Jetpac Refuelled

Jetpac Refuelled Achievement Guide

Guide By: Mtld
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Alpha Launch10
Launch from level one in single player Refuelled    

Just start a game from level 1 and you'll unlock this. That's the first achievement you'll get (if we can call it an achievement...)

Squid Port Pacifist10
Complete level three in single player Refuelled without using lasers or EMP's   

Self explanatory. The creatures in this level are easy to dodge. Drop all your fuel tanks without shooting or using bombs.

Power Hungry10
Upgrade your laser to full capacity in single player Refuelled   

To reach full capacity, you must take 7 upgrades. The first one gives the face-up shot, the second one gives the spread shot. When you take the third one, you go back to the basic shot, but stronger (type 2). Pick up upgrades until you reach the type 3 spread shot for the achievement. Note that you don't have to do this in one level, but you will start the next level with the basic shot of the type you were in. For example, if you complete a level with a type 2 spread shot, you will start the next level with the type 2 basic shot. If you die, you must start over.

Score More10
Score 250,000 points in single player Refuelled   

See "Millionaire Man".

Starting from level one, reach level ten without dying in single player Refuelled   

This one can be annoying. To facilitate things, DON'T make any unnecessary moves to pick up points. You don't want to make extra can't lose one anyway.
However, you may want to pick them up if they are near you or your fuel tank, since picking them up will let you get another item, like EMP's or gun upgrades. Always use bombs when enemies are numerous, but try to keep some for level 8, which is the hardest of the 9 you have to do. When you reach level 10, the achievement will unlock..

Retro Cyclist20
Complete all 16 levels in Retro   

I had a real hard time with this one until I found out the upper right ledge ! Always stay on this ledge, shooting on your right to kill enemies that might appear, and you should do well. When a fuel tank appears, take it and go back to the ledge. Since the shuttle is just underneath the ledge, you will drop the fuel tank and get back to safety. The only enemies that might pose problems are the UFO's that target you (levels 6 and 12). They will get stuck under the ledge, but they can get you when you go out for a fuel tank. I found that going from this ledge to the left and continuing past the level to reappear to the right worked great with them, since they can't follow you. Always warp from left to right and they will have a hard time targeting you.

Robo Rocket20
Build Robo Rocket in single player Refuelled   

You will unlock this achievement by completing the Robot shuttle at the start of level 13.

Half Mill Man20
Score 500,000 points playing multi player Refuelled over Xbox Live   

This one needs to be unlocked on Xbox Live. You have to score 500,000 points before time runs out. You can do that with a friend who will let you get the items and kill the monsters to score more points.

Millionaire Man30
Score 1,000,000 points in single player Refuelled   (1) 

You have to make 1,000,000 points in one playthrough. Your score stops when you lose your last life. Although you can get this in harder levels (more enemies, worth more points), I suggest starting at level 1 and picking up the maximum of power-ups you can get. The trick is to pick up loads of points before your time bar gets empty. You get more points doing this because the more power-ups you take, the more they are worth. Also, you will kill more enemies. A good way to do this is to take every fuel tanks to the shuttle but one, make points until time runs out, and get the last fuel tank. Using this method instead of filling the shuttle all the way has the advantage of not risking to exit the level too early when you pass by the shuttle. By levels 15-20, you will encounter hard enemies. In these levels, you may want to finish the level quick so you don't die. Make sure you get 1,000,000 before level 20...this one requires at least two bombs and is quite hard... and you don't want to die at 999,000.

Been through your Milky Way20
Play level 44 in single player Refuelled   

You will get this by reaching level 44. Obviously, you don't have to get there in one playthrough. You can restart at levels where you have to build your shuttle.

You can stop now!30
Complete all 128 levels in single player Refuelled    (2) 

The last levels are hard, so be ready to use bombs when you need to. The only strategy that might help you (other than dodging enemies, of course) is the fact that when you own an item (shuttle piece of fuel tank) and an enemy hits you, you don't die, you simply lose grip of your item. However, the enemy dies when that happens. You can use this to your advantage by keeping an item on you to reach valuable power-ups (like EMP's or gun upgrades) that are hard to get. From level 100, doing 4 levels in a row becomes hard, so make it your goal. Don't try to save your bombs for more than 4 levels. Just reach the level where you get to build your shuttle, and smile. Take this as a milestone, and get to 128 step by step.

Play with another infected player on Xbox LIVE    (8) 

You get this by playing online with another infected player. I don't know how the infection started, but a lot of players have it by now. You can use a thread on this site's forum to trade this achievement. However, you don't need this achievement to get 200 GS, since it's worth 0 points.

Game Info
Rare Unlimited


US March 28, 2007
Europe March 28, 2007
Japan March 28, 2007

Resolution: 1080i
Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround, Custom Soundtracks
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Everyone
HDD Space Required : 21.14 MB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
No videos available
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