Jillian Michaels' Fitness Adventure (EU)

Jillian Michaels' Fitness Adventure (EU) Achievements

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Upper-Body Strength25
Successfully completed 100 push-ups    
Ups and Downs15
Successfully completed 50 push-ups    
Weekly challenge50
Successfully worked out for 7 consecutive days    
High Five30
Successfully worked out for 5 consecutive days    
Stretch It Out10
Successfully completed a warm-up sequence    
Jump For the Stars25
Successfully completed 100 power jumps    
Successfully completed 100 jumping jacks    
Combat Veteran20
Completed all Squat Round Kicks, Boxing Elbow combos and Boxing Punch Combos in Single Exercise mode    
Successfully completed 500 crunches     
Push-up Master20
Successfully completed regular, traveling and close push-ups in Single Exercise mode    
Cardio Champion20
Successfully completed jumping jacks, high knees and butt kicks in Single Exercise mode    
Core Crusher20
Completed crunches, obliques, boat pose, and one-leg scissor crunches in Single Exercise mode    
Totally Armed0
Successfully completed squat press, hammer curl, close push-up, and push-up in Single Exercise mode    
Plyo Prize20
Successfully completed power jumps, jump squats, split press and skaters in Single Exercise mode    
As Days Go By5
Successfully checked work out progress in the Fitness Calendar    
Checking the Ranks5
Successfully accessed the Leaderboards    
All aboard!10
Successfully completed 1 custom training circuit in Circuits mode    
Keep the Train Rollin’50
Successfully completed 10 custom training circuits in Circuits mode    
Personal Trainer5
Successfully created a custom training circuit in Circuits mode    
Third Times a Charm15
Successfully worked out for 3 consecutive days    
Follow the Leader15
Successfully completed a Jillian created training circuit in Circuits mode    
Jillian’s Apprentice125
Successfully completed all Jillian created training circuits in Circuits mode    
Journey Begins Here10
Successfully completed 1 circuit in Fitness Adventure mode    
No Turning Back30
Successfully completed 15 circuits in Fitness Adventure mode    
Almost There!70
Successfully completed 35 circuits in Fitness Adventure mode    
Mission Complete175
Successfully completed all circuits in Fitness Adventure mode    
Try, Try Again60
Successfully completed all exercises in Single Exercise mode    
Carry Your Weight15
Successfully completed all 15 exercises that use dumbbells in Single Exercise mode    
First Date5
Successfully accessed the Fitness Calendar    
Strength and Balance30
Successfully completed 150 forward lunges    

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Europe November 18, 2011

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