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Just Cause Achievement Guide

Guide By: Khaos & PerpetualHeaven
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 50 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty select
- Glitchy achievements: Mission 7 Completion & Mission 14 Completion [see below]
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to the road map for Just Cause! The achievements in this game are relatively easy, but they will take a little while to get. The game itself is also fairly easy, with only a few points towards the end of the story and some extra missions being somewhat difficult. In order to get the full 1000, you'll need to complete the game's main story, a large amount of extra missions (racing, collection, takeover, liberation and side missions), and a few miscellaneous stunts. Also, when using this road map, keep in mind that this is a sandbox game, so you can do anything you want at any time; the road map is simply here to give you some direction along the way.

Note: Some people have reported "Mission 7 Completion" and "Mission 14 Completion" do not unlock when they should. To fix this, just continue on in the story. It may take a few missions, but they should both unlock before the final mission.

Step 1: Story (Part 1)
The best way to go about completing the game is just to dive in to the story missions first. Play along with the missions, and whenever possible complete liberation, takeover, and side missions to reduce the redundancy of the game once you finish the story. Continue this strategy until you unlock the Gyrocopter (this should be after you beat story mission 16), then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Extra Missions (Part 1)
Since you have the Gyrocopter, travel should be much easier. The Gyrocopter is very fast, and as such, you should utilize its speed to complete all of the collect missions. Also use this time to complete the race missions. If you're struggling with the races, you can use the Gyrocopter and it'll almost always be easier. You may also want to take some time to complete some side, takeover, and liberation missions, because you'll need to do 50 side missions, 45 takeover missions, and 34 liberation missions for the full 1000, and it gets boring if you wait until the end to do them all. Once you're content with what you've completed, move on to step 3.

Step 3: Story (Part 2)
Now, go ahead and finish up the story. It shouldn't take much longer, since you've completed 16 missions out of 21 already. Some of the later missions get difficult, so use the walkthrough mentioned under "All Story Missions Complete" in the achievement guide if you need to. Again, feel free to do takeover missions, liberation missions, or side missions as you see fit.

Step 4: Extra Missions (Part 2)
After you complete the story missions, you need to finish up on your side missions, liberation missions, and takeover missions. If you did a lot of these during the first three steps this shouldn't take too long, but if you didn't this could easily be the longest part of the game.

Step 5: Wrap-Up
Once you're done with all the extra missions, you'll still likely be a few achievements short of the full 1000. You'll probably still need the Most Wanted, Stunt, and Base Jump achievements. For the easiest methods to get these, see the achievement guide below.

Once you've wrapped up, you'll have the full 1000 in Just Cause! Congratulations!

[XBA would like to thank Neverender for this Roadmap]

10 Side Missions Completed5
Complete 10 Side Missions   

See “50 Side Missions Completed” for details.

Freedom Fighter25
Liberate 11 Provinces In San Esperito   

See “Saviour of San Esperito” for details.

Mission 7 Completion25
Complete Story Mission 7    

Complete the mission "Some Like it Hotter." See this link for a helpful walkthrough of the mission:

**Note, this achievement should unlock after completing the mission. At times, it may not unlock right away, but should as soon as you begin the next mission.

Mission 14 Completion50
Complete Story Mission 14    (3) 

Complete the mission "Guadalicano Choo Choo." See this link for a helpful walkthrough of the mission.

**Note, this achievement should unlock after completing the mission. At times, it may not unlock right away, but should as soon as you begin the next mission. 

All Story Missions Completed125
Complete All Story Missions    (3) 

All you have to do is complete the story mode. The last 3 missions can be fairly hard because the difficulty just seems to shoot up. So here are some tips for each of them:

Taking out the garbage Vol. 1 – Alright, you want this to be nice and easy so there are two things you can do. First, while you’re in your helicopter you can jump to an enemy helicopter from the one you’re in. Watch for the red arrow on the map and when it gets close by look for the button. Once you’re in it, fly to your mission area and destroy the enemy tank as fast as you can.
The other way is to jump down into the water and ride your boat to the beach. Once you’re there, clear out the area and grapple onto an enemy helicopter. You can do it the hard way by running all the way there, but there are a lot of tanks that’ll give you a hard time.

Taking out the garbage Vol. 2 – You’re going to steal a jet here and hunt down some cruise missiles. All you have to do is follow the missiles and destroy them. I have one suggestion; do not let your jet blow up. The next segment is bloody hard without the jet. So I suggest you to keep your jet alive until Vol. 3 so you don’t have to use a gyrocopter or steal a jet/helicopter.

Taking out the garbage Vol. 3 – You’ll have to catch up with el presidente’s airplane. All you have to do is use your jet to hang over the left side of his jet or above it and go into stunt position. Once you’re there, a button will show up that’ll allow you to jump to the plane. Once you’re in start taking out people. Eventually you’ll go into a sky diving contest with el presidente. You’ll have to plant an explosive on him. Dive down to him but you’ll have to slow down so you don’t pass him. When you get close to him, press to plant the explosive. This will take a few tries, but you’ll get a hang of it eventually.

For fuller walkthroughs, check these links.

Protector of the People50
Liberate 22 Provinces In San Esperito   

See “Saviour of San Esperito” for details.

Saviour of San Esperito75
Liberate Every Province In San Esperito   (3) 

Scattered around the country you sill see light blue house icons with a green exclamation icon nearby. This shows the settlement is currently occupied by the government, and in need of liberation. This set of achievements depends on the liberation of the provinces, not the settlement. Some provinces only have 1 settlement, some have 3 or so. Liberate all needed settlements to free the province. By pressing and going to the political map, you can see how close to liberation the province is by seeing how full the green bar is.

In order to begin your liberation go to the green marker to see your guerrilla contact. He will be a happy looking gentleman waving at you surrounded by large amounts of ammunition. Go up to him and press to begin the liberation of the settlement.

There will be two different types of ways to liberate a settlement, depending on the size of the settlement you are liberating. Smaller rural towns and government bases will all follow the same pattern. First eliminate enemy soldiers. After a sufficient amount have been eliminated, you will be directed to destroy the enemy barricade, which will be shown on your map by the red marker. This can be destroyed by a single rocket, or by two grenades. After the first barricade is eliminated, continue to kill troops until prompted to destroy the second barricade. The same pattern continues until all 3 barricades have been destroyed. Once the third falls, you will be prompted to take down the enemy flag. Walk up to the flag, and press to switch flags, and this will complete the liberation as a victory for the rebels. As you progress through the liberation, you will see a bar on your screen with green on one side to blue on the other. This bar shows the progress of your liberation. As you get closer to green, your victory becomes closer.

The second type of liberation only occurs in larger urban cities. There you will have just an open war against government troops. In this type of conflict, the progress bar will be very important, because it will be your only means of knowing how you are doing. As soon as the progress bar is all the way to the green side, you will be prompted to switch flags. Follow the red marker on you map, and press to claim your victory.

15 Takeover Missions Completed25
Complete 15 Takeover Missions   

See “45 Takeover Missions Complete”.

30 Takeover Missions Completed50
Complete 30 Takeover Missions   

See “45 Takeover Missions Completed” for details.

45 Takeover Missions Completed75
Complete 45 Takeover Missions   

This is the drug cartel equivalent of the guerrilla liberation achievements. Scattered around the map you will see purple icons with a yellow exclamation mark nearby. This is a cartel settlement that needs to be taken over. The form of the takeover will be the same as the form of a liberation for a small town, with the three sets of barricades, except now instead of changing flags, you need to kill the subtiente.

If you unlocked the Jackson Skreemer or Chimera military helicopters, your job will be very easy. Take the helicopter, and land near the takeover contact outside of the settlement. Get out and run up to him, and press to begin the takeover. Run back to you helicopter and take off. Begin firing rockets at anything that will move by pressing . These two type of helicopters are equipped with rockets, so if you aren't firing them, press to cycle through your weapons.

The game should automatically acquire targets for you that are noted by a white circle. This will work to your advantage, because it will automatically target the cartel troops. When you get the message to go after the barricades, there are usually troops hiding behind it, so rocketing them will blow up the barricade as well. If the barricade is alone, you also have a targeting cross hairs, and just aim for the red target on your map, which will have a flashing red arrow on the actual screen. After all three barricades are taken out, you will be given the order to eliminate the subtiente. He will appear usually on the 2nd floor balcony of the mansion. After shooting a rocket at him, the takeover will be a success; you will never even need to get out of your chopper. Then fly on to the next purple marker, and restart the process again.

While this strategy works very well for the cartel takeover missions, it fails for the government liberation missions, because the government troops are equipped with rocket launchers and will shoot you out of the sky, so if you try this tactic on those missions, take great care to not get shot down.

Salt Refinery... Yeah Right5
Complete Collect Mission 1    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

Back-Door Action5
Complete Collect Mission 2    (1) 

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

I Want a Super-Potent Weapon5
Complete Collect Mission 3    (1) 

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

I've Got the Blueprints, Man5
Complete Collect Mission 4    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

I Want My Intel Back5
Complete Collect Mission 5    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

Red Eyes5
Complete Collect Mission 6    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

We Have Ways of Making You Talk5
Complete Collect Mission 7    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

Rico the Beach Comber5
Complete Collect Mission 8    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

Staying Power5
Complete Collect Mission 9    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

The Cleavage5
Complete Collect Mission 10    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

Slippery When Wet5
Complete Collect Mission 11    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

New Kind of Kick5
Complete Collect Mission 12    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

White Beaches5
Complete Collect Mission 13    

See “All Collect Missions Completed”.

All Race Missions Completed15
Complete Every Race Mission   

Scattered around the map of San Espirito you will see racing flag icons. At each icon, you will find a person with an arrow above their head. Go up to them, and press to begin their race. Take your vehicle, and go to the starting line marked by the red marker on the map. When the race begins, you will be given a set amount of seconds to reach the next checkpoint. When you arrive, you will be given more time, and you need to travel to the next checkpoint. Continue on until you reach the finish. Once all 9 races have been completed (see "Champion of Race" 1-9), this achievement will unlock.

See this map for locations of all races:

All Collect Missions Completed45
Complete Every Collect Mission    

Scattered around on the map are blue icons, showing where items have been dropped. The easiest way is to wait until into the story, when you unlock the ability to have the gyrocopter available as a heavy drop. Then just run around collecting all the packages. As well as contributing to the collection achievements, they will also improve your relation with the guerrillas and the drug cartel.

**Note** If anyone playing this would care to document which dots correspond to which collect missions, it would be greatly appreciated so we can get a map made. Please post in the forums with any contributions.

20 Side Missions Completed10
Complete 20 Side Missions   

See “50 Side Missions Completed” for more details.

30 Side Missions Completed15
Complete 30 Side Missions   

See “50 Side Missions Completed” for more details.

40 Side Missions Completed20
Complete 40 Side Missions   

See “All Collect Missions Completed” for more details.

50 Side Missions Completed25
Complete 50 Side Missions   

After liberating a settlement, your guerrilla contact (green exclamation point) moves from outside of town, to standing next to the flag that you raised. When you walk up to him, press to begin his side mission. Each contact has an infinite amount of side missions, so it is possible to do all 50 from a single settlement.

One of the quickest ways to accomplish this quickly is to liberate the Island Defense HQ (the government base on top of the hill on the far southwest island). This contact works the best because none of his missions will actually have you leave the island, so you won't have to travel very far. So get a hold of a Chimera, a Skreemer, or some other fighting helicopter and travel to this contact. Land right next to the flag, get out, begin your mission, fly to the target, retrieve/kill/destroy your target, and fly back to the base. Do this 50 times to complete this set of achievements.

Completing missions for this contact will also improve your relations with the guerrillas, which will move you 1,500 points closer (50 missions x 30 points each) to getting the Chimera to appear at your safe houses.

Champion Of Race 15
Complete Race 1   

See “All Race Missions Completed” for more details.

Champion Of Race 25
Complete Race 2   

See “All Collect Missions Completed” for more details.

Champion Of Race 35
Complete Race 3   

See “All Race Missions Completed” for more details.

Champion Of Race 45
Complete Race 4   

See “All Race Missions Completed” for more details.

Champion Of Race 55
Complete Race 5   

See “All Collect Missions Completed” for more details.

Champion Of Race 65
Complete Race 6   

See “All Race Missions Completed” for more details.

Champion Of Race 75
Complete Race 7   (5) 

See “All Race Missions Completed” for more details.

Champion Of Race 85
Complete Race 8   

See “All Race Missions Completed” for more details.

Champion Of Race 95
Complete Race 9   (1) 

See “All Race Missions Completed” for more details.

100 Kills10
Kill 100 Enemies   

See “500 Kills” for more details.

250 Kills20
Kill 250 Enemies   

See "500 kills" for more details.

500 Kills50
Kill 500 Enemies   

You’ll get this through normal progression of the game. These will probably one of the first achievements you’ll get, as you will be killing an obscene amount of enemies, both through normal missions, as well as through liberation and takeover missions.

Most Wanted 1 Min10
Survive For 1 Minute With Maximum Wanted Level   

See “Most Wanted 5 Mins” for more details.

Most Wanted 2 Mins25
Survive For 2 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level   

See “Most Wanted 5 Mins” for more details.

Most Wanted 5 Mins50
Survive For 5 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level   (3) 

You’ll want to kill a whole bunch of people/police/government troops to get to level 5 wanted level. Once you’ve done that, just sit in a safe area. The best place is to find a valley with a bridge going across, and going down into the valley and hiding under the bridge. Down there will protect you from cars, and the bridge should shield you from helicopters. If any law enforcement do make it down to you, dispose of them in any fashion you feel most comfortable with until all 5 minutes have passed.

20 Land Vehicle Stunts10
Complete 20 Land Vehicle Stunts   

This achievement involves you coming from the air and flying to a moving car. An easy way to obtain this is to enter a vehicle, and when you have a bit of speed going, get in the stunt position by pressing . Then press again to jump up into your parachute. Once in the air, when you see the option on your screen to "Jump to Vehicle," press again to fly to the car. Repeat this another 19 times for the achievement to unlock.

20 Sea Vehicle Stunts10
Complete 20 Sea Vehicle Stunts   (3) 

Follow the steps outlined in "20 Land Vehicle Stunts", but do it with a boat instead.

20 Air Vehicle Stunts10
Complete 20 Air Vehicle Stunts   (1) 

The air vehicle stunts can be done slightly different than the Land and Sea vehicles, because you are already in the air. Get yourself a helicopter, and get into the air. When up in the air, press to get in the stunt position. While holding onto the back of the helicopter, press to leave the vehicle complete, which will cause you to let go. Immediately press to grab back onto the vehicle. Repeat another 19 times for the achievement to unlock.

All Stunts Completed50
Complete All Stunts   

Once the three other stunt achievements have been unlocked, this will unlock automatically. See "20 Land Vehicle Stunts," "20 Sea Vehicle Stunts," and "20 Air Vehicle Stunts" for details.

Note: You do not have to do the Car-to-Car stunts for this achievement.

20 Car-To-Car Stunts5
Complete 20 Car-To-Car Jumps   (1) 

Get two cars, and park them right next to each other. Get into one vehicle, and press to get in the stunt position. You should now have the option to press to "Jump to Vehicle." Do that and you should jump to the next car. If you press again, you should jump back. Keep jumping back and forth until the achievement unlocks.

Base Jump 1000 Meters5
Base Jump From 1000 Meters Or Higher   (3) 

You have to go the Eagle's Nest safehouse for this achievement:

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