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Guide By: TemporalWizard
There are 14 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 14/14 (200)
- Online: 0/14 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 2005+ hours  (Completely depending on skill.)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows 7 Phone


If you've ever played a Katamari game before then I Love Katamari for the Windows Phone 7 will seem very familiar. It's the same ball rolling game play as on the console, but instead of a controller you actually tilt the phone to move the ball in all directions. You can also tap the U-shaped arrow to perform a u-turn. Most of the achievements in the game are easy. You just have to roll up the item. The hard part is completing the "Exquisite Collection." 

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
You can collect most of the items for the "Exquisite Collection" from the Eternal Mode of each level. This mode is just free rolling so you can just roll up everything in the level. Then You can compare your collection withthis thread started by Zebrasqual and find out which items you're missing and in what mode they can be located. You must successfully complete the story mode for each level at least once to unlock the next level but, it will probably take you several times to collect all of the items. Items collected in story mode don't count unless you successfully complete story mode. In all the other modes the items collected count regardless of whether you meet the objectives or not. It should be noted that you can lose items from your katamari if you get bumped and these items will not count unless you re-collect them. 

I love Katamari can be frustrating at times, but if you stick it out it is an incredibly fun experience.


[x360a would like to thank TemporalWizard for this Roadmap]

Milk Bottle1
Roll up Milk Bottle   (2) 

Simply roll the milk bottle into your katamari. The milk bottle can be found in the Takeda Residence in story mode on the table you start on, but you won't be able to roll it until you reach 25cm.

Roll up Glue   (2) 

Again, just roll the glue into your katamari ball. The Glue is located in the Takeda Residence in Exact Size Mode. It is also on the table you start on. You should be able to pick it up after your first level up.

Strawberry Shortcake5
Roll up Strawberry Shortcake   

The Stawberry Shortcake can be found in the Takeda Residence in Eternal Mode. It is on the table and can be picked up once you reach 40cm.

Seat Cushion15
Roll up Seat Cushion   (1) 

You can find the seat cushion in the Back Yard in Time Attack Mode. It's located in the second area of the level on the right next to the corner of a building. You can pick it up once you reach about 80cm.

Champion's Belt1
Roll up Champion's Belt   

The Champions Belt is located in the Back Yard in Story Mode at the beginning of the level. You have to reach about 1m before you'll be able to pick it up though.

Roll up Base   

The Base is located in the Park in Story Mode. There are several where you start, but you won't be able to pick it up right away. Pick up some other items first, then you'll be able to roll this one up.

Broadcast Van1
Roll up Broadcast Van   

The broadcast van is located in the second area of the Town in story mode. It's easy to spot as it's the only van with a satellite dish on top. You have to get to about 9m before you'll be able to roll it up.

Astro Jet5
Roll up Astro Jet   

The Astro Jet is located in Story Mode on the Island level. It is on top of the blue/grey volcano. You'll be able to roll this up after 350m.

Big Pyramid20
Roll up Big Pyramid   

The Big Pyramid is located in Eternal Mode on the Island. It is next to the blue/grey volcano and can be rolled up after 350m.

Pink Bull5
Roll up Pink Bull   

You can find it on a cliff in the Resort in Exact Size mode. It's hot pink, so it's very easy to spot. You'll need to level up a few times before you're able to pick it up.

Yellow Sub5
Roll up Yellow Sub   

The Yellow Sub is located in the Resort in Time Attack Mode. It is between the wall with the Lighthouse and some islands. This one is very difficult to pick up as you have to reach 20m before you can pick it up and you only have 3 minutes for time attack in the Resort.

Blue Truck10
Roll up blue Truck   (1) 

There are several Blue Trucks located in the Resort in Eternal Mode. Level up several times to pick this up.

Completed exquisite collection!110
Completed exquisite collection!   (2) 

This is the hardest achievement in the game. To complete the exquisite collection you have to collect one of each item in the game. There are some items that are unique to each mode so you'll have to play through all of them to get all the items. Items collected in story mode only count towards the collection if you pass the level. Items rolled up in other modes count if you meet the objectives or not. Here is a list of which modes you can find specific items you need to complete your collection.

Roll up Squash   (1) 

The Squash is located in the park in Exact Size Mode. It is on top of the blue cube. You'll be able to pick it up after the first level up, but I found it easier to just make the Katamari ball as big as possible and then I was able to reach the squash on top of the cube without having to try to go up the wood board.

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Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai


US March 02, 2011

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