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Guide By: ChoZen 1 & The Stray
There are 12 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 
- Offline: 12/12 (400/400)
- Online: 0/50 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 2002-5 hours (Depending on skill/timing).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2+ ("Righteous Victory" & "Way of the Karateka").
- Number of missable achievements: 1 "Freedom From Need"
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: External Flash Drive or Cloud Storage (To backup saves for "Way of the Karateka").

Intro to Karateka:
From the creator that brought you Prince of Persia comes a revamped version of the original 1984' side-scrolling karate classic, Karateka. In Karateka you must fight your way through multiple martial arts minions as you fight to save the lovely Mariko from the evil warlord Akuma and reunite her with her True Love. The game is strictly linear and only takes around 30 minutes to complete. There are 42 total fights in the game and each one is made up of blocking and attacking exchanges. Although short, the game does carry replay value through achievements and mastering the block timing to every opponents combo attacks.

Gameplay & Controls:
Although almost the same as the original, it’s not as spam worthy as it once was, you also have to learn to use the timing of blocking as well as striking in the right moments. 

 to Run, -Punch, -Kick (Bow/Heal), -Block, -Chi Attack (when Chi Circle is full), -Display Score/Time.
The game uses an interesting difficulty system based on the character you are playing as. Whenever you lose all of your health, your character will fall from a cliff and a new character will take their place. You start out as the True Love, if you lose you become the Monk, if you lose as the Monk you become the Brute. Each character possesses higher attack power and vitality then the previous one in all:

  • True Love: Hard Mode
  • Monk: Normal Mode
  • Brute: Easy Mode

1st Step: Mariko Playthrough:
The first step will allow you to see what Karateka is like. You will pick up some easy unmissables in this step and don't worry if one of your characters are defeated. Even if you complete the game as the Monk or Brute you will unlock a fair few of story-related achievements such as:

  • Make a Big Splash
  • Palace Gardens
  • Palace Gates
  • Mariko

2nd Step: Monk Playthrough:
Time to get a bit more serious. Hopefully you have a general understanding on how to block some of the minions attacks throughout the game. You should have some of them memorized by now and once you intentinally lose as True Love and play as the Monk, the game is fairly easy. You can avoid picking up flowers in this run if you think you're good enough and pick up the following:

  • Path of Righteousness
  • Righteous Victory

3rd Step: Way of the Karateka Playthrough:Make sure you are logged online so that you can back up your saves.If not, use a personal flashdrive and plug it into the controller port of your Xbox 360. Start up a new game and focus on getting nothing but "Perfect Fights!" on all 41 enemy encounters up to the Akuma fight. Every time the game saves, be sure to dashboard it and copy the save on your hardrive to either your cloud storage or flashdrive in case you get hit. You'll naturally unlock the following in this run:

  • Path to Mastery
  • Way of the Karateka
  • Love Conquers All

4th Step: Miss Anything?:
You may already have 400 by now but if not be sure to head back and run through the game as quickly as possible. Don't bother picking up any flowers either if you can help it and you should get these:

  • Fast Start
  • Freedom from Need
  • Swift Victory

Karateka is a short and sweet remake of a classic with simplistic combat and beautiful art. It's really easy to pick up and play plus it's fun yet VERY short. Be sure to back up your saves on your Cloud Storage for "Way of the Karateka" to save yourself some frustration.

[x360a would like to thank ChoZen 1 & The Stray for this Roadmap]

Make a Big Splash10
Defeated the bully on the bridge    

This is a story-based achievement and is impossible to miss. This will be the 1st achievement you'll unlock through natural progression of your first playthrough. The game starts you out playing as the True Love of Mariko and you will be on the Great Wall of China. The game introduces you some Tutorial elements of the game in the first 6 fights that show you how to attack, time blocks, and utilize Chi-attacks. You will later come to a Rope Bridge and have to face a shirtless, buff, bald guy, 9th fight to be exact. He will have two phases that you must defeat so time your blocks and use chi-attacks when you can. Defeating him will unlock this achievement.

Palace Gardens10
Reached the palace garden    

This is a story-based achievement and is impossible to miss. This will unlock through natural progression of your first playthrough. At the end of the Bamboo Forest(after the 2nd Hawk Attack) you will face a Boss that looks quite similar to Akuma and he will use fake attacks to throw you off. This 20th fight is pretty difficult especially when you try to get a "Perfect Fight!" on your Way of the Karateka playthrough. He has 2 phases so memorize his attacks and try to have a chi-attack saved up beforehand to get 6-free hits on him:

1st Phase
When you first start off this fight is tough because he will shake his hands and try to throw you off. His initial shaky hand attacks only require 2 blocks usually. If you struggle with timing when he will actually hit you spam the pause button to brace yourself then when you see him go to hit you press  when you see it about to hit you. He will also counter attack you in this phase. Try to just hit simple, slow, kicks to avoid this, don't mash attacks at him. Wait a second between your attacks.

2nd Phase
He uses a new attack in this phase where he backs up and tries to hit you twice, so be prepared for two presses. He will still counter in this phase so once again, attack him slowly with a second between attacks to avoid counters. Having a chi-attack here really helps too.

This is possibly the trickiest Boss to read next to Akuma. After defeating him you’ll reach the Palace Garden and this will unlock.

Path of Righteousness10
Earned the respect of a brother monk   

Right before you reach the Palace Gates you will encounter a Shaolin Monk Boss fight at the bottom of a staircase. This can only be unlocked while playing as the Monk so save this for your Righteous Victoryplaythrough where you will attempt to complete the game as the Monk. The Shaolin Monk boss is easy to defeat he will always attack using the following combo chain so use this list to anticipate how many blocks you will need:

  • 1st Combo: 2 hits
  • 2nd Combo: 2 hits
  • 3rd Combo: 3 hits
  • 4th Combo: 3 hits
  • 5th Combo: 1 hit
  • 6th Combo: 1 hit

Then repeat. Careful with the 1-hit combos the Shaolin Monk throws as they come out pretty fast. As the Monk you don't even have to fully defeat him. He will surrender once you get him to low health.

Rescued Mariko from the evil warlord Akuma    

This is a story-based achievement and is impossible to miss. You must complete story mode and defeat Akuma. The character you play as does not matter. Karateka contains 42 total fights. Some general tips for Karateka:

Hints and Tips:

  • Don't button mash. Attack only when the enemy is open(after blocking his attack)
  • Block enemy attacks in rhythm, one clean  button press for each blow. Don't hold  button down.
  • Let the music "tell" you if the enemy will attack with one, two, three, or more blows.
  • Save your special chi attacks  button for when they will do the most good.
  • Press  to restore your strength when you see blue flowers glowing in the landscape.

Akuma Boss Fight 

Akuma is the 42nd and final opponent of the game, and as the Final boss he will be the toughest to defeat. Akuma has the most combo attacks in the game out of every enemy making it harder to anticipate and memorize all his moves by heart. There are 3 sections to this Akuma fight:

1st Phase
Akuma appears to have only 5 types of Punch and Kick combinations that he will use. Three of which are easy to time. You can save your Chi Attack for this portion as he requires 10 hits to defeat in this phase. Once you defeat him he will power up and go into Phase 2.

2nd Phase
This is the most difficult phase and fight portion in the game. Akuma has 6 types of attack combos, each one with annoying block timing. You will likely need to get lucky and hope he attempts his easier to block combos on you. If all else, you can save some Chi for this phase as well and pause spam if he tries to fake you to anticipate his attacks.

3rd Phase
Easiest phase of Akuma, if you make it here you're home free as you are given health regeneration and a full Chi meter. You only need to counter 2 of his combos(plus retaliate) then use your Chi to finish him for good.

Righteous Victory60
Rescued Mariko as the Monk   

This unlocks once you clear the game as the Monk, the second playable character. There are 3 available characters in the game. To play as each one you must first be defeated in battle(lose all of your health). 

To play as the Monk, you must lose all your life as True Love (or “quit” during a fight), which might happen unsuspectingly in one of your 1st playthroughs, just simply listen to the beat of the rhythm to block the opponents strikes and attack, and use Chi Attacks when necessary. You can use Mariko's Flowers to heal if necessary (or unless going for the same achievement to not use them), you'll also heal fully at certain boss fights at some point as well, even fighting Akuma.

Now continue on and complete the game as the Monk for the achievement. If you want, feel free to utilize Mariko's flowers scattered throughout the game(press ybut: when you see them) to replinish your health between fights. It would be best to avoid this if you're going for the "Freedom from Need" achievement however. The game gives you health during some boss fight portions so it may be best to skip them if you're missing that achievement as well.

Love Conquers All100
Rescued Mariko as the True Love   

You have to complete the whole game as the True Love, which is the primary character you start out as when you first play the game. This achievement is challenging because the True Love is the weakest and has the smallest health bar of the 3 characters, so this leaves little room for error and makes the final boss fight against Akuma very difficult as well. The Akuma fight is definitely the hardest part to this achievement. Practice and memorization will be needed so try to save this achievement after you've already cleared the game twice to learn it better.

You will also natually unlock this while going for "Way of the Karateka" so refer to that solution if you're having trouble.

Path to Mastery10
Surmounted the Great Wall without getting hit once   (1) 

For this tricky achievement you must get a "Perfect Fight!" against every minion in the Great Wall area. This will require you to memorize some of the earlier minion's combo attacks and it unlocks after defeating the Drunken Master Boss that appears in the house after your Hawk Attack tutorial fight. You will have to block every attack that is thrown at you with . As stated in the "Mariko" solution, learn to time your blocks against attacks by listening to the beats that come prior to minions attacking.

You may also unlock this while going for the "Way of the Karateka" achievement so refer to that solution for help.

Freedom from Need30
Defeated Akuma without collecting any of Mariko's flowers    

This achievement is missable if you're not careful. It requires you to clear the game and defeat Akuma without ever picking up any of Mariko's blue flowers scattered in the background throughout the game. Since you have to press  in order to pick them up, just avoid pressing it inbetween fights and you'll be fine. The game gives you health periodically throughout the game so you don't necessarily need a perfect run in order to unlock this. 

SIDE TIP: The flowers you pick up at the beginning of the game at the Great Wall do NOT affect this achievement. That are tutorial related so you have to pick those up. After that, the achievement starts, so avoid pressing  in between fights from then on.

It does not matter which character you are playing as by the end of the game so long as you never used any flowers, this will unlock after defeating Akuma. Since you won't be needing health while going for Way of the karateka, you may also unlock this naturally while going for that. Mariko's flowers, do however, also raise you chi which can be helpful in that run if you already have the flower achievement.

Way of the Karateka80
Challenged Akuma, untouched by his minions   (5) 

In order to follow the Way of the Karateka you must run through the entire game(up to the final Akuma fight) without ever having an opponent land an attack on you. After you defeat the final minion boss right before the final Akuma fight you will unlock this achievement. So for all 41 fights that lead up to Akuma you must get a "Perfect Fight!". This achievement requires MEMORIZATION in order to unlock. You will pretty much have to master the art of blocking each minion's attacks. Some attacks follow a rhythm which vary from 1 to 6 hits. Be noted that each minion has a particular set of combos they use so once you get the timing down for them all it becomes easily predictable. Just by looking at the animation of some attacks(and listen for the beats) you will learn which one they will do and it becomes easier. The difficulty of this achievement comes from memorizing everything, especially some of the tougher boss minions. There are 41 total minion encounters leading up to Akuma, this includes the Bosses and Hawk attacks. Here are some general tips for your WotK Run:

  • When Blocking, press  when the minion is about to hit you.
  • Before an attack you will hear a certain amount of beats. However many beats you hear is the amount of times the minion will attack you.
  • Sometimes once a minion attacks some extra beats will follow to try and throw you off. Pay attention closely to anticipate these extra attacks.
  • As far as timing goes, some attacks have short pauses in between them, as do the beats that precede these. Beware of this because if you press  to early this will result in you being hit.
  • Save your Chi-Attacks(press when meter is full) for some of the harder opponents to block against. This gives you a window of error in case you feel you can't time an incoming attack, quickly press  to get 6 free hits and avoid damage.
  • Beware of Akuma's Hawk throughout the game. There are portions where it will fly in at you suddenly and you will need to block it's attacks and follow up with a high or low attack of your own. Pressing the wrong button will result in damage.

Throughout the game you will encounter a few Boss fights as you make your way to Akuma. There are only a few tough fights where you have to deal with difficult to time and memorize combo attacks from them. If this achievement is far too difficult to you there is a backup save feature that makes it much easier. You can use your Cloud Storage or an external Flashdrive(if you're playing offline. 

Backing up Saves:
When going for your Way of the Karateka run, you will notice that a Yin Yang symbol() will display after some fights, this means that the game is saving. Everytime you get a Perfect match and the game saves, press the guide button and follow these steps.

1. Press Guide Button
2. Scroll to the right twice and go to System Settings
3. Go to Storage.
4. Go to your Hardrive then Games and Apps. Scroll down to Karateka, find your save hit 
5. Choose Copy and Copy it to another Save source such as your Cloud Storage, Flash Drive, memory Unit, etc. Start up Karateka again and continue on for the achievement.
6. You can copy your Perfect file to as many devices as you want for safety. Remember those are your "backup saves" so only load up Karateka from your Hardrive. If you ever get further into the game perfectly don't hesitate to save your new file over your old ones all the way up to Akuma.

What if I get hit?
If you ever get hit the game automatically saves it and there's nothing you can do but to hit guide button, go to system settings, go to where you saved one of your backup Perfect files, and copy it over the file that's on your HDD. Load the game back up and try again from where you last were.

Even with this trick the achievement can be quite a pain and take some trial and error to get passed certain minions without a hit. Take it easy, and be happy you don't also have to get a Perfect on Akuma.

Fast Start10
You reached the Bamboo Forest in under 6 minutes   

Reaching the Bamboo forest in under 6 minutes should be no problem. Just make sure you focus on getting a lot of "Perfect Fights!". Get as many hits in as you can between exchanges and use chi attacks whenever you can. Don't bother picking up any of Mariko's Flowers either and you will save time. To check the clock press  to see how well you're doing. After defeating the 14th minion(Drunken Master Boss who sips sake mid-fight) this should unlock if the timer is at less than 6 minutes.

Swift Victory30
Rescued Mariko in under 30 minutes   

Although you may or may not get this the first time, simply finish the game in less than half an hour, if necessary, use  at certain areas where Mariko’s Flowers (Blue) to heal some health, you may lose a character or 2, but you might make it within the time limit if you wish to skip cut-scenes (). 

If you press  the clock will display showing you how much time you've spent playing. Should be plenty easy to get on your 1st playthrough really.

Palace Gates10
Reached the palace gates    

This is a story-based achievement and is impossible to miss. This will unlock through natural progression of your first playthrough after defeating the 36th minion. The 2 fights with the samurai minions prior to the Palace Gates are quite tricky but remember that both minions only go for 2 or 3 hit combos usually. Timing them is a bit tricky because some of them pause between attacks so practice these fights as you will need to perfect them in later playthroughs.

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US November 07, 2012

HDD Space Required : 1016.89 MB
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