Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Achievement Guide

Guide By: graf1k
There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Achievement Difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 32 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate Completion Time: 60+ hours
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 6 [8 recommended]
- Missable Achievements: 2 [Please see subsection]
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
- Unobtainable/Glitched Achievements: None
- Extra Equipment Needed? No
- Cheats? Sort of; explained below.

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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is a hack and slash Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) released way back in 2007. At the start of the game you have 5 characters to choose from (and a 6th will be unlocked) and you'll traverse 5 distinct worlds with different regions. Also, should you notice that the zones of a level you've been to twice isn't exactly the same; that's due to the game having a random map generator for most areas.

This game can be a long haul (as most RPG's are), expect to spend anywhere from 60 to 80 hours to complete everything. All the achievements can be completed solo; however the game does have an online multi-player aspect to it. You can play online co-op with up to 4 players, which can be helpful for the harder difficulties. Completing the game on normal will unlock 'Hard', and of course completing the game on 'Hard' will unlock 'Extreme' mode.

**Recommendation** You can cut down on the amount of playthroughs and playtime if you have a high level co-op partner that is willing to help you. Achievements such as "The Timid Developer", all the level achievements (power leveling) and defeating Mutant Curian (as long as that co-op partner is playing as Kendal) can be completed in this fashion. You can play it with a buddy or try the Boosting Session thread to hook up with other players in the community! I personally recommend completing normal mode with each character to unlock hard mode; for some characters it isn't even necessary, but it's much faster to gain xp to level 80 on hard than normal.

The Cheat:
It's more of an exploit really. When the game was first released it was discovered that super weapons could be made through synthing utilizing low level weapons to bring down SP use. This was taken advantage of by many (who doesn't love uber weapons) and then the developers got wise to it and patched it. However, the patch can be removed by clearing your Xbox Cache. If you go to the System tab, and then Hard Drive, press '' to enter the Device Options and choose "Clear Cache". This will delete all patches for all games on your Xbox.
When you load up KUF again, it will ask you if you want to download the patch; choose 'no' and you will be forced to play offline. This is where you can do all the crazy synthing you want. Once your uber weapons are complete; save and quit and re-download the patch so you can play online again. It is best to make super weapons after you've been through the game at least once.
HERE is an excellent guide provided by 'bros 1337'

(This is a choice to use this exploit, in no way do you have to implement this to win.)

Playthroughs: You will be making a minimum of 8 playthroughs on this game, 6 for different characters and 2 extra for difficulty playthroughs if you are playing by yourself. I personally recommend playing each character through once, and then choosing one that you like the most to take to max level. You can cut down a few playthroughs if you join a higher level player's game and finish hard, and or, extreme mode; just go through the final level.
The first thing you will do is complete the tutorial which will unlock: "A Friendly Game". Other achievements will come as you play such as defeating bosses; others are not necessary to complete on your first play; please refer to the guide for detailed information.

Kendal: Complete the game with Kendal as well as completing his quest to unlock "Walter's Keepsake" and "Protecting the Age". Only as Kendal will you come across Mutant Curian during your playthrough; upon his defeat you will unlock "End of Mutation". Kendal has a long and arduous quest, which is noted in the guide and walkthroughs on other sites. The point of this blurb is mainly about the 3 copies of the Book of Truth that you must find in the Halls of Arrogance. The book is a completely random spawn in a randomly generated map; sometimes it may not spawn at all, it just takes some persistence.

Regnier: Complete the game with Regnier as well as completing his quest to unlock "End of Pain" and "Destroying the Age".

Celine: Complete the game with Celine and complete her quest to unlock "Awakened Lover" and "Everlasting Love". Upon completion of Celine's campaign you will unlock Curian as a playable character!

Leinhart: Complete the game with Leinhart and complete his quest to unlock "Rebuilding the Empire" and "Ambition and Ability".

Curian: Curian is unlocked by completing Celine. Complete the game with Curian and you will unlock "Purpose of the Journey". Curian does not have any side quests to complete. You can join a partners game and just play the final level with Curian. So you can cut down on overall playtime, but you'll still have to grind him to level 80.

Duane: Duane is a special case as he technically doesn't have a story quest; but he possibly has the worst set of achievement requirements to fulfill. Duane is apparently addicted to dueling and he's trying to win the heart of Marguerite. I highly recommend using this guide HERE to help explain the dueling and get you through it. If you don't, I guarantee you won't win. It is time consuming, but upon completion you will unlock "Dueling is my Life", "Misery Loves Company", and "Marguerite, My Love".
**Please Note** It is not necessary to complete a campaign with Duane; however it is recommended to complete at least normal mode as it's easier to level up to 80 on hard mode.

Grinding: After completing all the characters and their quests; it comes down to lots of level grinding as you must get all characters to level 80 to unlock "Curse of the Developer" and at least one character to level 120 to unlock "Lord of the Dimension". This is why I suggest to finish each characters normal difficulty playthrough; you do not want to grind to level 80 on normal mode, it's much faster on hard mode.

Missable Achievements:

The Timid Developer:

All this work just to watch game credits... At the main menu you have the option to watch the 'starting credits'; do so to get it out of the way. And the credits are long, so take a break. Once you finish the game on Normal mode, watch the credits in their entirety. Once you unlock and defeat 'Extreme' mode, you must watch the credits again in their entirety, which are the ending credits. If I recall correctly you can accidentally skip the credits. Should that happen, you'd have to finish whatever difficulty credits you missed again. Just put the controller down and slowly back away.
(This technically isn't missable in theory; but you don't want to accidentally skip the credits and have to do the final level and boss again on Extreme mode.)

Where is the Stone Golem?:

There technically isn't a stone golem in the game; you have to make your own. You must locate a Wooden Golem, which can be found in the Forest of Embracing (first level of the game). Once you find one, you must either cast Petrifying Breath on it, or use a weapon with a Petrify enchantment. The golem will physically change into a stone golem. Once this happens, kill it and the achievement is yours.
(This also, in theory, is not entirely missable. But if you don't know what you're looking for, or what to do, you'll never find a stone golem on your own.)

In closing, you will need to exercise a lot of patience and perseverence, mixed in with a good amount of grinding, and accompanied with an exorbitant amount of hacking, and or, slashing! With use of the guides mentioned, and possibly some co-op partners, you should have little issue attaining all the achievements in this game. Good Luck!

[XBA would like to thank Xenolith666 for this roadmap]

Walter's Keepsake20
Finish the game with Kendal.   
Just finish the game with Kendal. Can be done on any difficulty level and it is NOT necessary to complete his quest. If playing in co-op, you can skip straight to the Road of Chaos if the host has already been there and still get the achievement.
End of Pain20
Finish the game with Regnier.   
Just finish the game with Regnier. Can be done on any difficulty level and it is NOT necessary to complete his quest. If playing in co-op, you can skip straight to the Road of Chaos if the host has already been there and still get the achievement.
Awakened Lover20
Finish the game with Celine.   
Just finish the game with Celine. Can be done on any difficulty level and it is NOT necessary to complete her quest. If playing in co-op, you can skip straight to the Road of Chaos if the host has already been there and still get the achievement.
Rebuilding the Empire20
Finish the game with Leinhart.   
Just finish the game with Leinhart. Can be done on any difficulty level and it is NOT necessary to complete his quest. If playing in co-op, you can skip straight to the Road of Chaos if the host has already been there and still get the achievement.
Marguerite, My Love20
Raise Marguerite's favor to 100%   
See 'Dueling is My Life'
Purpose of the Journey20
Finish the game with Curian.    
Just finish the game with Curian. To do this you will need to beat the game with Celine first to unlock Curian. Once you do that, just finish the game as Curian in the same fashion. It can be done on any difficulty level. If playing in co-op, you can skip straight to the Road of Chaos if the host has already been there and still get the achievement.
Protecting the Age30
Complete all of Kendal's story quests.   
NOTE: While it's not exactly required, do all quests on Normal difficulty as the enemies you'll be required to kill are found on Normal.

Quest 1/8: Find Walter's Spirit Crystal
To make the quests go as quick as possible, it's best to start as early as you can by vising the first Idol you come across. Go to sleep and talk to the old man there, Moonlight, until he mentions a friend.

Go to the next Idol and this time your friend Walter should be standing there with Moonlight. Talk to both of them to get your first fetch quest, retrieving Walter's Spirit Crystal, his pendant.

Go to the City of Desolation and kill the baddies there until you are informed that you now have the pendant. Go to the next Idol and go talk to Moonlight again. He'll tell you to talk to the Idol of Love

If you haven't already guessed, the Idol of Love is the chick. You can make the Idols change by leaving the Idol's area and coming back after waiting a little, going to sleep, or you can use the Moonstones.

Quest 2/8: Find Spiritual Purity
Once you find an Idol of Love, talk to her and she'll tell you to find 5 pieces of Spritual Purity, all of which are in the Hall of Arrogance. Once you get to the Hall of Arrogance, keep an eye out as they appear randomly (they look like glowing gold orbs). If you see one and can't get to it because the game wants you to warp to another area, choose the option not to warp and you can continue past the warp to get it. It may take multiple run throughs to find all 5 but generally you should find them all in one run through of the Library & Vestibule areas. Once you have all 5, go talk to the Idol of Love again.

Quest 3/8: Find Heart of a Hero
Now she wants the Heart of a Hero. You'll now have to fight Curian to get it. Go to sleep and talk to Moonlight first to get the key to where Curian is locked up, then head to the last area of the City of Desolation and go to the door that is normally locked. Defeat Curian and find the Idol of Love AGAIN.

This time she'll give you the Will of Purity. Who comes up with this stuff? Anyway once you have the Will of Purity, snooze and talk to the old man. Encablossa butts in for a second. Wake up, continue to the next area or so and then sleep again.

Quest 4/8: Find the Glass of Serenity
Talk to Moonlight who'll give you a riddle. Figure it out or don't, just head to the Hall of Arrogance where you'll have to fight through both levels of the Vestibule & Library as well as the Twilight Corridor and then warp back to the Antechamber. Head toward the Atrium again but this time at the warp, chose no and there'll be a staircase in the next room to descend and find the Glass of Serenity. Remember, you MUST fight through all three areas first or the staircase won't be there. Guess what's next?

Quest 5/8: Find the Water of Embracing Time
Sleep + talk. He'll yap for a while before telling you about the Water of Embracing Time. When he mentions it, the name should be clue enough where to go, namely the Forest of Embracing. It's in the first area, at the part with the massive waterfall. It'll look like a glowing golden orb just like the Purity stuff. Once you have it, find an Idol and sleep.

Quest 6/8: Find the Books of Truth
This time you find Encablossa again and he'll tell you to find 3 Books of Truth. If you can, punch him in the face. You'll thank me later. Then head to the Hall of Arrogance to find the books.

This is most annoying part of all the quests. Like the Spiritual Purity stuff, these books show up completely randomly although I have never found one on the second floor of the Vestibule or Library, always the first floor and occasionally in the Twilight Corridor. Problem is, these almost never appear all at once. If you can get two in one run through, count yourself lucky. I find it best to warp to another area and come back until you find all three. Once you have all three, sleep and talk to the white-haired bastard again.

You'll need to go to a different Idol and sleep again to talk to Moonlight, who'll tell you to throw the Glass of Serenity away. You have to do this in the Cave of Rage so head there.

Quest 7/8: Dispose of the Glass of Serenity
Head to the bridge in the Cave of Rage which should be right before the stairwell down to the Balrog's area. You know you're in the right area if you see one of those familiar glowing orbs again. Walk into it and you've thrown the Glass of Serenity away. A notice should pop up that you've done it.

Sleep at the next Idol to talk to Encablossa and get the key to the dimension gap which is in in the final area of the Road of Chaos on the second level, right before the battle with Encablossa. Walk into the orb up there and you are on your way to a brand new boss battle, namely Keither.

Quest 8/8: Defeat Keither + Encablossa
The thing to remember here is that Keither draws his power from the clock so when he becomes invincible, tear the clock up first and then lay into him. It's a relatively easy boss battle. Once he's dead, sleep for a cutscene or just proceed straight to the Encablossa battle.

Take Encablossa out (See 'End of the Dimension' for strategy). Achievement unlocks during the credits.
Destroying the Age30
Complete all of Regnier's story quests.   
NOTE: While it's not exactly required, do all quests on Normal difficulty as the enemies you'll be required to kill are found on Normal.

Quest 1/5: Obtain the Splinters of Death, Greed + Love
For whatever reason, Regnier cannot recieve his first quest until you reach the City of Desolation and even then you may not be able to start at the first Idol. It's not too big a deal though as his is probably the easiest questline.

When you can finally start your quest, the old man (which you'll probably recognize as Encablossa by now) will tell you to talk to each othe the Idols so go ahead and wake up and talk to whichever Idol is there and either use the Moonstones to change the Idol, or just continue to the next areas to talk to the other two.

Talking to the Idol of Death will give you the Splinter of Death, Greed the Splinter of Greed, and Love the Splinter of Love.

Once you have all three, go to sleep again and talk to white-beard who'll tell you to need to turn the Splinter of Greed into Perfect Greed, the Splinter of Love into Perfect Love and the Slinter of Death into Perfect Death.

Quest 2/5: Obtain Perfect Greed
To start, go to the Hall of Arrogance to do Perfect Greed. All you need to do is to kill statues and scultors until you achieve Perfect Greed. Sleep + talk to the old man to do the next Perfect thing.

Quest 3/5: Obtain Perfect Love
Perfect Love requires you to go to the Valley of Solitude and kill the weird mountain climbers that explode when they hug each other. They are easily recognizable by their glowing lanterns. Keep killing them until you get Perfect Love and then find an Idol and sleep to continue onto Perfect Death.

Quest 4/5: Obtain Perfect Death
To achieve Perfect Death, you'll need to kill skeletons, fleshmen, flesh spears and flesh golems, although you can only kill a certain number of one until your meter stops going up and you'll have to switch to another enemy type. If you haven't already left the Valley of Solitude from when you were doing Perfect Love, you can start there and kill the skeleton soldiers until your percentage stops going up. Next, go to the City of Desolation and in the last or second to last area there should be a bunch of fleshmen at the beginning of the area as well as more right before the warp to the Hall of Arrogance. Kill them until the meter stops going up. Head to the Cave of Rage or Road of Chaos to finish off the flesh spears. The Cave of Rage has flesh golems as well. Once you have 100% find an Idol and talk to Encablossa again.

Quest 5/5: Defeat Keither + Encablossa
This time he should give you the key to the dimension gap which you'll recognize from Kendal's quest as where you go to fight Keither. Go to the End of Chaos and find the gap on the second level right in front of the entrance to where you fight Encablossa.

As with Kendal's quest, remember when fighting Keither that the key here is to take out the clock he is linked to break his invulnerability. Once the clock is out of commission, hack Keither until he goes down. After the fight find an Idol and sleep one last time before proceeding to the Encablossa fight. (See 'End of the Dimension' for the strategy). Achievement will unlock during the credits.
Everlasting Love30
Complete all of Celine's story quests.   (2) 
NOTE: While it's not exactly required, do all quests on Normal difficulty as the enemies you'll be required to kill are found on Normal.

Quest 1/5: Find Curian's Spirit Crystal
Go to sleep and talk to Moonlight, whom you may recognize from Kendal's quest. He'll tell you you'll need to bring a Spirit Crystal which you can find in the first area of the Forest of Embracing near the first group of enemies you come across.

Quest 2/5: Repair Curian's Spirit Crystal
Sleep + talk. Moonlight says the Spirit Crystal is busted and to fix it you'll need to find an Exlixir and Lost Minds. Talk to the Idol of Death and he'll tell you to go kill the Blacksand people and he'll give you the Elixir. Go to the City of Desolution and kill them all until you get the message that you've killed enough. Go talk to Death again get the Elixir. Easy enough.

To get Lost Minds you'll have to kill skeletons, flesh men, and flesh spears. You can find all three in the Cave of Rage so go there and take them out. There's also some of the flesh men and flesh spears at the End of Desolation if you can't warp that far ahead yet. Kill until you get the Lost Minds and then bring the whole kit & kaboodle back to Moonlight who needs a hot second to do...whatever. Proceed to next shrine and sleep + talk.

Quest 3/5: Find Curian's Mind Trace
Uh oh. Curian's body is kaput which means you have to find his Mind Trace. Talk to each of the three Idols in any order and get their quests which are:

Idol of Love - Find 'Cold Love': Go to the Valley of Solitude and kill one of each of Yuki Otoko & Yuki Onna.
Idol of Death - Find 'Cursed Honor': Kill one of each type of Knights. There are five in all.
Idol of Greed - Find 'Pure Gold': You have to kill 100% of the Golden Louses in Twilight Corridor.

Once you have all three quests, lets go ahead and aquire them all. Cold Love is the easiest so go ahead and knock that out. Next is Pure Gold. You have to go to the Hall of Arrogance and battle through the Library & Vestibule to get to the Twilight Corridor. The Louses should be in the area with bookshelves. You can only kill about 10% at a time, so to remedy this simply get your 10%, exit the area, wait a little bit, re-enter and they will respawn.. Keep doing it until you have 100%. Last but not least is Cursed Honor. You should be able to knock out both the Flame & Lightning Knights in the second section of the City of Desolation. Next is the Ice Knight which would obviously be in the Valley of Solitude, usually in the third area. Both the Dark Knight & Ghost Knight can be found on the Road of Chaos. Kill them all for Cursed Honor.

Now this part does have to be done in order. Talk to Death first to get a bunch of Mind Traces. Then talk to Greed who can find Curian's specific Mind Trace. Last, talk to Love to get the location of Curian's Spirit Crystal. HUH?! Don't we already have that? Guess not...

Quest 4/5: Find Curian's Spirit Crystal. AGAIN?!
Warp to the Cave of Rage to find his Spirit Crystal in the first section (glowing orb ring a bell?). Cop it and then sleep to talk to the old man in blue again.

Then do it again at a different Idol just for fun.

Okay, once more!

Just kidding, you have to do it AGAIN.

You'll know you can stop when you can actually talk to Curian finally. Do so and then talk to Moonlight.

Once that is done, find another shrine and sleep AGAIN. Moonlight is gone so talk to Curian and then read the book neaby.

Quest 5/5: Defeat Encablossa
By now you are probably at the Road of Chaos so go ahead and continue to the end. Kill Encalossa and get an achievement during the credits.
Ambition and Ability30
Complete all of Leinhart's story quests.   
NOTE: While it's not exactly required, do all quests on Normal difficulty as the enemies you'll be required to kill are found on Normal.

Quest 1/7: Obtain the Seed of Lust
Go to sleep and talk to 'His Majesty' who's actually your pops. He'll tell you that if you're serious about mutation you need to talk to Encablossa. And so begins the quest.

Talk to the Idol of Death who'll tell you to talk to Greed. Greed needs a Seed of Lust before he'll set up a meeting with Encablossa, so go talk to the Idol of Love, who'll tell you you can get a seed from plant kings. You can find them easily in the Forest of Embracing. Unfortunately Leinhart is going to botch this no less than NINE TIMES before he finally gets it right. Idiot! So kill all plant kings in the Forest of Embracing and continue to the City of Desolation for the last couple. You should be able to have the necessary 10 by the time you get to the second or third area of the City of Desolation.

Quest 2/7: Find Endless Desire
Once you've got it talk to Love again and you'll find you need Endless Desire which you'll receive after beating the Ice Maiden in the Valley of Solitude. (See 'End of Cold Love' for how to beat her). Once you have both, talk to Love again to find that you need to plant the seed at the very beginning of the Forest of Embracing, in the little flower field you begin in (look for the gold orb).

Quest 3/7: Obtain Water Embracing Time
You'll need to talk to Love again and she'll tell you to get the Water Embracing Time which, if you've done Kendal's quest, you'll know is in the area of the Forest of Embracing where the big waterfall is (yet another golden orb).

Go back to where the seed is planted to use the water and get the Seed of Lust and bring it back to the Idol of Greed who'll agree to introduce you to Encablossa. While you're here, go ahead and sleep to talk to the man himself.

Quest 4/7: Find the Paused Hourglass
After telling you about fifty times that vampires can't mutate, Encablossa will test you by telling you to find the Paused Hourglass which is in the third area of the City of Desolation at the bottom of the big spiral.

Quest 5/7: Find Narrow Wisdom
Once you've got it sleep and talk to Encablossa. Not so fast cowboy, you've got more fetch quests to do. Now you've got to find Narrow Wisdom which is at the very beginning of the Road of Chaos. Look behind you for the gold orb and then head for the nearest Idol to sleep + talk.

Quest 6/7: Defeat Keither for Potion of Confidence
Almost done. You've got to get the Potion of Confidence which is convenient as you'll have to fight Keither to get it, right here at the Road of Chaos. Remember to destroy the clock first to make Keither vulnerable and then fight him directly.

Quest 7/7: Defeat Encablossa
As is the case with Regnier & Kendal's quest, Keither is located at the dimension gap on the second level of the End of Chaos. Remember to take the clock out so you can actually damage Keither. Take him out to get the Potion of Confidence, sleep + talk and then go fight Encablossa. (See 'End of the Dimension for strategy'). Achievement after the credits.
The Timid Developer20
Watch all of the starting staff roll AND the ending staff roll credits!    (4) 
You'll need to watch the entire credits roll after beating the game on Normal or Hard mode and as well as watching the 'special' credits for beating the game on Extrerme mode. Doesn't matter which character you use.
Misery Loves Company20
Have a heartwarming talk with Bertrand.    
At some point during your fencing duels as Duane, when you enter the dream world, Marguerite will not be there and you will be treated instead to a cutscene of Duane and Bertrand lamenting their situation. Absolutely no input is required on your part as the achievement will pop up as the cutscene starts. As far as I can tell, this occurs randomly in relation to your favor, but usually before you reach 50%.
Dueling Is My Life20
Raise Marguerite's favor to 50%!   
This is Duane's quest. You'll need to duel until Marguerite's favor has reached 50% or better. For every duel you win, her favor will go up 3% and for every duel you lose, it will go down 1%. You will also lose 1% favor for every spell you unlearn so try not to do that. This is really no science to attacking in the duels as whether or not you hit Bertrand is completely random. I do find I usually have better luck attacking low. As for defense, there is an excellent guide here that will help you block Bertrand every time. Try to limit the number of times you parry however. I find it's usually safe to parry Bertrand's first attack or right after he has parried. Additionally, remember to end the conversation with Marguerite after every win so that the game autosaves. That way, if it looks like you'll lose a duel, you can exit to the dashboard before it's over and not lose any favor or any progress.
The Fallen Forest10
Defeat the Forest Guardian.    
The Forest Guardian is the boss at the end of the Forest of Embracing. To beat it, you need to hack each of it's heads, at which point it will ascend into the trees. Use a ranged weapon while it's in the trees to tear it up some more. The Forest Guardian will eventually jump down which can hurt you so try to stay out of the way. At this point you'll need to take out all the heads again (note: if you are powerful enough, you can cut the heads off the first time and skip this part). After all the heads are completely gone, the Forest Guardian should be down to 1HP and, for whatever reason, it takes FOREVER to finish off that last 1HP so just keeping hitting it and eventually it'll die. Also, if you are playing in co-op, remember to bring Defibrillators in case you need to revive teammates.
End of Mutation20
Defeat Mutant Curian.   
This boss fight is located at the end of the City of Desolation and you will either need to be playing as Kendal or in a party with someone that is playing as Kendal to access the boss fight which is pretty straight forward and requires no big strategy. Avoid his attacks as much as possible and if necessary, take him out with ranged weapons. Oh yeah, and bring Defibrillators if you're in co-op!
Pride and Imprudence10
Defeat Loki.    
Loki is the boss at the end of the Hall of Arrogance. There really is no trick to defeating Loki but until he changes form you can easily avoid most of his attacks and just wear him down using ranged weapons or spells. Once he changes forms however, he is immune to ranged weapons but not spells. Make sure to avoid the acid trail he leaves behind him as this will stun your character and can drain the HP of a a weaker character pretty quickly. As with all other boss fights, remember to bring Defibrillators if you are playing in co-op.
Catch Me If You Can10
Hunt down Loki's head.   
You'll have very brief chance at this achievement after defeating Loki. The only advice I can give is to get as close to Loki as you can right before he dies and if you are playing in co-op, skip the roll for the boss item and don't even bother with the loot. One good hit or two and the head should die but if you miss, you're out of luck as the head will scamper up the wall very quickly. Good news is if miss the head but saved right before the fight with Loki, you should be able to reload and skip all the bollocks before Loki to have another crack at this achievement.
End of Cold Love10
Defeat the Ice Maiden.    
The Ice Maiden is the boss battle of the End of Sollitude region. For the most part this is a pretty straight forward battle and no complex strategy is required. Just be sure to avoid the ice statues as they will freeze you and can continue to do so repeatedly so try to avoid them. Also avoid the copies of herself the Ice Maiden will send out as they will take off a good chunk of HP if you come into contact with them. And remember kids, bring your Defibrillators in co-op!
End of Frenzy10
Defeat the Balrog.    
The Balrog is the boss of The End of Rage. To start, he'll propel himself at you using his chain claws. Just stay out of the way as he sling-shots at you and then tear him up with your melee weapon. After he retreats back out to the lava in the middle of the arena you may be able to hit him with a some ranged attacks although I found this to generally not be worth the effort or frustration. Also note that occasionally after attacking, the Balrog will retreat to the roof of the cavern at which point he's invincible until he swings back down. Continue taking his health down until he switches up his attack, at which point he will stay in the middle of the lava area and shoot his claw out at you. You can either hack at the claw's chain when he shots it out or you can try to hit him with ranged attacks. I suggest the former as you can avoid his final form if you manage to take off both claws. If you insist on the ranged attack though, the Balrog will eventually change up attacks again. This is where he really becomes a pain in the ass as he will charge you again and again, knocking you down and pushing you around the arena. It's almost impossible to avoid and will make taking out his final third of health much more trouble than it should be. As always, in co-op bring your Defibrillators.
End of the Dimension10
Defeat Encablossa.    (1) 
The one thing to remember when fighting Encablossa is that when he is in his white form, he's virtually invincible. Certain magic attacks can damage him while he's in his white form, but you're best bet is to just avoid him and his attacks until he takes his dark form and then hack the crap out of him. Once you've done enough damage he'll shield himself in what looks like a giant meatball. I find it best to use ranged attacks on him in this final form but melee and magic attacks work as well. It's a bit disorienting once the entire arena around you is invisible but this is an easy boss battle for the most part. Just avoid his light shard attack like the plague as it will turn you to stone, drain your SP and confuse you all at the same time. And as always, if in co-op, bring Defibrillators.
Pick up all items dropped by a boss.   
This is easiest done in single player as in co-op, you cannot move until all players have rolled for the boss item. Just grab everything you can and if your inventory fills up hold down  to bring up your inventory and destory anything you don't need and then continue picking up the remaining items. If you do this in single player, the countdown clock will stop while you are in the inventory, but it will not in co-op which is another reason to do this in single player.
A Friendly Game10
Complete the tutorial.    
Simply complete the tutorial at the beginning of The Forest of Embracing without exiting out of it. Second easiest acheivement.
Origin of Obsession10
Succeed in Item Synthesis.   
Synthesis in general can get really complex in what you can do but the acheivements for it are pretty straight forward. For this one, you'll need to successfully synthesize an item once. It's best to pay whatever it costs to guarantee 100% successful synthesis which shouldn't be more than 1000-2000 gold the first time. It doesn't matter what you synthesize with what as far as I can tell so you might as well make it something that will help you later like an orange potion with a weapon or something like that.
Master Alchemist40
Synthesize the same piece of equipment 10 times.   
Synthesize one item of any type ten times or more. If you are just going for the achievement and not worrying about making a a quality item, just synthesize the cheapest most useless item you have. Jewelry usually works the best. If you want to make a quality item, my suggestion is to synthesize together as many items of Healing as you can find. This will help restore your HP quicker over time.
The Master's Mentor80
Synthesize the same piece of equipment 20 times.   
See 'Master Alchemist'
Stranger to the Dimension20
Reach Level 10 with any character.   
The easiest way to get the leveling achievements is to join a co-op game with a friend that already has a powerful character and has unlocked Hard or Extreme difficulties. Have them start a game on Hard or Extreme and join. Run out ahead a little bit and try to hit every enemy in a group once without dying, even if you only do a little bit of damage. Then run away from the enemies and have your friend with the powerful character mow them down. As long as you got a hit in on the baddies before they die and you are not dead or miles away from them when they die, you'll get XP for them. Using this method, you can easily level up to level 15 off the first group or two of enemies in a territory and can reach level 40 in about 5 minutes on Extreme difficulty. You can speed up the process even further by using a weapon of with a high level Greed enhancement. A level 24 weapon of Greed can double the XP you gain from enemies. Once your character is powerful enough or you've goth them to the level you want (probably level 80 or higher) you can skip to The Road of Chaos in Normal mode, beat Encablossa to unlock Hard mode, and then host a game on Hard and return the favor for your friend. But remember, you must unlock Hard mode before you can unlock Extreme. But once you have been to the Road of Chaos once, you can skip right to it on any difficulty so you could unlock Hard, skip to the Road of Chaos on hard and unlock Extreme. It's worth it to unlock Extreme if your character can survive it.
Adventurer of the Dimension40
Reach Level 40 with any character.   
See 'Stranger to the Dimension'
Lord of the Dimension80
Reach Level 120 with any character.   (1) 
See 'Stranger to the Dimension'
Curse of the Developer200
Reach Level 80 with ALL characters.  (7) 
See 'Stranger to the Dimension'
Beginning of Wisdom10
Learn an Ability.   
To learn an ability you must find an Idol and go to sleep. Once you've done that, talk to whomever is there to ask to learn a new ability (it's different for every character). You may have to talk to them a couple times depending on where you are in the characters quest. Once you have selected an ability to learn, you'll get a list of enemies you must kill to learn the ability. Kill the enemies listed (the game will tell you how many you have killed every time you kill one) and once you have completed your task, go to sleep and ask the person about abilities again to unlock the ability and an achievement. I suggest learning Heal first.
Where Is the Stone Golem?30
Hunt down a Stone Golem.   (2) 
This one is a bit of a trick achievement. There actually is no stone golem in the game. To earn this achievement, you must have the petrify ability and go to the Forest of Embracing and find a Wood Golem and cast petrify on it, then kill it. Poof, achievement unlocked.
King of Bloodlust80
Successfully execute a 20 combo attack with a Bloodlust enhanced weapon!   (1) 
This is done most easily with Leinhart as he gets Bloodlust weapons early and has quick attacks, but can be done with any character. You simply need to find a weapon of Bloodlust and hit enemies 20 consecutive times without being hit. There is a bit of a time element involved (i.e. you can't wait 5 minutes between hits) but the game is pretty generous about it so you should be able to get this off one group of enemies. But if you get hit by an enemy, the 'combo' is broken. If you find your killing enemies before you can get 20 hits in, try playing on a harder difficulty.

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Europe December 18, 2007
Japan December 31, 2007

ESRB: Mature
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