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Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore Achievement Guide

Guide By: robertfee
There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 22(925)
-Online: 6 (75)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-30 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 20
-Number of missable achievements: 0(0)
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A

KR: AI Encore is a music rhythm game from Konami. At the beginning I recommend going through the song list and listening to the demos to see which ones you might know, it will make it much easier if you recognize some of the songs. The vocals in this game are just like Rock Band's, so if you are used to that, then this will be easier. I recommend singing once through "Time of the Season" to get used to it then get started.

Step #1: Expert Playthrough
This shouldn't be too hard, but you need to make sure this is a full tournament, not a shorter one. You get unlimited retries of each stage, so you don't have to worry about being eliminated, because you can always retry. It isn't too hard to beat the tournament on expert, just play the songs you recognize, then with the rest pick songs with one music note difficulty since they are not too hard. Follow this and you will be through the tourney in no time unlocking these achievements. (if you are having a really hard time with this, skip to step two and come back to this later). Finishing this will net you:
American Idol (50)
World Idol (80)
Golden Ticket (10)
The First of Many (5)

Step #2: Easy Full Tournament
This you will want to attempt to 100% every song you sing so you can get a few more of the achievements. On easy difficulty, this isn't too hard, even for the worst of us singers. Attempt to play songs you are familiar with if you are not too good, but if this comes easy, I recommend playing songs you have not played to make it less time to get other achievements. Finishing this with 100% on every song will net you:
It Sounds Like A Lot (20)
It Didn't Take That Long (50)
Girl's Best Friend (100)
Megastar (10)
Hero (50)
Superstar (25)
Why Don't You Marry Him Then (15)

Step #3: 18 Easy Short Tournaments
To knock the rest of the single player achievements besides Dedication, finish 18 easy tournaments (I recommend short tourneys to go faster, but it is at your discretion what you pick). Try getting 100% on full songs you haven't gotten platinum on. 18 short tourneys should be enough to get diamond on every song since you have already done one full tourney with about 11 diamonds of the 40 complete. Finishing this should net you:
Inspiration (10)
Legend (75)
Million Seller (50)
Maestro (175)
The Great American Songbook (20)
American Sensation (30)

Step #4: Multiplayer Achievements
NOTE: Xbox Live is needed for 6/9 of these.

For the offline achievements, you will need two mics, but for the online ones, you can use the achievement trading thread on x360a, or if you have a friend with the game, then you can get them. For the offline ones, just play a multiplayer game in every mode. For the online ones, just trade wins in each of the three modes. This will net you:
Headbanger (10)
Premiership (10)
Just the Two of Us (10)
Grudge Match (10)
World Tour (10)
Global Star (10)
Ranked Grudge Match Winner (15)
Ranked World Tour Winner (15)
Ranked Global Star Winner (15)

Step #5 Dedication and the Medley
These are the two last achievements, one will take a few hours while the other a few minutes. To make a medley, go to quick play, and on the left side, go to create medley, and hit 2 song mystery and sing. This counts as a full song, not a short song, so getting platinum shouldn't be too hard. For Dedication, you have to score a cumulative 50 million. I recommend Time of the Season and You Really Got Me (If downloaded). They both range about 2:30 and are easy to get 100,000. After a few hours, Dedication, as the true meaning describes, is yours. These two should be the last.
The Showman (20)
Dedication (100)

This is very far from difficult, it is simply time consuming. Expert can even be beat due to unlimited retries and song familiarity. The only factor really affecting whether or not you can achieve 1000/1000 is how shy you really are at singing, especially for the local multiplayer achievements.

[x360a would like to thank BAD BLOOD BIGGY for this Road Map]

American Idol50
Win the full American Idol tournament at any difficulty level 
Like it says, this can be done on any difficulty. I would recommend doing it on easy for 2 reasons. 1. If you are just starting on the game, it will be much more simple. 2. You are going to be doing a LOT of tournaments & singing if you are going for the full 1000 pts. so save it
There are 18 rounds. You don't have to get perfect every round to advance. Also, if you do get voted out, don't worry, you can redo the round.
World Idol80
Win the full American Idol tournament at Expert difficulty level  
The same as 'American Idol' achievement, just on expert difficulty. Remember, you don't have to be perfect every time to advance and if you fail, just redo the round
Golden Ticket10
Pass the auditions phase in single player 
You will get this when going for the 'American Idol' achievement after singing your first song in the full tournament as long as you don't do terrible. Easy achievement.
The Great American Songbook20
Sing all the songs on the disc once - full song only 
There are 40 songs on the disc. Sing each one and you get the achievement. Note that the first 2 rounds of the full American Idol tournament will not count towards this since you only sing a portion of each song. You don't have to get any certain score, just don't get boo'ed off and it yours.
American Sensation30
Win 20 American Idol single player tournaments 
There are four different tournament types: mini (4 songs), short (8 songs), medium (12 songs), and full (18 songs). You can choose whatever combination you want, as long as you win. Note that online tournaments do not count towards this achievement.
It Sounds Like a Lot20
Score 1 million points (cumulative in any mode) 
If you score perfect (or 'Diamond') on a songs, you get 100,000 points. Get perfect on 10 songs in any mode and you'll get the achievement. You can check your score by going to 'Extras' under the Main Menu and clicking on 'Stats' Downloaded songs also count towards your score.
It Didn't Take That Long50
Score 10 million points (cumulative in any mode) 
Similar to the previous achievement. If you only sing perfect, this will take 100 songs.
Score 50 million points (cumulative in any mode) 
This one is gonna take a while. You're looking at 500 songs if you only sing perfect. Unless you REALLY REALLY like singing, pull this out at a party and have karaoke time. Your drunk friends will enjoy it and they'll also be working towards your achievement
Girl’s Best Friend100
Get a perfect score throughout a full American Idol tournament 
This is best done on easy. Just sing it through and if you mess up, restart it. It's not as difficult as it sounds. If you don't know if you've messed up, check your final score. A perfect song will score you 100,000 points every time.
Compete offline in a battle Head to Head game 
This requires two mics. If you have 2 mics, just start up a battle with one mic not being used, sing in the other and viola.
Compete offline in an Arcade League game 
See 'Headbanger'
Just the Two of Us10
Play an offline Co-op Duet 
Requires 2 mics. If you have two, grab a friend and select a duet. Once the song ends, you will get the achievement.
Grudge Match10
Play an Xbox LIVE Head-to-Head match (1) 
Good luck finding someone online to play, but if you do, just compete in any head to head match and you'll get this one. You don't have to win it, just finish it.
World Tour10
Play an Xbox LIVE American Idol Tournament match (3) 
Same as 'Head to Head' achievement, excpet an American Idol tourney. You can do this with 2 people and you don't have to win, just finish.
Global Star10
Play an Xbox LIVE Arcade League match (1) 
Same as 'Head to Head' achievement, except an Arcade League match. You can do this with 2 people and you don't have to win, just finish.
Ranked Grudge Match Winner15
Win an Xbox LIVE Head-to-Head ranked match 
Self explanatory. Just get a higher score than your opponent and you win!
Ranked World Tour Winner15
Win an Xbox LIVE American Idol Tournament ranked match 
See 'Ranked Grudge Match Winner'
Ranked Global Star Winner15
Win an Xbox LIVE Arcade League ranked match 
See 'Ranked Grudge Match Winner'
Achieve Diamond Status for every song on the disc 
This one is a little more difficult. You have to get a perfect score (100,000) on all 40 songs. You can get it in any mode. Black Velvet & Bohemian Rhapsody are probably your toughest songs, but they are do-able.
Achieve Diamond Status for one song 
Just score 100,000 on one song and achievement unlocks.
Achieve Diamond Status for ten different songs 
Same as 'Megastar' except 10 songs.
Achieve Diamond Status for five different songs 
Same as 'Megastar' except 5 songs.
Million Seller50
Achieve Platinum Status for every song on the disc 
Platinum is any score above 70,000. Score 70,000 or more on all 40 songs and it's yours.
Achieve Diamond Status for twenty different songs 
Same as 'Megastar' except for 20 songs.
Achieve Gold Status for every song on the disc 
Gold is any score 50,000 or more. Sing every song on the disc with this score or above & achievement unlocks. You will probably get this one with 'Million Seller' achievement.
The Showman20
Complete a medley and receive Platinum Status 
You can select a medley from the 'Quick Play' menu. On the left it will say create medley. Sing it perfectly and you will unlock the achievement.
Why Don't You Marry Him Then15
Achieve "Excellent" comments from Simon three times in a row during an American Idol tournament 
As long as you get Platinum on three songs in a row during an American Idol tournament, Simon will say something nice to you and you will get the achievement.
The First of Many5
Achieve Platinum Status for one performance 
You will probably get this the first time you play. As long as you score over 70,000 points, you'll get it.

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