Jurassic: The Hunted

Jurassic: The Hunted Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7
There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 31 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 6-8 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Glitchy achievements: None!
-Unobtainable achievements None!
-Extra equipment needed? None!

This game is not very difficult. You will die a few times, and some points require a little patience, but overall, you should find the whole experience easy and mildly entertaining. Achievements do not stack in this game as far as difficulty goes. Also, at any time, you may view game statistics through the main menu or the start menu. It will show the progression of many things that relate to the achievements.

Step 1:
Play this game on normal, as you cannot access hard mode yet. You will be getting the majority of your points in the process. Once you complete normal, you may choose to wrap up anything you missed that you were close to getting via the level selection menu. Once you hit New Game, you will be deleting all of your progress and statistics. I do advise to gain all of the 0 point achievements in this playthrough, and die as much as you want.

Step 2:
After completing the game on normal, you will play in hard mode. This mode is much quicker as well as an easier experience. You obtain the laser assault rifle in the first mission right after the mini tutorial. You get unlimited ammo (though there is a cool down) and everything dies in 1-2 hits. The Utahraptor dinosaurs will require 5, so stay back when encountering them. Luckily, there are only around 7 of them in the game. Turret battles and Spike will require the same strategy as your normal playthrough because the gun proves worthless in these areas of the game. You will also have played the levels before and will have everything down as far as gameplay. Try your hardest not to die using the method of restarting from checkpoint when you’re screen is blurry. If you do die, you can just replay the level again. You will also have a ton of one shot kills, so if you missed that achievement, you will get it here without problems!

If you for some reason didn’t get a specific achievement after both playthroughs, you may replay a level to finish up and can always check your statistics to see your progress.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this Road Map]

Welcome to the Jungle30
Kill 50 Deinonychus.   
Really no way to miss this, just get it from normal progression.
Raptor Extinction50
Kill 100 Deinonychus.   
You should receive this through normal progression.
Kill 1 dinosaur during an Adrenaline Burst.   
The game will explain how to use adrenaline rush. This time you will be getting points for your efforts, so just kill the raptor while in that mode.
Not so Fast50
Kill 3 Raptors during a single Adrenaline Burst.   
This can be gotten in many places, so don’t worry if you don’t get this early. I got this while using the first turret that the game introduces you to. The bullet icon to your left on your HUD will show how much time you have left indicated by red filling. I was able to stop my adrenaline rush by letting go, turn my turret, and engage in it again and still get the achievement. Another method is when you first get your grenades, there are three raptors to throw a grenade at. Throw it and use adrenaline before it hits. Furthermore, you will encounter many different chances for this via scorpions and mini raptors.
Adrenaline Junkie50
Kill 25 dinosaurs during Adrenaline Bursts.   
You should get this pretty quick, just engage adrenaline whenever you have it available while you're fighting.
These are not the Hammer50
Kill 20 dinosaurs using melee attacks.   (1) 
After being comfortable with how your weapons damage enemies, you should be able to just finish them off with a melee attack. There are mini raptors you can do this on, but they seem to swarm you if you aren’t careful and in motion.
Kill a dinosaur using each weapon.   (9) 
You will have numerous attempts at obtaining most of the weapons. The boxes spread around contain ammo and the various guns if you want to switch them. There are only a few that you’ll only see rarely, and they are normally right there in front of you in a box with normal progression. The most important weapon I should tell you about is the RPG. When playing Special Delivery (level 10), you come across a running heard of dinosaurs. Run in the direction they are running to get the RPG. The Auto Shotgun is your last weapon, so pick it up (located noticeably by a spaceship), kill a dinosaur, get your achievement, and reload your last checkpoint because it is not a good gun. You can also find it in the last level fighting Spike. If you wait until then to get it, you will have to reload a chapter and kill a dinosaur with it.
Kill 50 dinosaurs using stationary weapons.    
I was one away from this achievement upon entering the level Tyrant King. There are a lot of Pterosaurs flying around that you will have to kill and you will have no problem getting the achievement.
Kill 50 Raptors with a single shot each.   
A single shot can count as a lot of things. Honestly if I could, I would have forgotten about this on normal and saved it for my hard playthrough, as you get the laser assault rifle that kills most of them in one hit. At the end of the game, I had 124 kills with a single shot because of that gun, and without trying. Otherwise, if you want it fast, kill as many raptors as you can with a shot to the head or at close range with a shotgun. The mini raptors do count. You may also use grenades to get this achievement.
Six Foot Turkey25
Kill a Utahraptor.    
Story related, can't be missed.
What a Prick50
Survive a Spinosaurus attack.    
Story related, can’t be missed.
I'm the King40
Kill a Tyrannosaurus.    
Story related, can’t be missed.
Outta Nails25
Complete any fortification objective without repairing.   
Once you get to your second fortification, you will notice a big difference in the setup. Now it’s a point A to B wall. During this one, you will not be repairing anything. Stand as far back as you can and kill anything that advances towards you. If this is at all a struggle, wait until hard mode in which you will be doing this method a lot.
Complete any fortification objective without the dinosaurs getting in.   (1) 
Once you get to your first fortification objective, you must make sure you repair every area that is being attacked while killing what’s attacking it. Run around in a circle and sprint. The other fortifications are a bit tougher, so use this one for your achievement. Don’t leave the area yet, because you can get the Preparing for the Future achievement here as well.
Preparing for the Future25
Repair all broken entrances before unlocking the gate.   
Once you’re done with the fort attack described in Handyman, just make sure to repair everything that is damaged. Once you can’t repair anything else, open the main gate.
Pack Hunting25
Kill 3 Raptors with one grenade.   
Once you get the grenades, throw it at the oncoming (but slow) raptors. If you somehow manage to fail your attempt, you can reload the checkpoint or just continue out. There are a lot of places you can get this. There are a few battles against mini raptors and if you run around a lot, letting them group up, you can get around 5 in one grenade.
Who Needs a Bug Zapper?25
Kill 50 Pterosaurs in Rise Above.   
You can kill all the ones flying above at the start continuously because they re-spawn for a while. Also kill the ones perched before they attack. Continue on and kill them when you see them.
Death from Below25
Kill 1 Pterosaur with a grenade.   
Once you get to Rise Above which is level 7, there will be tons of these flying around in a big circle. Just go to the edge and throw all of your grenades in the air. If you are having trouble aiming or bad luck, run on the bridges and they will begin flying directly at you. Reload the checkpoint afterward.
Blast in the Past25
Kill 20 Dinosaurs with grenades.   
This should come pretty fast if you have been using grenades. There are a lot of instances where you can keep filling up your grenades as much as you want.
Plumber Stomachache25
Destroy 50 exploding mushrooms.   
You should get this during the 13th level. The ones that explode on their own do count for this. I was barely over 50 by the end of the level. If you do get below 50, just replay level 9 in mission select.
Kill 1 enemy using an exploding mushroom.   
While the scorpions are running by a mushroom, shoot it. At first, this seems like it could be frustrating but it really isn’t. During the turret sequence, if you don’t shoot any mushrooms, you will have many attempts to do it. Otherwise, in one of the last levels, there are a lot more to shoot with mini raptors running around.
Crispy Critters25
Kill 5 Scorpions with the RPG.   (1) 
You will be getting this on level 13. Once you get to the scorpions, you will notice they come at you 2-3 at a time. There is a little stone archway they pass, so go ahead and shoot the side of that to kill them. You can also just shoot the ground before they get to you.
Scorpion King30
Kill 50 Scorpions.   
You should get this easily while playing the game.
Chicken Chaser20
Kill 50 Velociraptors.   
You will get this with normal progression. Mini raptors count!
Nuck Chorris Rex100
Complete the game without dying.   (1) 
Now you should only have a couple levels left to finish without dying. Go to level select, and those levels that you need to replay have a skull on them. I was going to do this one on medium but had several levels to play and found Hard mode much easier to survive with such a powerful weapon. If your screen is becoming very blurry, hit start and restart from checkpoint. If you die, even when hitting start before the screen tells you that you died, you will need to replay the whole level again. You can replay any level on medium if you want as well and still get the achievement. I personally thought level 9 was easier on medium because of the cool down on the laser assault rifle on hard made the mini raptor battle a bit difficult.
Life Will Find a Way50
Complete the game.    
Story related, can’t be missed.
Hard as Nails100
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty.      (5) 
You unlock Hard mode after you complete the game on normal. This will start a new game and erase all of your stats and progress. That’s okay, because this difficulty is much easier than medium. You will get a laser assault rifle. This gun is located right after the brief tutorial in level 1, by the skeleton. The only things this gun will not help you with, are turret battles and against Spike. So when facing Spike, use the RPG and toss grenades. Do your best to hold him at bay at the supply crate, spamming down when you need more ammo. Be slow while shooting him and he won’t move much. The turrets take patience, especially against the T-Rex fight. I’ve seen a few people give up on this easy fight. The workaround is to just shoot the T-Rex and when it turns to leave, just let it leave. I’m sure most people shoot it until there gun overheats while it runs away. Take your time and instead, kill the flying ones as much you can. This worked easily after trying it a few times with no luck. As far as protecting the fort against Spike at the end, I have never had a problem with it. Use grenades and rockets at will with your unlimited supply crate just a short sprint away. Don’t use anything else.
Secret Achievements
Die in a Fire0
Killed by fire or lava.   (1) 
You are told to head towards a volcano and once you get to that level, jump in the lava.
Allergic Reaction0
Killed by thorny plants.   
This will be the first achievement you get. Go up to the thorny plants (there are a lot around and easy to see) and run back and forth in them. Takes a little bit of trying to die, but you will eventually.
Clever Girl0
Died in a Raptor Melee QTE.   
Run to grab the pistol. A raptor will jump on top of you and the game will play out a Quick Time Event. Don’t push the button indicated at the top of the screen and you'll die.
Killed yourself with an exploding mushroom.    
On the level U-1226 (level 9), you will come across a ton of exploding mushrooms everywhere. Run into them to kill yourself and gain your last 0 point achievement. Make sure to destroy every one of these you see from this point on.

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