Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Achievement Guide

Guide By: cbkste, xsoenx
There are 59 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 40 (795)
-Online: 10 (205)
-Approximate amount of time to get 1000: 25 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None (Replaying Chapters is Available)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (Dead Men Rising)
-Glitchy achievements: Alpha Male (Check Guide below for Specifics)
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra Equipment needed? None
-Is there DLC? Yes; Doggie Bag

  • Approximate time: 5-10 hours
  • Estimated Difficulty: 4/10
  • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable Achievements: None

Kane & Lynch 2 is a 3rd person shooter. The achievement list for the game is very obtainable with only a few hard achievements. There are a couple of things to note; Steadycam can be turned on in the Options and the grainy effect cannot be turned off on the Xbox 360 version, only on PC.

Step 1 - 1st Playthrough:
The best way to finish the game in 1 playthrough is to play co-op with a friend on Extreme difficulty. Extreme isn’t that hard except for a couple of troubling spots. It really is best tackled with another person, do not go solo. Finish all missions with a co-op friend and you will have over 430.

Step 2 - Play Arcade Mode
Next up is to play Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode is setup with you and 7 other AI’s. You have to get the money and then get to the extraction point. The Arcade structure is based on rounds, with each round getting harder as you progress by adding more Police and increasing the AI’s possibilty of turning against you for your money. There are 175 to be won in Arcade. 115 of these can also be won playing Multiplayer, but it is recommended to attempt them in Arcade as it's easier.

Step 3 - Multiplayer
The Multiplayer on this game is fun at times but is difficult to boost since there is no inviting into ranked matches and no parties allowed. Another problem is quitters which can stop certain online achievements from unlocking. There are a total of 300 available to be obtained in Multiplayer.

Step 4 - Miscellaneous Mop-Up
Get any kill or chapter related achievement you may be missing.

Doggie Bag DLC
Step 5:
Welcome to the Doggie Bag! The only DLC add-on for Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. There are only 9 achievements to obtain form this DLC and they are all obtained by playing on the maps that are have been introduced, with this DLC. There are 3 new maps introduced, which are, 'Dry Dock', 'Highrise' and 'Radio Tower' and these are the maps that you MUST play on to earn these achievements. The only step is to play online. It is strongly recommended that you find yourself a boosting partner or group as there will be very few, if any, people still playing online in this game. There will be some grinding required, like getting 1000 kills, for example, but for the most part, these achievements can be unlocked relatively quickly.

That should cover just about everything. The story is enjoyable and without collectibles there is nothing to worry about while playing through the campaign. The only problems you will have is with the poorly designed multiplayer aspect of the game, but with some patience a full 1250 is possible.


[x360a would like to thank for cbkste this road map]
[x360a would like to thank Scotty for the DLC addition]

Welcome to Shanghai20
Complete 'Welcome to Shanghai' on any difficulty.    (2) 

Story Related and cannot be missed. See "Kill or Be Killed" for more information.

Street War20
Complete 'The Details' on any difficulty.    (1) 

Story Related and cannot be missed. See "Kill or Be Killed" for more information.

Death Sentence20
Complete 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' on any difficulty.    

Story Related and cannot be missed. See "Kill or Be Killed" for more information.

Nowhere to Hide25
Complete 'Laying Low' on any difficulty.    

Story Related and cannot be missed. See "Kill or Be Killed" for more information.

Baby be Safe25
Complete 'Coming Home' on any difficulty.    

Story Related and cannot be missed. See "Kill or Be Killed" for more information.

Lost Love25
Complete 'A Thousand Cuts' on any difficulty.    

Story Related and cannot be missed. See "Kill or Be Killed" for more information.

Double Cross25
Complete 'The Deal' on any difficulty.    

Story Related and cannot be missed. See "Kill or Be Killed" for more information.

Slow Train to Hell30
Complete 'Out of Shanghai' on any difficulty.    

Story Related and cannot be missed. See "Kill or Be Killed" for more information.

Bring It Down30
Complete 'Air Strike' on any difficulty.    

Story Related and cannot be missed. See "Kill or Be Killed" for more information.

Kill or Be Killed30
Complete 'Resurrection' on any difficulty.    

You will earn all of the story related achievements by completing each of the 10 levels. These story achievements are unlocked by playing either co-op or single player. To eliminate an extra playthrough, it is recommended to play co-op with a friend on Extreme difficulty. Doing so will earn you all the story achievements, "Dead Men Rising" and "End of the Road" combined.

Dog Days60
Complete Story Mode on any difficulty level.     

See "Dead Men Rising".

Dead Men Rising60
Complete Story Mode on Extreme.     (21) 

This unlocks when you complete all of the story missions on the highest difficulty setting which is "Extreme". Playing on Extreme first will also unlock "Dog Days" at the same time.

Push your human shield into an opponent in Story Mode.   

To grab an enemy as a human shield, run toward them and press . You can perform this while in front of or behind them. Then, find another enemy and press  to push your human shield into him. Both enemies will fall to the floor and the achievement will pop.

Can It!10
Kill 10 enemies with exploding canisters.   

Exploding canisters are found all over the levels and pressing  starts a scan and shows you their locations. You can either shoot them where they are or pick them up by pressing  and then  to throw them. When they are thrown, you also have to press  to shoot the barrel for it to explode. It is very simple and you will get this in no time.

Mexican Showoff10
Kill 5 enemies while downed before successfully recovering.   

You must first be downed by an enemy and then while lying down, kill 5 enemies. This can be tricky but in the right location it is easy. I would suggest the "Laying Low" level. You can stay on the ground as long as you like or need to, so take your time. The achievement pops after making the 5th kill.

Sichuan Specialist10
Escape the restaurant in 'Laying Low' without being downed on any difficulty.   

Right at the start of the level "Laying Low", you are in a Chinese restaurant. You will be ambushed by Police and you must escape without being downed. Use cover, and take it slow. It is best to go for this after your first playthrough by using chapter select and playing on Easy. The achievement unlocks after you have ran out of the restaurant and having seen the 3 people tied up on the floor.

Hand of God15
Complete a Story Mode mission without dying once on any difficulty.   (4) 

This can be done on any level, but I recommend either the first mission or the helicopter level. If you don’t get the achievement while playing the game, just go into chapter select and pick a level. Obviously, it is best to do this on Easy and it is OK if you are downed. If you die however, you must restart the level.

Chinese Waltz10
Kill 5 enemies without losing your human shield.   (1) 

To grab an enemy as a human shield, run toward them and press . You can perform this while in front of or behind them. You need to find an area with 6 guards and the video below shows a easy way to get the achievement.

Mode: Campaign
Mission: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Dance Off!10
Execute 30 enemies while holding them as human shield.   (2) 

To grab an enemy as a human shield, run toward them and press . You can perform this while in front of or behind them. Now press  again to execute him. Do this 30 times and the achievement is yours.

Trigger Happy15
Kill 5 enemies in 15 seconds with any pistol whilst not dropping your health below 90%.   (3) 

This is not as hard as it sounds if you are in the right location. Simply follow the video below and it's easy.

Mode: Campaign
Mission: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Double Happiness15
Kill 6 enemies in a row with a shotgun - all of them as one shot kills.   (1) 

This can be done on the level "Laying Low" or "The Details" since you start each of them with a shotgun. You have to kill all 6 enemies with 1 shot so get close and aim for the head. If you attempt this on "The Details", take your time moving up the cars and remember to aim for the head. There is a video for this below.

Mode: Campaign
Mission: The Details

Steady Hand15
Get 5 headshots in a row using the same clip.   (2) 

You can use any weapon to get this achievement but using a scoped rifle will be the easiest. A good second choice would be a pistol. This can be achieved at the same time as going for "Double Happiness". Just don’t press .

Mode: Campaign
Mission: Blood, Sweat and Tears

You Want Blood?30
1000 kills.    

This isn’t as hard as it sounds and you will probably get it while playing through the different game modes. I'd recommend that you don’t go out of your way for it unless you still dont have it by the end of your playthrough. Multiplayer, Arcade and Campaign all count toward this total so first, complete the campaign, then complete all the arcade achievements. You will most likely get it somewhere along the way while in Arcade mode.

A Little Help From a Friend10
Complete 1 mission in Co-op.   (4) 

See "End of the Road".

No Going Back20
Complete 5 missions in Co-op.   (2) 

See "End of the Road".

End of the Road40
Complete Story Mode in Co-op.   (15) 

Play through all of Story Mode in co-op over Xbox Live or via splitscreen. If possible, it is best to combine this with Extreme difficulty since it will maximize the amount of achievements you can obtain in a single run.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread found here to look for a partner.

Giving a Hand15
Finish 30 enemies your Co-op partner shot 'Down Not Dead'.   (5) 

You need an online co-op partner for this, it cannot be done with the offline AI. Play the level "A Thousand Cuts" in co-op and after you are free to move, continue until you enter a Bus Station. Have your partner get the shotgun off the enemy in this location and keep moving until you have to co-op open a door. Now straight in front of you are 2 cops talking to a civilian. Have the person with the shotgun shoot the left cop in the legs and he will drop to the floor. Once he is downed, you can then kill him. After he is dead, press Start and then Reload Checkpoint and you will be looking right at the same 2 cops again. Repeat 29 more times and the achievement is yours.

Note: If you use this method, all 30 kills must be done in 1 session. For instance, if you get to 15 kills and have to leave your stats are not saved. The only way for them to count, would be for you to finish the mission.

You can check your progress by going to the Menu, selecting Achievements and it shows you how many you have got.

Use the Achievement Trading Thread found here to look for partner.

Got Your Back10
Revive your Co-op partner 10 times.   (1) 

You will most likely get this when doing the co-op campaign so don’t worry to much about it. When your partner gets shot down, he has a limited amount of time until you can revive him. Get to him as fast as you can and press  to revive him.

Successfully escape once in Arcade Mode or in any Multiplayer Ranked Match.    

This can be done in either Arcade Mode or Multiplayer. Its very simple, just reach the escape vehicle and the achievement is yours.

Doing Good10
Successfully reach round 5 in Arcade Mode.   

See "Safe Crime".

Love of Money20
Successfully reach round 10 in Arcade Mode.   

See "Safe Crime".

Greedy Bastard10
Earn at least $5,000,000 in every level in Arcade Mode.   

You can do this in 2 to 3 rounds very easily. In the first round, you kill all your AI teammates and escape with the full 4 million. Then in the 2nd round you only need 1 million. Killing all your teammates in the first round doesn't effect them and they wont try to kill you the next round. When you have over 5 million, wait for the end of the level and select Quit. The game will then add your score to the leaderboards. You can check how much money you have escaped with in each level by going to Arcade Mode, selecting Arcade Highscores and pressing  right and left to go through the maps.

The maps are:

  • Subway
  • Bridge
  • Airport
  • Fish Market
  • Harbor
  • Financial

DLC maps do not count.

Lightning Looter10
Reach $8,000,000 in under 6 minutes of actual playtime in Arcade Mode.   

To do this, you have to escape with all 4 million for the first two rounds of an Arcade Mode. Its not as hard as you may think if you follow the video below.

Note: Buying guns takes away from the 4 million in loot money. DO NOT BUY GUNS in between rounds.

Mode: Arcade
Level: Bridge

Safe Crime10
Finish 5 rounds in a row without getting any penalties in Arcade Mode.   

This achievement can be combined with "Doing Good".

You get a penalty for shooting your teammates, killing a civilian or when you reach the getaway vehicle first and cut 50/50 with the pilot. Do not do any of these things.

An easy way to do this is to pick the Airport level. Now from the start, run down the right hand side until you get to the wall and baggage cars with a few Police behind it. Behind this, is an opening which leads to the side of the building where the money is. There is a stair case going up the side of the building. Simply run up the stairs and kick in the door. Run to the left and kick the bridge over. There will be 2 guys in front of you, so kill them and in the middle of the walkway, turn right and go up the stairs to the roof and escape. Repeat 4 more times without shooting your teammates or killing any civilians (which there are none if you follow this route).

Once the initial 5 runs are out of the way, repeat 5 more times to unlock "Love of Money".

Battle Hardened15
Complete one session in each Multiplayer Mode (Ranked Match).   (11) 

One session consists of 4 rounds and you must stay for all 4 rounds. If the hosts quits mid-game, that mode won’t count. Simply play the 3 game modes which are available.

Game Modes: 

  • Fragile Alliance
  • Undercover Cop
  • Cops n Robbers
Win 20 sessions of Cops & Robbers (Ranked Match).   (6) 

You must play all 4 rounds in the game for the session to count. To win at Cops and Robbers, as a Robber you must escape with as much money as you can and as a Cop you must stop them from escaping. Robbers and Cops have unlimited spawns until only 2 robbers remain.

You can check how many wins you have by going to Menu, selecting Achievements and finding "Addict" in the list.

The Cleaner20
Escape as a traitor with 50% of any level’s total loot in Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.    (1) 

To become a traitor you must kill a teammate. This is best done in Arcade mode while going for "Lightning Looter". You will get this automatically as you will have 4 million (you only need 2 million) and you would have killed of all your teammates. Once you've met the requirements, simply escape and it will pop.

Escape from ...Anywhere25
Successfully escape 25 times in Arcade Mode or in any Multiplayer Ranked Match.    (2) 

This is very easy to do and both Arcade and Multiplayer count towards this, You just have to reach the escape vehicle 25 times. Don’t worry about focusing on this achievement. It will pop while playing Multiplayer and Arcade as you are going for "Greedy Bastard" and "Lighting Looter".

Escape with more than $2,500,000 in a round of either Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.    

This will come naturally while doing "The Cleaner" or "Lighting Looter".

Putting on the Ritz20
End a round as Criminal Expert in a Fragile Alliance Ranked Match.   (1) 

After every round, your Criminal Style will change. To get Expert, you must do as little work as possible but escape with as much as you can. Don’t shoot any Cops, let your teammates do this, and escape with as much money as you can.

Blackjack and Hookers!10
Accumulate $25,000,000 in your career (Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Ranked Match).    (1) 

See "Most Wanted".

Most Wanted25
Accumulate $50,000,000 in your career (Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Ranked Match).    

Both Arcade and Multiplayer count towards this. Don’t worry about trying for it though as "Greedy Bastard" will net you $30,000,000 and playing online games will net you 2-3 million a game.

The fastest way is to play Arcade Mode and kill all your teammates and escape with 4 million the first round. Repeat the same steps again for round 2 and there you have 8 million. Repeat until the achievement pops.

Become criminal Mastermind (Highest Rank) in Multiplayer Ranked Match.    (4) 

There are 8 multiplayer ranks in Kane & Lynch 2. You earn points in both Arcade Mode and Multiplayer toward your online rank. At the end an Arcade or Multiplayer game, in the top left corner, it tells you how many points you gained that game and what is required to reach the next rank. You get points for escaping with money, time left and enemies killed.

Go to Multiplayer Modes, select Game Stats and under Ranked Matches it tell you your current rank and how many points needed to reach the next rank.

Ranks/Points Required:

  • Rank 8: Starting point
  • Rank 7: Scammer / 100 points
  • Rank 6: Hired Hand / 300 points
  • Rank 5: Thug / 500 points
  • Rank 4: Hired Gun / 700 points
  • Rank 3: Enforcer / 1500 points
  • Rank 2: Henchman / 2100 points
  • Rank 1: Mastermind / 2800 points
Rat Killer20
Kill the Undercover Cop as the last surviving criminal and escape (Ranked Match).   (1) 

This one is hard to do but the best method is the same as "Law Enforcer". Host your own game and when 3 other people join, launch it. You have two options: First, you can try and find out who is the undercover cop. This is not too hard as the person cannot shoot Cops, so watch at the start and see who kills the cops when getting the money. You can then kill off the other 2 teammates so its just you and the undercover cop. Wait at the extraction point, kill the undercover cop and then escape. The other option is to run straight to the extraction point and wait. Hopefully, the undercover cop will kill the two others once again just leaving you and him. Its best to try and get a friend to help out in the game.

Law Enforcer20
Win as the Undercover Cop by killing all criminals yourself (Ranked Match).   (1) 

This can be hard to do but the best option is to keep searching undercover cop until you host. Then wait until 3 other people join and start it on the map "Subway". At the bottom of the escalators where you start is a fire extinguisher. Grab it and then wait at the vault for your teammates to commit a crime. Now throw the extinguisher and hopefully kill two people together. Then either pick up another extinguisher to the right as you enter the vault or kill the last person. If you have a friend join your game it you will have 1 less person to worry about. If you do not start as the undercover cop, I would recommend killing everyone anyway. Most likely 1 or 2 of them will leave and then when you get picked as an undercover cop, you have less people to kill.

Harry Houdini10
Escape from being held as human shield in any Multiplayer mode (Ranked Match).   (1) 

When you are grabbed online as a human shield, you have to press certain buttons to escape. It can be hard to escape online, so if you having problems being grabbed or escaping use the Achievement Trading Thread to look for partner to help.

Unfinished Business10
Kill a yellow carded criminal whilst Down Not Dead (Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Ranked Match).    

Best way to do this is go join a game with a friend. At the start of the game wait at the spawn point so your teammates run off after a crime has been committed. Simply get your friend to shoot you to the floor so he has a yellow card and then you kill him while your down.

Alpha Male20
Have the most kills in a Cops & Robbers Ranked Match.   (3) 

A Cops & Robbers game consist of 4 rounds 2 as a Cop and 2 as a robber. The cops & robbers have unlimited spawns until 2 robbers remain, use this to your advantage and kill as many people as you can.

This achievement has been reported to be buggy and will not pop if certain actions happen. If someone leaves the game mid match it does not pop and if teams are uneven it may not pop. Unfortunately, people online do quit out alot so it may take you a few games to get this. It is being unlocked by people so keep trying. Plus the "Addict" is to win 20 Ranked Cops & Robbers matches so you should get it toward this.

No I in TEAM15
Earn the highest Criminal Loyalty level in Multiplayer Ranked Match.   

Your Criminal Loyalty changes every round, To get to the Highest Criminal Loyalty which is Saint, you have to play good, do not shoot teammates, do not cut 50/50 at the escape vehicle. Do this for a few rounds and you will go up loyalty Ranks until you reach Saint.

You may become Saint in round 2/3 of a 4 round game you must complete the game for you to get the achievement it wont pop until the end of round 4. If the Hosts quits your Loyalty Rank resets to what it was before that game started.

Loyalty Ranks:

  • Saint
  • Trustworthy
  • Devoted
  • Reliable
  • Unreliable
  • Shifty
  • Scum
There's an I in TRAITOR15
Become Scum in a Multiplayer Mode (Ranked Match).   (2) 

This is the opposite to ‘No I in TEAM’. You must kill teammates and cut 50/50 at the escape vehicle. The best option is at the start of a game find the nearest explosive canister and throw it at a group of your teammates and just kill as many teammates as you can. Do this for a few rounds and you will go down loyalty Ranks until you reach Scum.

You may become Scum in round 2/3 of a 4 round game you must complete the game for you to get the achievement it wont pop until the end of round 4. If the Hosts quits your Loyalty Rank resets to what it was before that game started.

See ‘No I in TEAM’ for loyalty rank info.

DLC: The Doggie Bag
Price: $6.99 USD Achievements: 9 Points: 250
[Doggie Bag] Get 5 kills using canisters in a round of Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Mode.    

It is recommended that you play arcade mode and pick the map 'Highrise' since there are alot of fire extinguishers on the walls and you don't have to think about money or get to the safe vehicle. Below is a video guide for this achievement;

Escape From The Pound20
[Doggie Bag] Escape on all levels at least once in Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Mode.    

You have to get to the safe vehicle at least once in all of the new maps. These are 'Dry Dock', 'Highrise' and 'Radio Tower'. Simply survive and escape on each of these new maps and the achievement is yours.

Last in Show25
[Doggie Bag] Escape as the last player on your own in a Multiplayer Ranked Match.   (2) 

Play Fragile Alliance and when you and your team get to the safe vehicle, wait until all of the players, except yourself, are in the vehicle and let it escape. Then you take the next one on your own, being the final escapee, thus unlocking the achievement.

[Doggie Bag] 1000 kills.    

You will be getting kills as you go for all of the other achievements, so you needn't worry about this too much, initially. If, after you have completed all of the other achievements and have yet to unlock this, then you can play arcade mode to finish your 1000 kills.

Under Dog25
[Doggie Bag] In the last round of a 'Fragile Alliance’ Ranked Match, climb from last to 1st place.   (1) 

Right when the match starts, run over to the Goons/Cops and die. After that you will re-spawn as a Cop and then you should let yourself be killed again WITHOUT killing anybody. Do this for the first 2 rounds and then in the last round, grab all of the money you can and get to where the safe vehicle is and kill all of the other players and grab their money and then, take the safe vehicle and you should unlock this achievement.

This achievement should be boosted, to make it obtainable very fast and on the first attempt.

Good Doggie20
[Doggie Bag] Escape with $100,000 or more in every round of a Multiplayer Ranked Match session.   (1) 

This is one you need a little luck with, since you must stay alive and get to the safe Vehicle before the time runs out, with at least 100k. You should concentrate on getting as much money as possible and surviving. Dis-regard getting kills and try to avoid enemy players, so as to not risk getting killed. If you do die, you will void the achievement, as you will re-spawn as a cop and not be able to steal any money and you will then have to try the achievement again in another match.

This achievement should be boosted, to make it obtainable very fast and on the first attempt.

The Dog Track20
[Doggie Bag] Escape in less than 1½ minutes in Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.    (1) 

Play arcade mode for this and pick the map 'Radio Tower'. Proceed to take the left hand path, through the map and kill only the Goons that are in front of you. Speed your way through this and stop for no-one.

[Doggie Bag] Get 150 criminal kills as a cop in ‘Cops & Robbers’ Ranked Matches.   (1) 

This is the most time consuming achievement and if you're going to get it legitimately, then good luck, as the multiplayer is relatively quiet and only a few people have the DLC. There isn't really any tips for this, other than to try and kill a lot while your a Cop. You can also get kills as a Cop in Fragile Alliance and it will still count.

It is strongly recommended that you boost this achievement. It is highly unlikely that many people, if any at all would be able to obtain this achievement without boosting, due to the lack of an online community.

[Doggie Bag] Accumulate $25,000,000 during your career in Multiplayer Ranked Matches.   

Since you can get up to $4,000,000 every round, you can potentially unlock this in only a few matches. Just heist a lot in every round and you should get this one in no time. Again, this would be very easily boosted in no time, at all.

Game Info
IO Interactive


US August 17, 2010
Europe August 20, 2010

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $14.99USD
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