Kinect Sesame Street TV

Kinect Sesame Street TV Achievements

There are 92 achievements with a total of 2000 points.

All the King's Cartons25
You found all the egg cartons in Humpty's Big Break!    
Bird Buddy20
You watched a clip featuring Snuffleupagus!    
Bottle Bear25
You found all baby bottles in Baby Bear's Baby Doll!    
Bubble Pop35
You popped all the bubbles in Elmo's World!    
Bubble Raider25
You found all the golden bubbles in Bubblefest!    
Bunny Bash25
You found all the white bunnies in Goodbye Pacifier!    
Coconut Delivery Monster6
You helped Grover get all six of his coconuts back!    
Cry Monster40
You jumped up and down to play Ernie's gongs!    
Day at the Beach40
You touched all the fun beach stuff in Elmo's World Beach!    
Doggie Do30
You helped Abby cut lots of doggie hair!    
Dolphin, Dirigible, Dentist50
You got the right letters on the Letter D Show! Well clapped!    
Eleven - Ah ah ah!11
You stood still like a statue so the Count could count to 11!    
Elmo Loves You5
You watched a clip featuring Elmo!    
Fairy School Graduate30
You watched 10 episodes of Abby's Flying Fairy School!    (1) 
Farmer Elmo40
You threw Paul Ball to Elmo at the farm!    
You stood in front of mirror and Cooper dressed like you!    
Feel The Burn!10
You watched a clip about exercise!    
Float my Boat25
You found all the toy boats in Rocco's Boat!    
Froggy Fun15
You watched a clip featuring Kermit!    
Fuzzy and Blue5
You watched a clip featuring Grover!    
Great Adventurer30
You watched 10 episodes of Bert and Ernie's Adventures!    (1) 
Herd Em Cowboy40
You touched all the horses and cows in Elmo's World Horses!    
Just For You5
You watched a Featured Playlist!    
You found all the launchers in Failure to Launch!    
Make it a Keeper18
You marked a photo or video in the journal as a keeper!    
Music Lover40
You hit all the notes in Elmo's World Violins!    
Om Nom Nom Nom!10
You watched a clip featuring Cookie Monster!    
One Little Achievement10
You watched a clip featuring the Count!    
Your jumping made a kayak fall from the Letter Tree!    
Pool Playtime40
You played with all the toys in the pool in Elmo's World Water!    
Rocco's Best Friend15
You watched a clip featuring Zoe!    
You touched all the wild animals in Elmo's World Wild Animals!    
Ruler Mania25
You found all the rulers in Elmozilla!    
You watched a clip featuring Oscar!    
Scribble Hunt25
You found all the crayons in Siblings!    
Sesame Stalwart10
You watched a clip featuring Big Bird!    
Sing Along10
You watched a clip with a song in it!    
Star Spotter10
You watched a clip featuring a celebrity!    
The Artiste15
You watched a clip featuring Baby Bear!    
You helped Ernie play his bells!    
Tree Hugger10
You watched a clip about nature!    
Viva Piñata40
You broke the piñata in Elmo's World!    
DLC: Season 2
Price: $29.99 USD Achievements: 50 Points: 1000
15 Minutes Of Fame30
Play a custom playlist in SmartGlass    (1) 
Anyone Can Do It15
Dance along to Mouth Music    
Bathtime Buddy40
Find all 12 of Ernie's Rubber Duckies in The Flood    
Bear Necessities40
Find all 12 teddy bears in Elmo Wants a Ball    
Begun And Won20
Receive a perfect score in Begin It To Win It    
Big Dipper20
Ride the rollercoaster in Elmo's World    
Bouncy Buddy10
Jump with Cooper on his pogo stick    
Breathe Deep15
Dance along to Belly Breathes    
Clap Your Hands15
Sing If You're Happy And You Know It with Elmo    
Count You In15
Dance along to Count Me In    
Dairy Delivery!20
Throw with Murray in every round in an episode of Street Moves    
David Cooperfield15
Help Cooper turn green again    
Become a flying dinosaur in Elmo's World    
Do It Yourself40
Find all 12 wrenches in Super Maria    
Double Dutch10
Jump rope with Cooper    
Eye Spy40
Find all 12 magnifying glasses in Observe, Record, Annoy    
Fantastic Photographer10
Pose for a photo for Cooper    
Fly an airplane in Elmo's World    
Four Seasons in One Day20
Journey through the seasons in Elmo's World    
Get Your Sweat On!20
Perform every exercise in Grovercise    
Hands, Head And Feet15
Dance along to Muevete (Move)!    
Hat Trick20
Wear a stack of hats in Elmo's World    
Have You Got The Moves?15
Dance along to Elmo's Got The Moves    
Throw to Larry the chicken    
Hip hop don't stop5
Help Cookie Monster shake down the radio    
Wave with Murray in every round in an episode of Street Moves    
Is it Halloween?40
Find all 12 pumpkins in Cast Iron Cooks    
Juggle Buddy20
Throw the alarm clock to Cooper    
Look Sharp!40
You found all 12 porcupines in What's in Big Bird's Nest!    
Many Shades40
Find all 12 pairs of sunglasses in The Letter R Mystery    
Maraca Maestro10
Play music with Cooper    
Moo Moo15
Sing Old McDonald with Elmo    
Perfect Pitcher20
Throw a rinky-dink-dunkin’-dooper-ball to Cooper    
Perfect Triangle20
Help Ernie ring all of his triangles    
Photographer's Assistant15
Take a photo using SmartGlass    (2) 
Play Date15
Cheer up Elmo    
Playing Pinball15
Dance along to Pinball 12    
Reach for the Stars40
Find all 12 stars in Shape-O-Bots    
Round And Round15
Sing Wheels On The Bus with Elmo    
Help Cookie Monster shake down the sandcastle    
Sit Back And Get Active15
Use SmartGlass to launch an interactive episode    (2) 
Slam Dunk!20
Play basketball in Elmo's World    
Sock Detective15
Help calm down Bert so he can find his socks    
Stunt Monster Spectacular20
Help Grover Knover complete every stunt without Grover getting wet    
Play on the swing in Elmo's World    
The Great Pretender20
Wave goodbye to cowboy Cooper    
You Can Hold It That Way15
Dance along to 8 Is Great    
You're a Star20
Become a constellation in Elmo's World    
Help calm down Telly so he can fix his toy train    
Dance along to Ziggysaurus    

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Soho Productions


US September 18, 2012

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