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Jetpack Joyride Achievement Guide

Guide By: Kohbo
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 20 (200 )
-Online: 0 (0 )
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-8 Hours (depending on skill)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Multiple
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty option
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements? None
-Additional Equipment? None


Welcome to Jetpack Joyride! The achievements and overall gameplay mechanics are fairly easy, but a few achievements (Germaphobe and Romeo Alpha Delta) will require some skill as well as luck. The game itself is an endless runner where you collect coins to upgrade to better clothing, gadgets and jetpacks. The core game is staying alive, while the metagame is about earning coins to purchase equipment. The game is free via the Windows Store, but does include a micro-transaction based store. However, no achievements require additional purchases, they just make the grind for coins faster. I would strongly recommend the purchase of the Counterfeit Machine ($1.99) since it gives a duplicate coin for every coin collected, essentially halving your grind.

Step 1: Completing Missions

As you begin the game and start getting a feel for the mechanics, you will want to focus on obtaining A man, my son. This requires you to level up through 15 ranks and then select to start over. At the start of each run, you will have three active missions that range from avoiding obstacles to performing a certain feat a set number of times. Majority of these missions are fairly easy to complete but does require multiple runs to level up to the next rank. You will not lose any gadgets, suits or progress once you choose to start over.

Step 2: Go the Distance

The only challenging achievements are the distance-based ones: Germaphobe and Romeo Alpha Delta. You will want to always be shooting for these when grinding for coins since there is some measure of luck associated with them (i.e. having a bad zapper layout or no vehicle power-ups). Expect to have multiple attempts on these achievements and work on saving up coins to purchase utilities (power-ups) to help you out. I strongly recommend grinding coins to purchase the "Dezapinator" and "Turbo Boost" gadgets.

Step 3: Mop-Up

With the distance-based and mission-based achievements out of the way, you can work on finishing the random achievements such as Bullseye and Tee Hee Two. You may need to continue grinding to purchase necessary equipment.


Jetpack Joyride is a fun and a quick 200 . Expect to run through the course a multitude of times and constantly work on grinding out coins to quickly be able to obtain the necessary equipment for the achievements.

A man, my son15
Finish all the missions, and start again.   (9) 

You will need to level up through the 15 ranks (listed below) by completing missions. You will have three active missions at the start of each run which provide between 1-3 stars each. If you are having trouble with a particular mission, you have the option to purchase a Complete Mission token from the Utilities menu.

Rank 1 – Beginner (3 Stars)
Rank 2 – Learner (3 Stars)
Rank 3 – Rookie (3 Stars)
Rank 4 – Novice (3 Stars)
Rank 5 – Amateur (3 Stars)
Rank 6 – Graduate (3 Stars)
Rank 7 – Skilled (3 Stars)
Rank 8 – Experienced (7 Stars)
Rank 9 – Professional (9 Stars)
Rank 10 – Expert (11 Stars)
Rank 11 – Hotshot (11 Stars)
Rank 12 – Wizard (11 Stars)
Rank 13 – Ninja (11 Stars)
Rank 14 – Superstar (11 Stars)
Rank 15 – Barry (13 Stars)

You will need a total of 105 Stars to complete all 15 Ranks. When you finished, the game will ask you if you want to Cash in Your Rank or Save for Later. Select Cash In and the achievement will pop.

You will not lose your gadgets, jet packs, suits, etc. It just resets your rank and continues to give missions.

Alpha Charlie Echo5
Fly over 2kms.   

See “Romeo Alpha Delta” achievement.

Get a score of EXACTLY 200m.   (2) 

You must finish with a distance at exactly 200m for the achievement to pop. There are two methods for completing this and may take a number of tries.

Method 1: Do not equip any gadgets that modifies your final landing (Insta-Ball or Freeze-O-Matic). Avoid any vehicle pickups and keep an eye on your distance meter. You will want to hit a zapper around 175m since you will slide approximately 20-25m.

Method 2: Equip the Freeze-O-Matic gadget. Hug the ceiling until you hit the first zapper. You will slide to a stop between 180-215m. With any luck, you will fall on the 200m mark.

Note: If you picked up Spin Tokens, be sure to cash them in instead of rolling since if you get the Dynamite, Bomb or Nuke roll, it will push you off the 200m and you will not get the achievement.

Class Act15
Fly over 1km, sporting the Top Hat, Classy Suit and Traditional Jetpack.   

You will need at least 23,500 coins to purchase the three required items from The Stash. The Top Hat (7,500 coins) and Classy Suit (6,000 coins) are located under Clothing. The Traditional Jetpack (10,000 coins) is under Jetpacks.

Equip all three items and travel past the 1km mark and the achievement will unlock.

Crazy Freaking Skills15
Get a best distance of over 800m in the CFT.   (2) 

You must travel over 800m continuously in the Crazy Freaking Teleporter (CFT). Though this may seem daunting, it is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. If you wait until you are about to strike a zapper and then teleport, you should be able to avoid any other obstacles 9/10 times. You can have bad luck and teleport directly into another zapper, though this typically only occurs at higher distances.

To farm this easily, purchase and equip the "Free Ride" gadget (under Sector 5: Testing Zone) in The Stash. You will start out with a vehicle at the beginning of the level and, if it is not the CFT, kill yourself and try again. If you fail prior to reaching the 800m mark, you can simply click the pause button, and retry and you will spawn with the CFT again.

For science5
Knock over 1000 scientists.   

This will most likely unlock as you are working on the other achievements. Simply knock over scientists on the ground by hitting them with your jetpack or with vehicles. However, just running along the ground will not count as knocking over the scientists.

Fuzzy Locks5
Get fried 99 times.   

This will most likely unlock as you are working on the other achievements. Simply kill yourselves 99 times by running into zappers or the lasers. Getting hit by missiles does not count.

Fly 2km, without touching any coins, scientists, or tokens.   (2) 

This must be done in a single run.

Purchase and equip the “Nerd Repellant” gadget (under Sector 1: Research and Development) since this will remove all scientists. The second gadget is one of your choice to help you maneuver all the obstacles. Personally, I used the “Gravity Belt” since it provides better control bobbing in between zappers.

You must avoid all coins and tokens. Vehicles do not count against this achievement, but it is recommended that you avoid these since it will spawn more coins for you to avoid. If you accidently pick up a coin or token, restart.

This is a skill-based achievement, but you can purchase consumables in the Utilities menu to help out. These include the 750 Meter Head Start, Final Blast and Revive.

Gold Digger5
Collect 20 coins while dead.   

This is cumulative and can be collected across multiple runs.

To complete this easily, purchase and equip the “Insta-Ball” gadget (under Sector 1: Research and Development). Upon dying, you will bounce four times in a ball, allowing you to have a greater likelihood of grabbing coins.

James Who?15
Buy 2 jetpacks.   (1) 

You must purchase 2 additional jetpacks from the Jetpacks menu in the Stash. It is recommended that you purchase the Traditional Jetpack (7,000 coins) for the Class Act achievement and one of your choice. Minimum amount of coins needed to purchase the two cheapest jetpacks (Traditional and Bubble Gun) is 15,000 coins.

Not So Green5
Complete 10 missions.   

See “Veteran” achievement.

Romeo Alpha Delta15
Fly over 5kms.   (8) 

This is the most challenging achievement of Jetpack Joyride since it requires you to travel 5km in a single run. This is largely skill based, but your choice of gadgets will greatly impact your success. I personally would recommend the “Dezapinator” and the “Turbo Boost” for the gadgets. The “Dezapinator” has a 10% chance to cause a zapper to fail, allowing you to pass through unharmed. The “Turbo Boost” randomly spawns three boost rings which quickly advances you a few hundred meters without any zappers or missiles. Make sure to stock up on “Revives” in the Utilities menu of the Stash (10,000 coins) and only use them if you have successfully passed the 4000m mark, otherwise you can very easily waste 10,000 coins.

Finally, try to hit all vehicle tokens and collect all slot tokens. The vehicle tokens provide a breather where the speed is slowed down for a few hundred meters. The slot tokens can be very critical at the end if you fall short and need either a bomb to push you past the 5km mark or a revive to get you back in the run.

Personally, I would not recommend head start items since they do not give you much of an advantage. The hardest part is between 3,000-5,000 meters and using head start items is a waste of coins.

Be prepared, this will most likely take multiple tries to complete.

Spice of Life5
Take a ride in every vehicle in the game.   

There are a total of 6 vehicles in the game:

Crazy Freaking Teleporter (CFT) – A purple Teleporter
Lil Stomper – A Jumping Mech
Bad as Hog – Motorcycle equipped with a shotgun for extra carnage
Gravity Suit – Allows you to switch direction of gravity between the floor and the ceiling
Profit Bird – Angry Bird spoof powered by money
Cuddles – Mechanized Dragon which breathes fire

Ride each vehicle to unlock the achievement. This is cumulative and can be done in multiple runs.

Fly past the token gift without collecting it.   

Purchase and equip the “Gift Token” gadget (under Sector 2: Fringe Science) from The Stash for 5,000 credits. Start a new game and you will see the token appear in front of you and slowly is drawn towards you. Stay near the bottom of the map and when it is close, launch yourself to the ceiling to avoid hitting it. After it has passed, the achievement will unlock.

Complete 40 missions.   

On each run, you will be provided with 3 active missions for you to complete. You need to complete 40 missions total for the achievement to unlock. The types of missions are listed below:

  • Brush Past Red Flashing Lights
  • Collect Spin Tokens
  • Cover A Distance on Foot
  • Destroy A Vehicle
  • Finish A Game Between Specific Distances
  • Fly Above Zappers
  • Have A Near Miss With Missiles
  • Have A Near Miss With Zappers
  • High Five Scientists
  • Play A Certain Number Of Games
  • Purchase And Use A Gadget
  • Reach A Distance Without Collecting Any Coins
  • Reach A Distance Without Using The Machine Gun Jetpack
  • Rub Your Head Against the Roof
  • Smash A Hole in the Wall
  • Travel A Total Distance In A Vehicle
Happy Snap5
Share an Action Shot.   (2) 

After you have died and completed your run, you will be presented with a Summary screen. There will be a picture of you during your run. Click it and click the share button and the achievement will pop immediately. (You do not have to actually share the shot.)

Secret Achievements
Blinged Out15
Buy a golden vehicle upgrade.   

A golden vehicle upgrade costs 10,000 coins and can be purchased in the Vehicle Upgrades in the Stash. Purchase any golden upgrade for one of the six vehicles and the achievement will unlock.

Pretty Woman10
Buy a matching set of clothing.   (3) 

In the Clothing section of the Stash, there are multiple outfits that can be purchased. You must purchase both the hat and the suit of an outfit (listed next to one another). I would recommend purchasing the Top Hat (7,500 coins) and Classy Suit (6,000 coins) for the Class Act achievement.

Tee Hee Two10
Collect exactly 69 coins.   (6) 

You must have 69 coins at the end of the run. This includes the Slots at the end!

You will want to slowly collect coins, avoiding the larger clusters as you approach 69 coins. Try to grab just the last few coins out of a line until you hit 69, then kill yourself. If you have accidently picked up a slot token, you will want to gamble it instead of cashing it in. With any luck you will not get one of the coin rewards.

Alternatively, you can collect 19 coins and 1 slot token. Cash in the slot token for 50 coins to reach 69 coins.

Finally, you can purchase and equip the Flying Pig, which randomly appears and drops single coins. Collect 63+ coins and then wait for the Pig to appear, collect the coins until 69 then dodge the pig. Once it has disappeared, kill yourself and the achievement should pop.

Take Flash on a 10km walk.   (4) 

Flash is one of the final gadgets (under Sector 6: Anitmatter Storage) in the Gadgets menu. You will need to purchase and equip him, then travel a total cumulative distance of 10km. This does not need to be done in one run.

You can check your progress by going into Stash -> My Profile -> Gadgets -> Distance Run By Dog.

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