Kung-Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise

Kung-Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise Achievements
Spend a total of 20,000 Gold on items and moves.

Items: (Gold tip Click the before entering a mission to see bonus challenges you can complete for extra gold in a mission. You also receive a bonus the first time you complete a mission. Also, holding to attack an opponent until they are stunned makes them drop lots of gold.)

Note: Many of the items, and maybe even moves are random drops.

Air Slide -1000g Received from the first "Boss".
Air Deflect - 2000g Received from "The Swordsman" in level 4.
Taichi Sweep - 3000g Received during the Ashuras level.
Max Health - 2000g
Max Health - 5000g Dropped, I found mine in level 13.
Max Health - 10000g Round 1
Max Chi - 4000g
Buddha Stamp - 5000g From Master Mo in level 8.
Shadow Flash - 3000g Dropped by the Tomb Master
Dragon Claw - 3000g I got this at the end of Sword Pair.
Low Kick - 500g Dropped in Fatal Chasing
Dragon Last - 3000g Dropped in Round 4 (that's the level name)
Dragon Rage - 10000g Dropped in level 2
Air Slide Lv2 - 5000g Dropped during Dragon Kick

Herb of Life - 1000g You start with this
Wonder Coat - 2000g Drops from purple Ninja Lady at the end of level 9
Wonder Coat Lv 2 - 5000g Dropped from the last boss, upgrades your Wonder Coat.
Deflect Wave - 2500g Dropped by the Shadow, in the level of the same name
Deflect Wave Lv2 - 5000g Dropped in Round 2.
Break Blaster - 1000g Dropped when repeating the first level (after about 7 times)
Break Blaster Lv 2 - 3000g Trials
Reflector - 1000g Dropped by the Tomb Master
Reflector - 3000g Dropped in The Guard level
Light Boots - 500g Level 2
Horn of Army - 10000g Dropped during Dragon Kick
Lighting Kick - 5000g Level 2

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Qooc Soft


US September 05, 2012

ESRB: Teen
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