Joe Danger: Special Edition

Joe Danger: Special Edition Achievements


So dangerous they named him twice! Collect all stars in career mode.

There are a whopping 180 stars to collect in career mode. You can collect stars in levels one at a time so you don't have to worry about crazy multitasking for the most part. The final race "The Joust" which has two stars in it unlocks after you've collected every other star in career mode (costs 81 stars to unlock). There are 12 different types of stars you will collect throughout career mode.

  1. Collector Stars Collect all of the stars throughout the level. There is a counter down at the bottom right that tells you exactly how many stars you need to collect.
  2. Target Stars For Target Stars you need to be airborne before landing on the target. You will know you have hit a target correctly when stars fly out of the target.
  3. Combo Stars For a Combo Star you need to stay in constant combo until you cross the finish line. There will be an indicator at the side showing whether or not your combo is still active. If you crash or lost your combo you can restart at a previous checkpoint and begin your combo again and you will still get the star.
  4. Hidden Stars Most of the hidden stars aren't as "hidden" as the title implies. Just keep a lookout for them as you progress through the level.
  5. Coin Dash Stars Coin Dash stars are triggered by collecting the large red coin in the level. Just follow the linear coin path and if you don't manage to collect them before time runs out just restart at the previous checkpoint.
  6. DANGER Stars Just collect all 6 letters of DANGER as you progress through the level.
  7. Time Trial Stars Finish the level under the time limit.
  8. Race Stars You must come in first to earn a race star. If you're having trouble just catch up to first place and use  to knock them off their bike.
  9. Target/Time Trial Stars These can be a bit tricky. Just go straight for the targets and take lots of shortcuts where you can. Time your boosting well so that you hit the target and don't jump right over it. Fill your boost gage by flipping whenever you're airborne and manual constantly. Hit all of the targets and finish the level under the par time.
  10. Target/Combo Stars Most of these are easy because you can take your time. Keep a manual going whenever you're on the ground and just go straight for the targets. You have to 100% combo the level and hit all of the targets to earn the star.
  11. Coin Dash/Combo Stars These are found on levels where the Coin Dash is the only Star objective. Complete the Coin Dash and finish the level with 100% combo.
  12. Bowling Stars There are only three bowling levels in Career mode. You'll have 2 attempts to knock over all of the Pins/Mega Pins. Use  to glide and  to curl up.
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User Comments
Comment #1 by LAZORAZOR
Tuesday, January 17, 2012 @ 10:41:08 PM

still grey cheev pic last to go for me 19/20 dont think need medals still
could be a long time of o.c.d gaming to be had, great fun...hold out for
deal of the week would have been greater but don't regret sheet ACHIEVPIMP!

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US December 14, 2011

HDD Space Required : 1.60 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $14.99USD
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