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Kung Fu High Impact Achievement Guide

Guide By: Skorpion x360a
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 
- Offline: 45/45 (1000/1000)
- Online: 0/45 (0/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 10006-8 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (+4 Survival Modes).
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No (All achievements can be gained on Normal).
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Kinect; 3 controllers.

This game is a Kinect fighting game in which you are the hero. Your pictures will be taken before each chapter and those pictures will be put into a comic book story line. There is the option to skip taking pictures and the comic by pressing (Start button) on the controller. 

Step 1: Story (Normal Difficulty):
All achievements can be obtained on normal difficulty. If you want a bit of a challenge you can play on hard if you'd like. There are multiple in-game tutorials that teach you how to perform moves, powers, and what each mystic relic is for. If by chance you miss an opportunity for an achievement, you can use chapter select by selecting "Continue Chapter" and selecting which chapter you want. 

Step 2: Survival Modes:
There are 4 survival modes that you have to play:

  • Survival: Horde
  • Survival: Darkness
  • Survival: Shadow Warriors
  • Survival: Masked Warriors

Survival: Horde is the only one that will require you to reach level 21. With the other 3 you only have to reach level 7.

Step 3: Multiplayer:
This multiplayer is a bit different than most Kinect games. You'll have to fight off enemies using the Kinect while your opponents are controlled by the controllers. There is only one multiplayer achievement which can be gained by yourself having 3 controllers. 

Step 4: Custom Game:
This option allows you to pick which type of match you want against the enemies you want. You'll to play this at least once for the "Fast as Lightning" achievement. See the guide for other opportunies to use the Custom Game to your advantage.

NOTE: Most of the achievements can be gained in Custom Games, Multiplayer, and Survival modes. I recommend doing most of these in the story as you have to play through it anyway. 

The game isn't that hard. The hardest achievement will be to reach level 21 in Survival: Horde which isn't that hard if you follow the guide. Although this is a kung fu game for Kinect, it isn't all that tiring to play. In several hours you will have earned another quick and easy 1000.


[x360a would like to thank Skorpion x360a for this Roadmap]

Rough Awakening25
Wake up from a terrible nightmare in Chapter 1: Fears Half Forgotten.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Close all cargo containers in Chapter 2: Trouble at the Docks.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Workplace Safety25
Defeat the threat against the comic book store in Chapter 3: Heck Breaks Loose.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Prevent a mystic artifact from being stolen in Chapter 4: Helmet Blunder.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Visit a picturesque temple and live to tell the tale in Chapter 5: Eye of the Dragon.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Survive the hostile fauna in Chapter 6: Crossroads.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

A Million Volts25
Cause enough havoc to escape danger in Chapter 7: Jungle Boogie.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Swamp Thing25
Survive the swamp horrors in Chapter 8: A Helping Wing.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Nothing To See Here25
Clear monstrous squatters from the ruins in Chapter 9: Big, Bad and Ugly.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Defeat a horde of minions in Chapter 10: The New Boss in Town.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Live to Fight Another Day25
Survive your first encounter with a dangerous foe in Chapter 11: Blazing Guns.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Return a forgotten memory to its sleeping place in Chapter 12: A Shadow from the Past.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

Clean up a horde of monsters in Chapter 13: The Great Escape.     

See "All in a Day's Work."

All in a Day's Work25
Save the world in Chapter 14: The Hordes of Doom.     

These achievements are story-based and will unlock once the corresponding chapter is complete.

Reach round 7 in Survival: Horde.    

See "Extreme Survivalist."

Reach round 7 in Survival: Darkness.    

See "Extreme Survivalist."

Reach round 7 in Survival: Shadow Warriors.    

See "Extreme Survivalist."

Reach round 7 in Survival: Masked Warriors.    

See "Extreme Survivalist."

Extreme Survivalist40
Reach round 21 in Survival: Horde.    

There are 4 different survival modes you have to play:

Survival: Horde
Survival: Darkness
Survival: Shadow Warriors
Survival: Masked Warriors

With Darkness, Shadow Warriors, and Masked Warriors Survival Modes you only have to reach Round 7 which isn’t too hard. Once Round 7 starts the achievement unlocks and you can just quit out if you’d like.

With Survival: Horde you have to reach Round 21. By doing so you will get the “Zookeeper” and “Extreme Survivalist” achievements.

Tips for reaching Round 21:

  • Make good use of your dodges. Don’t get crowded by enemies as they will drain your health. In Survival Modes there are NOT any health relics so you will not be able to replenish any health that is lost.
  • Lure enemies away from the group. Faster enemies will follow a lot quicker giving you time to take them out while the slower ones catch up.
  • Make good use of the relics. There are two in this level: Infinite Powers (blue orb) and Mega Damage (yellow/orange orb). Mega Damage is great for bigger enemies or taking out a big group. I used a lot of powers so Infinite Powers helps a ton.
  • Use the air ducts especially when trying to escape and when fighting the giants. I would lift up on an air duct and perform a power attack and alternate between air ducts. By doing this I defeated the giants without being harmed.
  • Time Stop is your friend. I used this many times, especially with bigger enemies. Just use Time Stop right before you attack to ensure you don't take any damage. This works really well with the Infinite Powers relic.
Blue Belt10
Defeat 100 enemies.    

See "Black Belt."

Red Belt15
Defeat 200 enemies.    

See "Black Belt."

Black Belt25
Defeat 400 enemies.    

This should come naturally after completing the story and playing through the Survival modes. Enemies in mutiplayer and custom games add to this as well.

NOTE: Once you’ve reached 100, 200, and 400 marks, these achievements will unlock when the level ends (you complete the level or die)

If by chance you haven't defeated 400 enemies I recommend replaying Chapter 7. As long as you don't destroy the totem then the enemies will continue to respawn. Also see "Fight Marathon."

Damage four or more enemies with a single Ground Shaker.    

You get the Ground Shaker in Chapter 4, but I would suggest waiting until Chapter 5 so you don't miss the "Tenacious" achievement. Just gather at least 4 enemies together or wait for them to come to you and perform the Ground Shaker.

Finish off three or more enemies using Lightning in one fight.    

You first get Lightning in Chapter 7. Just kill 3 enemies with it and you'll get the achievement. You can punch and kick enemies as long as the final blow is the Lightning.

Power Punisher15
Hit an enemy from behind with Power Punch.    

I got this in Chapter 2. The easiest way to get this is wait for when an enemy is about to attack and jump over them. The reason I say this is while they are attacking they are facing that direction and not following you. Once you are behind them perform the Power Punch. A good spot would be the boss for Chapter 4. Get a good distance between him and he will start moving slowly toward you with a swinging attack. Jump over him and perform the Power Punch.

Air Superiority15
Hit a flying enemy with Power Punch.    (1) 

There is only one type of flying enemy in the game. You can either jump and perform a Power Punch or use an air duct and perform a Power Punch. I recommend the air duct because most times when you jump they fly up a bit. You don't even have to finish them off, just hit them. The earliest you can get this is Chapter 6.

Slo-Mo Master15
Deal damage six times during a single Time Stop.    

All you have to do is make sure you make 6 attacks while in Time Stop. It takes generally two hits for weak enemies and many for bosses. So as long as you have 3 enemies or a boss you should get this with no prblem. Chances are if you use Time Stop you will get this by accident.

Nick of Time15
Block an attack when you have less than 10% health remaining.    

This game is so easy you'll probably have to let the enemies get your power down and when you're close to dying just block by putting your hands in front of your face. To make it less likely to get hit, I suggest ducking and blocking so they can't get you with a low attack.

Perfect Style30
Reach 100% style in a single fight by using a varied combination of attacks.    

This can be combined with the "Artful Dodger" achievement. I got this on Chapter 2 by accident. I was going for the Artful Dodger achievement and ended up dying and still got the achievement. In short, do all the dodges, get some combos, punch, kick, and power punch some enemies.

Fight Marathon30
Defeat 100 or more enemies during a single fight.    

If you play the game normally you won't get this by accident as there aren't any fights with 100 enemies. Even beating 20 levels of Survival: Horde will only net you around 85. The best place to get this is Chapter 7. As long as you don't destroy the totem the enemies will continue to respawn 3 at a time. Just keep killing them and the achievement will pop once you reach 100. An alternate location would be Chapter 2. As long as you don't close all the cargo containers enemies will continuously respawn. However, the enemies respawn a lot faster in Chapter 7.

Shoot a Giant in the head with the Magic Bow.    

This can be done in Chapter 12. Once you destroy the barriers and defeat the few enemies that charge at you, the giant will come out next round. Just aim up and shoot him in the face.

Kung-Fu Party!20
Complete a multiplayer fight against 3 or more players controlling enemies.    

This can easily be done by yourself with 3 controllers. Just go to “Custom Game” and select multiplayer and make sure to have the rounds set to one. Press  on the controllers and select your baddies. Start the fight, beat the 3 enemies and once the fight is over the achievement is yours.

Artful Dodger15
In a single fight, perform a dodge, duck, flip dodge, backflip dodge and jump dodge.    

You can get this as early as Chapter 2. It’s very simple just perform all of the dodge moves. You’ll know when you’ve performed the move as it will tell you on the screen.

Dodge – Move to the side
Duck – Simply duck down
Flip Dodge – While facing the enemy, jump slightly forward and throw your arms up and forward (as if you were diving into a pool)
Backflip Dodge – While facing the enemy, jump slightly backward and throw your arms up and back
Jump Dodge – Just jump a low attack.

The in-game tutorials will show you how to do these dodges.

William Tell15
Score five consecutive hits using the Magic Bow.    

The earliest you can get this is Chapter 6. As long as you hit any enemy 5 times in a row without missing you'll get this achievement. I waited until I knocked the mini boss out of the tree and when he was charging I shot him. He will stagger giving you another opportunity to hit him again. Repeat 3 more times and the achievement is yours.

In Chapter 4: Helmet Blunder, defeat the Shadow Guard without using Ground Shaker.    

Once you get to the checkpoint, an in-game tutorial will teach you how to do the Ground Shaker. You have to do the Ground Shaker to continue and then you’ll instantly have to fight the Shadow Guard. What I did was wait for him to do his slow swinging attacks and once he got pretty close I’d jump over him power punch him a few times and back away. I continued this until he was defeated. Also watch out for his Ground Shaker attack. Just jump straight up to avoid.

He pretty much has two health bars. Once the first one gets down about halfway a few other enemies will show up. They can easily be taken out. Once the first bar is depleted, his helmet falls off and the second health bar takes no time to eliminate.

Pick on Someone Your Own Size15
Finish off a Giant while giant-sized yourself.    

Chapter 10 is where you'll get this achievement. Once the giant spawns look for a shrine to break to get the green orb. This will turn you into a giant. If the power runs out, just wait for another one and finish him off. Another way is to get his power down before you get the green orb.

Win a single fight without physically touching any enemies yourself.    

What I did was set up a custom game with only one round and one enemy. Use only lightning to defeat them. Simple as that.

Hit an Armored Inkling while Mega Damage is active.    

You can get this in Chapter 9. The Armored Inkling is a boss that has a very damaging close attack. For this achievement make sure to get the Mega Damage relic (yellow orb) and while it's active just hit the Armored Inkling.

Hit an enemy while zapping a different enemy with Lightning.    

Lightning will be available in Chapter 7. While you are in the middle of two enemies, zap the one in front of you and punch the one behind you.

Fast as Lightning20
Complete a Mayhem Designer fight against a total of 6 or more enemies with a time scale of 150%.    

For this go to Custom Fight and then Mayhem Designer. Go to Movement Options and set the time scale to 150%. You can set it up however you want, but I chose "a few" inklings which is six and the round to 1. From there just start the match and defeat the enemies.

And Stay Down!20
Finish off a Giant by bringing one down to its knees, then using Ground Shaker on its back.    

I would combined this with "Pick on Someone Your Own Size." When the giant is down on his knees, just continue to do the Ground Shaker. (The Ground Shaker is where you jump up and when you're coming down you punch toward the ground).

Shoot 100 or more arrows with the Magic Bow during one fight.    (1) 

The best place to get this is Chapter 12. You start off with a barrier in front of you which blocks the enemies’ spears as long as you are right beside it. Just get the flaming bow relic and move right beside the barrier and shoot at your own barrier. I say this because you don’t want to accidently destroy their barriers and have them rush you while you’re still going for the achievement. The bow relic will replenish so you won’t run out of arrows. Just keep an eye on the enemies’ spears.

Use the Magic Bow to hit an enemy that is over 30 meters away.    (1) 

In the same location as the “Volley!” achievement (Chapter 12), just aim your bow high and at an angle to shoot it to the enemies on the other side. Make sure your arrows go OVER their barriers and hit the enemies directly.

Double Black Belt of Awesomeness65
Acquire all other achievements.     (4) 

Self explanatory. This will unlock right after you get your last achievement.

For 3 minutes, avoid hitting and getting hit by enemies in Chapter 2: Trouble at the Docks.    (1) 

The strategy I used was when you have to close the first container, make sure you have one enemy still alive and close the container. I jumped onto the middle platform and waiting for him to jump up. Then jump down and he will jump down. Wait for him to get somewhat close and jump over him back to the middle platform. (I say “somewhat close” because you don’t want him too close to you when you jump or you’ll hit him.) After you jump the platform just power punch across to the end and wait for him to jump up. Jump down and repeat the process until the achievement pops. This 3 minutes feels like a long time, but if you keep to this strategy you’ll get it. 

Also when flipping over the enemy I recommend doing back flips as opposed to front flips. With me, front flips seemed to move my character forward a little bit before actually flipping which results in hitting the enemy.

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US November 15, 2011

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