to get all of the red tags for it to count.

Use this video for help:

When you're a Jet50
Complete every level with Jet rating (11) 

To unlock this achievement, you need Jet ranking on every mission. That is Story, Jet Crush, Jet Technique and Jet Graffiti on all the levels (Shibuya, Kogane, Benten, Bantam Street and Grind Square).

See When You're A Jet achievement video guide for help on achieveing Jet ranking.

I find that the best characters to use are Piranha, Goji and Love Shockers. Piranha is good for getting Jet in story missions before unlocking Goji due to having the highest power for a top graffiti level, Goji is a beast at Jet Graffiti and story missions (although he takes a lot of damage when hit) as he can hold 30 cans, while Love Shockers are fantastic for Jet Technique and Jet Crush having the highest technique in the game.

So creative10
Create a graffiti in all sizes 

When you finally get into the garage, go to the Graffiti menu. Select the option "Create New Graffiti" and make one of each size (Small, Large and Extra Large). You don't have to put any effort into it if you don't want to, just add a letter and finish if you want to do it as quickly as possible.

Paint the town red10
Complete Chapter 3 

Story related, can't be missed.

Second coat applied10
Complete Chapter 2 

Story related, can't be missed.

First coat applied10
Complete Chapter 1 

Story related, can't be missed.

Training wheels10
Complete Tutorial 

Complete the Tutorial mode from the main menu (not the tutorial that starts the main game). There are 22 lessons you have to complete. Use this video to help:

We got us a crew5
Unlock Gum and Tab 

Story related, can't be missed.

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