Kinect Joy Ride

Kinect Joy Ride Achievement Guide

Guide By: Scrapdaddy
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offine: 44 (990)
- Online: 1 (10)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15 - 20+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (you can replay events if needed)
- Missable Achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Glitched achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: Kinect, Xbox Live Gold, another person and 3 other local profiles

Welcome to my Kinect Joy Ride guide. This is a collection of race inspired mini games where you have to complete various tasks and perform tricks to gain more fans. With more fans, come more tracks and cars to try out. The majority of the achievements can be obtained easily enough by just replaying each event 30 times. ALWAYS make sure you are signed in with the gamertag you want the achievements for. If you walk away it will sometimes view you as a “guest” when you come back. Use the “Add Me” button to sign back in. I recommend installing the game to your hard drive right away. The load times are a bit ridiculous even with the game installed. My suggested breakdown is as follows:

Step 1
Complete the tutorial and then get a friend and knock out the local multiplayer. You just need to play each event 1 time with a friend. This time spent will count toward your single player totals, so that is why I suggest to get it out of the way first to help minimize your total play time. Be sure to complete "Doubles Match" while you have a partner.

Step 2
Start the single player game. Now we will work on the majority of the game. You can still continue to play in local multiplayer if you wish but it is just easier to keep track of what you did solo. You need to play through each of the events a total of 30 times. This is cumulative and does not need to be done in 1 sitting. As you play you will gain fans which will unlock more tracks and cars. You need to race at least once on every track and every event. You also need to drive with each car type and variant. There are 40 total different styles of cars and they are not all available at the start. The game tells you how many fans you need to unlock each of the variants. Be systematical and select the cars in order so you don’t lose count of what you have driven. This can be done in any order you like or you can float around as you see fit.

While playing the events to reach your 30 total in each, be sure to try and knock out the specific tasks for each activity as you go. They are:

Pro / Battle Race – Race King, Rookie Racer, Veteran Racer, Stunt Driver, Pacifist Champion

Stunt – Rookie Stunter, Veteran Stunter, High Jumper, Superior Stunter, Bonus Collector, Bonus Bounty, Airtime King, Head in the Clouds

Dash – Rookie Dasher, Veteran Dasher, Clean Run, Dashtardly Good, Speed Demon

Smash – Speedy Assassin, Super Smasher, Smashing Drift, Rookie Smasher, Veteran Smasher, Smash High Score, Drift King, Drift Distance

Trick – Strike a Pose, Rookie Trickster, Veteran Trickster, Tricky Points, Perfect Match

Following the basic guidelines above, you should be pretty close to completing everything that you can do solo / local. You do not have to get the achievements in the order I listed them. I just arranged them in the order they are listed in the game menu by activity. Steps 1 and 2 will end up taking about 10 hours to complete.

Step 3
Xbox Live Multiplayer. Sign in and complete 1 race. You do not have to win.

Step 4
Mop up and replay any events you still need to complete. At this point the only major thing that you will have left to do is going for "Marathon" and "Super Marathon". There is a fast method to reach the total 10 hours of "game" time in the least amount of real time under "Super Marathon".

The game starts out fun but repetition soon sets in and you will be hard pressed to complete it in 2 days straight. You really have to be "in the zone" to play it for any length of time. This game is best tackled in chunks, spreading out everything over the course of say 10 days or so. That way you are only spending an hour or 2 per day until the final 5 hour push to finish it up.

Thanks for reading.

x360a would like to thanks Scrapdaddy for this Road Map.

Strike a Pose5
Match 100 poses in the Trick activity    

The goal in the trick activity is to maneuver your body to match the poses shown on the screen. During a single flight you have at least 10 different poses to try and match. Once you match the pose just hold that position until the game checks it off. The faster you match the pose will determine how much more time and additional poses you might get. You need to reach 100 poses total but this is cumulative over all your sessions and does not have to be done in one sitting. Make sure you are signed in with the gamertag that you want to get the achievement for and it will count your total including single player and local multiplayer combined.


Rookie Trickster25
Play the Trick activity 10 times    

See "Veteran Trickster".


Veteran Trickster50
Play the Trick activity 30 times    

Just play and complete the Trick activity 30 times, you don't have to "win" for it to count. Make sure you are signed in with the gamertag that you want to get the achievement for and it will count your total including single player and local multiplayer combined. You can also just keep selecting "Play Again" to minimize the load screens and results pages.


Tricky Points5
Get 300,000 cumulative points in the Trick activity    

You get points by matching the poses as fast as possible. This should unlock way before you get "Veteran Trickster". If not, just keep replaying the activity until it does.


Doubles Match!25
Get Flawless on all poses with both players in a two-player Trick activity    (5) 

A Flawless pose is done by matching the on screen example within the first 3 or 4 seconds. It will say "Flawless" after each trick if you get it fast enough. To unlock this achievement you will need a second person and you both have to nail every pose that comes your way for the entire flight. This is best done on the first trick event and might be the hardest achievement in the game.... unless you do the following suggested by Wishwash182:

Grab a partner and make sure you are signed in as the gamertag you want the achievement for, your partner can be a guest or signed in to some other local profile. Make sure you are holding a controller in your hand and hold it in such a way so you can hit the Xbox Guide button (big glowing "X" in the middle) with one hand. I held it sideways in my left hand with my thumb on the button.

Now from the main menu select "Play", then "Trick", followed by "Sunset Harbor" and finally "2P". Put your arms forward to start the event and when the first trick pops up both players need to assume their pose as fast as possible. If you see "Flawless" pop up for both players, immediately hit the guide button. This will bring up your menu blade and pause the game. From this screen press to return to the game's pause menu and select "Back to Main Menu". You will get a warning but select "OK" anyway. The game will load the main menu and when it is finished you will get "Perfect Match" followed by "Doubles Match". If both players don't get "Flawless" on the first trick just pause and "Restart" the event until you do.

If you don't have a partner you can still use this method to get the "Perfect Match" achievement solo.


Perfect Match!10
Get Flawless on all poses in the Trick activity     

See "Doubles Match".


Rookie Stunter25
Play the Stunt activity 10 times    

See "Veteran Stunter".


Veteran Stunter50
Play the Stunt activity 30 times    

Just play and complete the Stunt activity 30 times, you don't have to "win" for it to count. Make sure you are signed in with the gamertag that you want to get the achievement for and it will count your total including single player and local multiplayer combined. You can also just keep selecting "Play Again" to minimize the load screens and results pages.


High Jumper5
Get a jump height of 110 meters in the Stunt activity    

To get this you will need to drive back and forth through the half-pipe gaining more height with each pass. You will need to break through the top pane of glass plus a little bit more. To maximize your height, don't forget to boost each time prior to entering the curved part of the ramp. That will give you the most benefit. This unlocks immediately once you get high enough.


Superior Stunter5
Get a score of 1,500,000 points in one round of the Stunt activity    (3) 

Just keep playing "Crimson Gorge 3" until you get the gold medal. You want to break the panes of glass as fast as possible to increase your multiplier. Each time you are airborne you also want to be sure to be twisting, spinning, flipping the entire time. The game will automatically line you up for landing, so don't even think about that. Then immediately start pulling back for boost and release it before entering the bottom curve to maximize your speed. Try your best to get the time extensions and bombs since they will help to quickly multiply your score. Also the higher you get the better the score bonus is as well. I got over 2,000,000 on this event so it is not as bad as it seems.


Bonus Collector25
Hit a total of 5,000 bonus items in the Stunt activity    

You get bonus items by launching off the ramps and colliding with them. This will probably NOT unlock before getting "Veteran Stunter". You will need to keep replaying the event about 20 or so more times on top of the 30 you need for "Veteran Stunter" so keep at it until it does. Each run takes about a minute so it still isn't too bad to reach the total needed.


Bonus Bounty10
Get seven stunt platinum seals in a round of the Stunt activity    (7) 

As you complete spins, twists and flips the type of medal you get increases. It starts at bronze then goes, silver, gold and finally platinum. You will need a lot of air to pull off enough rotations for the platinum medals. You also need to get the 7 platinums in a single run, this is not cumulative. This also does NOT include platinum medals for bonus items, just tricks.


Rookie Dasher25
Play the Dash activity 10 times     

See "Veteran Dasher".


Veteran Dasher50
Play the Dash activity 30 times     

Just play and complete the Dash activity 30 times, you don't have to "win" for it to count. Make sure you are signed in with the gamertag that you want to get the achievement for and it will count your total including single player and local multiplayer combined. You can also just keep selecting "Play Again" to minimize the load screens and results pages.


Clean Run25
Race a clean run in the Dash activity     

Start up a solo dash event and get to the end without hitting one of the explosive barrels or obstacles. This is easiest to pull off on the first course "Badlands Freeway 1" since it is relatively short with only a few obstacles.


Double Dragrun5
Finish a run with a second player in the Dash activity     

Have another person join you and both just race to the end. You don't have to win to unlock this.


Dashtardly Good10
Miss 40 obstacles in a row in the Dash activity     (2) 

Start up the Dash event and select the course, "Coastal Highway 4". Now drive through the course avoiding all the obstacles until you've successfully passed 40 of them. During the dash event you don’t really need to steer. You are basically on rails so just use small subtle movements to change lanes and do not use boost at all while attempting this. Even through curves, you will stay in your lane unless you move to change it. It is pretty easy to count down the obstacles as you race past.


Speed Demon5
Get a top speed of 220 km/h in the Dash activity     

Hit a green speed up arrow and then use a charged boost to reach the required speed. This can be done on any course but it is probably easiest to do on the first one. It has fewer obstacles and curves so you have more of a straightaway to gain speed.


Speedy Assassin5
Destroy the Boss Statue in fewer than 30 seconds in the Smash activity   

Start a solo game and select the Smash activity, then choose the first event "Cloudtop Temple 1". Now as soon as you come down the starting ramp, drive straight into the big guy on the right and make your way around the circle and hit the second big guy. A ramp will rise in the background so quickly make your way over to it and it will launch you through the air. You will automatically run through a couple of smaller guys and hit a second ramp which will then launch you into the boss and get you your achievement.


Super Smasher25
Destroy a total of 2,000 mini-Statues in the Smash activity    

You destroy the mini-statues by driving or drifting over them. This will probably unlock before getting "Veteran Smasher". If not, just keep replaying the activity until it does.


Smashing Drift5
Destroy 100 mini-Statues in one drift in the Smash activity    

Just start a Smash activity and lean into a drift and just hold it while knocking down the mini-statues until the achievement pops. To start a drift, just lean to either side and hold the position to keep sliding.


Rookie Smasher25
Play the Smash activity 10 times    

See "Veteran Smasher".


Veteran Smasher50
Play the Smash activity 30 times    

Just play and complete the Smash activity 30 times, you don't have to "win" for it to count. Make sure you are signed in with the gamertag that you want to get the achievement for and it will count your total including single player and local multiplayer combined. You can also just keep selecting "Play Again" to minimize the load screens and results pages.


Smash High Score10
Get 800,000 points in one round of the Smash activity    (2) 

All credit for this goes to PerpetualHeaven aka Perpalicious. All of this solution was written by him and is used with his permission. Thanks again!

The tips I'm about to tell you are what I used myself. The following helped me notch 15 700k+ games and consistently hit around 650k. Just for your information, according to the leaderboard, I am currently second place in terms of score with a score of approx. 850k.

Anyway, here were go!

  1. Cloud Temple 3 - This is by far the easiest and best level to do it on. There are three circles: one small core circle, one medium inner circle, and one large outer circle that contains all the mini-boss statues (the objective statues you need to destroy before the boss statue). To perfectly execute this level, you will want to drive down into the inner circle (not core) and then begin to drift in a circle while knocking out that entire circle. This should get you to a 6-7x multiplier. After that, start destroying the mini-boss statues. Do not worry about getting more time! If you do this right then you should be able to get to the boss statue with around 720-740k. FYI, the boss statue you gives you 80k (I've gotten 100k from him but I don't know why). So the goal is to end the level with a minimum of 720k.

  2. Hit pieces with the back of your vehicle - This is the most important advice you will ever get. When you're drifting, your car is essentially going in circles on its side. Well, the key to racking up a lot of points is to hit all statues with the rear bumper of your car while drifting.

    I'll give you an example. Let's say you have a 8x multiplier and drift into a mini-boss statue but you hit it with the side of your car. This will only give you around 8,000 points. Now, if you hit that same statue but hit it with the back edge of your car then you will get around 80,000 points!

    This applies to all statues. Mini statues will give you around 4,000-4,500 per hit at 8x multiplier.

  3. Get 7-8x multiplier before hitting mini-boss statues - You get a multiplier increase by hitting a cumulative amount of objects in a single round. The multiplier is useless, though, if you do not hit objects with the back of your vehicle while driving. The mini-boss statues are worth the most and are the key to hitting 800k. If you get an 8x multiplier before hitting any boss statues and you perfectly hit all of them, then that will automatically get you your 800k score.

  4. Do not make rapid hand movements - The key to drifting is subtle and slow hand turns. The game is extremely sensitive, so any sharp turns you attempt to make with your hands will cause your vehicle to react sharply as well. Be gentle and turn slowly. You want to maintain a drift where you are going in a near perfect circle. This can only be achieved by gently straightening out your vehicle to a wider drift.

  5. Do not lose drift - If you lose your drift then you lose your multiplier. Simple.

Now, there are some things that I figured out to save you time:

  • You can't earn this achievement in co-op - Several people on the leaderboards have over 800k in co-op but do not have the achievement.
  • You cannot maintain multiplier going to the boss - Once you hit that launch pad that sends you to destroy the boss statue, you will lose your multiplier.

That's it. Don't give up! This took me 2 hours straight to get. Once you grasp the concept of how to drift in a circle and how to hit objects while in a drift, then this will come with time and patience. Just keep practicing and follow my rules.


Race King10
Get 10 first-place finishes in the Pro or Battle activity in offline play     

You need to just win first place 10 times. It does not matter what car you choose because they are all the same with just cosmetic changes. I just kept racing the first Pro Race course over and over until I got it.


Rookie Racer25
Play the Pro or Battle activity 10 times in offline play     

See "Veteran Racer".


Veteran Racer50
Play the Pro or Battle activity 30 times in offline play     

Just play and complete the Pro or Battle race activity 30 times, you don't have to "win" for it to count. Make sure you are signed in with the gamertag that you want to get the achievement for and it will count your total including single player and local multiplayer combined. This one will also count your total across the 2 events so you can play 15 Pro Races and then 15 Battle Races (or whatever combination you want) to reach your 30 total.


Split Time5
Race in split screen in the Pro or Battle activity in offline play    

Grab a second person and have them participate in an entire race with you. The first race only takes 2:30 so it is pretty quick and painless.


Stunt Driver25
Perform 500 air stunts in the Pro or Battle activity in offline play     

While working toward completing your 30 races, always be sure to twist your body to do tricks off every jump until this unlocks. On the first course there are 2 jumps and you can easily do 6 tricks per jump. So that equals 36 tricks per each race since there are 3 laps. To do this, hold both arms to the same side to start a spin and then lean in the same direction to start a roll. Now just hold this position until you land to get 3 rotations of each maneuver for 6 tricks total. Keep playing races until it unlocks. This is also cumulative.


Pacifist Champion5
Win a Battle without using an item in offline play     

Just play and come in first place on a Battle race without ever using an item. Just choose Battle and select the first course. You can pick items up just don't activate them.


Airtime King10
Get 12 seconds of airtime in one go     

Just go into the Stunt activity and ride the half-pipe back and forth and by the time you are high enough to break the top pane of glass you should also have been in the air long enough to unlock this achievement.


Head in the Clouds10
Get 300 seconds of total airtime in offline play     

This will come naturally as you play. It is a cumulative total across your solo and local multiplayer games. You will easily have this before you get "Veteran Stunter".


Drift King10
Drift for 200 meters in one go     

Just start a Smash activity and lean into a drift and just hold while spinning around until the achievement pops. To start a drift, just lean to either side and hold the position to keep sliding.


Drift the Distance10
Drift for a total of 5 kilometers in offline play     

Just start a Smash activity and lean into a drift and just hold while spinning around until the achievement pops. To start a drift, just lean to either side and hold the position to keep sliding. This should unlock while you are working toward "Veteran Smasher".


World Traveler10
Drive a total of 50 kilometers in offline play     

This is cumulative and counts across all the events except for the Xbox Live races. You will easily get this while going for the achievements that require you to play each event 30 times.


Play each activity once in solo offline play    

You need to play 1 event from Pro Race, Battle Race, Stunt, Dash, Smash and Trick at least one time by yourself.


Constant Companion10
Play each activity with a second player in offline play    (1) 

You need to play 1 event from Pro Race, Battle Race, Stunt, Dash, Smash and Trick at least one time with someone else.


Can't Get Enough25
Play each activity 10 times in offline play     

This will unlock automatically while you go for the achievement to play each of the events 30 times.


Get behind the wheel for 5 hours in offline play     (2) 

There is a good chance that you will have the majority of the game completed BEFORE getting this achievement.

"Marathon" will pop right after crossing the finish line on the race/event that puts you past the 5 hour "game" time mark. I can confirm that the time counted down is definitely in game events ONLY. It does not count menus, loading screens, etc... just actual time counted down in gameplay events. I had gotten all the "play the event 30 times" achievements before this so I can average out the time I spent and break it down like this:

  • Races: 30 @ 2.5 min each = 75 minutes
  • Stunt: 30 @ 1.5 min each = 45 minutes
  • Dash: 30 @ 1 min each = 30 minutes
  • Smash: 30 @ 1 min each = 30 minutes
  • Trick: 30 @ 1 min each = 30 minutes

That makes a total is 210 minutes or 3.5 hours of "game play". That means you need at least 36 more regular races to hit the 5 hour mark. Or you can keep replaying whatever event you need to mop up achievements in. Once you reach the 5 hour mark the achievement unlocks. This takes significantly longer than 5 actual hours due to the horrible menu setup and constant loading screens.

See "Super Marathon" for the fastest way to finish the 5 and 10 hour requirements. I would not recommend using that method though until you have completed everything else you want to do. If you do everything else first, you will minimize the amount of time you need to let the game run.


Been There, Done That100
Play on all tracks in offline play     (3) 

As you play through the game you will get fans. More tracks unlock as you acquire more fans. You need to play each track available in each event at least one time offline. Here is a list of all the available tracks broken down by event:

Pro / Battle Race

  • Lighthouse Loop
  • Great Dragon Road
  • Rocky Road Speedway
  • Aviator Ranch
  • Boathouse Bay
  • Forbidden Fortress
  • Cannon Crossover


  • Crimson Gorge 1
  • Paradise Pipes 1
  • Crimson Gorge 2
  • Paradise Pipes 2
  • Crimson Gorge 3
  • Paradise Pipes 3


  • Badlands Freeway 1
  • Coastal Highway 1
  • Badlands Freeway 2
  • Coastal Highway 2
  • Badlands Freeway 3
  • Coastal Highway 3
  • Badlands Freeway 4
  • Coastal Highway 4


  • Cloudtop Temple 1
  • Desert Drainage 1
  • Cloudtop Temple 2
  • Desert Drainage 2
  • Cloudtop Temple 3
  • Desert Drainage 3


  • Sunset Harbor
  • Perilous Peaks
Four Times the Fun10
Sign in four gamer profiles     (4) 

First in addition to your main profile, you need to have or create 3 other profiles on your Xbox. For ease of writing these steps I'm going to refer to the profiles as follows:

  • "Main" = This is your profile that you want to get the achievements for.
  • "A" = New profile #1 or some other random profile you already have.
  • "B" = New profile #2 or some other random profile you already have.
  • "C" = New profile #3 or some other random profile you already have.

If you don't know how to add profiles, I'll walk you through the first one. Go to your dashboard and hit the Xbox guide button (glowing X in the middle of your controller) to bring up the menu. Now press to sign out of your main profile. Press again to bring up the sign in screen. Now press to create a new profile. Name it "A" (or whatever you like) and press . Just pick the default avatar option with , scroll down to "Done" and press again to accept. Now just repeat these steps for profiles "B" and "C".

Now on the main menu, just select the "Add Me" icon and choose your main gamertag. Now repeat 3 more times with 3 other local profiles and the achievement unlocks.


Learner’s License10
Complete the tutorial      (1) 

When you first start the game you are thrown into a tutorial. It only takes about 2 minutes to complete so go ahead and knock it out. If for some reason you skipped the tutorial you can also choose to replay it from the “Extras” screen. Just open it from the main menu then select “Tutorial”.


Test Driver100
Drive every vehicle style in offline play     (5) 

There are only the original 10 (11 if you include the Volt) + 3 variants of each (Volt does not have any variants). So that means you have to unlock and actually drive all 40 at least 1 time. I don't think the Volt counts but this would have to be confirmed, I don't remember if I drove that or not. I played through the game and unlocked them all and then drove the new ones as I unlocked them. Once I had driven all 40 I still did not have the achievement so I started back at the first one and then one by one started systematically driving each one again. The achievement popped halfway through the second time.

My guess as to what happened to me is one of 2 things: Maybe when I selected that original car I might have accidentally got out of the Kinect sensor and been signed on as a guest. It still showed that the car was driven but it just wasn’t driven by me as my gamertag. The other option is that maybe one of my kids drove that car and when I went through I saw the key was gone and just assumed I drove it already.

The complete list of cars is below:

Dojo Stock
Dojo Race
Dojo Tuner
Dojo Cop

Traveler Stock
Traveler Ice-Cream
Traveler Race
Traveler Surfer

Raven Stock
Raven Muscle
Raven Rancher
Raven Drag

Chilco Stock
Chilco Farm
Chilco Track
Chilco Lowrider

Justice Stock
Justice Track
Justice Classic
Justice Tuxedo

Horizon Stock
Horizon Backwoods
Horizon Safari
Horizon Baja

Chrome Stock
Chrome Rod
Chrome Classic
Chrome Future

Optic Stock
Optic Rally
Optic Classic
Optic Animal

Inception Stock
Inception Tuner
Inception Concept
Inception Speed

Mesa Stock
Mesa Military
Mesa Baja
Mesa Dunes

Volt (optional via free download)


Get Connected10
Play an Xbox LIVE race    (12) 

First be sure to sign in with your gamertag and then select whatever car you like (it really does not matter). Now select "Play Now" and then "Xbox Live Race". Either sit there and wait for someone to randomly enter your lobby or invite a friend or someone from this thread to join you. The achievement unlocks after the race and regular end of race screens.


Super Marathon50
Get behind the wheel for 10 hours in offline play     (3) 

To get the extra 5 hours to go from "Marathon" to "Super Marathon" you need 300 more minutes of "game" time. That equals close to 120 more races if you just keep re-running the first race event over and over. Those 5 hours of "game" time will easily cost you over 10 hours of real time when you factor in load times, eating, rest and bathroom breaks, etc.. To avoid extreme boredom and stiff legs I used this method instead:

You need something that the Kinect will mistake for you so grab a big chair, a stack of pillows or a life-sized cardboard cut-cut. I opted for a cut-out since we have one in the house. I placed it in front of the sensor and then stood behind it and signed in as myself. I then selected Pro Race and the first event. You then need to reach both hands out past your object of choice to "grab the wheel" and start the race. Now just put your arms back down and back away being careful to stay out of the sensors range.

Your car and surrogate driver should now be in place and not moving at all. Just leave the room for 5 hours with your Xbox running and come back once you are past or close to 300 minutes of total time. Go ahead and reach your arms back around and finish the race. If done correctly, you will have gained all the "game" time you need and your achievement will unlock.

Game Info
Big Park Studios


US November 04, 2010

Kinect: Required
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